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DeKalb County Kgall4830 @Kgall48303🔁@GeorgiaPower what is the status for Tolliver Hills Dr Dekalb County ?
DeKalb County Darryn Moore @DarrynMooreWSB🔁 DeKalb County schools to reopen Friday.
DeKalb County Wise Old Queen @WiseOldQueen🔁 Man walking dog kills teen attempting to rob him, police say
DeKalb County Prin @ItsDaPrinBabe🔁 DeKalb County schools to reopen Friday.
DeKalb Co. Schools @DeKalbSchools🔁All schools & offices in the DeKalb County School District will remain closed on Thurs. Sept. 14, 2017. Employees are not to report to work.
WSB-TV @wsbtv🔁: DeKalb, Lumpkin County Schools to close Thursday: The late st schools closings at 4
Portia Bruner @PortiaFOX5🔁Just in to : 32 public schools are still WITHOUT POWER in DeKalb County.💡🔦No school Thrs, Sept.14.
👑BAD ASS👑 @bRANSOFlY🔁Goodnight 💋 @ DeKalb County, Georgia
Jasmir @_JazzyLife🔁 Dekalb County folks built different 🐐
Eye Catching Deals @DealsCatching🔁Free Lyft rides applied to your Lyft app account LyftPromoCode: FIBER *** DeKalb County #Illinois
Bombero Designs @BomberoDesigns🔁From ・・・
A 74-year-old man killed early Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017 in a DeKalb County hous…
dennis_peter @dennis_peter_58🔁"A teen is dead and a suspect is on the run after DeKalb County police said they tried to rob a man walking his dog."
Talk Illinois @TalkIllinois🔁DeKalb DeKalb County Civil Air Patrol Squadron to hold dedication, inauguration event
Mr. Midtown @DeKalbCountyMan🔁@GeorgiaPower @SouthernCompany @wsbtv @TyishaWSB @SophiaWSB This is Central DeKalb County
Mr. Midtown @DeKalbCountyMan🔁 @DeKalbSchools I just lost power again and I live in dekalb county
Mr. Midtown @DeKalbCountyMan🔁 @DeKalbSchools I just lost power and I live in Dekalb county
asha @asha7777🔁Dog walker kills teen attempting to rob him, police say: -- is LIV E next on Channel 2!
Atlanta New Homes @NewHomesAtlanta🔁Newly Listed on ANHD: Hearthstone, brand new homes in Stone Mountain!
Jaylon @HeadJaylon🔁@shaquillehicks1 We know Aint Nobody In Dekalb County did @shaquillehick1
Almond Joy @httpineapples🔁 Let's all kneel tonight at 10:30 and ask god to let schools in Dekalb county close for the rest of the week!!
Александр @shaun_alejandro🔁It's an playoverwatch kind of night, as usual 👾🎮 @playstation @ DeKalb County, Georgi a
DeKalb Firefighters @DCFRlocal1492🔁Retweeted DeKalb County EMA (@DeKalbCountyEMA):

Many traffic lights remain out in DeKalb. Treat these...

Burkle @BurkleJim🔁Dekalb 64-35 VT2PRO Disease Shield strong Showing in Pike County IL today
Billie Brown @billiebrown41🔁 DeKalb County declares local state of emergency due to Irma damage
classic Friend @mister_markiss🔁Got me a picture wall started @ DeKalb County, Georgia
NewswireTODAY @NewswireTODAY🔁NewswireToday / DeKalb County Public Library Chooses Robust Innovative Solution to Support 22 Branches #DeKalb -
3 Roses Realty Inc. @3RosesRealty🔁Looking for something to do this weekend in Dekalb County, IL?
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