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Ellie @ellie912🔁Another great @DigSumDetroit on the books - can't wait to see next year's line up. #dsdet #digitalmarketing
#DSDET Kevin Ketels @Kevin_Ketels🔁Thank you #DSDet for inviting me to speak on influencer marketing. Fantastic conf! See you next year!
#DSDET#DSDET SendSage @send_sage🔁 4 ways to improve your email campaigns @EmailonAcid #dsdet #emailmarketing
#DSDET Jonah Peretti News @TT_JonahPeretti🔁: 'Exploring and at with Jonah P… , see more
#DSDET Jared R. @RunninRig🔁 "Want higher open rates? Use bounce management campaigns!" @mike_p_madden #DSDET @DigSumDetroit
Cassie Schooley @CassieSchooley🔁When creating content, think "why would anyone want to Pin this?" - great talk from @Pinterest #DSDET
#DSDET InfluencersMgtGrp @InfluencersMgt🔁 First time seeing @daniellemin speak. So much great, amazing info. #DSDET
#DSDET#DSDET#DSDET#DSDET Brand Labs @Brand_Labs🔁Learned so much today from the speakers and sponsors at Digital Summit Detroit! #DSDET
#DSDET Jonah Peretti News @TT_JonahPeretti🔁@carrie_weiden: 'Jonah Peretti from BuzzFeed teaching how to grow fruit #DSDET ' see more
#DSDET Sharer UsSharing @SharerUssharing🔁 Genius use of a third party platform to influence your brand. @Valspar_Paint on Pinterest #DSDET
#DSDET Jonah Peretti News @TT_JonahPeretti🔁@heathermholm: 'Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed founder #DSDET @DigSumDetroit #DSDET17 ' see more
Harley Lane @Lunatik_8🔁 And now the room is divided. #GIF #DSDET
#DSDET Throne @Throne_ie🔁 .@susanprater from @salesforce just spoke to us all about email list growth strategies at #DSDET 👏
#DSDET Renee Ratliff @Renee_Ratliff🔁So much great info at @DigSumDetroit #DSDET #ventureout
#DSDET Ben Risinger @BenRisinger🔁Thx to @DigSumDetroit for a great show. Informative and relevant all the way. Amazing speakers. #smm #digital #DSDET
#DSDET SEMrush @semrush🔁Some of our key takeaways from #DSDET 👉
#DSDET Webdesign Berlin 🅾 @Web_Pixelportal🔁//" target="_blank"> " ://
#DSDET Christine May @GemChick1🔁 #DSDET: I'm just gonna leave this right here.
#DSDET Christine May @GemChick1🔁 #DSDET: This is where #contentmarketing is on Gartner's 5-Step Hype cycle 😢😢
#DSDET Brian Browning @brianbrowning🔁 Brandon Rozelle from @Rightpoint presenting on customer centric strategies in digital. #DSDET
#DSDET Eleanor Cooper @hogansmom🔁 Well isn't this the truth?! #DSDET
#DSDET Daniel Lemin @daniellemin🔁 Good to see my colleague @daniellemin! Online reviews - shoot for 4.2 for maximum trust! #DSDET
#DSDET Kristi Allen @KristiJAllen🔁 Great insights into building a culture of failure from @annabananahrach at #DSDET. #Sketchnotes:
Jennifer Fellinger @JenFelli🔁Can't stop thinking about this film @MorganSpurlock shared at #DSDET. Even if you've seen it before, try not to cry.
Rachel Swick Mavity @rachelswick🔁If you are designing for art, you are solving for your ego. Design is about problem-solving
Daniel Lemin @daniellemin🔁How are your online reviews? 36% of consumers begin their local purchase path on Google
Daniel Lemin @daniellemin🔁., a best selling author, just talked about how online reviews are the future of local & search marketing. ✅
Conversion Sciences @ConversionSci🔁 I will be wearing a lab coat at my next presentation because people are more likely to trust you
Conversion Sciences @ConversionSci🔁 Images: If you can't write a caption for it, it shouldn't be on your site. Thank you, @bmassey. #DSDET
Alyssa E. Hackbarth @AlyssaEinDC🔁The #1 reason for brand inconsistency - getting caught in random tasks, losing sight of bigger picture. Danielle Cantin
Keppler Speakers @KepplerSpeakers🔁Indeed! has a tendency 2 do that. Creating has never been so exciting!
Joel Gheesling @JDGheesling🔁The power of the spoken word at #DSDET
startgarden @startgarden🔁A few from the team on the road this week learning more about how to make startup brands stronger!
Ellie @ellie912🔁Adjusting to being back in the office after a few days at #dsdet - ready to hit the ground running with the idea #digitalmarketing
Brooke Danae @brookedanae🔁@bmassey Really enjoyed your discussion at the @DigSumDetroit! #DSDET
Claire Stewart @ClaireAStewart5🔁Just shared this with my entire team -- your presentation at inspired me to get us going on video. can't wait for the resource link
Amanda Knaebel @knaebel0412🔁Rolling the digital marketing theme this week, from #DSDET to @PRSADetroit Content Marketing panel. @afriedt @Kim_Schott @BobChunn
BUY FOLLO₩ERS :yyq @JaneePensinger🔁VR's and AI's and Bots... OH MY! Great 2 days at the Detroit Digital Summit for with @HODLfyi🔁Hey @MorganSpurlock saw you at #DSDET yesterday. Ever look into creating your own cryptocurrency? I think you could help change the world!
Kristina Reid @KristinaLReid🔁No better way to end a good conference than with a good glass of wine!🍷Looking forward to future events with .
Harley Lane @Lunatik_8🔁"Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell." Seth Godin
Lisa Harst @lisaharst🔁"The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of #Google search results" #DSDET
Darcy #TIFF17 @Mr_DarcyOyewole🔁Roll call!!! RT if you're here in & pumped for a killer Let's do this 👏👏👏
Julian Bond @Julian_Bond🔁SO awesome meeting one of my all time fav doc directors @ ...and me naturally nerdin the heck out 😂🤓🍔🍟 🤘
BuildingHugeList @buildinghugelis🔁., from , talks about going from frustration to success with content marketing ⬇️
b_sociale @bsociale1🔁Join @poshmarkapp, the #1 app to buy & sell fashion. Sign up w/ BMNMM to get $5 off your first order. #DSDET
Andrew Belanger @AndrewJBelanger🔁 - I was not able to make it this year. Enjoyed following along via Twitter from afar. I hope all is well!
Joseph Wesolek @JosephWesolek🔁Two productive days at #DSDET. Inspiration, laughter and even a few tools to do what we do BETTER.
Andrew Belanger @AndrewJBelanger🔁.@KKellyMSU I can't get enough of your #DSDET sketches --> Great job! #SketchNotes
Andrew Belanger @AndrewJBelanger🔁 According to a Cisco study, 80% of all internet consumption will be video by 2019. @MsSherriPowers #DSDET
All Wonky @allwonky🔁Would like to see more marketers for bigger companies and brands at #DSDET, along with more specific info and more creatives next year.


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