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DaytonDaytonDaytonDayton Jennifer R. Moore @SellMoorehomes🔁10916 Cobble Brook Dr Dayton, OH 45458
Winding Creek
Open From 2-4 Today!
Dayton The Truth 24 US @TheTruth24US🔁Fighter jet involved in accident at Dayton International Airport...
Dayton Digital Cowboy @DigitalCowboyIT🔁Digital Cowboy at Dayton International Air Show. thank you to city of Vandalia for tickets.
DaytonDaytonDaytonDayton This is Flight @tif_live🔁As the day's flying draws to a close, let's review some highlights from the Dayton Airshow
Dayton Info 24 US @Info24US🔁 Fighter jet involved in accident at Dayton International Airport...
Dayton WDTN @WDTN🔁Pilot involved in Thunderbird crash tweets from Miami Valley Hospital bed
Dayton ✈🇵🇷 Buckeye Gal🛫 @Buckeyegal78🔁 Pilot involved in Thunderbird crash tweets from Miami Valley Hospital bed
Dayton Zach Dayton @Zach_Dayton🔁 When one of your favorite @StagsStands students runs by you cheer extra loud!


Dayton Shari Lea @lea_shari🔁#TMobileCareers is hiring a #Retail #Sales Associate, apply now! (#Dayton) #job #BeMagenta
Dayton lonely me @pat_dayton🔁 I have fallen in LOVE ❤️💋 How cool is this! £225 though!!!
Dayton Marquis Evans @isprint800m🔁 Kennedy Coker of the Dayton Wolverines takes the 400m hurdles win in the 17-18 division.
DaytonDaytonDayton Dayoncè 🌺 @Dayton_lynn🔁 amazing.
Dayton PhishJustJams @phishjustjams🔁I'm listening to Tube - 1997-12-07 Dayton, OH at #phishjustjams
Dayton Brent Praeter @brentsdriven78🔁1913 Dayton, Ohio Flood just across the street from @Trolleydayton the side door to our "party house" is in view
Dayton @Dayton_love🔁 The Ray Allen people forgot about
Dayton CBS News @CBSNews🔁F-16 Thunderbird crashes, flips over at Dayton International Airport
Thunderbirds @AFThunderbirds🔁The USAF Thunderbirds will not fly at the Dayton Air Show on Sunday. Capt. Gonsalves has not been released from the hospital.
Devvin Hartman @DevHartman14🔁VIDEO: Scoochie Smith signs rookie free agent deal with the Boston Celtics.

Laura Marie Bodiker @LauraBodiker🔁@officialtobymac You literally came to Dayton Ohio this past March. I am not expecting you to come back. I mean I would love it. I will be
The Honorable Rich S @realschepdog🔁Whenever I think I have written something clever, I read something Dayton wrote and realize just how inadequate I am.
Will The Spacekid @WillTheSpacekid🔁I read this and was like the movie theaters in Dayton be finessing but then I figured out that was for two people 😂? ?😂
Dayton White @white_dayton🔁 This "tough love" treatment hurt me more than it hurt you, brother.
Cardboard Clubhouse @bbcardclubhouse🔁@SethHanson1982 Keep the Dayton and Cincinnati clippings coming! These are great!
Derek Kaufman @ddkauf2🔁The GEICO Skytypers (I flew with them earlier this week) spell out Dayton in the sky! ✈️
tee💰 @_QueenTeee🔁 Dayton will love and show hate at the same time 😂 y'all crazy
mali everett @malieverett🔁What do I want to eat from somewhere in Dayton... help
Federico J @FeDe_WWE🔁EXCLUSIVE: & maintains is NOT from Dayton, Ohio after his !
Mike Freshwater @mikefreshwater🔁University of Dayton Team CampVersailles vs Upper ArlingtonTop 100 Players 2018 Justin Ahrens vs Dane Goodwin
Promise✨ @_itsproomise🔁 It's worth the listen🔥🎶🎶🚨 RT this for me if you Fw it #TaeGutta
TMJ-OHD Nursing Jobs @tmj_OHD_NURSING🔁We're #hiring! Click to apply: ICU RN / Registered Nurse - #Nursing #Dayton, OH #Job #Jobs
Lioness @LionessDayton🔁 I love Dayton, Ohio. It has the music & the spirit. Every time! Damn! I love you, Dayton.
Taylar Lynn @taylar_dayton🔁 I think this shit permanent smh
Erin Janson @Erin_Janson🔁Come visit Erica at Dayton Mall Target to learn about our new pharmacy rewards!
Danté Martin @DanteMartin85🔁 if yo mindset ain't get outa dayton, I can't fuck w you . 💯
Dayton Disc Golf @daytondiscgolf🔁Raffle drawing from yesterday's Day in Dayton
Matt Pasquinilli @pasquinilli🔁360 720 Tutorial Tricking Martial Arts #hyper martial arts in dayton ohio
Dayoncè 🌺 @Dayton_lynn🔁 please don't talk down on me if my nigga is prettier than you dusty broke bitch
DealsFromDAY @DealsFromDAY🔁Dayton, OH flights to Las Vegas, NV from $400 roundtrip
Dayoncè 🌺 @Dayton_lynn🔁let's settle this once and for all.
retweet for pineapples do belong on pizza
like/fav if you think pineapples don't belong on pizza.
Dayoncè 🌺 @Dayton_lynn🔁 RT if you can hear this tweet
Dayton White @white_dayton🔁 who has sent in letters, photos or videos to 's campaign? ➡️ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
lonely me @pat_dayton🔁@DallasGoddess WOW!! That would look AMAZING on you my love!! You're beautiful in anything that you wear my Goddess!! ❤❤❤❤
Dayton White @white_dayton🔁 Lots a friends in Indiana came to party last night. #smoothtour2017 📷 @justinmrusek
Tae Gutta @CapoFerg🔁 It's worth the listen🔥🎶🎶🚨 RT this for me if you Fw it #TaeGutta
Federico J @FeDe_WWE🔁Is Dayton, Ohio's "own" ready, willing and GABLE to become the NEW ?
Dayton Lewis @lyfe_dayton🔁@Ohmwrecker love your vids ohm 🙂 keep up the great work
Dayton Lewis @lyfe_dayton🔁Had a long night working on video stuff for you guys, the plan is to get up a new Friday the 13th later today, then a stream tonight! :D
Anthony Gaston @Gaston65Anthony🔁2018 Holderness (NH) F Philmon Gebrewhit has received an offer from Dayton. (HT )
Nesco Resource @NescoResource🔁Looking for an Engineering Support! Are you a fit? #jobs #Dayton #nescoworks
Kevin Powell @Kevin_88🔁Great day at Ohio Dominican Shootout today. 3-0 record for the day! Very proud of their work today. On to Dayton U. team camp tomorrow
VectrenDaytonAirShow @DaytonAirShow🔁A great performance from Redline Air Shows to close out the flying portion of the 2017 Vectren Dayton Air Show...
Zach Dayton @Zach_Dayton🔁Listening is a skill that can make us better colleagues and more effective leaders. Here is 1 Simple Change.
Brent Dalley @Brentdalley🔁Property for sale - 612 Dayton, Mansfield, TX 76063: via @YouTube
Ayanna @21flavofsplendr🔁 Give this a read 👉 Seven Family Friendly Places Around Dayton, Ohio

