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#DBZKai - ̗̀NEW JOE ̖́- @BattleJoe97🔁 a great Journey comes 2 a end on Toonami was a Fun Ride #DBZKai
Cade @aarswft🔁I assumed it would just restart once it finished. Now I'm sad. #DBZKai
#DBZKai#DBZKai#DBZKai#DBZKai [Majin Black] Courtney @MB_Courtney🔁 Obligatory "This show is green as fuck" tweet. #DBZKai
#DBZKai#DBZKai#DBZKai#DBZKai [Majin Black] Courtney @MB_Courtney🔁 Obligatory "This show is green as fuck" tweet. #DBZKai
#DBZKai#DBZKai#DBZKai#DBZKai CoryAlfred @CoryAlfred93🔁 Obligatory "This show is green as fuck" tweet. #DBZKai

Thanks, everyone!

im batman @Justic3Avengers🔁Its the last episode of #DBZKai The Buu Saga im-
#DBZKai Zé Faria @JoeFaria555🔁 Goku to Uub: "We're not gonna have a GT, so let's make this last, okay?"
#DBZKai ACBContent @cetoi🔁 Coming up next: The last episode of #DBZKai: The Buu Saga
#DBZKai Jay @Dreymeil🔁 I'm gonna Miss #DBZKai When it Leaves #Toonami
#DBZKai#DBZKai Princess Cake Chaos @YaBoiCakeyC🔁 Finale Episode of #DBZKai is here on #toonami now tell me which is better the left or right
Jack Buchanan @BigJackFilms🔁 Meet the reincarnation of kid buu in Dragonball GT #DBZKai
#DBZKai Wendyeve🍎 @Wendyeve4Kpop🔁 The last episode of #DBZKai The Buu Saga is on Toonami. Can you trend this show?
d revine @dwaynemurry567🔁“Hey, I’m gonna abandon my family to help the reincarnation of my most fearsome enemy become stronger.”
“Wait, wha—“
“K, thanks, bye!”
’s ending in a nutshell. Sorry for the almost 20 year old spoiler.
Matt_lonewolf @Matt_lonewolf🔁Vegeta's sacrifice. 😢
Everlena Oliver @missnotyou🔁Vegeta's sacrifice. 😢 twitter.com
Everlena Oliver @missnotyou🔁The last episode of is tonight. Most iconic thing from the Buu Saga.
Tony lee @Tonylee_chan🔁Wow I can't believe we've made it to the final episode of . Time sure flew by fast. I remember when everyone was ranting about the lack of DBZ on Toonami. Now look at where we are. It's just incredible to think about.
Xavier Hill the gamer @XavierHillgames🔁While I was making my dinner I see #jojosbizarreadventure is trending as well as #DBZKai and Toonami
Gestrid @Gestrid_🔁And so, a more-than-a-year-long tweet thread comes to a close. #Toonami #DBZKai twitter.com
Thejman5683 @JackLinholm🔁Apparently #DBZKai is getting replaced by pop team epic
Janine @bravrayj🔁And that’s how #DBZKai ends? Fitting for Goku’s character though. #Toonami
ACBContent @cetoi🔁#DBZKai The Buu Saga Finale On Toonami.
Janine @bravrayj🔁Yeah, I don’t get why Goku just up and left. #DBZKai #Toonami
Conception Gamer @ConceptionGamer🔁 Can we get a mode for Star Wars please?

Full vid:
youtube.com witter.com/i/web/status/1010739810401648647" target="_blank">twitter.com

LeifangHitomiFan1985 @LeifangHitomi85🔁 30 years later, Toriyama would retcon this ending to create Super. #DBZKai on Toonami
Gê Muchacho❤️ @Geo_metria09🔁 I Can't believe we made it to the Finale episode of dbzkai man just man we came a Long Way
Gundam is GOAT @GundamF4L🔁 is over...why can't we have another Gundam series on the block. I mean has never been aired
Gojira007 @Gojira007X🔁. . . and so, Goku leaves his family & friends behind to train young Uub to build up his strength & prepare to lead the next generation of Earth's protectors. Because that's what rational-thinking folks do. I guess. Goodbye . You were a fun throwback.
SithDestroyer @SithDestroyerOT🔁#DBZKai is over...Now let's make #GTKai JUST REMOVE THE SUPER 17 ARC AND IT'S OK
Malik D Hodge @plassctick🔁Damn that was really the last episode 😣#DBZKai #Toonami
Victor Monjaras @Journeyman15🔁 was a pretty awesome show all things considered. Majin Buu was a really fun character, and also very threatening. And we got really fun characters like Hercule and Videl. I enjoyed it. It has always been nostalgic for me. I saw it so long ago on Toonami first.
Osama Khan @princeokk_28🔁I watched dbz kai final chapters on dvd but watching it on tv just made it seem like it was really the end for dragon twitter.com ball even thought super takes place within the 10 years. It was a fun ride watching every episode on tv from the beginning in. 2014. Until next time.
General Jimmy @GeneralJimmy115🔁Dragon Ball Super is done, time for MORE DRAGON BALL!
The final episode of starts now on Toonami!
Black Koffee @BlackKoffee_🔁Yoooo!!! It's happening I've been
asked to voice act all females in all the "dirty/kinky" scenes for #DBZKai we gonna be famous 😎🤑😈
Lunigami Ga! @LUNI_TUNZ🔁 Goku is so excited to train this kid but can't be bothered to pay attention to his own family. #DBZKai
Charles Shuichi Martin @CharlesWMartin3🔁 That will never be seen
(what if it debuts after PTE?)
Nahhhh! #DBZKai #Toonami twitter.com
Kenta⭐David✌@ Commissions @TheCreatorKenta🔁 Original Japanese theme song plays in the background.

#DBZKai #Toonami

- ̗̀NEW JOE ̖́- @BattleJoe97🔁And that’s a wrap for ’s US broadcast. I still remember seeing the edited broadcasts on Nicktoons and the CW 4Kids To twitter.com onzai like almost 8 years ago. It was a blast to rewatch every episode of Kai uncut from 2014 to now on Toonami. Thanks Adult Swim!
Amy @Wholeheartgamer🔁I did watched the whole dbz series but I have a soft spot for Kai since it made really get into dragon ball as a whole with the games, movies, and other media. Otherwise thank you Kai for getting me get into the world of Dragon Ball.


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