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Damn OKCDamn OKC THĘO @SincerelyTheo😩😭😭 🔁 Damn OKC!
Damn OKC $w@g God 🙏🏽 @HoeItsRoCuervo🔁 The Jazz won the 1st round 4-2 Carmelo Anthony and Paul George should be ashamed. Damn OKC
Damn OKCDamn OKC $w@g God 🙏🏽 @HoeItsRoCuervo🔁 Damn OKC!
BIG A👿⚡️ @BIG__A1🔁Damn OKC really just lost say goodbye now 😥
Annie @AnnieBeeeey🔁Wow....I figured OKC wouldn't go too far in the west...but damn.
Joy Taylor @JoyTaylorTalks🔁Damn. Down goes OKC.
Stanley Bryant Jr. @MyHumble_Self🔁Damn OKC!!!
The Great Black Buffalo @VezTheWeirdo🔁Damn OKC y’all are a true disappointment
Ty Dolla $ @mywayy_17🔁 😔😔😔😔😔😔 OKC ... damn bro
lik @MalikGibson🔁Damn okc
Adam Bryant @Adam_B_filming🔁Damn okc lost
IG: Fye_Scott™ @Fye_Scott🔁Damn OKC 😭
King Geez @antgeezy617🔁Damn OKC got knocked off by the young boy !
Thomas @tommytv_🔁You can’t be a basketball fan and tell me that it’s not hilarious that OKC lost because Utah got carried by a damn r twitter.com ookie when you have the reigning MVP
death @ElPapiMagno🔁Damn OKC got robbed smh
Kor Gunnaz @Dat__Nikka🔁Damn OKC what a season
Shard @Yamaguchi_YBG🔁 Damn. Down goes OKC.
KINGCrossOver👑🏀🏈 @zyshonn7🔁Damn OKC... In the first round 🤦‍♂️
Ca$hGreedyCell @FinessinDa_Cash🔁Damn OKC got out out
JT Buc @johnnybuc3🔁damn just saw the replays of thunder and jazz game and okc got screwed
♑ Cuzma @Cuz_iCan🔁Damn! OKC out?! twitter.com
🚶🏾 @gidzo22🔁OKC out, Utah are coached too damn well
K.N.I.C. Since 1987 @JChillaClassic🔁So what team gon trade their whole damn team for Carmelo Anthony in the off season this year?? Smh #OKC #Melo #NBAPlayoffs2018
Machiavelli 👨🏽‍🚀 @Trreyyyyyy🔁How did ‘playoff p’ only score 5 points... 2/16......... damn OKC and the Cavs were disappointing af this year 😔
b mac @BigMacV2🔁 Melo needs to get out of OKC, damn
BCB🎒 @STERLING0201🔁Damn okc really lost ?
Bryant Vang @vang2k🔁Had a damn good birthday wish okc would have played better but still a young team need more chemistry and play calling
anok ✨ @anok_tior🔁i’ll never forgive okc for ruining my damn near perfect bracket :(
Shannon Blake @ShannonBlake94🔁I’m so damn proud of win or lose he will give every single ounce of his heart and soul. Keep your head up Brodie h twitter.com as your back for life!
Kailynn💘 @kk_flawless🔁Damn OKC 🤦🏾‍♀️😖😢
Ty2Fly🐐 @TyG_LR🔁Damn okc really lost 😭
Otis Supreme 👑 @Chef_Tizzle🔁Damn OKC 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🙃🙃 @LK2CHAT🔁WUSSBROOKE is Such a Damn BABY


Josh Carley @TulsaToHouston🔁 Damn OKC!!!
Josh Carley @TulsaToHouston🔁 Damn OKC. Sad af


