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#DWSA2018 Vant Marketing @VantMarketing🔁In San Antonio tonight for the @DreamWeekSA panel "Rising Creatives", hosted by @googlefiber. #DWSA2018
#DWSA2018 Molly Cox @themollycox🔁“Empathy is activism” - @amalthepoet #DWSA #DWSA2018
#DWSA2018 Flor M. Salas 🌻 @flormsalas_🔁Don’t forget to check out the #DWSA2018 events!
#DWSA2018 Obafemi Ogunleye @TheObafemi🔁"Stop being demoralized, that's the tool of your opponent" -Kathleen Cleaver


#DWSA2018 Melissa Vega @melissamvega🔁Smiling is an act of charity, empathy is activism” @amalthepoet #dwsa2018
#DWSA2018 Amal Kassir @amalthepoet🔁 Smiling is an act of charity, empathy is activism” @amalthepoet #dwsa2018
#DWSA2018 SAEPartnership @TheSAEP🔁It’s begun! Come by, from 10am-5pm @Whataburger is providing lunch! #dwsa2018 🔥🔥🔥
#DWSA2018 Ryan Lugalia-Hollon @DrLullon🔁 It’s begun! Come by, from 10am-5pm @Whataburger is providing lunch! #dwsa2018 🔥🔥🔥
#DWSA2018#DWSA2018 SAEPartnership @TheSAEP🔁Shout out to @MitchjamesTV for coming out to @cafecollege for #DWSA2018 to perform! Don’t forget to drop by!
#DWSA2018 Vlugen @vlugen🔁 “Empathy is activism” - @amalthepoet #DWSA #DWSA2018
#DWSA2018 Cynthia T. Matson @PrezMatson🔁.@darlenedorseyTV great comments about the importance of inclusion and diversity in #SanAntonio #DWSA2018.
#DWSA2018 darlene dorsey @darlenedorseyTV🔁Love this university leader @PrezMatson at the Mayor’s Ball. #DWSA2018
#DWSA2018 Jenny Moore @profjmoore🔁 Love this university leader @PrezMatson at the Mayor’s Ball. #DWSA2018
Samuel Garcia @lguapo76🔁Ladies and gentleman the mayor of San Antonio and his beautiful first mujer
unnmastered @unnmastered🔁 Why is @DreamWeekSA important? @Ron_Nirenberg #dwsa2018 pscp.tv
Lila Holley @LilaHolley_12🔁What an incredible day!! Off to the Mayor's ball after party! #DWSA2018 #DWSAMAYORSBALL
#CamouflagedSisters —... fb.me
Delaine Mathieu @delainemathieu🔁Wonderful evening at the inaugural Mayor’s Ball to end in SA. did a nice job emceeing tonight. Congratulations to twitter.com everyone involved in planning this event!
Puro Pinche @PuroPincheSA🔁Ladies and gentleman the mayor of San Antonio and his beautiful first mujer @Ron_Nirenberg @ErikaProsper #dwsa2018 pscp.tv
🇮🇪John McElroy🍀 @willfulsprite74🔁 The @ForeignArm at @DreamWeekSA mayor’s ball #DWSA2018 pscp.tv
Puro Pinche @PuroPincheSA🔁The @ForeignArm at @DreamWeekSA mayor’s ball #DWSA2018 pscp.tv
Puro Pinche @PuroPincheSA🔁Why is @DreamWeekSA important? @Ron_Nirenberg #dwsa2018 pscp.tv
Gabby Annalyse @GabbyAnnalyse🔁honored to be a part of the Dream Week panel to talk on my behalf being a young female artist in the hip hop world. twitter.com To share the panel from Norm & Ray Ray sharing our ❤️ for hip hop
DreamWeek @DreamWeekSA🔁We are super excited for the inaugural Mayor's Ball coming up this evening. You don't want to miss it. Check out May twitter.com or , and anchor who will be the emcee for tonight.
Isa @QueenOfTacosTX🔁Haven’t been able to do much for . Hopefully going to check out this event tonight!

Nerd Wars – The Awakening of t twitter.com he Blerd! More info:

Simran Jeet Singh @SikhProf🔁En route to our DreamWeek event on challenging the world we see and our place within it. Hope to see some of y'all t twitter.com here!

