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Ali Özdemirağ @AliOzdemirag🔁 Trump in Davos: Protectionism is a 'total failure' @BertrandBadre

#Davos2018 #F24Debate

#Davos2018 Joanie @madmommy101102🔁Incredible. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Pray, Patriots. Pray.

#Davos2018 Juan Llorente Gómez @Juan_A_Llorente🔁 Happening Now: @POTUS's speech in #Davos2018.
#Davos2018 Breaking Burgh @BreakingBurgh🔁Meanwhile in Davos #Davos2018 #Trumplandia #Switzerland
#Davos2018 Dazie @Dazie13🔁 #CNN's @Acosta is on the ground in #Davos2018 covering the latest in @POTUS happenings.
#Davos2018 Lisa Rutherford @LA68Rutherford🔁 @realDonaldTrump Thank you @POTUS
we love all of this winning!!
Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle🔁Just now lying—lower screen reads that “Trump was booed after hitting . Two pals in room just texted that the room twitter.com was “mesmerized.”
Fox News @FoxNews🔁"We will be moving our embassy, as you know, to Jerusalem, and as you also know that is way ahead of schedule, by yea twitter.com rs."

MOMENTS AGO: meets with Israeli PM at .

Larry Elder @larryelder🔁RUT-ROH!

"I'd say I like a lot more stuff than I don't like. But I don't want to be hypocritical, either. I really l twitter.com ike what ['s] done for the economy."
--Goldman Sachs CEO , a supporter during the 2016 campaign

SafiMaasai @SafiMaasai🔁Extreme Weather a Huge Threat, Trump’s Actions Make It Worse ecowatch.com
MB @THE_SENATOR_🔁. on Trump's speech: "He stood up there as a truth teller and said security still matters, missiles still matter, defense shields still matter, armies still matter."
iRCameronBrewer @iRCameronBrewer🔁 , a cornett hire, sentenced to 263 years for rape.

mick cornett & his chief of police are racist, at best.



THX GOD4AMERICA MOM @MomSfbr🔁Nazi collaborator George Soros at : “The Trump administration is a danger to the world but a purely temporary phenomena I expect will end in 2020 OR EVEN SOONER.” In case there’s any doubt about who is behind the attempts to remove Trump. The brazen Nazi confesses.
Manuel Skippy @SkippyManuel🔁 How many times has the media made up a story about Trump firing Mueller? Quite a few. #Davos2018
Idell Greene @greeneidell🔁Media going nuts trying to find a world leader or anyone at to say something negative about Trump. To their disappointment they all loved him!
Jake Capano @JakeCapano🔁Answering questions after his speech to the World Economic Forum in , President once more slammed the "fake" news media.
MarcAndréLaviolette @MALaviolette🔁Hey @realDonaldTrump, they weren't laughing, they were booing you! #Davos2018 #Merica
Andrea G ™ @good_wifey🔁Trump @ bragging about HE turned our economy around? Here's the TRUTH: Under Trump's watch-
Sears & Kmart – 358 stores in 2017, 63 in January 2018
J. Crew – 50 stores
Gap – 200 stores
Teavana – 379 stores
SAMS Club-63 stores, 11,000+ employees JOBLESS

max findlay @max_findlay🔁Donald’s speech in #Davos will be measured on his future deeds, not just the words he used to deliver it. #Davos2018



iRCameronBrewer @iRCameronBrewer🔁; "" -- there are hundreds, yes, hundreds, of complaints on file re: : #2017.

kfor, kaut, koco, kwtv, kokh, telemu twitter.com ndo

*see attachment($)

; trump

Jaime Roldán @JaimeRoldanC🔁"I haven’t heard here in anyone who’s pessimistic -- that’s a source of concern," said Tom Hayes, the chief executiv twitter.com e of Tyson Food Inc, the largest U.S. meat processor. Opponent sentiment?
LTH🇬🇧london @LTHlondon🔁President Trump: American first does not mean America alone

Of course it doesn’t, Mr Trump.

It’s only the hysteric twitter.com al left for whom this needed clarifying.

Cidny Bullens @cidnybullens🔁Trump bored the audience at . These are the best and brightest and most successful people in the world, of course he is out of his league. Money can’t buy you class.
GINA REYNA, DM 2020 @ginareyna🔁. 🤔 why are we talking about again? Because the press had it dig something up to make look bad after such a grea twitter.com t 👀 story is just a distraction ✝💟👀
HabesLA1 @habesla1🔁‘Trump Not Welcome’ spelled out in candles on the ground in Zurich. The world hates Trump.

