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Cubs i dont wanna see saizo's dum face anymore @sighz0🔁 Mama and cubs 🐯♥️
Chicago Cubs @Cubs🔁#Cubs go back-to-back as @javy23baez drills a solo shot in the 2nd!
Chicago Cubs @Cubs🔁Cubs win!

Final: #Cubs 6, #Reds 1. #Everybodyin

Prophetic @hallusinati0ns🔁@Cubs See you Sunday!
Cubs Chicago Cubs @Cubs🔁Here is today's #Cubs lineup for the series finale.

Game preview: #EverybodyIn

KyleMarinac @KyleMarinac🔁We diminished his role significantly and upgraded the LF position and OF group as a whole immensely
Austin @NotDWright🔁@BRIFFGRAFF I hate the Yankees and I appreciate the Cubs... Aaron Judge is better
VjDj @epixradio🔁It's Done: Trump Signs HJR 69 into Law Allowing Slaughter of Alaskan Bear Cubs, Wolf Pups - EnviroNews | The Environmental News Specialists via
King of the North @Rjeg2000🔁 The Chicago Cubs have the lowest ERA in the National League and the second lowest in all of baseball.
Max Furiasse @max_furiasse🔁@KyleMarinac @ClarkMetAddison @Jacobha0503 @Cubs_Live So you have to be a top 5 to win any games?
Pc 513 Claire Gray @WYP_PcGray🔁The Cubs of Spen Valley meet the traffic many Cubs can we fit in an X5?!?! Answer: All of them!!!
Boston 🍯 @caseyaustin__🔁A 1.80 ERA in 25 innings? Filthy.

relievers were feeling it as they won Bullpen of the Week honors:

Jeff Thom @thom_jeffrey🔁As a Cubs fan I am so happy for Golden Knights fans. Those years of waiting, the agony of defeat, the fear you will die like loved ones have never seeing a title run
KyleMarinac @KyleMarinac🔁@max_furiasse @ClarkMetAddison @Jacobha0503 @Cubs_Live Man they must be winning games by magic
Max Furiasse @max_furiasse🔁But you didn't replace your LF, you moved him to platoon with a player who carried your team and one who is currently . Thames and Aguilar.
Silo Johnson @DazeOfOurLifes🔁@sportsmockery We want sammy sosa back ! Bring back sammy #freeSammy @Cubs
Chris Lee @SuperVendetta🔁Wondering when @espn will realize the @Brewers shouldn't be behind the cubs and cards every power rankings... Are they afraid of the truth?
Dewey McCoy @HawkeyeCoverage🔁Yu or Q: whose previous start was more important for the ?

Vote at ! We'll discuss at 6 o n .

RijosaYeahIamAnAngelDoYouC @healthsuplier🔁It’s this week! Here’s my favourite photo from my time watching this mother grizzly bear with her two year old cubs foraging on roots and grasses at . What an awesome day that was!
tony laskero @chibears99🔁Definately.. goal is to win the WS this year, not just the division.. this lineup is too inconsistent as is to trust in the postseason as we seen, add a bat like Machado and it much improved for a post season run... worry about next year on off season


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