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a @percabethyl🔁 if i only had 3 seconds left to live, i'd go back to this taekook clip anytime :'(

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David Corn @DavidCornDC🔁To D.C. reporters, this is the man serves, protects and lies for. The attacks she enables and defends are far more o twitter.com utrageous, damaging, and dangerous than anything a comic could say.
🌴 @pnftxxgd🔁 if i only had 3 seconds left to live, i'd go back to this taekook clip anytime :'(

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A Veautiful Day @taniakamal4🔁 if i only had 3 seconds left to live, i'd go back to this taekook clip anytime :'(

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Franklin Graham @Franklin_Graham🔁Who put this woman up at the podium? This was unprofessional, indecent, filthy, offensive to all Americans, and an e twitter.com mbarrassment to our nation.

Bree Newsome @BreeNewsome🔁Monday thru Friday Sanders is the press secretary telling lie after lie. Saturday, she's called out on it and now she twitter.com 's a "wife and mother" whose honor as a white woman must be defended. The selective outrage from D.C. press is very telling. 3/3
Brigitte Herbert @hebert061🔁While Washington, Michigan, was a big success, Washington, D.C., just didn’t work. Everyone is talking about the fact that the White House Correspondents Dinner was a very big, boring bust...the so-called comedian really “bombed.” should host next year!
L MISSES H :( @directionroses🔁📲UPDATE II BTS were asked which member of One Direction they'd like to collab with and RM said Niall and SG said "HORAN,HORAN, MR.HORAN"


Red Rose @samhwils🔁Over the weekend, 10 Afghan journalists were eating their last meals and having their final conversations with their loved ones. Meanwhile, hundreds of American journalists were celebrating themselves in a glitzy Washington D.C. ballroom.
March 15th ❤️ @hegotgame31_🔁RIP
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WhereMYReparations? @TribecalledMeek🔁Dear Wypipo residing in Washington, D.C.:

Columbia Heights is not “CoHi”. Y’all WILL NOT do what y’all cousins in NY did and start renaming parts of the city...

Goody 🍄 McFungus @MthrMalkin🔁Who/what is responsible 4 violence against people who variously ID as transwomen / transsexuals (& other self-applied terms denoting gender non-conformity)?
A) Men & beliefs abt masculinity.
B) Women & beliefs abt feminism.
D) Not sure
C) Other (pls add detail)

Links welcome

thtm_jk9700 @thtm_JK97🔁i'd bet on taehyung not letting go of jungkook's hand if the camera wasn't on them (:

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BringBackLookingHBO @looking4evah🔁Yeah but does "girlfriend" necessarily mean exclusive? I don't know if it does to Debbie! Although, I don't think she twitter.com was actually hooking up with anyone else. He was just possessive but also not giving her the D b/c of his issues so what did he expect.
Barbara Zawadzka @Joanna_D_a_r_c🔁@nowthisnews At last, they have invented something sensible ....


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