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Dayton Cincinnati OH @CincinnatiOHrr🔁I-75 back open after injury crash in Dayton
Dayton Mavis Nye BCAh @grandmamavis🔁Company sues Dayton garden center for $10 million in #asbestos dispute
DaytonDaytonDaytonDayton Jason @JasonIn716🔁 home opener @FCBuffalo against Dayton.
Dayton Grace Dayton @grace_dayton🔁 "where do you see yourself in 20 years?"
Dayton wishesandhorses @wishesandhorses🔁prewar nos smith roller 26 bicycle chain schwinn shelby elgin colson dayton
Dayton DakMie | 9M2MDX @DakMie_73🔁 Great to talk to @elecraft founder Eric WA6HHQ at Dayton #Hamvention today
Dayton • @ALSHATTI62🔁Night movie 🕶 (@ Alshatti apartment in Dayton, OH)
Dayton Ernest Ruffin, Jr. @ruffff2🔁#YEO Business Plan Challenge for 6-12th youth. Chk the date send yr kids to learn business #Dayton
Red Hot ChiliPeppers @ChiliPeppers🔁On this day in 2000, the music video for “Californication” was released. Directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
Ray Ratto @RattoNBCS🔁I'm surprised by this result, given how good Celtics looked in the play-in game Tuesday in Dayton.
Governor Mark Dayton @GovMarkDayton🔁Gov. Dayton Declares “National Number One Softball Team Minnesota Gophers Day” in MN
RED'001 @zero9975023🔁On this day in 2000, the music video for “Californication” was released. Directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris

Brittany @Brit_Renae_🔁Why y'all keep complaining about Dayton clubs ? Stop going out 🙄
Bob Pulte Chevrolet @BobPulteChevy🔁2007 Ford Super Duty F-250 Cincinnati OH Dayton, OH #170468B: via @YouTube
Megan McDermott @mommom_dayton🔁Huge chunks of ice break away from Greenland's Store glacier via @BBCEarth
Silo Bot @bot_silo🔁RW: After Pence's commencement remarks, he headed to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, for Armed Services Day events.
Curt Myers @WA2JSG🔁@wa1gov Well done. I think I will keep my Advanced Class fer now. Hello from Dayton!
William @H52v3rC🔁These Dayton/liberty hoe gotta go oml
Emma @emma_dayton🔁@Marshmellowette I automatically think Harry Potter
Blok Bizness Radio @BLOKBIZNESSDJ🔁#NowPlaying DAYTON FAMILY - POTATO CHIP :: Tune In:
HVAC Jobs @HVAC_Guide🔁Dayton OH #USA - #HVAC Commercial Installer - We are seeking skilled HVAC craftsmens. Respons... #CAREER #WORK #JOB
Megan McDermott @mommom_dayton🔁Migrant Farmworkers May Have Been Sickened by Toxic Pesticide Greenlighted by EPA Under Trump via @democracynow
Jeremy Roadruck @KungFuGuyJeremy🔁20 hours later, from Dayton to Milwaukee to Dayton. Whee!


lonely me @pat_dayton🔁My beautiful and always gorgeous Goddess in sexy red!! Love seeing you in your sexy videos and luscious tasty panties ! Buy yours today guys❤
lonely me @pat_dayton🔁Look at that super sexy outfit!! Ready to cause some naughty guy to sin severely!! So if you wanna see her get nude y ou gotta buy videos ❤😜❤
lonely me @pat_dayton🔁Mmmmmm sexy Sunday!!! I wanna sin with you today my gorgeous Goddess!! So let's get naughty!! Guys let's buy some sex y videos today!! 😜😜❤❤
JOnathon Doughberg @jdoughberg33333🔁STP: #246 Larvitar at 251 Dayton Ave. Expire at 03:41:33 (29m 43s).
Megan McDermott @mommom_dayton🔁The place in America where (almost) no one drinks their tap water
Houston Chronicle @HoustonChron🔁Schneiter crowned 2017 Miss Rodeo Dayton FFA Queen
mobileshopperguide @realcoupondeals🔁** Find A Pro ** Computer Repair Service Near Dayton, Ohio
June 16th 🎉 @AllStar_Lemon🔁I can't wait to leave Dayton
Real Texas Radio @RealTexasRadio🔁#NowPlaying The Way We Are by Jesse Dayton

