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David Cage gerudoku @gerudoku🔁give David Cage a Pulitzer
David Cage Teru Muffin @TeruMuffin🔁 Can't believe Martin Luther King ripped off David Cage.
David Cage (ง •̀ゝ•́)ง @ strange journey redux @niichijou🔁 It’s David Cage Week
David Cage Kraw @KrawKrab🔁 behind the scenes of David Cage's Detroit: Become Human
David CageDavid Cage CaptainDarkNerdWayne @DidUKnowGayming🔁 Lmao he literally put Androids in the back of the bus, jesus christ. Thanks David Cage.
David Cage Amala Network @Devilsbedpost🔁 That new David Cage android game is looking pretty good
David Cage Tristian @Trisitei🔁 David Cage's new game sure is deep
David Cage 😈 @nukoVEVO🔁 Detroit: Become Human (David Cage, 2018)
David CageDavid Cage Luka Étoile @trashter_piece🔁 From the creators "Press X to Jason" comes the newest David Cage experience "Press X to Sadness"
David CageDavid Cage chris person @Papapishu🔁Lmao he literally put Androids in the back of the bus, jesus christ. Thanks David Cage.
Jess Joho @liongirl528🔁Well, I took your game super seriously, David Cage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
austin walker @austin_walker🔁This, from 's review of Detroit, is not only disappointing, but also reminds me of Cage's response when I asked him i twitter.com f the game would do just this last year.

(First pic from Jess' review (), second from my interview ())

nyaa binch @ZettoSan03🔁 Here are some david cage bingo cards i found in case you all want to play along with the let's play:


DON'T FORGET TO CHECK FOR HIRUMA DAKI @hirumashadow🔁 joss whedon and david cage are the same person
Narancia still ❤️ FarCry 5! @Bartzebest🔁"Phoe why don't you trust David Cage to tackle a story with a heavy reliance on a thinly veiled metaphor for the Black Civil Rights movement with sensitivity and nuance?" I'm gonna Let speak for me on why:
Will @beardedsnorlax_🔁My Dearest Ellen,

Everyone is making fun of my Android racism game but I know they just don't understand my vision. Our time together on my last game has given me the confidence to continue on.

P.S. sorry for rendering your naked body without your consent.

-David Cage

damien @souyorise🔁David Cage: Can a robot learn to be human?
Yoko Taro: Can a human?
Cage: what
Yoko Taro: Can a human learn to be human?
Cage: I don't get it
Lυκε @Steve6cupcakes🔁Most of the reviews of Detroit: Become Human have been very positive, but , in his excellent review for DDNet, found the game to be very uncomfortable. Here's here alternative view of David Cage's latest:
Tim - Mawnster @Maawnster🔁Video game reviewer's continued praise for David Cage's hack writing will always be completely baffling to me. Detroit: Become Human has the least creative and least subtle writing I've seen in a loooong while. The things in this game sound like a joke someone would make up.
L Θ Γ D Θ @lordofultima🔁Finally the story of Detroit can be told. Thank you David Cage. I'm a robot by the way. OR AM I?
David Danna @David_M_Danna🔁wow how astounding that many of the same people who endlessly praised Dad of War's writing are now praising David Cage's

it's almost like they don't know what good writing is and can't be trusted to inform you about it

Spacebat @MC_Spacebat🔁 @mrfeelswildride David Cage writes "I HAVE A DREAM" on a Roomba and releases it into his yard
Long Long Man @Prime338🔁in my new story driven game about oppression and bigotry people who think david cage is a good writer will sit in the back of the bus
Hannyah @H4nah3162🔁Really enjoying all the people who are unfamiliar with David Cage's writing suddenly discovering it's really hamfisted and leadfooted also he is kind of crazy,
alan @ActionAlan🔁The Detroit Become Human secret menu ending thing is like David Cage saw ending E of Nier: Automata but decided to m twitter.com ake it a million times stupider
Nilkad Naquada (⬇️↘️➡️👊) @NilkadNaquada🔁Nier and Undertale did this shit by trying to develop a connection to the characters so strong it'd transcend you realizing it's just a game

David Cage meanwhile looks at his mustard-stained design document he wrote on a strip club napkin and went 'perfect'

Sari Sweeney White @sweeney_white🔁How does Detroit: Become Human on the PS4 compare to David Cage's previous work with Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain? We talk all about it on the latest GI Show.
Tanner 🇨🇦 Legacy Collection @TannerLPer🔁@HatokTalk Thanks, rather

Almost David Cage'd myself there.

Wolfwood Fan Account @theweeaboss🔁David Cage is successful because if there's one thing gamers hate more than women and minorities it's paying attention to story and writing.
my fat ass clown pussy honks whenever I queef lol @BlTCHGLAM🔁david cage: you see, zis game iz not political, and I do not wish to draw from ze real world hizstory hon hon hon hon

also david cage:

Giga Dril Breaker @dwstatic🔁Remember when David Cage's team made a fully-nude model of Ellen Page without her consent? The Senran Kagura devs don't even do that shit, and the girls are FICTIONAL. You won't EVER see their nipples, so they don't add them.

