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#CultureTrav Paul Marshman @Travel_boomer🔁A4 Hard to beat this one -- Vladibeer from Zalzburg, Austria. Beer with a political statement #CultureTrav
Traveling Cricket @travelcricket8🔁@Nicolette_O Thanks lady - appreciate you!! #CultureTrav
#CultureTrav Busbud @Busbud🔁A5: Ever since Obama's diner with Bourdain in Vietnam, I have been dying to try a cold #Hanoi Beer #CultureTrav
#CultureTrav Clare Hancock @TravelSustains🔁#CultureTrav ChatStats: Another great chat. [recaps by @Travoscape] #lovetotravel #tbex
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁 @Nicolette_O Thanks lady - appreciate you!! #CultureTrav
#CultureTrav WeTee @WeTee_Design🔁 A1 Had a great time celebrating #Oktoberfest in #Germany. Cheers! #CultureTrav
#CultureTrav Texas Ale Project @TexasAleProject🔁 @PubcastWW @TexasAleProject @NMBCo @marblebrewers Love it! Same here at PubClub! #culturetrav
#CultureTrav Bones Café🏳🌈 @bones_cafe🔁 A2 I visit Poland regularly because I love the beer there 🍻 (and the vodka) #CultureTrav
Prairie Style File @PrairieStylFile🔁@IncurableWander Do you have a favorite #BreweryTour? #CultureTrav
pubclub @pubclub🔁There ya go!
Jay Eatz @jay_eatz🔁Got to respectfully disagree 🤔
Jay Eatz @jay_eatz🔁Good call
Shayne D'souza @shaynedsouz🔁 @shaynedsouz Thank you, sir! glad you were part of it! 🍻 #CultureTrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁Sounds good! Happy weekend ahead! 🍻
EverThoughtOfTrying @ThoughtOfTrying🔁It would help but by no means essential! The flavours you taste on the ride will make u rethink beer!!
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁#culturetrav Be wary of what "beer" is. Mass-produced lager is not beer. #beersnob
Curious Explorers @curiousxplorers🔁@ChinaMatt @ankit1989 @Nicolette_O I spoke to a local man who said Macau didn't do their own beer #culturetrav
Maaike @TravellousWorld🔁Oh that sounds cool! I do need to get into the whole beer flavour a bit more though, before I dare to embark on such a beast!
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁... I'm very much a beer man. I will tho drink whisky. I'm not very good at knowing what i like tho with that!
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁see, i've never really got into wine. I'll have a glass of rosé or white occasionally (it gets me drunk v quickly!), but ...
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@shaynedsouz Thank you, sir! glad you were part of it! 🍻 #CultureTrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁Haha, mine usually to beer or wine. ;) Can chat about wine for a while, too.
Shayne D'souza @shaynedsouz🔁@Nicolette_O great chat tonight #CultureTrav
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁My day progesses from dilute fruit squash drinks to beer. I'm not allowed alcohol at the office. :)
Beer O'Clock @Beer0Cl0ck🔁 Great, busy chat all. It's only noon here but is it #beeroclock!? #culturetrav
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁@ChinaMatt that sounds like a very good plan :) #culturetrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁No worries, Erik! Hope all is well!! Happy weekend ahead!🍻
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@ChinaMatt @RTWBarefoot @SGSwritereditor @BespokeTravels @TravelAtWill @travelcricket8 Seriously! So good! 🍻 #CultureTrav
Erik Scalavino @E_Scal🔁Aw, wish I could have taken part in this one! Fun topic!
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁I find tea immensely dull. Unless it's Arabic mint tea with 4879045878586 tons of sugar! AND NO MILK!
SGSwritereditor @SGSwritereditor🔁Don't like coffee? *gasp* Actually I'll drink coffee for you if you'll drink tea for me
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@travelcricket8 @GlobalBrunch Agreed😍! Happy almost weekend! 🍻 #CultureTrav
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁@ChinaMatt i may be passing through in mid/late April .... #culturetrav
BoozeFoodTravel @ChinaMatt🔁Coffee beer combines my two favorite vices.
