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Dayton Nathan Miller @nmofsrr🔁 Severe Thunderstorm Warning continues for Dayton TN, Dunlap TN, Sale Creek TN until 7:30 PM EDT
Clark Manson @ClarkManson🔁Madison, WI loves them some Tom Petty! Round 2 tonight in Dayton, OH at Wings! Happy St. Patrick's Day friends!
Dayton Jason Potts @JStormspotter🔁 Severe Thunderstorm Warning continues for Dayton TN, Dunlap TN, Sale Creek TN until 7:30 PM EDT
Dayton Brandon Houck @HouckisPokise🔁 Possible Wall Cloud in Dayton, TN #tnwx @NWSMorristown
Dayton Ohio @Ohio🔁Police forced to clear thousands of students from streets in Dayton on St. Patrick’s Day
DJ Major Key🔑🎧 @DJMajorKey_🔁 TONIGHT - I’m turning up in Dayton, Ohio!
DaytonDaytonDaytonDayton Connor Savage @consavage12🔁Whatever people say about their school, they cannot say they have a better SPD. Dayton is pretty freakin cool.
DaytonDayton Dayton @dayton__r🔁 @TjR_0 I fixed it😊
Dayton Louisville WBB @UofLWBB🔁FINAL: UofL 74, Boise State 42

Cards down Broncos to advance to second round game vs. Marquette/Dayton winner.

Stewart Mandel @slmandel🔁So let me get this straight.

-- The Pac-12 got three teams in the NCAA tournament.
-- Two didn't make it out of Dayt on.
-- Their champ is about to lose by 25 to Buffalo.

WIRED @WIRED🔁The Wright Brothers flew the first practical aircraft through the skies just outside Dayton, Ohio in 1905. Today, tha t same air space sees wonders Orville and Wilbur could only dream of
Freezing Cold Takes @OldTakesExposed🔁Amazing. In 2012 we were 10 seed and got Norfolk State round 2. 2013 we played 14 NW St, 11 minny, 15 Fla gulf coast first three rounds.

2014 when we were no 1 overall seed got Dayton in elite 8

Brenda Laukant @LaukantBrenda🔁I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ALAN JACKSON.
ALAN JACKSON and FABLOUS band did a "incredible Concert " here in Dayton Ohio tonight, The HONKY TONK Highway Tour is heading to Rockford Illinois for Concert for Saint Patrick's Day.
Matthew Hay @QB04🔁This is pretty good. Not quite as good as 2 regular season titles, 4 NCAA Tournament appearances, 5 NCAA wins, 1 Elite Eight in 4 years, but still.
Syd the Kid™ @weesydney🔁BALLGAME! The Wolverines pound the ball for seven runs and get the complete game shutout from Schaefer to start the weekend strong!

Michigan 7, Dayton 0

‎la résistance @eshh85🔁Born and raised in Dayton. I've lost family and friends to opioids. I don't think drug dealers deserve the death pena lty
Jay Hilbert @hilbenation🔁Yes, and UVa chose Charlotte. Pittsburgh almost certainly would brought a play-in winner instead of UMBC (due to short distance from Dayton). Very insightful.
Nathan Palmer @napalmtattoo🔁New tumblr post: "A great start to @bulldog_headlock back piece. More to be added..." , griffinsalve, cincinnati, co lumbus, truelovetattoo, bickneesupply, dayton, ohio, eternalink, workhorseirons, traditional_ohio, ohiotattooers, truelovetattooparlor, tr…
Jolene Zirnheld @outsmile🔁Listen to rap about . She poured in 32 pts vs Dayton in the 1st rd of the tourn. All around talent!
Mike Barber @RTD_MikeBarber🔁@SamBlum3 True, but remember Bennett said he preferred knowing his opponent rather than waiting to see who won in Dayton
FHSU Athletics @fhsuathletics🔁BSB: Bronchos score three runs in the eighth. The Tigers match that in the bottom half with a 2-RBI double down the l eft field line from Dayton Pomeroy, scoring Addison Kaasch and Jason Nicholson, and an RBI groundout from Alex Weiss, plating Pomeroy.
Kris Nelson @kaneljayhawk🔁Kind of messed up that 11 seed Syracuse got a short 400 mile trip from Syracuse (200 from their first 4 game in Dayton) to Detroit. 6 seed TCU had to travel 1,200 miles from Ft. Worth to Detroit
Dayton bradley @dayton_bradley🔁But that doesn't matter if I never get the chance. 🙁
Dayton bradley @dayton_bradley🔁But looks will fade with time. YOU wont. Looks may bring people together but they sure as hell don't keep them togeth er. Your personality does. Who you are inside is what keeps people together. I have nearly no doubts that I can make about anyone happy .
Dayton bradley @dayton_bradley🔁I know people base their relationship choices on looks most of the time, and I know that there's really nothing I can do about it. But it still upsets me. I know I'm not the most attractive person in the world ( believe me I've heard enough of that for the past 10 years).
John Tisdell @JohnTisdell🔁A lot of respect from this #Dayton fan. Great year for #URI.
Josh Pasek @TheClassicPasek🔁DEVELOPING: Police in riot gear on Lowes Street at University of Dayton campus. Students told to go inside or leave the area
Tone P @officialtonep🔁Who Got Next is coming to Dayton.  20 Performance Slots available.  Sign Up to Perform to Win a song with & MMG’s Fat Trel hosted by ‘s at @Dayton_Local🔁A Big-N-Shiny Mighty-Finy Glitter Glitz & Chorus Liny MUSICAL ~ at in Mar 20-25
Tony Barhorst @TonyBarhorst🔁Madison, WI loves them some Tom Petty! Round 2 tonight in Dayton, OH at Wings! Happy St. Patrick's Day friends!
Weather_Track @Weather_Track🔁Severe thunderstorm East Tennessee moving E 35.
Wind 60, ping pong ball-size hail. Passing Soddy-Daisey and Dayton.
SaveTheCrew Scott @crewfanscott🔁Police forced to clear thousands of students from streets in Dayton on St. Patrick’s Day
Aric Wolf @Ciraflow🔁This party isn’t quite over just yet☝🏾!! We have a performance tonight at bar …
Nathan Palmer @napalmtattoo🔁A great start to @bulldog_headlock back piece. More to be added soon. Thanks Clayton for coming from Evansville and g etting tattooed!