Cage's team has LESS RESTRAINT than the Senran devs.

Game Informer @gameinformer🔁How does Detroit: Become Human on the PS4 compare to David Cage's previous work with Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain twitter.com ? We talk all about it on the latest GI Show.
Holly Wilkins @h0llydeer🔁I’m sorry but I’ll be tweeting nothing other than “David cage is a hack fraud” for the next 2 weeks
Sombra el Hedgehog @arachnidress🔁I don’t understand how David Cage is even popular and that people give him money for his poorly written shlock
Gabriel Canterberry @NotLorde7887🔁Honestly, there are just so many good stories in video games out there that are nuanced, enjoyable and thought-provoking

Some of them even have something to say

You don't need to settle for someone like David Cage

Eventual Vagabond @VagabondToBe🔁@Video_Game_King Does a piece about David Cage and the illusion of auteurship count?
🏳️‍🌈🍄🦑plaid🦑🍄🏳️‍🌈 @plaguemaid🔁 stop giving David cage money
💀Whateley @studentofmensis🔁Zork provided a more interesting tapestry of human experience than any David Cage game I've played. I actually finish twitter.com ed Zork, too, because it didn't have knock-off Real Dolls performing awkward sex acts on each other.
Shin-PJ_Combo @PJ_Combo🔁 Detroit: Become Human is actually about David Cage's journey to try to understand humanity and assimilate into our society
Steamed Hams, but Kelerak @Kelerak2🔁@newdarkcloud oh hell yes I needed more David Cage in my life
It's a wyrmcher, hide your sheeps @spcnulity🔁@Pizza_Suplex Now David Cage needs to have an ending where David Cage discovers how to write like a human.
Ryan Kaufman @M1sterFox🔁However if it is poorly written and delves into well-trodden tropes and/or is somewhat nonsensical— then you’ve got a twitter.com David Cage game!
Mex @MexicanAnimeD2🔁@Outflanked David Cage up his own ass again.
Branduil @Branduil🔁Oh cool, David "accused of homophobia by staffers but can't be homophobic because he worked with Ellen Page once" Cage gave players the choice of murdering lesbians with no consequence in his consequence based game about civil rights.
Devil's Avocado @Wyrmwoods🔁 Well, I took your game super seriously, David Cage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
MITCH GOES TO NASA @Kalekemo🔁In Indigo Prophecy, the female lead becomes submissive and weak when she meets the male lead. In Omikron, a characters wife is tricked into being a sex object for the player. None of this is new. David Cage has always been this way.
MITCH GOES TO NASA @Kalekemo🔁No game has ever made me as angry as when David Cage chose to fetishize the home invasion, beating, sexual assault, and violation of a woman in Heavy Rain. It had no artistic merit and zero relevance to the plot. It was awful on every level, and made me furious as a human being
lauren ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur volutpat. @manakete🔁As funny as it is to dump on David Cage, the truth of it is disgusting. David Cage treats his employees like garbage and creates an uncomfortable work environment. He is a racist, misogynistic, narcissistic hack who has a massive platform to broadcast his voice. Fuck David Cage
Simon @FallenPOTUS🔁david cage: humanity will never accept androids into society

me, performing my daily worship at my 2b shrine: haha yeah agreed

Adlai Makhaza @AdlaiMakhaza1🔁How did create a stunning game exploring the depths of the human experience and what it means to have a soul.
And Da twitter.com vid cage come up with a 2D representation of humanity with a big budget and corporate backing.

The New Zealand Time Machine @Important Pinned @gentlysweeps🔁 bringing back the only video that matters on david cage day youtu.be
Herr Wozzeck @HerrWozzeck🔁Technically, the David Cage game isn't retrievable from stores until tomorrow, but don't count on the haters to keep twitter.com that in mind.
🇬ay 🇬oat 🇬irl @snooterboops🔁 fuck david cage play a good game instead like snipperclips
『MECHA ✦ MOM』 @Estuko_V🔁 as Detroit inches closer, David Cage looks up in the sky to see the ghosts of Omikron, Beyond, and Heavy Rain.
Pre twitter.com ss X for Sadness.
JayVee @jvmarques🔁That would involve money changing hands though. I have never had nor will I ever have any inclination to reward David twitter.com Cage for his work.
valya m.c. @ringadingdesu🔁(Thread) Nuclear level take: David Cage is the worst writer in video games today and if you see any reviewer saying that Detroit is at all some sort of cinematic high art watershed moment for the medium you should immediately stop following them .
ghost dog @ccstayfrosty🔁When I see super positive reviews for David Cage games that praise the story in particular, my first question is “Has this person ever read a book post-high school graduation?”
It Ya 🅱️oy Snek @snekfucker🔁Man, I would talk mad shit about David Cage but everyone already doing such a good job at it.
DAZ - Ctgt👌 @ctgtstream🔁@camilzf David Cage games never holds up to me. It can start good but gets below avarage very quickly


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