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David Lee Murk McGwire @DAVID_LEE_RGV🔁 Why black people be calling this the glove "department" 😭
David Lee SA Rock Radio @sarockradio🔁#NowPlaying Damn Good by David Lee Roth
David Lee Juan Andrés Ferreira @juanferreira78🔁Sheryl Lee, David Lynch and Moira Kelly
David Lee Gator Nation @TheGator_Nation🔁Former Gators forward David Lee to undergo MRI following knee injury -
Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁Incredible! David Lee comes off bench, gives Spurs big lift, winds up in a wheel chair, looks badly hurt. What else can go wrong???
San Antonio Spurs @spurs🔁David Lee (left knee injury) will not return to tonight's game.
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁First Tony Parker, then Kawhi Leonard and now David Lee are all unavailable for the Spurs.
Ross Chambers @maelduin_ross🔁That is a shameful film, Crowe should disown it. He has lots more decency than to be known for it. David Stratton sev erely panned it.
Justin G. @JustinGFamily🔁 Tony Parker doesn't deserve this. Kawhi Leonard doesn't deserve this. David Lee doesn't deserve this.
Veronika Semenova @marcusbrooks132🔁Andrew Zimine, CEO & Founder of Exscudo, is today in Singapore and meeting Prof. David Kuo Chuen Lee.
🅱️a®Li© 🤙🏿 @baarlic🔁David Lee (left knee injury) and Kawhi Leonard (sprained left ankle) are both doubtful for Game 4 tomorrow.

Tony Parker remains out.
James Tylee @OfficialJTylee🔁David Lee Roth - Yankee Rose -Tune
CyberFM Radio Rock @CyberFM_Rock🔁David Lee Roth - Yankee Rose TUNE
Shaquill Stewart @ShaquStewart19🔁 David Lee and Kawhi Leonard officially listed as doubtful.
david lee @DavidLee614oH🔁I liked a @YouTube video David Lee Ft Tekoa Lion RUN #ONETAKE
david earl scott @davmap🔁Jessie lee patterson and David Clarke are brothers, Buck dancing whole wheat crackers
Jimmy Butler @JimmyGBuckets24🔁u just put a picture of david lee as if having or not having david lee would determine the outcome of the series hahaha
David Hickey @David__hickey37🔁 Bruce Lee was able to perform one-hand push-ups using only his index finger and thumb.
Suzanne Cummins @suzanne_cummins🔁True. But, he did it to deflect. No one was talking about the lead they blew. David Lee reinjured it. Zaza, is a clum sy ox.
Isaac @neroup_🔁@Mollybecoolin damn yall took out david lee last game yall niggas really ass.
Retro Country 890 @retrocountry890🔁#NowPlaying on Retro Country 890: David Lee Murphy - Breakfast In Birmingham #CountryMusic Tune in at
Douglass Darling @charmingpu🔁Report: Spurs forward David Lee diagnosed with partially torn patella tendon
Kyle Lee @mrtoosweet2u🔁 David Lee won't return to Game 3 due to a left knee injury.
Carl Ärdemyr @carlpersson87🔁@KevinOConnorNBA Holy crap, I had already forgotten that David Lee were on the Celtics.
Cody @easytyga🔁@keesh808 No Kawhi and David Lee tomorrow. Simmons and Manu gonna combine to score 60 cause they are balling 😂
NBA Opinions @NBA_opinions_🔁Spurs' David Lee exits in wheelchair with injury, but unlike Paul Pierce, actually needs it

