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Constantine Manda @msisiri🔁 We can't decide whether it's #UKPunDay or #DarwinDay! But naturally we'd select Darwin 😉
pieter kuiper @pieterk71🔁 Take a moment this #DarwinDay to celebrate the species at the pinnacle of evolution:
Chris Tibbitt @El_Tibbo🔁 Happy #DarwinDay, y'all!
#DarwinDay NatlAcad of Sciences @theNASciences🔁 Me & Chuck @theNASciences #DarwinDay #DarwinDay2018
#DarwinDay Mark Adams @markapolooza🔁 One last quote.

Who's gonna tell him?


#DarwinDay Squiddo Kiddo @Splatoonfever🔁 Darwin's theory of demonic evolution. #DarwinDay #DOOM
#DarwinDay Kile @xkile_🔁 Where do you sit on the evolution timeline? #DarwinDay
#DarwinDay ChΞck ThΞ TapΞs @BryHex🔁 Sorry for the randomness of this @SourMang0 , lol....

#DarwinDay #FANbruary2018

#DarwinDay Saleh Alamri @AlmrimSaleh🔁 Happy Darwin Day! (image author unknown) #DarwinDay #DarwinDay2018 #CharlesDarwin
#DarwinDay Clarebear @clarebeartweets🔁 Happy #DarwinDay everybody! #FriendsNotFood
The Royal Society @royalsociety🔁Happy ! Watch the moment Sir David Attenborough reads from On the Origin of Species & discusses the great legacy of h twitter.com is inspiration.

Our six-part series with & guests - now available to view worldwide on

Richard Dawkins @RichardDawkins🔁In celebration of , please donate to my Foundation which operates – a program that is making a serious impact on how twitter.com evolution is taught in American public middle schools.
Jennifer Bartholomew @jennifersvc🔁It's - everyone has impostor syndrome, everyone fails, so take care of yourself. And be kind.

"But I am very poorly today & very stupid & hate everybody & everything. One lives only to make blunders."

Val @voop🔁 It’s #DarwinDay and a poacher in Africa was eaten by lions.


Duquesne University @duqedu🔁Evo­lu­tion­ary bi­ol­o­gy experts Peter and Rose­mary Grant headline 's event this Wednesday twitter.com
Ara V. @cooper_ara🔁A special 🎂🎉 to from... the Darwin volcano in the islands!
SHSoni @SHSoni_v1🔁We all have to make changes and work together to stop our oceans from drowning in plastic!
ceartas⚖️ @ceartas🔁Today is , so here are a few facts:

1. Evolution is real, & we can observe it happening in real time.
2. The Earth is ~4.54 billion years old, & the universe is ~13.8 billion.
3. Humans share ~50% of our genes with bananas.

Lucy R. Fisher @richmondie🔁I am late to . Here are the doodles that his children drew on his handwritten draft of “On the Origin of Species"
Faridatul Mardhiyyah @fardyya🔁Happy ! Watch the moment Sir David Attenborough reads from On the Origin of Species & discusses the great legacy of his inspiration.

Our six-part series with & guests - now available to view worldwide on

(((Lesley Roberts))) @gallimaufrey777🔁On find out how a book by a King's professor influenced his work spotlight.kcl.ac.uk
Marc Ashmann @marcelinho🔁In celebration of , please donate to my Foundation which operates – a program that is making a serious impact on how evolution is taught in American public middle schools.
Concertina_BOT @Concertina_BOT🔁Evolution of the Accordion.

Family Tree by Alfred Mirek, accordion historian: moscovery.com

Siobhán Na Spág @siobhannaspag🔁On this celebratory , we recommend the findings of the great man
to those involved in the North talks, even to those who believe that the world began 4000 years ago
Diving With Sharks @DivingWSharks🔁A few fun facts about Charles Darwin for :
• he was a med-school dropout
• his dad telling him he was worthless was one of the reasons he went on the Beagle voyage
• he was an abolitionist
• he supported
• he had a chronic illness
• he loved plants
Jill O'Connor @OConnorJill🔁It's ! I'm celebrating amazing evolution with a book giveaway! RT/follow for a chance to win an ARC of CUTE AS AN AXOLOTL! I'll send you an axo-doodle too!💙
Dwayne Fuhlhage @DwayneFuhlhage🔁 reminder: Alligators are up to some bullshit playing the long game.

"Evolution hasn’t revamped alligators in 8 million years"

Dick and Dom @dickndom🔁To the man who respected other's beliefs so much, he kept his own theories hidden in a cupboard......Happy twitter.com
Bruce Newman @Brucesbeer🔁Today is Charles Darwin's birthday, , and it begs the question, "If evolution is real, then why are there still Trump supporters?"
Vickie Wagner @VW7772🔁Happy ! by watching E. coli change and adapt over tens of thousands of generations.
Kim Landsbergen @treebiology🔁Happy everyone! Charles Darwin's scientific repertoire reached far beyond evolution and finches.

Explore a collection of his lesser-known experiments (and try them out in your own backyard!):

Diana Bianchi @DianaBianchiMD🔁For , we are re-reading this piece from our archives featuring on what it was like "literally walking the same steps as Darwin.”
Ricardo Bianchetti @r_bianchetti🔁Happy everyone! “From so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.”[Final sentence of "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection", 1859]
WC Sparks @securitysparks🔁 It’s #DarwinDay and evolution is still the biggest lie on the planet.
PD @Looshella🔁Let's kick off a few hours early with THE MOST RELATABLE THING HE EVER WROTE:

"I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything."

We are all Darwin.

Don Corleone @Je_Suis_Bryan🔁Happy everyone!

Today in 1809, Charles Darwin was born. 50 years later– he published one of the most revolutionary and impactful ideas in the history of humanity: Evolution by means of natural selection.



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