Traveling Cricket @travelcricket8🔁@GlobalBrunch @Nicolette_O Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week/weekend. #Cheers #CultureTrav
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁 If anyone wants to go #beer exploring in NYC, let me know. I can organize a tour. #culturetrav
BoozeFoodTravel @ChinaMatt🔁If anyone wants to go #beer exploring in NYC, let me know. I can organize a tour. #culturetrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@TouringTastebud Sign me up for this kinda flight anytime! Maybe something for a #traveltribe meetup, hehe?🍻 #CultureTrav
Txiki Stu @Txiki_Tales🔁In and serve some of the best
SGSwritereditor @SGSwritereditor🔁@ChinaMatt @BespokeTravels @TravelAtWill @Nicolette_O @travelcricket8 OK, that makes more sense, then #culturetrav
MadMan @JustStateIt🔁 ChatSelfie: See those smilies! [recaps by ]
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@TouringTastebud This looks tasty!! 🍻 #CultureTrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@travelcricket8 The cutest! 😍😍😍🍻 #CultureTrav
MadMan @JustStateIt🔁 RECAP ends: Catch what you missed. [recaps by ]
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁coffee beer makes sense to me. Malty, dark, porter/stout/mild type. I just ... hate coffee!
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁Haha! Not at all! Glad you went, too! Thanks for being here and hope you'll join us again next week! 🍻
MadMan @JustStateIt🔁@priyanjali_n @Nicolette_O Totally agree with you lady #Beer #CultureTrav
BoozeFoodTravel @ChinaMatt🔁There's usually not much in the beer. If there is, the coffee flavor would be overpowering.
Traveling Cricket @travelcricket8🔁Thanks for joining on Beer! Thanks to my co-hosts! 😍Shout-out to co-host for the topic idea! 🍻
Traveling Cricket @travelcricket8🔁@GlobalBrunch @Nicolette_O Thank you so much for joining!! Love this pic - cracking me up!! #CultureTrav
pubclub @pubclub🔁Tequila, okay. But no limes in MY beer!
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@girlinchief @CultureWithTrav @travelcricket8 Same!! The list never ends, haha! Thank you for being there, Parul! 🍻 #CultureTrav
Finding A Neish @findinganeish🔁@ThoughtOfTrying @Nicolette_O Sounds delicious. Can't wait to give it a go! #CultureTrav
EverThoughtOfTrying @ThoughtOfTrying🔁@Txiki_Tales @RTWBarefoot @Nicolette_O Looks deeeeeeeeeelicious 😚 #CultureTrav
Paul Marshman @Travel_boomer🔁@Busbud Think I had one when I was there -- nothing special #CultureTrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁Thank you for hosting the chat. I now have a list of some great beer to try! 😀🍻
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@Txiki_Tales @jeanstravelplan Feel like I should mention it to him, and he may already have been! But this looks awesome!!! 🍻 #CultureTrav
MadMan @JustStateIt🔁A1 Hi all: in some countries beer is just a drink. In others, like Czech Republic, it's half of the culture
Pubcast Worldwide @PubcastWW🔁DEAL!! Fortunately for you their "Dome Faux'm" cream ale is always on-tap! Totally changed my opinion of that style o f beer...
Paul Marshman @Travel_boomer🔁Thanks to our hosts for an intoxicating #CultureTrav chat -- have a great weekend, everyone!