Barbara Bulc @barbarabulc🔁So great meeting you It really is all about smarter collaborations and people with courage and the right inscen twitter.com tives
MM Haider @Mursalan🔁Seemingly the only thing Abbasi is good at .. departure from mainstream dress code.. twitter.com
Carla @FineCalliCat🔁NOW LIVE! Soros At Pledges To Take Down Trump Before 2020

>>Tune in M-F 11am-3pm CT: <<
Backup Video w/Chat: infowars.com
✨ 🌐

IBM Z @IBMZ🔁"The z14 was reinvented for security - encrypting everything end-to-end." Watch Ginni Rometty talk , cybersecurity a twitter.com nd more at : via
Pastor A.B. Harris @pastorabharris🔁We've obtained EXCLUSIVE AUDIO of President Trump on Marine One arriving in Davos, Switzerland.
Janine Bliss @JanineBliss🔁Didn't you see this
‘Trump Not Welcome’ spelled out in candles on the ground in Zurich. The world hates Trump.
IHS @LatinMass9876🔁NOW LIVE! Soros At Pledges To Take Down Trump Before 2020

>>Tune in M-F 11am-3pm CT: <<
Backup Video w/Chat:
infowars.com 🌐

Mardi Parker @AimlessinNE🔁OKAY....
“Give him a chance”
“Trump being Trump”
“He’s just fighting back”
“Trump is not a politician”
“Trump’s play twitter.com ing fourth dimensional chess”

Trump CREATES VICTIMS....he isn’t one

ViewFromTheOutside @TBIMobile🔁It also didn't escape anyone while Trump was blathering about trade with Asian pacific countries he stepped out of t twitter.com he agreement.Overall feeling by attendees was don't trust him as far as you could throw his fat ass....he fooled no one
LanieLewis @Ems5Lanie🔁 Trump keeps repeating this lie while complaining about "fake news." #WEF18 #Davos2018 twitter.com
James Evans @EvansDn1🔁We will unpack the entire speech at — “America is open for business...!” We NEED an American cheerleader again—Obama apologized!
Yvonne McArdle SAP @YvonneMSAP🔁LIVE convo’s everywhere at ! talks to RT
Trump So 2017 @ronjdump🔁Footage of Piers Morgan 'grilling' Trump during his interview has emerged.

Piers said it 'reminded him of Frost/Nixo twitter.com n actually'

Yvonne McArdle SAP @YvonneMSAP🔁As the conversations shift to we finally see galvanized discussions on & interest for change via RT
sally wilkie @wilkie_sally🔁May is boring with another old speech about tech companies because she can’t/is too embarrassed to talk about


A Com News @AComNews🔁 in : is open for
President Trump delivers a speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, touting h twitter.com is tax cut plan.


Juan Llorente Gómez @Juan_A_Llorente🔁Happening Now: Awaiting 's speech at - For full live coverage, tune in to Fox News Channel!
Apryl smith @Aprylsmithts🔁Just as Trump was bragging about the economy at , the Commerce Department announced that GDP growth slowed to 2.6% in the fourth quarter.
iRCameronBrewer @iRCameronBrewer🔁how many future federal suits do you anticipate, mick?





MykhailoNORTH @mykpy🔁Kudos to the organizers of at Nice meeting my good friend President of the World Congress
Kwara Image @kwaraimage🔁 "I am confident that together we can create a shared future for health services across Africa. Let us make 2018 the year of Universal Health Coverage."
Chi-Jui Wu @chijuiwu🔁Summary of in . The snowy mountain town of Davos is filled with heated talks all week long. is certainly a highly popular topic. Here is a brief summary after participating in more than a dozen onstage & countless number of offstage discussions.
Ruth Halleran @RuthHalleran🔁 What she said! 👇👇👇#ReleaseTheMemo #NoDACA #NoAmnesty #Davos2018 #MAGA #AmericansFir twitter.com st
Susan Troxell @susanktroxell🔁 Trump Booed At Davos For Criticizing 'Fake' Media #Davos2018 #TrumpDavos huffingtonpost.com
Scott Rubin @buddysoxguy🔁What a fucking absolute moron. He must be daily Krugman reader!!! #Davos2018 cnbc.com
ResoluteTS @ResoluteTS🔁New global center announced at : "We need to collabo cyberscoop.com rate with the governments as well as organizations." twitter.com


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