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FCDrunk @FCDrunk🔁 Goodnight yinz #DCSports
#DCSports Ford Kendrick @Fckendrick🔁@sportswcoleman @BMOShowPod a few words in adavance of Sunday about #dcsports
#DCSports Mr. WorldWide Inspo @pitspiration🔁#pitbull #mrworldwide #inspirational #inspo #motivational #FourWordEmergency Luke Kuechly #DCSports
Mykl @ChezWu🔁There is no hope. #DCSports
#DCSports Head Honcho @AllMightyYo🔁 Gotta bring this up. #DCSports
#DCSports#DCSports#DCSports#DCSports mr phascolarctos @MrPhascularctos🔁raise your hand if you choke #DCsports
#DCSports ひNGB Kennyひ @Helly_n_Mumbo🔁 When you order 7 beers...for yourself. #DCsports
John Ourand @Ourand_SBJ🔁Hey @JohnWall. We're depending on you now. #DCSports #ConferenceFinal
Luke Thomas @lthomasnews🔁You were warned. #NotNewToThis #TrueToThis #DCSports twitter.com
danny rouhier @funnydanny🔁New and better ways to disappoint. #DCSports
JCM @StraightEdger88🔁#DCsports = Choking Dogs! Thanks @ThisShowStinks
Michael Velasquez @Mikey_Velasquez🔁 No matter what sport, they will always lose....#DCSports #Playoffs
Jared Uhler @Uhler50🔁Was worried w/all the crazy weather about the “end of days” theories but then a DC sports team choked so I think we are good #DCSports


Sofia Espinoza @sofeeah_🔁 Wizards lost in 7, Caps lost in 7, Nats lost in 5... taking the worst L’s #DCsports 😤
Orange Cone @dtEmptySuitcase🔁#DCSports "Warmest Condolences"
taylor. ❤️⚾️ @taylorlynn_48🔁my two cents on the nats: not even mad. not even sad. just numb. #DCSports
RP_FLASH @RP_Flash_🔁 Every year. #DCSports
Head Honcho @AllMightyYo🔁 You literally can’t make this shit up. #DCsports
Ryan Moye @RyanKYTX🔁Being a fan. My feeling right now in lieu of the apparent . Let’s do this twitter.com
Jason Heddings @HeddLive🔁DC Timeline
1/1 Skins blow finale at H vs NYG, miss post
5/10 Caps lose gm 7 at H vs PIT
10/12 Nats lose NLDS heartbreaker at H
Gooby @GoobyCooper🔁JOIN CUNT QUICK #DCSports
Matt McCollester @mmccollester🔁Poor @ScottWyant somebody needs to give that guy a fist bump today! #DCsports twitter.com
Jared Uhler @Uhler50🔁#DCsports 😂🤣😂🤣 Never gets old!
Nick Yarbrough @NLYarbrough🔁aaaaaaaaand there it is!

Honestly at this point if a DC team managed to do anything in the playoffs, I wouldn't know twitter.com what to do.

Paul Ratliff @P_Ratliff99🔁Still hard to swallow this loss, but I love Werth and will miss him immensely. Team fought so hard, but no cigar. Heartbroken. #DCSports
Game of Thrones Club @MeGameOfThrones🔁Following yr after yr is like watching season one of over and over. You know how it ends but can't stop watching.
Evan Richman @RichmanEvan🔁 Why can't we have nice things? #DCSports
James G Gilmore @jamesggilmore🔁#ChangeTheName, Dan Snyder. What happened to the Nats tonight, and the entire #DCSports curse, is your fault.
Michael Clarke @Clarke944🔁30 year old me really wants to tell 10 year old me to cherish that caps run to the finals. #DCsports
Kevin Brown @kewin_brown🔁They did it again: A Nationals heartbreak poem from the D.C. Sports Bog
#nationalsCubs #dcSports #nationalsPlayoffs
Mirna Retana @meer_nah🔁loyalty has a price y'all 😕 #dcSports #Game5 twitter.com
Michael Howard Jr. @michaelhowardjr🔁I used to root for teams all over. Skins, Lakers, Sawx and Red Wings in college. That was easy. #DCSports is suffering.
Rakin Hamad @RakkAttackk🔁Can't believe I watched that debacle live #DCsports invent new ways to leave
AK @TheDashedLine🔁If you're from the DMV and don't root for #DCsports with the rest of us, good for you, but your fandom is absolute nonsense.
henny omega @shutupCole🔁You gotta have that #dcsports curse round table discussion with the stars @dcsportsbog
Jessica Cea @jcea11🔁Don't worry, I'll just live my life without seeing a single title in postseason for any of my home teams 😑 #DCSports
Paul F. Parmley @PaulParmley🔁Blown again. Not a "good season." Failure envelops this town. #DCSports
Becker Alshowk @Bshowk2🔁"The Nats are a landlord for slumsville" - @ScottFerrall #DCSports
Will Glynn @willglynn66🔁8 of last 9 #Nationals playoff losses have been by 1 run. Soul crushing. #DCSports
VEEZY @_inVEZtigator🔁 THERE IT IS!!! The #dcsports special twitter.com
SkinnyWhitey @nathanculotta🔁Next D.C. sports prediction: caps and wizards have dope regular seasons and lose 1st round of postseason #Ilovemycity #DCsports #25years
henny omega @shutupCole🔁@Nationals The annual #dcsports tweet
James Foote @FooteBSN🔁I feel ya bud. #DCsports twitter.com
henny omega @shutupCole🔁THERE IT IS!!! The #dcsports special twitter.com
Dan @Dalp81🔁If you "have to learn to lose before you can win" then #DCsports teams/fans have several goddamn ph.Ds by now. We've learned, we've learned!
Ismail @imadni🔁@DanHellie It can always get worse. #dcsports
Catherine Johns @cath_only🔁Might as well get this out of the way a few months in advance: GOD, WHY CAPS/WIZARDS, WHY?! :( #DCsports
Becker Alshowk @Bshowk2🔁Watch the Skins lose to a Niners team that just lost to a Luck-less Colts just to add fuel to the 🔥 #DCSports
Waldemar Berenguer @umiguessso🔁@saqibmashraf @WashKastles Hope hurts #DCsports
Gary Carter @garyacarter🔁Sounds about right. Will probably hit moments before a DC team advances to a conference finals. #DCSports twitter.com
John Dube' @DubeJohnr🔁 The #DcSPORTS Curse Continues..................


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