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#DefendDreamers Solomon DS @SDS_Sunlight🔁 .@keithellison in Allentown to #defenddreamers and fight for a #DreamActNow.
#DefendDreamers Maggie Aliaga-Kelly @mommasaysobama🔁@AodhanORiordain @BarackObama @VanJones68 @seankent @RealDLHughley #DefendDreamers & Save #TheLastAmericanDream 🗽
Plant Based Politics @TheMarcBiron🔁#DefendDreamers ? How about we defend sovereign borders and enable the dreams of the immigrants that follow rules?
#DefendDreamers TheWhiteDevil @auntofdragons🔁 #DefendDreamers like my girl @bbbouhid #DreamActNow
#DefendDreamers Maggie Aliaga-Kelly @mommasaysobama🔁@MiraSorvino @AGSchneiderman @BarackObama @TRafaelCimino @joanwalsh #DefendDreamers & Save #TheLastAmericanDream 🗽
Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano🔁Our fight for the rights of immigrants is a fight for racial justice, for the end of anti-Blackness & white supremacy twitter.com .

Congress has to fight to pass a by the January 19 budget deadline.

Push them to do it.

CALL 478-488-8059

Misha Collins @mishacollins🔁The most foolish & un-American thing we could do as a country is to deny dreamers a chance to realize their dreams. twitter.com
Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈 @cmclymer🔁It's fitting that we discuss the fate of 800,000 Dreamers on the weekend that we celebrate the Dream of a great leade twitter.com r.

Immigrants make us stronger. We are a nation of immigrants. And we will fight for immigrants. That should be part of our Dream.

Teru K @TeruK40🔁 Immigrants are US.
Tobin Caplan @TobinCaplan🔁 because morally, we cannot allow families to be torn apart; economically, deporting these young workers would hurt our economy; and it is simply un-American to deny dreamers a chance to realize their dreams.
Jeni Sands 🏳️‍🌈 @Events4yu🔁I want a Congress who to

Make sure YOUR Memebers of
Congress know how you feel!
Text 'RESIST' to 50409
➕ will FAX them.

Very Stable Genius @DPersisted🔁 Close to 800,000 lives are at stake! We need a #DreamActNow! #DefendDreamers
Clayre 🏜 @ClayreInTucson🔁 #DemsTour: LIVE in Allentown for #DreamActNow to #DefendDreamers with @maketheroadpa and @padems. pscp.tv
Wild Flower @amongwldflwrs🔁Republicans love bible thumping to get elected, but won't practice what they preach.

Kayla Smith @BeingKaylaSmith🔁ALL-NEW OFF-KILTER 🔊

How Trump ended Medicaid as we know it, w/


on the "veteran class within the working class"

Reyna McCoy McDeid on why people w/mental illness can & should run for office

GoFCCYourself.com @MemberBernie🔁Thank you and a host of others for attending the town hall in Allentown Pa today and standing up for .

simple_enigma @ibrooks84🔁It's funny how a country that was built on free labor and immigrants biggest complaint is immigrants and giving "handouts". #DefendDreamers
Happy Gringo @jeff_gringo🔁#DefendDreamers is the Democrat Party slogan. Higher taxes, open borders and take away your guns is the Democrat Party Platform for 2018.
Danielle Muscato @DanielleMuscato🔁Hey ,

We are ALL immigrants, if you go back far enough… including your mother, in case you forgot


♻️ Christopher Zullo @ChrisJZullo🔁Donald Trump’s repeal is repugnant and an economic poison pill. Will cost economy $500 billion in GDP growth and jo twitter.com bs. The problem with illegal immigration is the system. 60% from VISA abuse, 10-20 year wait, $7,000 process. Fix the system, fix the problem
Kim Jong Un @KinJongUm🔁In North Korea, Adult Film Stars pay me. Just sayin'


Happy Gringo @jeff_gringo🔁#DefendDreamers = Democrat Platform, 2018 Higher Taxes, Open Borders and take Away Your Guns
Mike Crook @TheMikeCrook🔁I will never #DefendDreamers. Tear down #DACA and boot ‘em on out.
Mike Crook @TheMikeCrook🔁Only traitors #DefendDreamers. Pack ‘em up, ship ‘em out!
Happy Gringo @jeff_gringo🔁 = The Democrat Party needs an Underclass of People to regain Power. They do not care about you , the American Citize twitter.com n . Democrat Party Platform 2018, Open Borders, Higher Taxes and take Away your Guns. It's that simple.
🎉🎄Silky Frost🎁☃ @silkyfrost🔁 Why are we hurting those that actually are making America great again? #defenddreamers
Mr. Murray @MurrayIsBetter🔁Little known fact about Mr. Murray: I wasn't born in Murray. I was brought here at a young age by my mom. Now I love twitter.com my community. I offer my skills to better my already great community. I am not unique.


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