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D'Antoni nah just in it @Aneerinyourear🔁 The only D'Antoni with a conference title
Mark Caesar @pissyopants1🔁 This D’Antoni Lol
Roberto Abramowitz @RobAbramowitz🔁 Mike D'Antoni after Game 7 loss in WCF.


Nick Martin @LiveCanes🔁 Mike D'Antoni after Game 7 loss in WCF.


D'Antoni Houston Rockets @HoustonRockets🔁Official from Mike D'Antoni: @CP3 will not play tonight.
D'Antoni SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Breaking: Chris Paul will not play in Game 7, per Mike D'Antoni.
Bleacher Report NBA @BR_NBA🔁D’Antoni on CP3’s status for Game 7: "It's a game-time decision. Probably doubtful, or questionable. [Doctors] will t twitter.com est it and see if there's a possibility”
Kambo5Billy @Kameron_Hay🔁Mike D’Antoni is a genius and an innovator. He has now lost Steve Nash/Chris Paul - two 1st ballot HOF PGs - amidst playoff runs when his teams were legitimately good enough to win titles. I hope this does not disparage his legacy, because he’s one of the greats to ever do it.
Tomas Gonzalez @Tomasjr82🔁 Mike D’Antoni has disappointed more cities than Lauryn Hill
Trey Daddy @Jordan11Trey🔁Ariza never played like that under . He stayed within the triangle. Would cut to the basket and only shoot open 3’s. D’antoni runs a trash AAU ball system.
Wesley Toler @Fretographer🔁 D'Antoni: "It's like they say, it's a make or miss league. They made them and we missed them."
Warriors in 7🚀 @JEREMYFIG707🔁 Mike D'Antoni thought this was a good idea. twitter.com
mario vasquesz @MarioVasquesz🔁 D’ANTONI, G GREEN, PJ, JOE JOHNSON


Wesley Toler @Fretographer🔁 D'Antoni said the locker room is "devastated.

"Guys gave it everything they've got. It's normal to be devastated."

Phresh™ @Phresh479🔁@_MarcusChestnut Bro D’Antoni system is ass cuz when they ain’t hitting they have nothing else... wasn’t even tryna make any adjustments
X - The Flagrant One @BlackIce392🔁y’all really thought a Mike D’Antoni
coached team was gonna slow the
tempo x make adjustments? really?
Stefano Fusaro @FusaroESPN🔁Mike D’Antoni giving a pep talk to a dejected PJ Tucker and Gerald Green in the Rockets locker room.
John Alves @John_Alves82🔁 We should fire you. That will happen first. D'Antoni took this team to 65 wins. Let's see you get even half those wi twitter.com ns...
I'm frustrated just like you but please shut it. D'Antoni isn't going anywhere soon.
Xavier Malcolm @xmalcolm09🔁I’m a fan so I know about playoff disappointment, I knew the Casey system (even with a few tweaks) didn’t work, this twitter.com is why I wonder if the D’antoni system can win it all
أودين الابن @AlphaSixFour🔁D’Antoni literally fooled ppl into thinking he was gonna get a ring with this same style of play like he did in Phoen twitter.com ix to still lose just before the chip lol. Old habits die hard
Coach Aaron Alegria @A_aron_75🔁D'Antoni congratulated the Warriors, praising their team and how well-coached they are. As for his feelings on the Rockets: "I couldn't be prouder to be associated with them and have the privilege to coach them."
10-2 @_DOPEITSHUGO🔁 D’Antoni: “I think we’re very close obviously. Things we have to tweak, we’ll get back on the horse.”
Tyler Munro @tylermunro🔁The real tragedy is Mike D’Antoni watching the system he engineered succeed for everyone else and fail so spectacularly for him.
Tg_6219 @09Cavsfan🔁@SirajAHashmi Game plan? Remember, you are talking about D’Antoni.
Rip JA KR AM @OMG_thatsJCole🔁Few grammatical errors: an injury plagued career doesn’t qualify as choking. 2. Harden been a playoff trick since 2012 Finals. 3. D’antoni is an offensive coordinator not a coach.
lo 🦄💕 @lauriee_dee🔁You can’t put your faith in 3 known choke artist....

1. CHRIS PAUL - always gets hurt in the playoffs at the most opportune time

2. JAMES HARDEN - known choke artist since 2016 season

3. MIKE D’ANTONI - all those outstanding Phoenix Suns teams and he never got over the hump

Danny Mata @DannyMataJr🔁Mike D’Antoni: Golden state has set the bar for the whole league, not just us...If we keep knocking on the door, it’l twitter.com l eventually open.”

Ronan Castillo @docaga04🔁D’Antoni: “You think you’re guarding them well, then you take a breath and it’s a 3. That’s why they’re so good...”
NBA FATBOY @bigb_78🔁Offseason gonna be rough. I think this was probably our only shot for a lol while. Somebody is gonna pay Clint Capell twitter.com a big time money. I don’t know what to make of Ariza. We need a bonafide backup facilitator. Harden need train with Kobe. D’Antoni...
Ikmanpreet Singh @ikman_preet🔁 Mike D'Antoni on defending Golden State: "You think you're guarding them okay. But if you take a deep breath, it's a 3."
lexluthor415 @lexluthor415🔁 I feel terrible for Chris Paul and I feel terrible for Mike D’Antoni.
Яyan C @PuffyHomes🔁 Yoooooo goodnight 😭😭😭😭🤪🤪💀💀💀 RT @theisaiahbell: Mike D’Antoni has disappointed more cities than Lauryn Hill
Abdul Jaleel Ⓜ️ @ItzRossJay🔁"I think we're very close... we'll get back on the horse and we'll get these guys here pretty soon." - Mike D'Antoni

Jozen (say Joe-Zen) @jozenc🔁I have a theory if CP3 would've been in tonight's game, D'Antoni would've still ran the same game plan and he would'v twitter.com e missed his three-pointers too.
Wesley Toler @Fretographer🔁I asked D'Antoni about the stretch of 27-consecutive missed 3s. He interrupted to ask if I shouted "Drive it." I asked him if he did, so he said, "I kept thinking the next one would go in."

Obviously, they were going to have to make them eventually. Again, 56 paint points.

Virginia Oviedo @VickeeOh🔁 (also it'd have been neat to see mike d'antoni do... anything i guess)
Doing Will Smith Numbers™ @AfricanPrincess🔁@ThunderJagBro I kept wondering when somebody was gonna go at Klay and make him have to foul or give up on the play. D'Antoni is clueless.
Nashaee_B @Nashaee_b🔁Mike D’Antoni needs to be let go!!! #Rockets
AJ Hinch Fan Account @ThatDudefromHTX🔁There will be a time to criticize and pick apart what Harden, D’Antoni, etc did right/wrong. That time is NOT tonight. Tonight is FUCK golden state, FUCK durant, FUCK the refs, FUCK kerr, FUCK draymond, and FUCK curry
Nomad Z @rsz2534🔁Brett Brown will win an NBA championship as a head coach before Mike D'Antoni.


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