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DACA JMB @JMB53144613🔁 Tom Cotton: "No question" Democrats are to blame if DACA bill fails washex.am
ChuckGrassley @ChuckGrassley🔁Exasperating!! Dems have talked for months + months about DACA issue BUT at noon today we tried to move fwd and Sen S twitter.com chumer objected. haven’t the Dems been asking for this debate?????
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁Negotiations on DACA have begun. Republicans want to make a deal and Democrats say they want to make a deal. Wouldn’t twitter.com it be great if we could finally, after so many years, solve the DACA puzzle. This will be our last chance, there will never be another opportunity! March 5th.
DACA Barry Bearenstein @JustABear614🔁 A second federal judge has blocked the Trump administration from ending DACA cnn.it
Eric Schneiderman @AGSchneiderman🔁: Our coalition of 17 AGs just won a preliminary injunction blocking ’s discriminatory attempt to end and deport DRE twitter.com AMers.
louis ivy @birch_pine🔁*BREAKING* A federal judge has blocked President 's unlawful order ending the program and granted our request for a nationwide injunction.
monse @lylmonse🔁BREAKING: A federal judge from New York has temporarily blocked the Trump admin from ending DACA.

He’s the second judge to do so after a California judge ruled last month that DACA recipients can renew their status.

Tanya Waldeck @WaldeckTanya🔁Just a few hours ago, we got word that a federal court in Brooklyn issued a preliminary injunction blocking ’s illegal and discriminatory rollback of .

We will keep working to keep Dreamers safe.

John Oliver @Laborite22🔁Negotiations on DACA have begun. Republicans want to make a deal and Democrats say they want to make a deal. Wouldn’t it be great if we could finally, after so many years, solve the DACA puzzle. This will be our last chance, there will never be another opportunity! March 5th.
Dean Herbst @herbstdw🔁This is Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who entered protection. In 2014, she ran over & killed two little girls, ages 6 & 11. Her deportation case was dismissed. She received 250 hrs of community service. She's still here, protected by
💋 SIᕮᖇᖇᗩ ᗯᕼISKᕮᕮ 💋 @_SierraWhiskee🔁So let me get this straight, DACA was unconstitutional to begin with and now we have not one but TWO judges ruling in favor of it?

How are we supposed to trust our courts to be unbiased with B*LL SH*T rulings like this?

💫☄️💫Kel💫☄️💫☄️ 🇺🇸 #VetsResistSupport Squadron @kelkelsc2🔁BREAKING: A 2nd Federal Court -- this time in NY state -- has ruled that President Trump's termination of DACA is unlawful. The coalition of 17 AGs have won a preliminary injunction that blocks Trump from ending DACA thus helping protect Dreamers.
Gaurav @Gaurav97121131🔁 Two-thirds of Americans want us to solve these issues in the manner the President laid out. dailycaller.com
TrumpWorseThanNixon @gailyRN🔁“Today is a good day-for , for our communities, and for our country.” - Virginia AG on today’s court injunction on the rollback of .
Wendy Yockey @YockeyWendy🔁I wish you all would just let it run out and start the deportations! Yes, I feel somewhat bad for the Dreamers, but remember, DACA is an illegal E.O. signed by Pres. Obama! Why are we trying to make provisions for a E.O. that is against the law! Doesn’t the law mean anything?
KWAIZUME @kwaizume81🔁Clinton appointed Judge orders the government to not only allow those already in DACA to renew their applications but also orders the government to accept new applications. More judicial tyranny.
Mike @1portabella🔁Few DACA facts Obama created this mess illegally! merely let it expire giving Congress 6 months to fix it. Now we have Laws the problem is do not have the political will to enforce! These are the facts. WE HAVE THE LAWS IN PLACE! 👍👍🇺🇸
Belinda King @kbe204🔁I love when illegal immigrants tell me Texas belongs to Mexico.

I point out to them ⬇️ the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo settled the land dispute. Mexico ratified it in their 1848 Congress.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. It's OURS!

