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Erica @ecjarr🔁 The Dallas Cowboys & their owner Jerry Jones taking a knee...together. Beautiful. 👊

Dallas CowboysDallas CowboysDallas CowboysDallas Cowboys BuildTheWall @changeisneeded_🔁 Dallas Cowboys brand themselves:
kat🍯 @katdav6🔁 The Dallas Cowboys & their owner Jerry Jones taking a knee...together. Beautiful. 👊

Integrity @Integri02373873🔁 The Dallas Cowboys & their owner Jerry Jones taking a knee...together. Beautiful. 👊

Tomi Lahren @TomiLahren🔁NFL officials defending these whiny kneelers are the same folks who denied Dallas Cowboys request to honor slain officers with helmet decal🤔
David Hookstead @dhookstead🔁The NFL banned the Dallas Cowboys from honoring five police officers who were killed, but the league has no problem with anthem protests.
Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr🔁So much for "free speech" FLASHBACK: NFL Banned Cowboys From Wearing Decal That Supported Dallas Police - The DC
Michael @Michael52983436🔁They should have just kneeled for the anthem it and had the same meaning! Boycott the Dallas Cowboys and every other NFL team!!!!!
meagan @meagansright🔁Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys think kneeling BEFORE National Anthem is going to get them off the hook? Still a protest! is done

Mary Rose #Persist @Beutifulgame🔁In an unequivocal 'f*ck you' to Trump's overt racism and a courageous show of patriotism — Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys .
Richard Edward @NotAnotherTard🔁In a year, the Dallas Cowboys have gone from wanting to wear helmet stickers for honoring slain police officers to protesting against cops.
Pernell Cruzado @sweetpb🔁The entire Dallas Cowboys team and owner Jerry Jones lock arms and before the national anthem against the Arizona Cardinals.
Yorkie Lover @Bgdart2🔁The entire Dallas Cowboys team took a knee prior to the National Anthem to show they all hate America. Even their own fans booed them!
Don Jones 🇺🇸🌹 @dejones07🔁The and owner Jerry Jones kneeled before the National Anthem.
Patrick L. Lee @patricklee6669🔁For anyone who grew up in Texas, seeing the Dallas Cowboys and the owner kneel in recognition of racist police brutality was unimaginable.
Deanna @Deanna9575RIP NFL it is over! 🔁 WATCH: Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Kneels With Team Prior to (cont)
Aeson dadon @aeson_dadon🔁Jerry Jones and the entire Dallas Cowboys kneel to protest unconstitutional injustices done to Black people in America
Lynn #MAGA 🇺🇸 @lynmacjay🔁 Jerry Jones a lying sack of 💩 I'm so disappointed in my Dallas Cowboys this is a disgrace, and jones is a liar
Joe Kulys @joekulys🔁Dallas Cowboys Owner JERRY JONES Tells Players: “Stand For The National Anthem Or Your Ass Is Off The Team”
DeplorableMari @MariOlsdatter🔁The Dallas Cowboys are no longer America's team! 🇺🇸🎯😡

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys take a knee.

Cheryl joy @Cheryljoy7🔁Glad to hear the entire Cardinals stadium booing this pathetic display by Dallas Cowboys.
Jan Seawell Reckers @veggienut🔁Dallas Cowboys, including owner Jerry Jones, link arms, kneel ahead of national anthem.
Indiana Juans @GabyLopMar🔁Jerry Jones is worth $5 billion. His team, the Dallas Cowboys: $4 billion. He’s not kneeling in unity. He’s protecting an investment.
Jeff M @mac9153🔁The Dallas Cowboys aren’t America’s team after all. They’re paper tigers that fold into the spineless cowards they are 😡😡
Peggyann Zungolo @PeggyZ824🔁 A new NFL record: the Dallas Cowboys have managed to fumble even before the kickoff
Melanie Grigsby @MG57Tweets🔁Before the national anthem Monday night, Dallas Cowboys players and owner Jerry Jones took a knee
TeHenderson @TeHenderson14🔁Team from a city where BLM rhetoric fueled the murder of 5 officers

The Dallas Cowboys brand just died.

bob nova @Nuttzy1🔁JUST IN: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, players lock arms and kneel before national anthem as crowd boos
ナナコ @yellowclaw0124🔁 Dallas cowboys my heroes
APR @AmericansvsLies🔁 Jerry Jones and the Dallas're fired. Signed, Americans.
Nona Covfefe @nerossister🔁God says he will spit out those who are lukewarm! Dallas Cowboys National Anthem: Take knee link arms -
RedskinPride @RedskinGlen🔁When 12 Dallas cops were shot [5 died] on 7/16/16 by sniper who opened fire on a police brutality protest, did the Cowboys ?
MyAllies News @MyAlliesNews🔁Dallas Cowboys, Including Jerry Jones, Take a Knee Before Anthem
ECIG CANADA ZONE @ECIGCANADAZONE🔁New post (Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals lock arms before Monday Night Football game) has been published on -...
mTurn @MTurnbull25🔁As a symbolic show of solidarity, Dallas Cowboys players and Jerry Jones knelt for five seconds before the anthem.

Diana Paddison @diapad64🔁YES ....Jerry Jones joins Cowboys in briefly taking knee before national anthem against Cardinals via @USATODAY
Shawn King @Shawn_King1977🔁See the Dallas Cowboys tonight. Unity, involvement, then stood for Old Glory together. The message gets across even b etter.
toohotts @toohotts1🔁Dallas Cowboys, including owner Jerry Jones, link arms, kneel ahead of national anthem
Kapil @KapilTheIndian🔁Tonight the Dallas Cowboys truly are America's Team.

This was the protest that all of America, and especially Donald Trump, needed to see.

Ione DeSantis @Figaro89061🔁Jerry Jones & the Dallas Cowboys exercised their rights by kneeling tonight.

I will exercise mine by throwing my NFL gear in the fire pit.🔥

Tracey Grayson @TeeBaby4eva🔁Dallas and owner Jerry Jones kneeling before national anthem against Monday night
Sam Younes™ @sam_younes🔁Crowd erupts in boos as owner Jerry Jones and entire Dallas Cowboys team kneel live on Monday Night Football
2+2=5 @sandrajcooper🔁Hillz is on MSNBC, Sanders is on CNN, and Jerry Jones just kneeled in solidarity with the Dallas Cowboys. 45 is havin g a rough night.
Daniel Blevins @DanielBlevins3🔁Awesome seeing Ryan Switzer returning punts for the Dallas Cowboys Charleston, West Virginia proud
Miriamduen @mimiblue27🔁NEW: Dallas Cowboys took a knee before the national anthem with their owner, Jerry Jones, among them
USN Ret Deplorable @johneget19🔁If the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones & the rest of the teams will take a knee to the American Flag,
they will disrespect these flags too!
🌈M. L. Owen🏳️‍🌈 @MarthaLynneOwe1🔁Proving it was never about the flag, Trump's dirt dumb bigot base outraged Jerry Jones & the Dallas Cowboys prior to the anthem.
Mer Icka @MericaF_Yeah🔁Dallas Cowboys Kneel Down in AZ BEFORE game
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NFL Implosion is Complete


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