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Cushing iPhone president @crxeyedplayboy🔁 The NFL announced a 10 game suspension for Brian Cushing for using PEDs. Shocked I tell you.
Cushing Jorge @bronxfanatic🔁 Taking you back to Brian Cushing' USC days transformation
Cushing Yesenia @sharkb8_09🔁 The NFL has released the following statement on @HoustonTexans ILB Brian Cushing:
Caleb Gonzales @DarthGonzales🔁 Brian Cushing caught with performance enhancing drugs......AGAIN??!?!
Cushing Jacob @jacobhassing8🔁 It's amazing that NFL thinks Brian Cushing takes PEDs
Cushing Coy Moore ( C$ ) @coy_moore9🔁 Breaking: Texans starting LB Brian Cushing suspended 10 games for 2nd career PED violation
CushingCushing Stoned Cold Steve @5LiveStevo🔁 Brian Cushing: What PEDs?
Roland Greene  @SmokesPaid🔁 After hearing Brian Cushing is getting suspended for PEDs
Cushing Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Breaking: Texans starting LB Brian Cushing suspended 10 games for 2nd career PED violation
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Texans LB Brian Cushing has been suspended 10 games for violating NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Texans LB Brian Cushing suspended without pay for team’s next 10 games for violating NFL policy on performance enhancing substances.
Devin Dedeaux @ItsDedeaux🔁 LB Brian Cushing is suspended for the next 10 games for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances. Wow.
Mind 🏈f Danny ¹² @Mind_Of_Danny🔁@AdamSchefter C'mon Cushing. #SMH
Cody @CodyTexans🔁 Re: Brian Cushing
10 weeks salary = $3,235,290
10 weeks RB = $781,250
Total $4,016,540
ILLINI Jen @CoolHandLukette🔁People piling on Brian Cushing. That man is pregnant with his SECOND child while playing full time in the NFL. Lay off my man.
MΩZELL @Mo_zell🔁In '10, LB Brian Cushing was suspended 4 gms for PEDs. The 10-game hit is for his 2nd. A 3rd suspension would be for at least 2 yrs
⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️🏀🏀🏀LEE🏈 @leeakrish🔁i dont want to hear any "Josh Gordon is a repeat offender" bullshit response after what Brian Cushing just got away with.
Tony Sashi Bordeus @Goodbyebluskies🔁Over training(he always juiced) : LB Brian Cushing is suspended for the next 10 games for ...
William Marcotte @drbillymarcotte🔁Brian Cushing's attorney Harvey Steinberg just released a statement to ESPN: "Brian Cushing regretfully...
Greg @ItsG_REG🔁Cushing who cussed me out in 2009, claiming he'd never used PEDs, was suspended for the 2nd time since 2010 for PEDs, today.
Chris @chrimyer🔁 Brian "Lattimer" Cushing
San Antonio Now @SanAntonioCP🔁Texans linebacker Brian Cushing suspended for 10 games by NFL for violating league's performance enhancers policy.
👑Your Majesty👑 @IAmKingTP_🔁I think it's time for the Texans to release Brain Cushing he can't stay on the field it's either he injured or he suspended 🤦🏽‍♂️
David Meredith @DMeredith28🔁If Brian Cushing has been clean for a day, I would be shocked.
Terry Ford @radioterryford🔁 Texans announce LB Brian Cushing suspended 10 games for PEDs. Quite a 72 hours there for that team
Dale Robertson @sportywineguy🔁Suspended Texans linebacker Brian Cushing due a $6.756 million base salary this year, forfeiting 10 game checks to cost him $3.97 million
David R. Felter @DRFelter🔁I'm no doctor, but anyone that watched Hard Knocks 2 years ago isn't surprised by Cushing's suspension.
Reasonable Price @ripgthrash🔁 Brian Cushing a raging steroid head
SportsHutch @SportsHutch🔁Waitasec @SportsRV ... Brian Cushing is a cheater? Brian Cushing is a cheater!!?
That came out of left field ... like a closer in 1 run game
Brian Greenwalt @bgreen82🔁@PaulCharchian not super impactful, but does Cushing news affect Houston D's fantasy value? If so, how much?
Jawg @XxChokedxX🔁 Brian Cushing hit with 10-game PED suspension
Coach V @coopercoach🔁Brian Cushing tests positive for the 2nd time. Who could have known...
Will only get 10 game suspension. should release him.
Blay @Blairsker🔁Been playing out very vivid, telenovela-like scenes in my head btwn Cushing & Watt post-suspension. Lotta, "BRO" & "I EARNED THIS." #Texans
⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️🏀🏀🏀LEE🏈 @leeakrish🔁Ok fuck it, after Brian Cushing's repeat offense of drug policy& only getting 10 games it really is time to #FREEJOSHGORDON
Pete Smith @_PeteSmith_🔁That Vonta Leach tweet should be a MASSIVE deal. Beyond the simple outing of Cushing (which everyone always knew about him)
Marty McFly @youngaFerr🔁Texans LB Brian Cushing has been suspended 10 games for violating NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances.
Jackson Nami @jackson_nami🔁 Brian Cushing on teeth steroids.
Matt Hutchinson @MattHutch20🔁 It's getting hard to keep track of. Does Brian Cushing have more concussions or suspensions in his NFL career?
Oscrape @Officialoscrape🔁What is Highline? #NintendoDirect Martin Shkreli Frank Vincent #PositiveSpinMovies Brian Cushing #SouthPark21
Patrick Wooten @PatrickWooten95🔁Accoridng to Sportrac, Brian Cushing has made over 48 million dollars. Actual cash value. So were taking PEDs worth it? Yes. Yes it's been
iLevelSportsNetwork @iLevelSports🔁Did Houston piss off the wrong people? ⚡️ "Texans linebacker Brian Cushing suspended 10 games for PEDs again"

Joy Puder @JoyPuder🔁For the second time in his career, Brian Cushing will be suspended for violating the league's PED policy.
Dos Beckies ⚜️ @beckybrees🔁@mojomnx @FLGatorKing How many times has Cushing been popped?
von bon jovi @von__bomb🔁 Brian Cushing!? PEDS!? I'm shocked 😱? ?
NFL @NFL_USA_News🔁Texans' Brian Cushing out until December after being hit with PED suspension #Nfl
Ira Zoot @izoot🔁" News Texans' Brian Cushing out until December after being hit with PED suspension...
5.3™ @MizzyYRN🔁Damnit 🤦🏾‍♂️ Cushing caint get righ t
Gene Chavanne Jr @GeneChavanneJr🔁Picked the Bengals to beat the Texans tomorrow in Cincinnati. Cushing suspended for 10 games.


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