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Kevin Ogola @K_Ogolla🔁 We urge you whether a Jubilee or Nasa supporter come out and vote for us - Raila Odinga #DebatesKe
#DebatesKE Ruby 🇰🇪 @RubyNguma🔁 So Uhuru and his team decided to watch the #PresidentialDebateKE #Debateske
Michelle @HailKingMitch🔁 Baba trying to figure out the difference between Linus and Joe #DebatesKe
#DebatesKE Nkatha Riungu @RiunguNkatha🔁 We are! Kitu kimoja till the end #DebatesKE
#DebatesKE kelvin ndonye @vokesenenger🔁 Kindy retweet if our president Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta has let you down @UKenyatta @KTNNews #DebatesKE
Mohamed Wehliye @WehliyeMohamed🔁Yaani RAO got so many hrs live on all TV stations for FREE to say whatever he wanted to say without any1 to challenge? Lucky man #debatesKE
NTV Kenya @ntvkenya🔁Why should someone be worried about a tallying centre even if it is in Germany, US or the moon -
Robert ALAI @RobertAlai🔁The day Anne Waiguru went to purchase stuff for her new house, Tile and Carpet almost shut down. On that, I support baba. #DebatesKE
Eric Muasya @EricMuasya4🔁I cant understand it now!! The few attended the presidential deabate are the only qualified Kenyans to run for the seat.... #DebatesKE
Esther Nyakio @Nyakiomuthoni🔁Miguna Miguna gets more views on his facebook videos than the president issa joke
Eunice Luseno @LusenoEunice🔁 #DebatesKE Uhuru kenyatta is like a student who misses lectures but still passes .
The Name's Kiano @Kiano_PK🔁 Dr. Kaluyu: I will be the end of corruption. I am uncompromised. I do not belong to cartels #DebatesKE
Momanyi_Elijah91 @Momanyielijah91🔁But truth be said Baba is loving every second,minute of this night. How many millions are watching again?
George Kivondo @Kivondogeorge🔁President Uhuru Kenyatta used the debate in 2013 to secure victory. Today? #ChatWithUhuru #DebatesKE #Yaliyondwele
AdeRas Fred Kalpinna @ras_fred🔁Lets Preach #Peace Ahead Of The Coming General #Elections2017 #DebatesKe #NairobiDiaries #JAHMROCKDOBA #GainWithXtianDela
Trump_Memes @realMorio_🔁My friend from Masailand tells me that Kajiado and Narok are not battlegrounds as portrayed. Ni NASA. #DebatesKE
Lenengwesi Benny @LenengwesiBenny🔁 Uhuru's failure to turn up for the debate has boosted Raila Odinga 's votes, he now has taken 5% of the Undecided voters.
мαѕн вιѕмαяк @MashBismark🔁#DebatesKE @RailaOdinga carried the day so far as the bogus watching him in State House where they will leave soon after. Congratulations
Capillus Labrys @Qjaymes🔁 Raila Odinga: Social media is a free media. I don't want to interfere with their freedom of expression #DebatesKE
Jaratengfilmzpro @JaratengOsuro🔁 must call Raila Odinga tomorrow morning and congratulate him for defending him during the true leadership.
Conjuncture @kenyanwarden🔁 Uhuru's advisers; Jack Daniels, Jameson, Arthur, Williams Lawson, Mary Jane, mis advised him tonight
Brian Ememwa @brianememwa🔁 #DebatesKE
Raila is factual, see how he can remember the 2008 Maize scandals in deeper details.
loise nyambura @nyambura_loise🔁Be a good person, but don't waste your time proving it....#PresidentialDebateKE #DebatesKE
Denho @isbahatee🔁
"Raila on podium alone as Uhuru snubs debate!"
Uhuru did not snub the debate but he snubbed the voters!😳😡
Peter Achayo @PeterAchayoLive🔁Instead of "what will you do? How will you do it?" Why do questions start with "you have been accused of"?
Eunice Luseno @LusenoEunice🔁I respect you for respecting kenyans today by turning up for and thank you for showing who you really are
Highest Court @HighestCourtLaw🔁@RailaOdinga would have Magufulied Waiguru on NYS looting. I guess won't have spared @MutahiNgunyi too #debatesKE.
Patrick Ngugi @patugi🔁Here's your answer. . Let's get the show on the road already.
Solomon Ambuku @solo_ambuku🔁 Mr President you just lost my vote.Please Kenyans lets give Raila a chance.He clearly has a good heart.
Conjuncture @kenyanwarden🔁 Baba loves @jageyo. If he becomes president Joeee (saying it like baba) could be his Sean Spencer #debatesKE
Nyauma Mokaya @NyaumaVincent🔁How did the presidential debate influence your allegiance? #DebatesKE #NairobiDiaries
Don Adera @don_adera🔁 Raila is not a socialite #debatesKE
Ronney Obuya @ronney_obuya🔁Raila's 90 Minutes limelight on the Presidential Debate
Abdi Mohamed @oxford92🔁President Uhuru Kenyatta would like to apologize, he's being treated for Cholera like symptoms
O. J. SKONKO🎯🌼🌼 @Ojskonko🔁 #DebatesKE which word's best describes Raila Odinga.
Eunice Luseno @LusenoEunice🔁 Dear Mr. President, don't underestimate the power of the Media! Perceptions matter!