Jannez Ruben @Jannez_R4🔁I‘m a die-hard-okc-fan and I‘m pretty fucked up right now... but I remember when I told a friend already in November: twitter.com „That rookie nigga Mitchell is fuckin great! He could become a fuckin superstar!“ Damn it, my prediction was to good... I wish you all the best from 🇩🇪
*NAME REDACTED* @CrookbackCrones🔁Also, I'm dying over this gem: "Courtside fans screaming at players as they take outside shots". Tf are they supposed twitter.com to do? Sit there politely and watch them shoot it? Damn, I knew Westbrook was soft, I didn't think OKC fans were as well. 😂 Salty af man. 4-2.
cashed out bitchhh @YcoMonte🔁 Damn! OKC got put out by Utah. That rookie Mitchell ain’t playing like a rookie.
Women Of Color WRITE @WOCWriters1🔁 Damn OKC... what a disappointing season smh
iamLeon @leon_davids🔁OKC is out, just shows how useless Brodie and his squad has been through out the season, you make a rookie dominate y twitter.com ou like that, damn that was a good game for Dovovan Mitchell
Women Of Color WRITE @WOCWriters1🔁 Damn OKC vs the rockets would of been fun to watch twitter.com
Women Of Color WRITE @WOCWriters1🔁 Damn OKC went out sad
cashed out bitchhh @YcoMonte🔁Damn okc 😩😩😩 I thought y’all had this y’all looked better last year
akin @akinyinkao11🔁OKC out. damn
JA @JonathanJA7🔁Damn, OKC out? 🤦🏾‍♂ twitter.com
Captain Montego @M3g4d37h🔁Seattle deserves a team. I don't think 5 people that live in the USA but not in OKC give a damn about OKC. The NBA t twitter.com rading SEA for OKC is like trading a gourmet meal for a poop sandwich.
Jo Nate @lifeismusic777🔁Damn OKC 😕#okcthunder
Ricardo @CardoStuntin🔁 Okc wanted melo to be a damn spot up shooter. Fuck wrong with them?
.TRESPAPII 🤤💙 @Ballgamecrazy🔁Damn Okc Aint Cover The Spread 😴🚮
prospering✨ @_tyed🔁Damn, OKC lost! 🙄
Corbin R.Biddiss @Biddissc20BC🔁Refs miss calls, it happens all the damn time get over it.. Utah has a better structured team, they had the best play twitter.com er in the series Mitchell and the "Big 3" were throwing bricks! OKC had their opportunities but failed. Utah well deserved win!
travis @yotriggz🔁Damn okc lost wtf 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Not your shorty. @_PrettyC🔁Damn okc really did suck this year😴
drenia2real @Drenia2Real🔁 Damn OKC got robbed
Good Job Rich.🍍🌩 @TabascoRich🔁 Damn OKC. Can’t win a game when 1/3 superstars are doing the work. Melo with 7 and PG with 5 come on.
Good Job Rich.🍍🌩 @TabascoRich🔁 Wow! I can't believe George didn't get the foul call. But damn okc just let them dribble out the ball like that
Lesego Molemogi @FirstKingKrazy🔁How do you expect OKC to win when Russ is this selfish lol, look how many shots he took, 43😂, share the damn ball pl twitter.com ease lol see why KD left him. He is all about stacking the stat sheet, triple doubles only. 👎🏿
Big Quis 🦍 @almaquis🔁 Damn OKC got hoed!!!
Big Quis 🦍 @almaquis🔁 Damn Okc just got robbed
kwame @nana_kwameamoah🔁Damn OKC, why??? 💔 #ThunderUp
🔺Don Hulu🔻 @Dsh2419🔁damn okc
Dev💫 @TheInfamousix🔁Cant believe Utah beat OKC.. damn bruh whattt
Steve Noble @916_stevo🔁He’s an intangibles man. Stats don’t look amazing, but damn the team is better when he’s on the court. Unreal +\- in twitter.com the OKC series.
SAYHEYY @sayheyy801🔁 Damn OKC got hoe’d lmao
SAYHEYY @sayheyy801🔁 God damn OKC had like 6 chances to tie lmao
star morlan @starmorlan1🔁LMFAO 😂 what does OKC and Carmelo have to do with this, squawkie 😂 NOT A DAMN THING 😂😂😂 lmfao twitter.com
Manveer/JWC🌎/RR💰🏃 @veersos_510🔁 Mitchell should get ROY tho, boy deserves it. Took out a good OKC team damn near by himself. I’ll be shocked if he don’t.
akc @ashkchurch🔁Damn okc got robbed..
Gambit ⚜ @JHaynes_504🔁Damn OKC got bounced out huh..gladly take PG13 in New Orleans
Gene @crazy_kidd_gene🔁Damn OKC it’s all bad the 1st round tho 😳🤯🤬
treize khushrenada @projectksl🔁Paul George is fine. It’s the fact that he had a year left and him resigning there was always super unlikely. It was twitter.com just horrible asset management. Hard to say about oladipo. Talent was always there, OKC is one of the worst markets. Damn near impossible to attract big FA’s there
Young and Eaten! @L_Hodge24🔁Damn iknew okc was gonna lose but #playoffp aka @Yg_Trece played like @kevinlove did in the finals. Just pure tragedy in okc tonight!
Ron @Ron_OVO_🔁Damn they cheated OKC so bad
Juan Ramirezㄣ⃒ @JuanHazy🔁After being at the Walmart prison for 9 hours I just notice how bad the cavs lost💀 and how the OKC got out in the first round damn
Eagles Super Bowl LII Champs @j_haines23🔁This Jazz OkC game trust melo more in the future if there is a future but damn 40+ shot attempts by Russell is not n twitter.com eeded. PG had a bad came but trust melo damn y'all
Deicide @deicide_fitness🔁Damn, OKC lost too soon. All these NBA super teams have been shit from the start! Now Cavs are going to come up shor twitter.com t against Indiana unless LeBron exerts all his efforts
jONbOi @jonboi405🔁As always Russell Westbrook, you have my support. OKC you have my support. And Russ you will always have my heart. I'll follow you off a damn cliff
TrayBentGoHard @TrayBentSMR🔁Damn OKC out.... it's about to be a cold summer in the NBA....
〽att Ⓜ️oney @Put_A_NameOn_it🔁Damn okc 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
アスナ ♥ @Thung_HanRu🔁Damn son okc got trashed by utah LOL
Jackie O @Jackie__Knowsss🔁I’m hurting for OKC, damn man


db @_aeaton_🔁Nature of the beast. I could give a damn about OKC but Westbrook isn’t in the wrong. This guy wins a scramble tourney twitter.com and wants to call him a pussy. Pathetic


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