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The Edm Nights @The_EdmGamer🔁 ICYMI: #Injustice2's @noobde stopped by at the #DICEAwards!
#DICEAwards Angel @tecnolang🔁 Congratulations to #Snipperclips for winning the #DICEAwards for Family Game of the Year!
#DICEAwards Fros @ksa10_fros🔁 #DICEAwards 2018 full winner list right here, where did your favorites rank?


Chris Hollis @Chris_Hallis🔁 #Zelda takes home another one with "Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction" at the #DICEAwards!
Lucky 228 @Lambent_Lucky🔁 #HorizonZeroDawn takes home another award for "Outstanding Technical Achievement" at the #DICEAwards! WOOO!
#DICEAwards Paul ⚓ Perotti @paulperotti31🔁 The #DICEAwards Racing Game of the Year award goes to #MarioKart8!
Nintendo of America @NintendoAmerica🔁Thank you to for selecting The Legend of : Breath of the Wild as GOTY, and all the other Nintendo games that were aw twitter.com arded at !
IGN @IGN🔁 takes home "Role Playing Game of the Year" at the ... but no one was around to accept it. :<

Congrats ! twitter.com

IGN @IGN🔁 takes home "Fighting Game of the Year" at the !

Congrats to & on the win! twitter.com

Cleveland Browns (16-0) @YoungB93🔁 takes home "Role Playing Game of the Year" at the ... but no one was around to accept it. :<

Congrats !

Michael Dusten @Mikepdf15🔁: Breath of the Wild takes home "Adventure Game of the Year" at the ! Congratulations to everyone at !
Angel @Angel_hht🔁Congratulations to Super Mario Odyssey for winning the for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design!
Glebby78 @Glebby78K🔁Cuphead by won not one, not two, but THREE tonight!

Outstanding Achievements in Animation, Art Direction, & Original Music Composition.
That's pretty swell 💚

Devils Advocate @MrDevilAdvocate🔁ANOTHA ONE. takes home "Outstanding Achievement in Animation" at the ! Congrats again, !
True Prophit @HurdKinghurd🔁 takes home "Fighting Game of the Year" at the !

Congrats to & on the win!

Dustin 🥊 @MySynpai🔁 from takes home the win in Outstanding Achievement in Animation at the !
Julian Vega Garcia @MrGlassGaming🔁Congratulations to Injustice 2 for winning the category for Fighting Game of the Year!
Jayvee De Guzman @Jayvee_deguzman🔁 is your 21st Annual Game of the Year! Congratulations !
sugar @RNophamas🔁Congratulations to 's for their win in Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year!
William® @Will_Dague6🔁Congratulations to for winning the for Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay!
Sean Reekie @TheRiddlerMan🔁.'s takes home the win for the Outstanding Technical Achievement category!
Agus Budi S Talawang @krl_abs🔁The latest The Time Line! paper.li #nintendoswitch #diceawards
Dynamic 4K and remastered why? @HermanGutenbur1🔁The for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition goes to 's !
it’s Prabby/Zafina @ThePsychoNyx🔁We are proud to have won "Outstanding Technical Achievement" during the .
Thank you for accepting the award on our behalf.
Chris Hollis @Chris_Hallis🔁: Breath of the Wild takes home another one for "Outstanding Achievement in Game Design" at the !
Chris Hollis @Chris_Hallis🔁 takes home the award for "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design" at the !

This is a big night for ! Congrats everyone!

Chris Hollis @Chris_Hallis🔁The Legend of : Breath of the Wild is your GAME OF THE YEAR!


Daniele @DanieleKey🔁Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild wins Game Of The Year at ! Here's a list of other winners:
Toon Box @tvtoonbox🔁Congrats to @NintendoAmerica for so many awards at the #DICEAwards. #MK8D #BOTW #MarioOdyssey


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