KGF-ROCKS @KGFROCKS🔁#NowPlaying David Lee Roth - That's Life :: Tune In:
Mister Jacob @mrjacob2194🔁@Atlanta962 Who do you think was better David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?
DC Sports Cursed @Sad_DC_Fan🔁@ADisTheBest95 @KooskTG @ApocalypseAfc @BleacherReport David lee never played in 2015
WCCI 100.3 FM @wcciradio🔁DAVID LEE MURPHY - DUST ON THE BOTTLE #nowplaying #listenlive
Enter Vicr #TeamViet @EnterVicr🔁I liked a @YouTube video Stephen Curry presents David Lee with Championship Ring
Frederick Frazier @fredfrazier🔁It reminds me a lot of last season when it took until early January to bench David Lee for Jonas Jerebko. Going small was the turning point.
Detective Brittles @__blmcm🔁That's not the point. No one has cared about KP in a long time. She's making herself relevant again and using black culture to expedite it
eric hernandez @Death_Proof87🔁@DAVID_LEE_RGV BecAuse it's a horrible town. I wouldn't even call it a town. Wanna grab lunch this week at pho le lai
Radio-WIGWAM @Radio_WIGWAM🔁David Lee Roth - Just Like Paradise #nowplaying Listen here
Murk McGwire @DAVID_LEE_RGV🔁@Death_Proof87 lmao why
⚡️ @AskTav🔁 The Spurs just listed both David Lee and Kawhi Leonard for Game 4 as DOUBTFUL Monday.
gezell @gisswell🔁 Coach Pop says David Lee and Kawhi Leonard are both likely out for Game 4.
eric hernandez @Death_Proof87🔁@DAVID_LEE_RGV Fuck marfa
Mark Kamp/Marvelless @MarvellessMark🔁Losers quit when they fail... winners fail until they succeed. - David Lee Roth, Rockstar Lead Singer
L3 @luistrez🔁David Lee Garza? 👀
David Pick @Pick_David🔁@eggywhitez I thought Sheryl Lee didn't look to bad herself in episode 2.
جاشوا بدل @BadalJoshua🔁Spurs are playing without Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, & David Lee. Warriors have it easy
Kaila @kailaaa_lee🔁 i'm so used to talking to just david, that i was talking to myself out loud and called myself babe... these are 2 sad things
koosk TG @KooskTG🔁i see what u mean i read it wrong but david lee wouldn't have kept them in the game maybe another 3 minutes or so if thamaybe
#OnePride @Wade_18_🔁Spurs: Injuries

Tony Parker

David Lee

Kawaii Leonard

Coke IbuOC @CokeOCs🔁Anthony refers to bassist Michael Anthony and lead vocalist David Lee Roth.
Captain Corbosa @CB2_3🔁David lee was the reason the spurs were winning in the first last game then he got hurt soooooo
ALLEY POP @ALLEYPOP🔁Those are the breaks of the game. TP out. Kawhi injured. And now David Lee. The circumstances are greater than our desire for a 6th ring.
LadyMookie @LadyMookie2016🔁Kawhi has glass ankles this playoffs blame David Lee for tripping him the first time and Pop for making him go back a nd play. GS 11-0 Lol
brandon😾 @Bfree_does_it_🔁David Lee 2017 > MJ 1996: fax
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @Gmanc95Castillo🔁David Lee's agent confirms MRI revealed a partially torn patella. A re-evaluation will be needed to decide if surgery is necessary.
Malcolm X @D1Xjack🔁NBA hit the buffalo wild wings button on this series, warriors betta not lose to no spurs without kawhi / parker/ and david lee
Kyle @_skylane_🔁They are playing a team without Kawhi, Parker, & David Lee. They have no reason to laugh.
Yours Truly, E337.50 @ElijahBaker33🔁@DerriusG13 David Lee out tomorrow too so our roster is looking thin
koosk TG @KooskTG🔁@tru_gio @ADisTheBest95 @ApocalypseAfc @BleacherReport that would at least make a little sense lmao dude put david lee in 2017
Will Ragan @WillRagan🔁 @JaySee_Cuatro @AminESPN the warriors one game 1 by 1 point when Kawhi went down. Plus Tony parker and david lee
JaVonte Fuller @AfterrMathh🔁@ADisTheBest95 @KooskTG @ApocalypseAfc @BleacherReport What are you talking about David Lee was Injured majority of Regular and post season
76ers Bandwagon Fan @76ersBandwagon_🔁@ApocalypseAfc @ADisTheBest95 @BleacherReport I'm all for hating the warriors, but did u really just consider David Lee a "Key" Player
Axis Orbital @AxisOrbital🔁@ADisTheBest95 @KooskTG @ApocalypseAfc @BleacherReport David Lee was a bench player huh?
#WarriorsBlew3-1Lead @ADisTheBest95🔁David Lee was the reason why the warriors were gonna blow a 3-0 lead
Mike Kennedy @mbken84🔁Dang, that seems like not that long ago, but David Lee was still a Celtic lol
LeBetterThanJordan @BLOCKEDBYJAMES🔁@KooskTG @ADisTheBest95 @ApocalypseAfc @BleacherReport David Lee was the reason why the warriors were gonna blow a 3-0 lead
#WarriorsBlew3-1Lead @ADisTheBest95🔁@KooskTG @ApocalypseAfc @BleacherReport Without David Lee GSW would have not won shit in 2015.
Sultan Abdallah :P @abdallaha92🔁@JaySee_Cuatro @AminESPN the warriors one game 1 by 1 point when Kawhi went down. Plus Tony parker and david lee
jay reezy @d_town_jreezy🔁A few years back, an injury to David Lee sparked the Warriors basically ending the franchise.
koosk TG @KooskTG🔁u just put a picture of david lee as if having or not having david lee would determine the outcome of the series haha ha


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