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Dan Patrick jonathantilove @JTiloveTX🔁Dan Patrick says Joe Straus "called the governor's agenda horse manure and he treated it like horse manure."
lydia castillo @lydiavc2🔁Lt. Gov. blamed cities, particularly those led by Democrats, for "all our problems in America."
Alexa Ura @alexazura🔁Or the bathroom bill aka the two issues for which Dan Patrick forced the special session #txlege
Mayor Adler @MayorAdler🔁Credit where credit's due: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to neo-Nazis: ‘Not here, not now, not ever.’
WrathofJan @JDignum🔁When a "small government conservative" seeks to overrule the people because they don't conform to his extreme views.
The Spirit of Truth @a4_ism🔁Did you read the article or just the headline? It states that a gunman killed officers and lt gov dan patrick blamed blm
Gil Marin @Gil_InUrCorner🔁 Clay Helton Joins the Dan Patrick Show
Dan Halyburton @DanHalyburton🔁@wfaachannel8 Dan Patrick is WRONG. We don't need Bathroom privacy law.
Paul B. Kennedy @PaulBKennedy🔁@TexasTribune @DanPatrick Dan Patrick can go and fuck himself and all his wingnut tea-bagging friends.
Love Lockets Jewelry @LoveLockets2🔁 Welll, Dan Patrick is a problem here in Texas
leynad @DarthGilagoon🔁You can be dirty dan spongebob, I just wanna be Patrick
Cottage Cat 🙀 @CottageImagin🔁Welll, Dan Patrick is a problem here in Texas
Bri Wisdom @BriWisdom🔁Seriously how sick are some leaders?! Pls vote so this man isn't re-elected and Dan Patrick since we all know the Lt. Gov runs the show
Austin Tea Party @AustinTeaParty1🔁Dan Patrick lashes out at Joe Straus as session ends
Three Oranges @ThreeOranges🔁On the bright side in the local front, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was totally ineffectual in passing his stupid bathroom bill that nobody wanted.
Prone to Wander @amphetamine47🔁I blame people like Dan Patrick.
Todd St. John @mt_stjohn🔁Yes. I felt the same about the Dems running in state and local elections. The only one I voted 4 was running agains t Dan Patrick.
Daniel F. Kenney @dfkenney7🔁@TexasTribune @DanPatrick Dan Patrick Nazi Party or Klan or both # Impeach this Clown/ Hater.
Timothy (TJ) Percell @T3rdPower🔁@JohnMichaels929 Craig Kilborn. Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann. Classic.
Billy Grumbles @bagrumbles🔁@60regular I would get fired for sure if ex lt gov Dan Patrick showed up to ref one of our games. Cope training would be out the window
Texas Tribune @TexasTribune🔁Lt. Gov. blamed cities, particularly those led by Democrats, for "all our problems in America."
Mark @JaggedMark🔁Dan Patrick offers nothing. Have you ever counted the number of times during his 3 our shows he starts a sentence wit h, "I don't know..."
redbone no more @KevinRenk1🔁Endorsed by Dan Ellsberg, Patrick Cockburn, Ron Paul, Eric Margolis, Stephen Walt, P. van Buren, Matt Hoh, Tom Woods
Justin Feldkamp @JustinFeldkamp🔁@jake_dorton @13abc Actually I didn't. I'm a Dan Patrick Show guy.
ted cruz ebooks @ebooks_tedcruz🔁Congratulations and Dan Patrick are trying to Pay for the TX economy that I've been endorsed Chris for Labor
Danny Charlton @Dan_Charlton48🔁 ICYMI: Realistic Expectations for Nolan Patrick & Oskar Lindblom. - @DanTheFlyeraFan
Danny Charlton @Dan_Charlton48🔁 Realistic Expectations for Nolan Patrick & Oskar Lindblom. - @DanTheFlyeraFan
SB Nation College @sbncollege🔁Clay Helton Joins the Dan Patrick Show
Brian McGlinchey @LibertyMcG🔁Highly-anticipated book from endorsed by Dan Ellsberg, Patrick Cockburn, Ron Paul, Stephen Walt et al. Buy it..I just did!
USC Trojans Buzz @uscbuzztap🔁conquestchronicles​.com >> Clay Helton Joins the Dan Patrick Show
Conquest Chronicles @CChroniclesSBN🔁Clay Helton Joins the Dan Patrick Show
Howie Darter @doubledee763🔁Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick are up for election next year. Does this make you mad enough to vote?
Feduppussycat @Khough7🔁 @Khough7 @TeaPainUSA Pence would fit in with Abbott and Dan Patrick I despise both.
David Valadez @Dave01🔁 In fact, Dan Patrick's association with this hate group is public knowledge. #txlege #StopSB6
Gloria Kennedy Fleck @mssenator🔁 uses ladies room
Maybe Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is looking in the wrong bathrooms! via
TeamTanks @Mattjohn007🔁@OGJailBlazer @1029TheGame Besides Dan Patrick no reason to listen to that channel. No talent
Brady Whatley @whatley_brady🔁 Dan Patrick on House: "with 27 hours to go they walked off the job." #txlege
Randi @randibaker01🔁 Dan Patrick loses in special session, but allies will reload for March primaries
Queen Bálor 👑 @TheDemxnQueen🔁After watching Dirty Dancing with Dan last night, it served as a reminder of how brilliant Patrick Swayze was

