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Noah Tsika @NoahTsika🔁 This is a totally healthy transit system #CuomosMTA #FixOurSubway
#CuomosMTA#CuomosMTA#CuomosMTA#CuomosMTA R. Mandel @RonnaWriter🔁 .@CynthiaNixon is not playing. #CuomosMTA
#CuomosMTA#CuomosMTA Bryan from southside @EmperorGlenn🔁 New Yorkers are sick and tired of #CuomosMTA. We desperately need to #FixOurSubway.
#CuomosMTA Megan Fitzpatrick @mitzpa🔁Was ready to complain about my slow, packed #CuomosMTA commute home, but...
#CuomosMTA Ember 🌺 @embernic🔁Nothing like a comfy ride home after a long day at work #CuomosMTA
frankie @frankiieima🔁Forever waiting on the 7 train #CuomosMTA #fixoursubway
#CuomosMTA#CuomosMTA#CuomosMTA#CuomosMTA Michael Halden @mikehalden🔁 .@CynthiaNixon’s #CuomosMTA campaign is brilliant. That’s all.
#CuomosMTA#CuomosMTA Cynthia Nixon @CynthiaNixon🔁New Yorkers are sick and tired of #CuomosMTA. We desperately need to #FixOurSubway.
Cynthia Nixon @CynthiaNixon🔁This is how many New Yorkers start their mornings, with multiple trains skipping their stations. It’s unacceptable. twitter.com
Cynthia Nixon @CynthiaNixon🔁Have a nightmare commuter story you want to share? We all do. Tweet about it today using the hashtag . Let's make our twitter.com voices heard:
Will of the People @RIGHTtoCONSENT🔁New York City has the least accessible subway system for people with disabilities of any major city in the country. Only 22% of the city's subway stations are accessible, and there are so many broken elevators that only 18% are functioning on a given day.
B1lLSBA5eBo0 @BuffBillsGirl🔁my girl waited 30 minutes at the Lorimer L stop as 3 trains passed that were too crowded for anyone to board. literally contorted herself to get on the 4th train. She missed a doctors appointment as a result of . but at least was there.
Sam Grady 🇵🇸 @RealSamGrady🔁Yep, that’s squeezed in like a sardine and stuck on the L train this morning. She rides the subway everyday and as Governor, will make fixing them a priority.
Gina Roco @gmroc🔁For years, has sacrificed NYC to appease upstate and GOP political players, underfunding our subway system and depriving it of needed repairs; now he will pay in the primary.

Michael Halden @mikehalden🔁And we’re off! The subway blitz is happening. Post about your commute this morning using the hashtag . Together we can : .
Michael Halden @mikehalden🔁Have a nightmare commuter story you want to share? We all do. Tweet about it today using the hashtag . Let's make our voices heard:
Michael Halden @mikehalden🔁This is how many New Yorkers start their mornings, with multiple trains skipping their stations. It’s unacceptable.
likeitsays @likeitsays🔁 Meanwhile, in Japan, trains are leaving too early. #CuomosMTA #FixOurSubway bbc.com
David Alazraki @deviltenor🔁A 15 minute wait for the R train at 5 pm with the mta website saying good service on means another donation and my v twitter.com ote for
Joanna Oltman Smith @jooltman🔁Hope Byford addresses next week why “customers” only get date/time notice when there are huge rush hour service ga twitter.com ps.
Carlos Menchaca 萬齊家 @cmenchaca🔁Every day our members risk losing their jobs and having our kids be late to school—all because is a wreck. The system needs enormous investment—not more neglect and blame-shifting from the Cuomo administration. Time for a new direction.
Kristen L. Rouse @TrueBoots🔁The L train shutdown will be even worse than the apocalypse we've been arguing about. The L currently carries 24,000 twitter.com riders PER HOUR. After years of talk, there is no plan to manage that volume.
Wade Snowden. @wade_snowden🔁When I lived in NYC I had an unfulfilled vision of organizing the public by canvassing the subways taking about transit, climate change, affordable housing, and workers rights.

So great to see doing it now.

Edward Perkins @wuperkins🔁Fares keep going up, but keeps breaking down. Pitch in $2.75 today to join our fight to finally :
32 Year Old Man-Child @Saxa_ma_phone🔁 #CuomosMTA now it’s 12,001!!! Lol take that @NYGovCuomo #FixTheSubways twitter.com
Zaddy @ZachGilyard🔁L train? More like Hell train. #CuomosMTA
Victoria Fernandez @v_fernie🔁Ever since I was little, my mom has left for work before 8am & come home after 8pm. Her 2-3 hrs on the subway are the worst part of her day - so bad that she won't visit me on weekends because she needs a break from . I'm voting so we can .
Pete Sikora @PeteSikora1🔁#CuomosMTA now it’s 12,001!!! Lol take that @NYGovCuomo #FixTheSubways twitter.com
Will Bredderman @WillBredderman🔁 Why does it feel like there’s only 3 trains running on the R line? @NYCTSubway #CuomosMTA
K @MinsooKay🔁This is the kind of infrastructure we have in NYC in 2018. where is your plan to
Barack Benito Obama (Hostis Publicis) @kingaugustus🔁Cuomo's criminal neglect of the MTA damages our City economy and takes hours of free time away from NYC's already overworked citizens. Anyone who endorses is giving a middle finger to all NYC subway riders.

Patrick McHenry @patmch🔁#CuomosMTA is by far the worst part of living in NYC and part of the reason I’m so jazzed about @CynthiaNixon


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