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Gio @8Canicas🔁 Spanish Cubs 100. your team 0
CubsCubs Alexis Rosa Morales @Aprinc3ss88🔁 Bryzzo's all ready and suited up for the game today! @Cubs ❤️⚾️💙🐻
CubsCubsCubsCubs M✨ @ifavemyidols🔁 Which four emojis are they acting out? #WorldEmojiDay
Cubs _Shyra_ @crazycaptncrush🔁 Cubs in Clover in the Cove 😊
#CadesCove #VisitMySmokies #GSMNP
July 2017
Cubs Chicago Cubs @Cubs🔁Cubs win! Cubs SWEEP!

Final: #Cubs 8, #Orioles 0.

Chicago Cubs @Cubs🔁#KBoom!

Two-run jack for @KrisBryant_23 makes it 6-0 #Cubs in the 4th!

Cubs Chicago Cubs @Cubs🔁Hello, new friend. 👋
Sarah @Sarah_Cubs🔁@megobits I would be excited if I didn't always get the same things 😂
BravesFan @nflphilsophy🔁The are 45-45 and on fringe of wild card race. The next 10 games vs. , and should provide clarity.
Mike Praznowski @PrazMaster🔁Industry source thinks Cubs will trade for Britton. “If you have a chance to add Britton to your club, you do it. Theo has the minor-lgrs."
Harold King @HaroldK29727894🔁@d_t_n_7 @Feinsand I believe it won't take that much for the Chicago Cubs to get Zach Britton.
Dillon Atkinson @DAtkinsonOU🔁In the end, if all the Cubs do is raise the trade price from Houston or Dodgers by just being in the Britton sweepsta kes, I'll take it.
Joe Glasgow @jsph1959🔁Glaswegian Observer: It Ain't Easy Being A Cubs Fan
Kim Contreras @Cu_As🔁@CubsDen @Cubs Can't wait, John! Been too long as it is!
Bill 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @CubbableHoosier🔁@zachsgotmoxy @rickygangster @BigItaly42 @xBenJamminx @BoomersDFSDaddy I can't do this one..but can I start the Harper to Cubs fan club?
Red Beard @Dope_RedBeard🔁 Bryant has reached 60 walks and 60 runs scored. Only other ML players to do so this year: Bryce Harper, Joey Votto and Aaron Judge
j. Guerrero @jguerrero_4🔁 20* Cubs Blowout winner yesterday ✅✅✅✅✅✅

20* MAX Play today!!!

DM me!

Jeffery L Carter @jcarter54🔁 #Cubs have 3-0 record post All-Star break for 11th time in franchise history.
Mason Prince @MasonPrinceWGXA🔁The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016
The Atlanta Braves won 68 games in 2016
Cubs are 1/2 a game better than the Braves in 2017
Catherine Buckle @Catherineb2504🔁@NipNapShite it's a treasure as my bro used it at cubs, before he changed his name, aged 5 in 1971, the blankets been a good friend....
Official Lee Corwin @LeeCorwin🔁José Quintana last 2 GS:
10 K for Jul 8
12 K for Jul16
1st pitcher in MLB history with 10-K game for both teams in a season
The Miami Metropolis @MiamiMetropolis🔁Will the Cubs Wake From Post-World Series Slumber?
Nikki @nikkicavanagh1🔁I managed a group shot of Amelia fox and all 4 cubs tonight. Typical of family photo's though, one always looks...
Austin Leopard 🤼‍♂️ @AustinLeopard🔁The @Cubs sweeping the Orioles is a great way to get back on track!
Izzy 🇺🇸🇵🇭 @MrIzzyMercado🔁Def expect a much better outcome from Lester tonight! He'll shut up the doubters #Cubs
Filiberto Fernández @FiliFernandez🔁@ARenLosDeportes @USATODAY @RedSoxBeisbol @Cubs Dodgers.


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