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Chala M. Brooks @ChalaBrooks🔁 California GOP watching this interview #CuomoPrimeTime
Cuomo Prime Time @CuomoPrimeTime🔁“Suggesting we shouldn’t be that bothered because 'they aren’t us, they are others.' That is ugly."

Addressing famil twitter.com y separations at the border, makes the cause for caring about not only your own kids, but all children.

Jason Sywak @SywakSays🔁There. It's fixed. @DWStweets @ChrisCuomo #CuomoPrimeTime #fakenews
#CuomoPrimeTime Robert🇺🇲 @robertaustex🔁Antonio Sabato Jr's people? Lol. #CNN @ChrisCuomo #CuomoPrimeTime
Cuomo Prime Time @CuomoPrimeTime🔁“I can’t believe we aren’t better than this," says .

“Kids taken from their parents, scattered across the country, twitter.com crowded into tight spaces, overwhelmed staff, the military building camps?... This is a recipe for disaster "

Cuomo Prime Time @CuomoPrimeTime🔁“You gotta give some kudos to the fact that... she did go down there. Maybe she should wear something different… but twitter.com I wish more people in her position would stick up for these kids." defends Melania Trump whose wardrobe choice drew controversy today
TweetRex @Beyaglu🔁I was a lifelong democrat until hope and change turned into over 100,000 bombs in 7 countries.
Adam Tampa Orlando NYC III @AdamOrlandoTam1🔁 I didn’t know that Anthony Sabato was full on crazy , until tonight... #CuomoPrimetime
/dev/null @BrunoWatt🔁Worst I’ve seen. Not only did . let Antonio wedge in lies (such as applying for asylum in embassies, you can’t) he l twitter.com et his horrific rhetoric fly while aggressively attacking . Your angle isn’t working chris. This is a battle against fascism.
Boutay2 @denisen78606052🔁“Suggesting we shouldn’t be that bothered because 'they aren’t us, they are others.' That is ugly."

Addressing family separations at the border, makes the cause for caring about not only your own kids, but all children.

ᵡᵖᶥᶝᵗᶥᵛᵅ 💙 @Risistrix🔁It is a damned shame drug testing is not a pre-requisite to entering the political arena. Methinks loves the cocaine twitter.com much, much more than the American people 💯 pls stop putting complete idiots on tv
RESIST 45* @schwanderer🔁
Props to Antonio Sabato Jr. for soundly defeating Heather Locklear in the Battle of the Batshit Crazy Ex-Melrose Place Cast Members Contest....... on a day when she was arrested.
alapierre @Anna_LaPierre🔁@ChrisCuomo Not even worth my criticism. Chris you were a gentleman. Impressed with your discipline. #CuomoPrimeTime
mike avila @mikeavila🔁time to punt - is a great interviewer but his bookers/producers are failing him. Zero interest in watching him scol twitter.com d liars & publicity hounds like Antonio Sabato Jr. CNN,
FiestaDelCovfefe @FiestaDelJefe🔁 has become the poster boy for prime-time enabling of these scumballs. 's so desperate for ratings they keep throwing twitter.com this red meat click-bait up ever fucking day. I'm so over their shit.
FiestaDelCovfefe @FiestaDelJefe🔁But he still gave the scumball a national forum! That shit has to stop! #CuomoPrimeTime twitter.com
Full Length @DougRose8🔁Listening to Antonio Sabato Jr. speaking to , it’s very reminiscent of defensive cult members. Honestly, I’m not making a joke. It’s actually pretty scary.

Full Length @DougRose8🔁 Wow, Antonio Sabato Jr. really is as dumb as you would have guessed. #CuomoPrimeTime
Full Length @DougRose8🔁 Antonio Sabato Jr. is batshit crazy. Keep him out of Congress. #CuomoPrimeTime
Mike Hughes @mehallu🔁Chris Cuomo reminds me of Mike Tyson in his prime when he was knocking out dozens of sparring partners. All of Cuomo's Republican guests can't catch their breath or down enough water. Tonight Cuomo beats Antonio Sabato Jr by TKO in Round 2.
Barb @barbarapittman1🔁 #CuomoPrimeTime
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Rose @timzmom🔁
Holy Carp! . deserves a medal or some kind of special dispensation after attempting to interview
. help Chris out! twitter.com
Stable Genius @Rojas5Rojas🔁Antonio Sabato JR tried to insult the News w a religious response & Cuomo the good catholic school boy put him right in his place w some facts!
Yvette @prettyladii_🔁Merrick Garland is old enough to remember when all got us was Neil Gorsuch.

"We Have a Crisis of Democracy"

WitchHuntress @DianaRVA1🔁I don't dislike you because you support Trump Antonio, I dislike you because you are a gaslighting asshole. twitter.com
D. Wayne Radcliffe @wayneradcliffe🔁 Antonio Sabato Jr. very angry man and he can’t even look Chris straight in the eye, “ don’t try to be a smart ass” that’s what he says to Chris when Chris just asked him a question! 😳imagine him in Congress.
DaveyWavey @waveydavey54🔁.
Thanks for giving us Rick Santorum. Without his BULLSHIT, his 100% BIASED Trump BULLSHIT, what would we do for a twitter.com “fair debate”.
Nice to see you, Chris, fight back.

Navy Corpsman, They Call Me Doc @brackster39🔁 I despise Antonio Sabato Jr’s Trumplican ass! #CuomoPrimeTime
Alex @Neoprankster🔁This is the last night that I will watch I suggest you do the same. It’s all Trump supporters spilling lying garbage. I love you Chris, but sick of watching these evil doers spout BS! Watching from now on.
William Shakespeare💙 @Shakesnews_🔁 Tom Arnold is bat shit crazy.

Antonio Sabato Jr: Hold my beer...


The USA is Under Assault @icydani🔁The only complaint that I have about moving to prime time is that now I can only watch him for 1 hr/night instead of twitter.com 3 hrs/day during the week!!!! 😞😂💔 
ReZo: "I don't need your help, bro." 🤣🤣🤣 @ResistanceZone🔁.'s interview w/ Antonio Sabato Jr. was intense af! I'm sure if they would have been in the same room, there would've twitter.com been fisticuffs. 🤣🤣🤣
Glory to Jesus @lonllee1🔁
u talk behind trump back..but u fail to speak out to him as part of ur party.
is out the window
ur anger speaks volume
Rick I just lost all respect 4 you.

Saariel @Saariel2🔁I bet Janet wants to rewind time about right now. 🤦 PS. : you're not blacklisted because you're a conservative buddy. Your acting is just bad, bro. I remember. This cameo was your biggest role aside from Jagger on General Hospital
Shawn Starkey 🏳️‍🌈 @ShawnStarkey🔁RISE Advisory Board member Draymond Green of the ’s Golden State Warriors talks about RISE’s work with CNN’s on :
RISE @RISEtoWIN🔁RISE Advisory Board member Draymond Green of the ’s Golden State Warriors talks about RISE’s work with CNN’s on : twitter.com
Michelle Belieber @MichelleCaissi1🔁Yes we are in a trade war with China & a whole bunch of other countries (Germany, Canada, Turkey....) that will only hurt American businesses. Trump’s actions are hurting the USA long term
boho @bohorribilis🔁 Seriously. Chris, I can't even begin to give your show a hint of a chance because you keep bringing these wackos on. Sorry.

Caroline @Carolin11913904🔁God bless you for trying to conduct an interview. You’re like trapped in the indecipherable ending of . is . This is embarrassing.



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