Tina @TinaRend🔁 "You miss the interview, you miss the job."

"I don't want the job, I'm tired"...

#DebatesKE #PresidentialDebateKE

Boniface Kamau ~ BKV @Kamau_KBoniface🔁Anyone who cannot read properly, write properly or talk properly, cannot lead properly~ Miguna
Eunice Luseno @LusenoEunice🔁
The mere act of showing up for the debate is clear proof of respect to the Kenyan voter.
RT if he's got your VOTE ✔✔
McMuge @McMuge🔁 Rt if Uhuru Kenyatta has failed you for not turning up in the #PresidentialDebateKE #DebatesKE
Om' wonder @ojay95🔁 Raila Odinga, I am PROUD. You've got my VOTE. #DebatesKE
Sir_Corby @sir_corby🔁Im glad Raila recognizes the hardship single mothers go through when raising their kids and He has some plans if elected #DebatesKE
Eunice Luseno @LusenoEunice🔁If Uhuru cannot give us 90 minutes of his time why should we give him another 5 years of our time??! 🐸☕

Peter K Kariuki @pkanuh🔁#DebatesKE Media and pollsters impartiality is questionable,it's seems they are funded by other. Misleding Polls on 23 and debate on 24th.
Esther Nyakio @Nyakiomuthoni🔁 Ati if Rao calls you Joe, believe it or not, you are Joe. 😂😂😂
Just check your birth certificate.
Simply Dayvie @IDayvie🔁#DebatesKE @RailaOdinga is a STATESMAN and also the earlier debate ,the likes of Dida , Jiro & Joe couldn't have debated soberly wt dons
James Rut @james_Rut🔁Why is it palpable that the media had a bigger stake in this #DebatesKE Than any other Kenyan? Is it the bottom line? #PresidentialDebateKE
Jimm_mE_James @jimmyef7🔁@faithhelen21 i hope raila takes the presidency, i hope for a peacefull kenya. #DebatesKE
Dub @Du1ob🔁 The last time watu waliulizia Uhuru this much ilikuwa 1963.


ABDIKARIM EDIN @abdizmandul🔁 #DebatesKE Raila Odinga does his thing!! bring on the Elections now
Solomon Ambuku @solo_ambuku🔁@IGNateM @RailaOdinga Amin! #PresidentialDebateKE #DebatesKE
O. J. SKONKO🎯🌼🌼 @Ojskonko🔁@UKenyatta must call Raila Odinga tomorrow morning and congratulate him for defending him during the #DebatesKE true leadership.
Eunice Luseno @LusenoEunice🔁Was told : "You miss the interview, you miss the job."
"I don't want the job, I'm tired".......


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