Curl Troy @curltroy🔁The latest Curl Troy Daily! Thanks to @dayar_durmus @CarlMoretti @boomskit_ #dayton
Enriqua Burton @motujujejyde🔁Congrats to Ryan Schenkel who finished 3rd in the 3200 meter run and will be running next week in Dayton.
Father_Hooper @ben_dayton_35🔁Hate not having anyone to talk to
vee 💕 @Hey_YouTheree🔁Man wtf Dayton too small.
Ryan Walfoort @RJWalfoort🔁 At Minnesota Capitol, legislative session counts down amid quiet, uncertainty
Matt Pasquinilli @pasquinilli🔁BomboTaiko with the Leadership Team at Dayton's Best Martial Arts School #education
High Street Radio @highstradio🔁The Dayton Family - F.B.I..
now playing on 1207-458-3575 #1OnBLAST #hsr
Matt Pasquinilli @pasquinilli🔁Back To School Supply Drive! Bring Me Some Supplies For The Kids! dayton ohio
Lisa Seibert @SeibertLA🔁#ThirdOnThird TODAY on E. 3rd St. in Dayton
PD1TWO Leo @pd1two🔁 Dayton Hamvention Update #arrlnews #hamradio
Ham Radio News @StraySignals🔁Dayton Hamvention Update #arrlnews #hamradio
Blok Bizness Radio @BLOKBIZNESSDJ🔁#NowPlaying DAYTON FAMILY - I'M A G ( DIRTY ) :: Tune In:
85th HOUGH HEIGHTS @Larvell1K🔁@LW52_ Damn bra nvm I'm in Dayton
Travis @dayton_travis🔁Getting quite upset that I can't fall asleep
neigh*borrow @neighborrow🔁 Dayton, Ohio Martial Arts - Best Age To Start? #parenting
Matt Pasquinilli @pasquinilli🔁Dayton, Ohio Martial Arts - Best Age To Start? #parenting
Kelly-Jo Bryson @kellyjobryson🔁Follow the bouncing ball of Mark Dayton. Says "no policy" in funding bills, vetoes policy bill because it doesn't have funding.
Alternative #mnleg @altmnlegbot🔁Gov. Dayton & Speaker Daudt are in week 2 of a standoff over an attempt to rename Chippewa County after Rep. Hertaus.
нαуℓιє @Hayliiev🔁 been drinking since 6. but @Hayliiev & i are still driving to dayton. oops.
DJFierce (Official) @DJFierceReno🔁Here are some more pics from Dayton Intermediate 8th grade promotion dance …
Camryn Dayton @camryn_dayton🔁Biggest bubble bath ever with thunder rolling through the window 😌
IG:its_csmooth @I_OWNTHE_COURT2🔁 Glad to have you here in Dayton next year bro can't wait to watch you grow at UD 🔴🔵 @Jalen_NoRose1
Dayton White @white_dayton🔁I actually excited in my heart whenever young artist get an rare opportunity to reach for the…
DiscoSender @Discosender🔁Dayton - The Sound Of Music (Extended Mix) ~on~ #discosender
Viks Vintage Jewelry @ViksVintage🔁Check out Token Old Saloon PONY HOUSE 125 S. JEFFERSON ST DAYTON, OHIO 5 Cents in Trade via @eBay
Viks Vintage Jewelry @ViksVintage🔁Check out Token FRANK KELLEY Coal Co. ? MASTER METAL SCRIP 10 INGLE DAYTON, OHIO unlisted via @eBay
Dayton Laborde @Dayton_Laborde🔁Just took the biggest shot of 2017
Teresa @redsmccurdygal🔁A trio of prospects made history on Saturday by combining for 's first nine-inning no-hitter:
GTIndivisible @GTIndivisible🔁Scenes from the Save Your Healthcare Rally yesterday in downtown Dayton! Incredibly moving personal stories about real healthcare experience
Алексей @mak_guru🔁Interesting bit about Dayton's CB, 38-year-old Ibra Kebe. Ex-Senegalese international played with Spartak Moscow, also Champions League.
I Run Funny @i_run_funny🔁Matt Pasquinilli () | 3 Minute Fitness at Kettering's Boxing Gym  …… ="" target="_blank">
Travis @dayton_travis🔁Owner:*pretends to throw ball*
Dog:*runs after it, comes back*
Owner:*takes ball from behind his back*
Faith Elizabeth♡ @festewart🔁I met @allie_tmays in Dayton, who introduced me to @Alawi__28



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