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Darvish Fort Worth TX @FortWorthTxRR🔁Lost in translation: Rangers weren’t behind Darvish’s missing passion rightrelevance.com
Darvish Julian Cebrian @juliantold🔁Shout out to Darvish 😂
Darvish Chris Borland @crborland🔁 Do you want the Rangers to pursue Yu Darvish this offseason?
Darvish Rosa @jozzy00🔁 "I could have pitched better than Darvish but that's none of my business." 😂🤣
Jeff Passan @JeffPassan🔁Game 3 Yu Darvish: That was really, really bad.

Game 7 Yu Darvish: Hold my beer.

Seth @solidbodytwang🔁Spoke with last night. Maybe his direct explanation will help clear up interpretations of passion:
SUZANNE BIELY-REITER @skbiely🔁@alexrlively ~putting Darvish in as openner in the final WS game was pure suicide..unimaginable !
matt @FringeModerate🔁@mexicoded @jg3arrow @McCulloughTimes Yeah wood looked not great the week before when darvish was lights out
Spencer Godby @sgodbywithyou🔁@AustinFoss The best thing about the Dodgers losing is that Darvish still sucks. Living in FTW selling homes
R @r_pur_ple🔁Gracious Yu Darvish defuses ugly situation newsday.com @Newsday
Daniel @dpeezy82🔁@DEvanAltman @mlbtraderumors this is pretty bad. No chance in hell cubs pay 160 for Darvish if Jake signs for 4/100
SuperBill szn @BobbyWitDaLeft🔁 Bring Tanaka back. Sign Darvish. Grab Otani. Pick up Iwakuma. Become team Japan. Make millions. twitter.com
Evan Grant @Evan_P_Grant🔁Spoke with @faridyu last night. Maybe his direct explanation will help clear up interpretations of passion: goo.gl
Carol Hammerstein @CEHammerstein🔁 Yuli Gurriel's racist mocking of Yu Darvish reminded me of the playground taunts of my youth nyti.ms
Jimmy Vargas @Nmram2885🔁@DodgerBlue1958 Spend the money on Arrieta not Darvish
Judge M. Bugbee @judgemantx🔁Bad day for Ranger fans. Read article by Farley . Darvish wants to stay w Dodgers because he found his passion for the game again. 😣
Ian Casselberry @iancass🔁Echoes some of my feelings. I regret not writing about Gurriel-Darvish incident | How Racism Made Me a Dodgers Fan nyti.ms
Cody Ezell @EzPackAttack🔁 Yu Darvish > COD WWII Servers
Pizza @_LordPizza🔁I can’t wait to see Darvish later tonight so I can sock him in his jaw. Even if we win he’s getting hit. Jesus fucking Christ.
Liam Connnery @Liamrosa_🔁Darvish also made his NTL in like 2012 when he first came to the US with the Rangers. Even if he didn’t want to play twitter.com here then feeling can change after 5 years and a successful rebuild. Red Sox and Indians were on there too if I’m not mistaken.
Beach Realty SD @BeachRealtySD🔁New article: Yu Darvish takes responsibility for World Series loss in statement to fans: pb.fyi #SanDiego
DJ Bellefy @djbellefy🔁@Brandon_Warne In this sense should we let Erv go as well? I’m not a GM but seems simple, would Darvish improve the rotation or not?
Dominique Samuels @SamyD0m🔁MLB free agency has officially began. Yu Darvish & Brandon Morrow are among 6 players not under contract w/.

Bob Mackowycz @BobMackowycz🔁@MissStaceyMay This is actually really sad. Darvish too. Baseball really is a stage for the foul rag and bone shop of the heart
Lance Lynn News @LanceLynnNews🔁How Yu Darvish's Back-to-Back World Series Duds Will Impact Free-Agent Worth news.quiboat.com
TexasAmerica @TexasAmerica🔁MLBTR Predicts Cubs Give Big Money to Darvish and Reed, While Arrieta Heads to … Milwaukee? - bleachernation.com
Paul Sherman @paulnvalerie🔁@MikeAndMike Issue was leaving Darvish in after allowing 2 runs. Astros never felt pressure. Different if it's a run game.
Steven Project @davenportsport🔁@blessyouboys @TonyPaul1984 And a great analytics manager, who left Darvish in way too long
NYT Opinion @nytopinion🔁Yuli Gurriel's racist mocking of Yu Darvish reminded me of the playground taunts of my youth nyti.ms
Jordan Illg @JordanIllg🔁I'm glad Yu Darvish could finally bring a World Series Championship to Texas, even if it's not with the Rangers.
Sid 🦑 @joemmartin1242🔁 Yu Darvish. twitter.com
Ty Keefer @SUPEROSFAN🔁will the @Orioles try and go after Yu Darvish this off season?
AntiNephiliM @Adelias67🔁You have to remember where Darvish was at points in those years. He was out of the sport that had carried him across twitter.com the ocean-mind wanders
HISTORY IS EARNED @Bossatronio1541🔁@MLBTheShow Darvish to common
David Davis @polarbearsfa🔁@keniroo @thl_mr Y'all should have pitched a closer game! But y'all also said "fuck it" let's leave Darvish in when Kershaw was G2G.
Krys ❤️🥞 @Kryzazy🔁 L.A. Dodgers Fans 2017: Fucking Yu Darvish

Carlos Correa 2024: Fucking Yu Darvish

Robin🇺🇸GaGa to 4 @HyltonRobin🔁They had Yu Darvish’s number from pitch #1 and that’s all it took. I really wanted the win but Houston will get a lot of mileage from it.
Chicago Cubs News @TrackClubsNews🔁Chicago Cubs Rumors: Darvish's performance shows Arrieta is worth it topix.com #cubs #MLB
Patrick @wpmc60🔁@ALawRadio How many times did that caller say Yu Darvish tonight?
Rick Toney @RickToney01🔁Yu Darvish may have been tipping his pitches in nightmare World Series performance a.msn.com
Scott Halasz @ohiostatescott🔁@tim815 Darvish's regular season numbers on a downward trend. And he's 31.
Heather V. Crutchley @FashionFever83🔁I get the frustration w/Darvish. But what happens without him? Kershaw starts on short rest again? Maeda can't help solidify the bullpen...


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