COSA Equity @COSAequity🔁Another great event! A thought provoking community forum on how integration impacted Black communities: Did Integra twitter.com tion Ruin America?
DreamWeek @DreamWeekSA🔁“San Antonio is such a progressive place, it’s a great culture, we’re becoming more inclusive, more progressive, more twitter.com exciting, more fun everyday...” - Sara Helmy | |
BethanyEast PR @BethanyEastPR🔁Join us this Saturday, Jan 20 @ 11am for the Community Celebration of the new Robert L.M. Hilliard Center. Meet the d twitter.com octors and staff, there will be giveaways, arts and crafts, free food, mobile mercado, San Antonio Zoo and Woodard Community Center Activities.
William "Cruz" Shaw @willcruzshaw🔁This Saturday we are hosting a town hall to discuss crime prevention and increasing community involvement at the East twitter.com side Boys & Girls Club! See you there.
San Antonio TCI 👷 @sanantoniotci🔁This morning, City Engineer, Mike Frisbie joined thousands of residents and visitors at the San Antonio's MLK March. twitter.com
Rebecca Viagran @VoteViagran🔁A great morning w/ at twitter.com
Kerri Rhodes @mskerrirhodes🔁 Dreamwork makes the team work #DWSA2018 #DREAMWEEK2018
P.E.A.C.E. Initiativ @peaceSATX🔁Dreamwork makes the team work #DWSA2018 #DREAMWEEK2018
Rep. Diana Arevalo @dianaarevalo🔁 presenting a wreath to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at today's Wreath Laying Ceremony. Thank you, ! twitter.com
DreamWeek @DreamWeekSA🔁Congratulations to the winners at the Creator Awards. 🙌🏼 Honoring the hard-working, creative, and talented artists twitter.com in SATX. | |
San Antonio Airport @SATairport🔁 Enjoy San Antonio tonight! #dwsa #dwsa2018 twitter.com
San Antonio TCI 👷 @sanantoniotci🔁 intern and student Karina Rangel braved the cold weather to support Tour de Dream SA: a ride through the Eastside. twitter.com
Molly Cox @themollycox🔁Here’s what I know/ if you’re gonna go to a luncheon, sit next to and get a keynote from . Enjoyable. twitter.com
Rep. Diana Arevalo @dianaarevalo🔁 enjoyed listening to at today's 's 6th Annual Awards Luncheon. Amal- your words are truly powerful. twitter.com
Cynthia Gibbs @cfreeg3🔁DreamWeek Awards luncheon Keynote Speaker, Amal Kassir. Amal is a Syrian-American spoken word poet and activist. Her twitter.com work involves Syrian humanitarian initiatives, speaking out and organizing against Islamophobia, and empowering the voices of the marginalized.
Uchennaya K. Ogba @theucheogba🔁"Smiling is an act of charity, empathy is your activism and an activist is you showing your humanity" @amalthepoet #dwsa2018
HemisfairConservancy @HemisfairConsrv🔁Proud to be here w/ friend & board member Sho Nakpodia, kicking off Dreamweek Awards Luncheon. twitter.com
Outreach Coordinator @TxVeteransROC1🔁 Presents:
Ready, Set, Work! Job Fair!
Wednesday, January 31st starts at 9am till Noon. supporting! twitter.com encouraged to attend! 🇺🇸
DeAnne Cuellar @deannecuellar🔁Just a reminder about our first event taking place during - We hope to see you there! twitter.com
Alberto Altamirano @betoaltamirano🔁In San Antonio tonight for the panel "Rising Creatives", hosted by .
San Antonio Airport @SATairport🔁Create your Dream List to make the most of DreamWeek this year
DreamWeek @DreamWeekSA🔁It's All About SATX ❤ - Today's events are focused on building and shaping the future of SATX.: Art exhibit, panel d twitter.com iscussion, performance and a LGBTQ+ health resource fair. Don't miss out! 👉🏼 See all of today's events: |
Alberto Altamirano @betoaltamirano🔁Tonight I'll be joining the amazing panel "Rising Creatives", hosted by San Antonio! Moderated by 🙌 See you there twitter.com ⚡️


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