Dayton Shepard @dayton_24🔁@loganmlucas32 Better get that invite, mine expired!
bp @bj4765🔁Yesterday in , I heard about some of the positive results for workers we’re seeing in from
Charelle🧚🏾‍♀️ @moneamabry🔁If you’re in Loganville/Snellville/Lawrencecille GA or surrounding areas come see me or I’ll come see you! I do also!
J.Krupp @KruppJacob🔁Irish you all a good day @ University of Dayton
Lightskinned Finesser😛🖤 @PeacexChristi🔁people pass through dayton to get to cincinnati loll 🤷🏽‍♀
Josh Pasek @TheClassicPasek🔁 dear dayton,

please don’t let anyone die today.

thank you.
Megan McDermott @mommom_dayton🔁Circle of Poison @AJEnglish
Dom @Dombrun21🔁 Dayton looks insane, hope @Dombrun21 is still alive
John @plaxiglass17🔁Neelin defends its provincial title. Riley Paul named MVP and Dayton Black a tournament all-star
Megan McDermott @mommom_dayton🔁What irritates so many on the right in the US about Sweden is not that it’s “socialist”, but that it’s capitalist and still treats citizens like humans worthy of dignity. That combination scares those who like their free market savage, racist, sexist and citizens weak.
Sallie Banks @banks_sallie🔁My niece & her husband could go for a good beer after the day they had. Flight from Miami to Philly delayed by 1 & 20 mins missed connecting flight to Dayton, Ohio with their 3 kids from a cruise 🚢 vacation. Put up in hotel & the hotel is gross Clarion Hotel 😡🤢😤
Daniel Waltz @DanielWaltz13🔁Severe Weather Alert: Severe Thunderstorm Warning continues for Dayton TN, Dunlap TN, Sale Creek TN until 7:30 PM EDT
Mary Slone @mmmaryslone🔁Looking at severe thunderstorms from the east in Dayton/Dunlap TN at 6:46 pm EST
Mohan @Mohan__22🔁Dayton looks insane, hope @Dombrun21 is still alive @10TV🔁Police forced to clear thousands of students from streets in Dayton on St. Patrick’s Day
Megan McDermott @mommom_dayton🔁The sooner the better Mr. Comey. Shine a light on the truth so that we may all be set "free"
Jason Potts @JStormspotter🔁Retweeted NWS Severe Tstorm (@NWSSevereTstorm):

Severe Thunderstorm Warning continues for Dayton TN, Dunlap TN,...

Stan Andrews @sarge0062🔁I was really not going to Coach after Dayton, I met you the first day of school and you changed my mind in a 5 minute s, thank you for being a friend and bringing me back to the game I Love. Being able to be maroon has been one of the best times of my life.
Dayton Skeen @dayton_skeen23🔁 It’s just weed fam 🤷🏽‍♂️
BrownBody 🤙🏾 @realbrownbody🔁Cabin in the woods type stuff....all day shoot. …
People call me @_JHock🔁Not sure how library funding works but I signed up for a Dayton Metro Library card to support though I rarely go


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