I miss him ❤️

Pierro @PlatanoGuy🔁I'll take a joke from dan considering we've been on him for weeks now on twitter lmao
Cat West @catawu🔁Somebody tell Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick the Alamo did not keep transgender people from using toilet of choice. Not even separate toilets.
John _ wes 🔈 @john_wes23🔁@Khough7 @TeaPainUSA Pence would fit in with Abbott and Dan Patrick I despise both.
Nuclear Wessels @NuclearWessels🔁@PFTXBBQ Dan Patrick's views are bigotry, it is that simple.
Dallas Morning News @dallasnews🔁Dan Patrick loses in special session, but allies will reload for March primaries
Justin Pytlak @yaBoy_JP123🔁@KiyeBerries @TGNSquadron @MFPallytime @HORSEPANTSU Dan Patrick in "That's My Boy": 'Very sexy'
Anthony Fiato @LAmobslugger🔁Julio Jones or Antonio Brown: Who Ya Got in The Great WR Debate? | The Dan Patrick Show…
Nuclear Wessels @NuclearWessels🔁@PFTXBBQ Good job, now I know to avoid your food. Who promotes catering to Dan Patrick? Pathetic.
Shane @hshane2112🔁Lt. Governor to replace Dan "bathroom bill" Patrick
Huron Greyjoy @UncleVicious79🔁@EvanHosmer28 @RonnieKRadio Tell Dan Patrick
Logan Treadaway @treadawaylogan1🔁@jscott1963 Thank God for Dan Patrick!!!
Steve Oleson @wingedvictorytx🔁@TexasStandard Dan Patrick said "the people of Texas want." bathroom bill. What do legitimate polls show?
Laura @Laura5871🔁@AlfieCoy @SurvivorSy I predict Dan Patrick will be gone next session. 💙💙💙
SAVE THE NEXT GIRL @SurvivorSy🔁I demand that Dan Patrick quit trying to become the state's Crotch Cop, running around checking for dongs like some kinda weirdo perv
JL @mmjenneral🔁If you weren't sure, let me confirm for you that Dan Patrick is an asshole #Texas
wat31 @wat31_wayne🔁Dan Patrick cry baby bought and sold by lobbist
Huron Greyjoy @UncleVicious79🔁@papamurph43 @RonnieKRadio Tell Dan Patrick not Ronnie K. He's the one who said it bro
Eric Ryan Meyers @ericrmeyers🔁 Dan Patrick loses in special session, but allies will reload for March primaries via @dallasnews
Straztastic @Straztastic🔁@jas0nwells I guess Dan Patrick mentioned he heard that rumor on a show.
Jason Wells @jas0nwells🔁@Straztastic Oh never mind. Dan Patrick stirring shit up
David Wayne Thrall @thrall_david🔁Message to Texas Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. FUCK YOU BOTH. Y'all are both despicable.
Huron Greyjoy @UncleVicious79🔁 Apparently Dan Patrick heard a rumor about Brady ending his career in #Denver? Calls it 'quiet talk,' that he hears.
Randallphobia @Randallphobia🔁@dailykos When can we get rid of theocrat Dan Patrick?
In Texas, the Lt Gov has more power than the Governor.


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