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Chesley Bailey @BaileyChesley🔁 #DearDirtyDiary
Tonight I had a woman that squirted..... it was a little too much
Kristin Andrene @KristinAndrene🔁 #DearDirtyDiary
Forgot to clean the oven.. again🙁
Buck In Ears @BuckInEars🔁
You ready for today's update?
OK, here goes.
Last night while laying on my bed, he suddenly slipped into my dm. Excitement engulfed me. I felt the heat run through my body, as I reached down below, and pressed hard, on the BLOCK button. 😐
#DearDirtyDiary Paul Rosenberg @PRoseCatalyst🔁#DearDirtyDiary Did some dancing today. I wonder if Baby is mad at me for putting her in a corner?
Michael Hathman @mhathman🔁#DearDirtyDiary, I promise to stop dropping you in mud puddles and in the street when it rains. Love, Me 😂😍😘😋
IntrigueEric @GameGhostEric🔁
I accidentally masturbated to an episode of Masterchef Junior...

Who am I?
Where do I go from here?
What does any of this mean?

(true story)

Mickey Nails 🍸 @MTopkat3852🔁 The Nazis are just outside the attic door. Not being able to make a sound, makes it even hotter. #DearDirtyDiary
Mickey Nails 🍸 @MTopkat3852🔁 #DearDirtyDiary
Day 9: Nearly got there today, few more Pilates classes and I’ll reach. Fell off the couch again.
Mario Speedwagon @SilipigniMario🔁, when I hear my neighbor scream and moan while she's getting hammered (for 2 minutes), I wanna go next door and show her what real passion is.
Crazy Daisy 🧚🏼‍♀️ @CrazyHaifisch🔁#DearDirtyDiary I swallowed again. I’ll write again when I find another Human sex toy.
Ismail Yasir @cottonisse🔁

First date tonight, we had Italian. I kept getting stuff caught in my teeth. He was a real gentleman, holding doors open, pulling my chair out, really nice.

I'm not sure it he'll call me though when he finds that bit of broccolli under his foreskin.

Little Ranna Anna @RoyalRannaAnna🔁 #DearDirtyDiary
Please don't be jealous of my DMs. 💋
Little Ranna Anna @RoyalRannaAnna🔁#DearDirtyDiary there are something’s I can’t even tell you...😏
Little Ranna Anna @RoyalRannaAnna🔁 #DearDirtyDiary
I just had the most ah-mazing sex. All from the comfort of a DM room. Sweet.
IntrigueEric @GameGhostEric🔁 #DearDirtyDiary,

Sorrryt fior thge typoss

myT habnds are tiedf.

IntrigueEric @GameGhostEric🔁 ,
You're a naughty book. You like it when I write in you? What about with a No. 2 pencil? Oh yeah... you like it.
IntrigueEric @GameGhostEric🔁 I’m a bit old for this but Fraggle Rock still does it for me, and Dr Phil’s producers haven’t wrote back yet so switching this to a video diary from here on out to find more like me.
IntrigueEric @GameGhostEric🔁 #DearDirtyDiary,

I can’t believe it’s not butter.

No really.

Don’t try that with butter.

Rhymes With “Vader” @MitchellBader🔁 #DearDirtyDiary,

I'm sorry that some of your pages stick together.

Ellie @hazeleyesgirl2🔁 This is the weirdest hashtag ever and even though i did one of these to i'm secretly judging all of you dirty minded twitter.com people lmao
Ellie @hazeleyesgirl2🔁
Your a naughty little book you like it when i use ballpoint pens don't you, yea you like that little blue ball goin twitter.com g across your lines don't you your a naughty little thing you want me to spank you with my pen😂 (fyi this is the weirdest hashtag ever
Chesley Bailey @BaileyChesley🔁 #DearDirtyDiary
Too much queefing during sex can cause anal expulsions.
Chesley Bailey @BaileyChesley🔁 #DearDirtyDiary
Your emptiness haunts me.
Chesley Bailey @BaileyChesley🔁 my date asked me to toss her salad, so I went to the kitchen and made her a nice Caesar. She got mad and left. Should I have added croutons?
Chesley Bailey @BaileyChesley🔁 I can't believe what happened to me at the gas station. I put the tip in the hole and I got the message "You can start pumping now." 😏
CORRUPTION @tobile_zagwe🔁 #DearDirtyDiary you wont believe there is a tag game about you!!
SporkShirts @SporkShirts🔁#DearDirtyDiary - I'm sorry I dropped you in the mud.
Queen of Jeda Promo Page @MsCookCounty773🔁#DearDirtyDiary playing 2k18 and hearing a man tell another man he has great D.... AYOOOOO! 😂
Jacki Demchak @Wildcomet83🔁 It was just so big! I have had big ones before but this one was huge! I knew I was going to have problems getting my twitter.com mouth around it. I had asked for it though. I said I want the biggest cheeseburger you have.
Pato D'Ghostwriter @d_ghostwriter🔁 I wish I had awesome, erotic, sensual, and stimulating stories to write in you but I don't.... I may have to contact twitter.com a freelance writer to write some for me. LOL


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