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Liam Stryker @LiamNAI🔁Dana Brooke complied all these Asuka stats. #WWEEliminationChamber
Brandon Stroud @MrBrandonStroud🔁Dana Brooke writing “75% bald people” on her clipboard and nodding proudly
That Wrestling Show @NESNWrestling🔁 Dana Brooke complied all these Asuka stats. #WWEEliminationChamber
shenellica bettencourt @tdswifty🔁 Dana Brooke
Matt Fowler @TheMattFowler🔁Hashtag Give Dana Brooke A Tablet


Nathaniel Tonge @GingerSnaps613🔁 I want to see Dana Brooke wrestle. Fight me, Internet. She’s improved in my opinion. #WWEChamber
Paul McPherson @paullymac7🔁 Dana Brooke writing “75% bald people” on her clipboard and nodding proudly
Nabil Samy @waazuuuuup🔁 dana brooke should be the one putting hhh through a table twitter.com
mva4D @mva4D🔁@SportsQueen_5 I grew to like Dana Brooke and I would not mind for push, BUT if she win the title then I pass.
raul @raulisonline🔁dana brooke should be the one putting hhh through a table twitter.com
Clinton IYH @ClintonIYH🔁@YoBobbyBoy89 Yeah this seems much better than having her beat Dana Brooke
WomenWrestlingPhotos @DivasBestGuide🔁The one & only brings power in Series 68! ringsidecollectibles.com
The Mad Man @themagnus316🔁 Hashtag Give Dana Brooke A Tablet


Billy Donnelly @infamouskidd🔁So what would you rather? If she goes right into a title match, people bitch. If she destroys Dana Brooke, that’s a w twitter.com aste. This is a way to ease her in and get her comfortable.
BrainsOfTheBrainless @Dieavirgin🔁They'll be fine just have Dana Brooke take care of Rousey. #RondaRousey #WWEChamber
Kevin Rosado @Tempest0118🔁@EmperorBigD was Ronda that bad? Compared to let's say Dana Brooke?
Chris @Chrisissincere🔁Ronda Rousey v Dana Brooke

Wrestlemania 34


De Bleck Penteh @MyNig🔁If Ronda doesn’t break Dana Brooke’s arm first match then this is all for not. #ChamberCast
Wrestling Results @rasslin_results🔁[2/26]: Rockstar Spud & Dana Brooke def. Jack Evans & Crazzy Steve (3:47)
PSN: Be2NsInRVA @PapaBearBerk🔁I’m content with 2018 Miss Hancock Dana Brooke. I used to despise her with the intensity of a thousand red-hot Krypto twitter.com nian suns. But nope...not now...I’m good now. 😂
RoboCobb @RoboCobb1621🔁Dana Brooke deserves better than to be awkwardly walking around in high heels at ring side.
New Jersey Nick @newjerseynick🔁Dana Brooke has added "awkward white girl dancing" to her gimmick. I don't know why, but this pleases me. twitter.com
Chris Martin @cjm41218🔁 Dana Brooke looks like she's about to shoot a secretary porn.
Michael Chau @MichaelChauTV🔁This is what happens when Dana Brooke doesn’t do her math homework....the numbers were off therefore, Titus Worldwide twitter.com lost. The only explanation 😏
KING $hit 🖕🏽 @KingSteve215🔁 i cant tell if Dana brooke got cakes or not 🤔
technically i'm cena, technically @heyitscena🔁not the. not the dana brooke kicking my ass bit. i mean. like. a push.

she can still kick my ass, though,

Steven Maxwell Tan @StevieSaidYup🔁I can only think of a few others...Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke. Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riot, I don' twitter.com t even remember the name of the other girl from the trio on SD.
technically i'm cena, technically @heyitscena🔁So Titus Worldwide is getting more and more over, right? Let's put that push on Dana Brooke, too, plz. I love her, a twitter.com nd I love the Secretary/Statistician gimmick, she can still kick my ass, so let's go with that post-mania? Plz?
ktrn bdd @katrina_cherise🔁Dana Brooke can do whatever she wants. twitter.com
A* @Starbright007🔁@mtf4_life Vs Dana Brooke or intershow vs lana lol
Cataliyah Strife @cataliyah24🔁Dana Brooke’s outfit was bugging me. That clear shirt and white bra? It was reminding me of something....HOLLI WOULD! twitter.com O.O
The New Age Insiders @NewAgeInsiders🔁 Dana Brooke the statician who put together this Asuka package @NewAgeInsiders
Morgan @MorganTyler86🔁 Give me @StacyKeibler with a clipboard at ringside over Dana Brooke #wwechamber
Jonathan Ward @TheJonathanWard🔁Dana Brooke Has An Awesome Ass
@DanaBrookeWWE #WWEChamber
WrestleNation @WrestleWWE🔁 The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) (c) def. Titus Worldwide (Titus O'Neil & Apollo) (w/Dana Brooke).


Ana @_AnaMMartinez🔁Time for the #RAW #TagTeamTitles match. Who are you supporting? Dana Brooke is at ringside. #WWEChamber #EliminationChamber
Mike Lewis @MikeLewis216🔁Tell me Dana Brooke did the stats for the Asuka video. #WWEChamber


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