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#DACA y-Celia @growingaway🔁 Texas-Led Coalition Files Lawsuit to End #DACA, Proposes Phase-Out - oann.com #OANN
Doc D (Deplorable)😎 @MikeE5037🔁Obama could've resolved the issue of while he was in office - he didn't because Democrats like having a political football they can kick when it's convenient, tells
Juan Escalante @JuanSaaa🔁Living with in the Trump era is living under CONSTANT and PERPETUAL anxiety/panic.

And that is barely scratching th twitter.com e emotional surface...

Antonio Arellano @AntonioArellano🔁Response to AG Paxton’s Suit to End :

Texas is home to the 2nd largest percentage of DACA recipients in the nation. twitter.com Our state would only benefit from embracing the thousands of brilliant students and hardworking employees who are propelling our communities forward.

linda kochheiser @queridalink🔁NEW: Federal Judge Orders Reinstated; Calls Decision to End it “Unlawful” smartdissent.com
Lucie Cunningham @LilLuu79🔁“Obama could've resolved the issue of while he was in office - he didn't because Democrats like having a political football they can kick when it's convenient.”~
AnnieB @AnnieB02🔁 is a Database tracking actions by & sorted by topic. Please see our page:
Thomas O @OconnortrbO🔁 Texas leads a coalition of states suing to stop #DACA
Pallium @Coopdoc🔁So lets get this straight.. A federal judge is telling the it has 90 days to provide him with a more compelling reason for rolling back , an Obama, unconstitutional exec. order, otherwise he could order its restoration. Are all federal judges brain-dead? Apparently.
Rubén L. Fontánez @xistencial🔁Trump Supporters vs. Open Border Activists (Trailer). Trump supporters face off against pro activists in Los Angeles. Full video available, on my YouTube Channel Thursday, May 3!
Susan @Susan85443797🔁: & 6 other states sue to 🔴stop 🔴 Illegal Programs costing US Taxpayers Billions 🤑
Dreamers take away 💪…
mansi @mansikhurana13🔁INTERNATIONAL NEWS

Seven state AGs file lawsuit challenging DACA
To read more go on

Merocity @Merocity🔁 U 2These STATES 👇🏼👇🏼 Standing up, Sueing, To End
CA, (where I live) Prob Won’t, But Might BeAble2 get OrangeCounty, Unless broke due 2HIGHEST TAXES IN ALL THE 52 STATES IN THIS COUNTRY? EspeciallyBetterAreas
Rosetta @rhamilton755🔁When we FIGHT, We WIN! Since 1909.
Federal judge: Judge rules in favor of NAACP DACA Lawsuit

NaniofTwo @naniof_two🔁At least 82% of don't want ...and want !

Great news for ! twitter.com

Ed @eda4461🔁Amazing can safely navigate thru 👹 blood infested asking for asylum in United States...What's to stop entire country of Mexico asking for asylum next
Sue Snedaker @Anzers🔁Texas leads a coalition of states suing to stop #DACA
Reign of Fire @Charbo13🔁Cryin Bryin Stetler is upset about occasional typos in tweets.

What a tiny little boy with a tiny little brain Bryin is!

Bryin's entire fake phony POS life has been a typo.

#NationOfLulz #WillOnlyVoteForWhores #Anonymous @NASDAQEnema🔁 We stand with #DACA. twitter.com
Everday Family @L1feIsN0w🔁Turns out PolitiFact is FALSE and Ted Cruz is 100% correct? I guess everyone will have to do their own fact checking twitter.com now you've shown partisan dishonesty? and our no no
Lawrence Melde @MeldeLawrence🔁


Texas -v- DACA Draws Federal Judge Andrew Hanen, Big Trouble Looms For Immigration Activists


John Johnson @Everydata🔁Met a freshman tonight who is Student . Parents came to US when he was 2 years old. Good student. Emerging leader. Working lots of hours while student to afford school. And not eligible for federal or state aid bc DACA. We need to fix this.
Thenewguardians @Thenewguardian1🔁Texas and Six Other GOP-Governed States Sue Federal Government to End DREAMer Program

Ceci @neufferceci🔁Cruz is Cuban, not fighting 4
Cubans have been allowed to come here & receive legal resident status after one year twitter.com & eligible for SS benefits.
Cruz & Abbott need to be voted out
40% of Hispanics make up the Texas population and protect


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