Daria @DariaR90🔁Thanks #CultureTrav for the great #twitterchat today! Despite this year's #Oktoberfest is already over, there will be a next one to come 😉
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁Much love, @GlobalBrunch! Looking forward to reading your beer guide! 🍻 #CultureTrav
BoozeFoodTravel @ChinaMatt🔁@CharlesMcCool @Crookedrunbrew @VisitLoudoun That sounds cool. Ballast Point has a habanero IPA. Really spicy. #culturetrav
Parul G @girlinchief🔁@findinganeish @Nicolette_O Oh yes! I love that too! :) #CultureTrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁 @Nicolette_O A6. I love the taste of Hoegaarden. It's like no beer I've ever tried before. #CultureTrav
BoozeFoodTravel @ChinaMatt🔁@pubclub Some of those are delicious, but I have had a few that had a bit too much bourbon. #culturetrav
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁@PubcastWW @8thWonderBrew oooh! noted for April. Remind me in late March! :) #culturetrav
pubclub @pubclub🔁@RTWBarefoot @IncurableWander @VisitNashville Those honky tonks are great fun. Downtown Nashville is awesome. #culturetrav
BoozeFoodTravel @ChinaMatt🔁A6 Most interesting was Ballast Point Indra Kunindra. I tasted curry when I burped. Pasteur St. Spice Island is close 2nd #CultureTrav
EverThoughtOfTrying @ThoughtOfTrying🔁U should join our London Beercycling rides where we cycle to the best craft breweries in east London!
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁I went to NAshville some years back, for a few hours, Be interesting to see what changed!
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁A HUGE TY to my lovely cohosts and all of you for joining this week's - much love!
MadMan @JustStateIt🔁@Nicolette_O They are quite famous #beer #CultureTrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@TravelAtWill @travelcricket8 Sounds ideal!!! 🍻 #CultureTrav
pubclub @pubclub🔁Great, busy chat all. It's only noon here but is it #beeroclock!? #culturetrav
Pubcast Worldwide @PubcastWW🔁A6) For anyone stickin' around, has some unique brews...their "Rocket Fuel" Vietnamese Coffee Porter rocks!
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@TravellousWorld So happy you were there, Maaike!!! 😍🍻 #CultureTrav
Finding A Neish @findinganeish🔁@Nicolette_O A6. I love the taste of Hoegaarden. It's like no beer I've ever tried before. #CultureTrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁@ThoughtOfTrying @findinganeish Oh my! What a tasty combination! 😍 #CultureTrav
SGSwritereditor @SGSwritereditor🔁I guess it makes more sense to me if the coffee is decaffeinated. I get wanting coffee flavor. I don't get wanting wa kefulness
pubclub @pubclub🔁I think I need to help before you hit the road! Be sure and include !
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁 @Nicolette_O @findinganeish I can confirm bison grass vodka & Apple juice is a winner 🖒 With pierogi 😎 #CultureTrav
LDH @TravelAtWill🔁No but bet that is even better! I love fruity and citrus beers when it is hot out. Will watch for it.
Txiki Stu @Txiki_Tales🔁@Nicolette_O @jeanstravelplan Not the cheapest place but you can spend hours just drooling at the descriptions #CultureTrav
Paul Marshman @Travel_boomer🔁@TravelAtWill @Nicolette_O @travelcricket8 I've had it -- that's a good one #CultureTrav
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁Ooh, cool! 🍻
Incurable Wanderlust @IncurableWander🔁If you want beer, though, there's a whole ton of breweries in that area, and in between.
Parul G @girlinchief🔁Thank you @CultureWithTrav @travelcricket8 @Nicolette_O for hosting the #culturetrav chat. I now have a list of some great beer to try! 😀🍻
Barefoot👣Backpacker @RTWBarefoot🔁@IncurableWander ah, fabulous! That's exactly the sort of thing I like to hear! It'll be about 8 April! :) #culturetrav
BoozeFoodTravel @ChinaMatt🔁I care more about the flavor than anything. Caffeine doesn't do anything for me.
Nicolette Orlemans @Nicolette_O🔁 RECAP ends: Catch what you missed. [recaps by ]
LDH @TravelAtWill🔁@jeanstravelplan @Nicolette_O @travelcricket8 Especially in hot Nassau! #Culturetrav
Txiki Stu @Txiki_Tales🔁@RTWBarefoot @PubcastWW I'd agree - it's been a while since I've been to Tallinn but the beer was excellent #culturetrav
Incurable Wanderlust @IncurableWander🔁I'm on the highway between Memphis and ATL. Stop in B'ham and the hubs and I will take you on a beer tour!


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