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Hope Fairchild @hopefairchild07🔁 PAUL DEJONG!

🔼8⃣ #STLCards 1, #Cubs 0.

#Cubs Rich Proff @RProff🔁 Carl Edwards Jr. called this kid down to sign for his birthday. Nice. #Cubs
#Cubs BuscadorDeMachos @machos_buscador🔁 Join Bear311 for even more #bears, #chubs, and #cubs. It is FREE
#Cubs Atallah (Blu) @blu_suedeshoes🔁My gf wrote to the #Cubs for my bday (in May) & they sent stuff!! She's the best & the Cubs are the best! #ThatsCub
Geomoni YouTube @Geomoni3🔁 Who's rocking these?

#Cubs #ThatsCub Via The Real Donk'e Punch

#Cubs MBDChicago @MBDChicago🔁Jon Lester was exceptional today; deserved to get credit for the win. #Cubs #FlyTheW #ThatsCub @BleacherNation
#Cubs Randy Tooley @PastorJavaMan🔁 Cubs win! Cubs SWEEP!

Final: #Cubs 8, #Braves 2.

#Cubs @ChubbyMenForYou🔁Join Bear311 for even more #bears, #chubs, and #cubs. It is FREE
#Cubs Ivan Gregory @IvanGregoryTan🔁 So blessed to be part of this year's line-up! Thank you dear God!!

#Cubs #Vibeph2017

#Cubs Këñžī Hėńdłêÿ @_kenzi_ann_🔁 Cubs win!

Final: #Cubs 3, #STLCards 2.

#Cubs Josh Timmers @Cubsminorswrap🔁Chicago #Cubs Minor League Wrap: July 22
#Cubs Al Yellon @bleedcubbieblue🔁Chicago #Cubs Minor League Wrap: July 22
St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals🔁We've scored 9 runs this inning... Still no outs!

🔼8⃣ #STLCards 11, #Cubs 3.

#Cubs Chicago Cubs @Cubs🔁Cubs win!

Final: #Cubs 3, #STLCards 2.

Jon Morosi @jonmorosi🔁Sources: #Dodgers, #Cubs among teams scouting Yu Darvish in St. Petersburg tonight. He struck out 12 in 8 IP. @MLBNetwork @MLB
P.A. @pabazianos🔁 Why PLACT on Lester's cap? Because his uncle went to Notre Dame. It stands for Play Like a Champion Today. #Cubs
madjumper @madjumper9🔁 #YuDarvish Trade Rumors: #Cubs, #Dodgers Among Teams Scouting #Rangers SP via @BleacherReport
Christopher Matthews @CMatthews380🔁 #Cubs catcher Willson Contreras has played 162 career games:
26 home runs
68 runs
85 RBI
4.5 fWAR
Roman Reigns Man @golden_sugi🔁 The #Cubs are still talking to the #Orioles about Zach Britton, my story here:
vannesa arroyo @vannesaarroyo1🔁Jon Lester was exceptional today; deserved to get credit for the win.
Vinny Natale @vnatale🔁Sources: , among teams scouting Yu Darvish in St. Petersburg tonight. He struck out 12 in 8 IP.
Quote Bot @QuoteBot101🔁“The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose.” – Ernie Banks #mlb #cubs #sports #quotes
d'enny, so @dblah🔁 Not since Miss Rhode Island's doves we're murdered have I heard someone so off-key
#Cubs #IceCube #seinfeld
Josh @JBush96🔁Most games with 10+ K and no walks
lefties (1913-present)
3 Jon Lester
2 Ken Holtzman
1 José Quintana
1 Ted Lilly
1 Steve Wilson
Madeline Kenney @madkenney🔁Ice Cube completely destroys seventh-inning stretch during and game at Wrigley Field via
Jesse Friedman @JesseNFriedman🔁Yesterday: #Dodgers, #Brewers, #Cubs, #Rockies lose. #Dbacks win.

Today: #Dodgers, #Brewers, #Cubs, #Rockies win. #Dbacks lose.

LUKE @iLukeFluitt🔁 REPORT: Zach Britton linked to the #Cubs
Corey B @cubsb4bears🔁 #Cubs starting pitching since all-star break (8 games):
2.16 ERA, 50.0 IP, 30 Hits, 45 K, 9 BB, 0.780 WHIP
Shakespeare Phrases @ShakespeareITW🔁 @MLBONFOX @Cardinals All's well that ends well #cubs
WorldSeriesDreaming @WSDreaming_Cubs🔁Baseball is over for today. Let's keep the fun going tomorrow with more #Cubs action!
#IFLEWWITHYOU @TeamSorryMom🔁S/o to icecube rooting on the


SJ Reidhead @sjreidhead🔁Hall of Fame trifecta - San Francisco Willie McCovey & Orlando Cepeda and the Chicago Ernie Banks
Erick Montoya @BullsBulletin🔁 #Cubs Lester wrote "PLACT" on his cap to honor an uncle who passed away. "I wanted him to know I wss thinking about him"
Neil Andersen @ND_Andersen🔁Chicago Ernie Banks & Pittsburgh Roberto Clemente. Combined 29 All-Star Game appearances and 3 MVP between the 2 legends
Steve Perhach @PerhachESPN🔁Hey @WaddleandSilvy & @TWaddle87 - should we have a bet on #Brewers #Cubs ??? @ESPNMilwaukee vs @ESPNChicago We can make it interesting!!
Adam Nissen @nissen54🔁Watch this and tell me you don't see Kyle Hendricks #Cubs
Rob Harris @rlincolnharris🔁Today's #Cubs game took me back to 2016 WS. @KrisBryant_23 scored two runs on hustle in Game 7, and without both of them there is no trophy
Rice Cube @CubicSnarkonia🔁Can't watch #Cubs tomorrow (no cable) & don't feel like dealing with delays so radio it is...
TrailblazerryBrandCo @trailblazerry🔁 Kris Bryant on scoring from 1st on the Rizzo blooper "I'm pretty fast."

WHEELS!!!! #Cubs

Cyndi in SoCal @QView32🔁I remember years ago when the #Cubs flag at Wrigley moved into First Place & fans went WILD. We were so stoked just to be in 1st #ThatsCub


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