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#DefendCville Elisa Valli @Ely_Vally🔁 Fascist scum, your time is done.
#Oakland #DefendCville
#DefendCville#DefendCville virus▼ @_A_Virus_🔁 what's the difference? #defendcville
#DefendCville Anonymous @YourAnonGlobal🔁 Reportback #Charlottesville Redneck Revolt #DefendCville #antireport
#DefendCville Simone @clementim🔁 Been a little busy, but getting the job done! #Charlottesville #defendcville
#DefendCville virus▼ @_A_Virus_🔁 Charlottesville, find this car #defendcville
#DefendCville ANPI Brescia @AnpiBrescia🔁 A message from @IWW_GDC regarding #Charlottesville #defendcville
#DefendCville Jessica @jlourdes🔁 #standingrock medics have joined us in #Charlottesville. ❤
#DefendCville J @JD_Jrdyn🔁 #Oakland shut down a freeway in solidarity with #Charlottesville #DefendCville
#DefendCville Piff Richard @alexschulte🔁 TFW your neo-Nazi movement hits a brick fucking wall. #defendcville #Charlottesville
#DefendCville ₯ Μπόης του Ίτερ @boisIter🔁 Step One: 🖕
Step Two: 👊
Step Three: 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
#Charlottesville #UniteTheRight #DefendCVille
#DefendCville Kindly Atcha @AtchaJohn🔁 In case anyone needs a new phone background, here's Richard Spencer being arrested 🙃#DefendCville
#DefendCville ❄️Recess☃️Awareness @ink7🔁 #defendcville Solidarity Demo Tomorrow 7PM Vance Monument in Asheville.
#DefendCville ObviousLizardPerson @obvlizardperson🔁 THESE. ARE. NOT. ACTIVISTS.


#defendcville #NoNewKKK

#DefendCville Kim Kelly @GrimKim🔁In case anyone needs a new phone background, here's Richard Spencer being arrested 🙃#DefendCville
Planned Parenthood @PPact🔁“If you are silent during...injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”–@TheDesmondTutu

We stand w/ #DefendCville against hate.

Kim Kelly @GrimKim🔁Phone died. Still okay. We took shelter in a church. At one point, an armed Nazi with a gun attempted to breach the entrance. #defendcville
Amy Sequenzia @AmySequenzia🔁 Read our statement of support for #Charlottesville:


Julia Bloch @julivox🔁Thank you, Graduate Student Coalition for Liberation, for this .
Thor Brauser 🏴 @ThorBrauser🔁 stands with counter-protesters. Get up. Stand up. Fight back.
markhughes @markhughes🔁Chanting "white supremacy is terrorism," Atlanta marches to .

(This line goes back farther than I can see.)

Mercy Ties @mercy_ties🔁Unite the right is their call to action, violence their language. Fight white supremacy with a vocabulary it understa nds.
Fiona B @Feebeekiwi🔁 Nazis marching #DefendCville
JT @JimboTheorist🔁Racism is a deadly disease. condemns white supremacy & violence in
somhrd50 @somhrd50🔁 "[David] Duke stated that he and Trump had similar messages."

#Charlottesville #DefendCville

GulbaharSadozai @GulbaharSadozai🔁RIP Heather Heyer,
one of Trump's "many sides"

It's Going Down @IGD_News🔁Nazis on 4chan don't know what to do now that one of their own has been found out. Trying to find out how to spin nar rative.
Ross Mittiga @RossMittiga🔁Something very beautiful happening at Union Square - more & more people are silently holding signs to
De'Anna🦋 @deannaangus🔁A white supremacist had his head busted open by protesters in a parking garage as they were leaving the protest
dario lovaglio @dariolovaglio🔁Fight breaks out between opposing crowds. White supremacist pulls gun. Multiple people injured
Andrae Schuerch @CityNinjaDC🔁Join me in donating to the legal fund to support those opposing Nazis + white supremacists in this weekend
Women's March Norway @wommarnor1🔁Please read this thread 👇👇#StopWhiteTerrorism #DefendCVill e
Willow B. @Willow_B_Well🔁True the driver and many protesters were from out-of-state, but we must also deal with bigotry within Virginia to mov e ahead.
Lola @LolaSamoyed🔁"They threw rocks... They pepper-sprayed... No one was detained."
natalia @ailatank🔁What You Need to Know About Nazi Rally in

Ian Cummins @IanCummins9🔁Wow, wealth of knowledge & Resources on this thread...

(aside: why I love )

Scooterissima @Scooterissima🔁My heart is with those fighting nazis in and the workers in Toronto who got the pop up SIS tent running today!
Anthony Gittens @agitts12🔁 .@realdonaldtrump refuses to condemn white nationalists. Says it all. #Charlottesville #defendcville
Catherine Mency @CatherineMency🔁It's time to name and shame this pieces of shit. Twitter, do your job.
Sean Erreger, LCSW @StuckonSW🔁Wow, wealth of knowledge & Resources on this thread...

(aside: why I love )

Tanya Halkyard @Tanya78555🔁This was a terrorist attack.
Bill Ryan @billjryan🔁 You're not a uniter, @realDonaldTrump , you're a divider.

#Charlottesville #WhiteSupremacy #defendcville #resist

SNIEL @SIDALICE🔁THIS is the America that Trump has wrought. And wants.

Speak out NOW.


kropotkine75 @kropotkine75🔁"Mourn the dead & fight like hell for the living": Statement on


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