Caleb-Matt Williams @amicusets🔁Exasperating!! Dems have talked for months + months about DACA issue BUT at noon today we tried to move fwd and Sen Schumer objected. haven’t the Dems been asking for this debate?????
American Partisan @lynn_runion🔁Show me a DACA recipient who won’t take a path to citizenship for a wall, ending chain migration, or the visa lottery. I guarantee you, They’ll take it. Democrats are on the verge of losing their primary wedge issue, They cannot say yes to Trump, Hatred runs deep in liberals.
Susan K. Heflin @SusanKHeflin🔁 People raise thousands of dollars for man who quit job instead of helping ICE huffp.st
PODER - Northwestern Law Students for a Dream Act @PODERLaw🔁Congressional Hispanic Caucus to Senate ldrs: It is critical that the Senate work to find a permanent solution for Dreamers as soon as possible. Every day Congress fails to address DACA it results in more DACA recipients losing their jobs and facing possible deportation.
💫☄️💫Kel💫☄️💫☄️ 🇺🇸 #VetsResistSupport Squadron @kelkelsc2🔁A 2nd Federal Court President Trump's termination of DACA is unlawful twitter.com
HelpIamAlive @Thomas_Hall78🔁BREAKING: Second Judge {Billy Clinton appointment} blocks Trump Admin from Ending DACA via truthfeednews.com
vj @VjSvs🔁In order to prevent another DACA situation in the future, we have to secure our borders, eliminate chain migration, & end the visa lottery system. That's exactly what our plan does. More info:
Kristal Cook @KristalCook7🔁A Federal Judge Just Ruled That The Trump Administration Doesn’t Have “Legally Adequate Reasons" For Ending DACA buzzfeed.com
Clint Hitchcock @ScopeForCash🔁Dems just objected AGAIN! When are the Dems going to carry out what they’ve been promising the DACA kids for several months? Let’s move fwd or level w us that you don’t want to help. my bill could solve issues for DACA kids + strengthens border security
elinor @elliebiltmore🔁Second judge blocks Trump administration from ending DACA thehill.com
Ducky @Duckman_006🔁are we discussing states enacting immigration laws and public pushback or DACA's legitimacy? The 2nd as far as I'm co twitter.com ncerned. stay on topic or don't bother to respond.
Natalia @Natalia__Roldan🔁 @MarkHerringVA I am so thankful that you are a part of this fight for DACA! You make this Virginian proud.
GetOrganizedBK @Getorgbk🔁Congratulations on this important win!

While we fight for a permanent legislative solution, DACA recipients should apply for their renewals.

Bob @saynotoleftists🔁Friendly Reminder

Obama and the democrats had a super majority for 2 years and could have given amnesty and citizenship to everyone. DACA and Dreamers are only at risk because democrats pushed them aside and chose ACA over them.

DeplorablePoppinator @tea0704🔁⚡️LIVE . on : TUESDAY NIGHT CHAT AND NEWS ♥️

Power To The People Secret Society @Methos48970151🔁Hit The Wires on January 19, 2018@6:40 pm

‘Dreamers’ could give US economy, even American workers, a boost, once legal ║ ║

Ayrie 🌊🌊🌨 @AyrieGirl🔁Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts is broke and out of work after quitting his job rather than helping ICE track down undocumented immigrants.

Strangers just raised thousands of dollars to thank him.

Smartsapfico @smartsapfico🔁 @David_J_Bier @wjraghu @RandPaul End #GCBACKLOG NOW or else place #PerCountryLimit on DACA
kim waters @KimKimmwaters🔁 Dreamers are threatening to leave the country soon if a DACA deal isn’t reached.

You can’t make this stuff up, Folks!

WS @BlkGunsMatter73🔁Nauseating: So-called conservatives like Joni Earnst go on Fox &whine about how “these poor DACA kids” didn’t do anything illegal so lets give em all citizenship. “Theyre Saints! Theyre scholars!”

Theyre HERE ILLEGALLY. We’re paying BILLIONS to support them. GOODBYE.

Dinah @mdwehbie🔁Supreme Court begins its deliberation of DACA next week. The current lower Federal Court decisions that temporarily reinstated DACA is unlikely to survive.
Democrats overplayed their hand, once again. Trust in Trump, he’s got this.
4americans @jilljillvccrc🔁Judas Deluna, who has managed to evade capture for three weeks & is wanted for murder, is an illegal immigrant who received protection from deportation as a recipient.

Lisa Tuttle @ltwhitl🔁Mitch McConnell in January: There is no rush on DACA, we have plenty of time

Mitch McConnell today: You have 48 hours to agree on a DACA fix or the Senate is moving on because "we have other things to do"

Friend or Foe? @starknightz🔁President Donald Trump Urges Congress to ‘Solve the DACA Puzzle’ breitbart.com
#QAnon #POTUS #GreatAwakening #DACA
Mildred Freelandの嫁さん @Real_Minority_T🔁My name is Hermilo Moralez. I’m an illegal alien. After my classmate gave me a ride home from school, I bound his hands & feet then beat him to death with a metal rod, dumped his body in a remote field, and set it on fire. Democrats call me a .

Pam @protchadl🔁This idiot is filibustering the DACA debate that he made such a stink over! The man has lost his ever-loving mind & will not let the bill come to the floor... HE INSISTED ON A DEBATE ON IMMIGRATION & DACA... they DON’T want it fixed!
Raven Roth : Cadet Bone Spurs @PinkRavenRoth🔁

Yet another !