Isabelle @luxgxg🔁@Fiercinq I had school too lmfao plus I don't be going no more I stay in Dayton or just drinking at bars.
Matt Pasquinilli @pasquinilli🔁Your Quest To Find The Best Martial Arts Training In Dayton Ohio Ends Here: #quest #martialarts
TMJ-OHD Nursing Jobs @tmj_OHD_NURSING🔁Interested in a #job in #Dayton, OH? This could be a great fit: #Nursing #Hiring
Alternative #mnleg @altmnlegbot🔁Rep. Nash is resisting Gov. Dayton's call to build a statue of conservative activists in Pequot Lakes
Bruce Cahill @BruceCahill🔁@dougdirt24 Shouldn't be in Dayton much longer. Have enjoyed watching him pitch.
Doug Gray @dougdirt24🔁@RedsIn2017 They probably think it will be easier to do that in Dayton.
Hannah @hanfaith27🔁Dayton tried making me dance w him at the bowling alley last night and I made him stop bc Idk how to dance and I didn't wanna look dumb
JohnnyLeu @JohnnyLeu🔁Scott Moss has 5 strikeouts in 2 perfect innings pitched for the Dayton Dragons early on this afternoon. ERA down to 2.31 on the year.
#GG RiP DAYTON @Dayton_donyai🔁i be to geeked to even pay attention to these hoes
Doreen Mazzanti @BabsMazz🔁#FA-18Superhornet #airshow @ Vectren Dayton Air Show
lonely me @pat_dayton🔁Mmmmmmm yes goddesses sexy wetlook videos and photo sets are so super sexy and very naughty!! Buy yours today and buy her sexy panties too😗😗
Lake County Captains @LCCaptains🔁B2: Dayton takes a 1-0 lead on a bloop single by Michael Beltre
Jerry_Drelling @Jerry_Drelling🔁Hello Dayton! 's MH-139 flies in for , showing off its flexibility, survivability, and readiness for the
Eric Robertson 🌹 @erictheteamster🔁Gov Dayton staggeringly popular. INCREASED his margin of victory in GOP wave yr of 2014 as did Franken. Like hell we're the next Wisconsin.
. @Dayton_Sampson🔁 I'll stay with Walmart. Save money live better.
[[ Bruce Barnard ]] @PastorBruce59🔁@NazareneScene DON'T WORRY - #AmazingLeaders are tracking you down... Dayton, right?
Blue Dream @truroyal15🔁@MoustakasDaily Why would anyone think Dayton is going to trade Moose when KC is two games out of first and firecracker hot. Bad article
Nolan H. Stout @nstoutDNR🔁Dayton nears solution to downtown flooding
joe Bowman @FatCitySherrif🔁3 weeks later and my "opinion on a time sensitive matter is finally is published. 👌...
Comic 411 @comic411🔁FTWD: Dayton Callie Explains Jeremiah's Dark Past And Light Heart #fearthewalkingdead #tv
Morgan Safford🏀 @d1baller12🔁 Dayton is playing host to 2018 @C2KElite guard Justin Ahrens
Wade O'Connor @wadeoconnor01🔁University of Dayton Team CampVersailles vs Upper ArlingtonTop 100 Players 2018 Justin Ahrens vs Dane Goodwin
Josh The Raz Man @RazMansReality🔁Dayton peeps, go up the road a few hours & support Lexy tonight! Be extra loud for me since I don't have a way to...


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