Second judge blocks Trump administration from ending DACA

mysticmuse @44vreiki🔁: Our coalition of 17 AGs just won a preliminary injunction blocking ’s discriminatory attempt to end and deport DREAMers.
Mmmm...🖤 @marthanava02🔁I am part of DACA. I came to this country illegally with my mom and sister when I was 7 years old. Life has been very back-breaking since then, but my parents always found a way to make things better. Two weeks ago my parents were crossing the bridge, but they got stopped ...
#Resistance @Johndoe32064939🔁 Second federal judge blocks move to end DACA
Far North Dallas TP @FarNorthDallasT🔁DACA Is Unconstitutional, as Obama Admitted fb.me
#DreamActNow @IamMardiB🔁"They fear that immigration horse-trading could see their future in the United States exchanged for. . .more stringent deportation policy for others. The survival of DACA -- and their dreams -- could put a target on the backs of their loved ones."
Lily Forest @lilyforest51🔁Trump: Day 389
-Caught Lying About Porter Claims
-Kept From Ending DACA by Judge
-Intel Directors: "U.S. is Under Attack"
-Avoids Response 2 Victims of D.V.
-Replacing Food Stamps w/Box Food
-Cutting 355 Nat'l Weather Svc Jobs
-80 of 87 Judicial Picks are White
anxiety in human form @FreshMoneyJones🔁Imagine being ruthless enough to be a Canadian born son of a Cuban immigrant representing a state with the 2nd largest Dreamer population and not supporting DACA.
Daniel F. Baranowski @DFBHarvard🔁I had an uncle that drank a fifth of Jack Daniels a day, smoked 20 cigars & 4 packs of unfiltered Camels a day, never exercised, in fact, his birth was as active as he ever got, & he ate everything you shouldn't & he lived to be 96.

He was an outlier!

Harry Sackss @HarrySackss🔁I can name thousands of legal citizens that were not brought here illegally by their parents that have done that and twitter.com more! Don't blame republicans for daca blame barrack& their parents for false hope. Deport her so she can help Mexico & Fox

Paul DeOron @DeoronPaul🔁I have never witnessed anything as asinine as this debate. Dems, actually gave a speech on climate change and environmental issues.. orange water!, rather than engaging in a discussion on immigration reform, and daca.
No One 🇺🇸 @tweettruth2me🔁Wall, deportation of all illegals, end daca and all obama EO's day one, repeal Obamacare (there are 47 Obamacare EO's twitter.com he could end), largest tax cuts for the middle class, end funding for PP, sanctuary cities, cut deficit, not fund military sex changes, drain the swamp....
Christine ☔️ @cloudburst612🔁Today's court ruling to stop President Trump from ending is great news for thousands of Virginia and their families, friends, and employers, but we can't let up.
Mary Lou LeBlanc @MaryLouLeBlanc6🔁BOOM!

A second judge, this time US District Judge Nicholas Garaufis in Brooklyn, just ruled that DACA cannot end in March as planned, if Trump refuses to approve of a new program for DREAMers

Another victory for 'What's right.

Another victory for American values!!

StormyT 🍀 @sturm_tracey🔁 Have Mitch change rule in Senate to simple majority:

1) RAISE Act
2) e-verify for every employer
3) end visa lottery
4) end chain migration
5) border security DRONES
6) DACA expires if congress does not act

Don Wilhelm @DonWilhelm1🔁 @realDonaldTrump Settle if you want as long as we get WALL ... otherwise NO FREAKING DEAL ... No Wall No DACA #PERIOD
AF @a_frentz🔁The courts agree: President Trump's decision to rescind was illegal.

My full statement:

Robert L E @vegasdude83🔁 ive been told by several conservatives that is illegal but i dont recall any federal judges trying to stop Obama fr twitter.com om implementing it as they have with some of Trumps EOs
lou youssef @lyoussef🔁Bush was president in 2008, DACA was created in 2012, and lastly how the fuck do you think the senate, house and pres twitter.com idency are the 3 branches of the government? Also based on your views the GOP won control of the house in 2010. I guess they were right, anyone could be president.
Dave @C141Starlifter1🔁These are the type of people who are eligible for DACA under all but the Goodlatte bill. Now, a lowlife judi foxnews.com cial tyrant thinks he can sack our sovereignty and give people like him amnesty. But lets talk about the latest CNN meme.
Texas Latinx @TexasLatinx🔁More than 19,000 have already lost their work permits, drivers licenses, and protection since 's illegal decision to rescind DACA.

Congress must pass a
clean !

Diana Chic @DianaChic1🔁Liberals try to tell us there is a labor shortage that requires a million or more low skilled immigrants each year, but the reality that wages have been stagnant for Americans for decades tells a different story.

Supply/demand applies to labor as it does everything else.

Mike Jackson @MikeJackson9701🔁The democrats want to blame for ending DACA, effective March 5, 2018. Let's not forget DACA began in June 2012. Congress has yet to resolve the issue...in almost 6 years. |
George Norbert @gnxry99091🔁The “judge” says that Sessions erred in concluding that DACA is unconditional... what a laugh... let’s send him back twitter.com to a remedial Con Law class... Prof will be happy to conduct this class for him...


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