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America the Great @FaleroJr🔁 “I will not shut up.” ~ .@nikkihaley US Ambassador to the UN. Brilliant. |
#nizmy #cuba ♥️ #USA
Terry Crosby @trycrzb🔁@CarreonNic Cuba Goodong Jr, actually told Tom Cruise want to say...
Cuba Laura Damasceno @LauraDamasceno6🔁Port of Call: Havana, Cuba RT @traveling_gals
David Huey @Huey5Huey🔁 “I will not shut up.” ~ .@nikkihaley US Ambassador to the UN. Brilliant. |
#nizmy #cuba ♥️ #USA
Marco Rubio @marcorubio🔁#Cuba style dictatorship moves ahead in #Venezuela
Josefina Vidal @JosefinaVidalF🔁1/1 is Ours: According to the Cuban Constitution, "the Republic of repudiates and considers illegal and null treati es, pacts or concessions concluded in conditions of inequality that ignore or diminish its sovereignty and territorial integrity".
PBC @premierboxing🔁: Unbeaten contender Luis Ortiz looks to become the first-ever Heavyweight World Champion from Cuba next Saturday nig ht as “King Kong” takes on WBC Champ on at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT. 🇨🇺
Ingrid Pazmiño @IngridPazmino🔁Maduro looking more like military dictator tonight although he has no military training only communist training in Cuba under Castro. Tonight’s cadena is dress up with Maduro.
SUNIEL SINGH NEGI @negi_suniel🔁Nigeria’s Islamist Jihadi group Boko Haram has imprisoned some 100 schoolgirls and uses them as sexual slaves like the IS. But what happened to our Bong Commies who protested about Vietnam,Chile,Cuba and Nicaragua? No protests?
Lina @lina_eisenberg🔁1) Move to Venezuela
2) Move to Iran
3) Move to North Korea
4) Move to Cuba
5) Move to Mexico
6) Move to Haiti
7) Move to Nigeria
8) Move to Saudi Arabia
9) Move to Libya
10) Move to Syria
11) Move to Afghanistan
12) Move to Puerto Rico

Ryan C. @TrashFilmGuru🔁Anti- Imperialist U: Inside the Secret War on
Ryan C. @TrashFilmGuru🔁On this day in 1903, the US officially stole Guantanamo Bay from Cuba in a blatant act of imperialism, thus beginning a US military occupation of 45 square miles of Cuba, which continues to this day.
Ryan C. @TrashFilmGuru🔁The US occupation of Guantanamo Bay first began in 1898 following the Spanish-American war; however, the land was officially “leased in perpetuity” in 1903 following a US threat issued to Cuba's US-installed gov that it would be attacked if it didn’t hand the land over.
Ryan C. @TrashFilmGuru🔁Since the Castro came to power in 1959, Cuba has continually demanded the US return the stolen land; however, the US has disregarded these complaints about its illegal annexation of foreign territory.
LiveCheap&MakeArt @LivCheapMakeArt🔁Cuba - At Muraleando, a community Art Center
RC @RCRod97🔁@PrisonPlanet Do they know they're always allowed to move to Cuba or North Korea ?
LiveCheap&MakeArt @LivCheapMakeArt🔁Cuba - Visiting a Tobacco Farm
Lisa prendergast @cindyrelish🔁 I still believe the sonic noise debacle in Cuba was done by Putin.
LiveCheap&MakeArt @LivCheapMakeArt🔁Textures and colors of Cuba!
ways 🌊 @claritamk🔁Tupac’s initials are T. A. S. that’s three letters, you know what else has three?? A TRIANGLE. U know what else is a triangle? The Illuminati. Where’s the Illuminati at? CUBA. Cuba is cube. Cube & triangle are shapes. Ed Sheeran has the song Shape of you. Ed sheeran is Tupac.
Bill Dolbow @neverbeta🔁Worst case scenario: all ties between us and Mexico are cut. Mexico is already in dire straights, without us they're done. Who cares about the mexican president? They can not survive without america, unless they want to be the next Cuba.
Piphogs @Piphogs🔁Cuba Claims Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son via @YouTube
TheycalledmeSofia @sfieathefirst🔁My friend recommended me to eat here (the first two pictures are hers). Siapa peminat chicken wings, pergi sekarang and cuba.

Location: Wing Stop, MyTown Cheras

Baca thread for more info.

Ricardo Acuna @racuna001🔁if comparison is the quest, then how Cuba have been doing that since the beginning, Lybia did the same plus sharing o il profit within the population, Venezuela do more than the same, ..... Because your greedy country is founded in terrorist profit for the only 1%. Capichi?
Ryan Doors @RyanDoors🔁"heard voices" = ON PHARMA DRUGS.
This is why shithole countries always have "free healthcare" as their primary focus .
ie shithole britain, soviet union, cuba, and canada.
LiveCheap&MakeArt @LivCheapMakeArt🔁I spent a week in Cuba with the artist Jane LaFazio, a group of artists and our American tour organizer from Arts...
nh_think @nh_think🔁And BS on not protecting us! He is the only President to actually make the US safer, stronger, & prouder. Pedal your false narrative in China & Cuba.
Randy k. "covfefe" @randykjo🔁"Celebreties, politicians, and banks are all protected by armed guards. It’s time we start protecting the future generation of Americans". -, an inspiration, God bless you. | cuba
The Citizen @TheCitizen_in🔁April Elections in Cuba Will Officially Bring an End to The Rule of The Castro Family
Oba®o @vhowa🔁In a 2010 interview, a friend of Tupac and fellow rap, Treach, was asked "is Tupac still alive?" After laughing and pushing away the question, the camera is still rolling but put down. Later he goes onto answer saying "last time I saw him he was in Cuba." Tupac is living in Cuba.
Beatriz Ferrer @Beatriz08893533🔁ICYMI + MSNBC Freaks: ‘Lying’ Trump’s ‘Strange’ Speech Was Like Dictators from Cuba, Venezuela (VIDEO)
Henny-Penny @reid_conetha🔁 Ask people who live in Cuba & Venezuela.
🦉 @FathinAinur_🔁These 3 is my holy grail! I swear. My lips is so dry for almost 3yrs and i kena pakai lipbalm 24/7 or nnt my lips st art berdarah. I cuba bnyk sgt lipbalm (my friends calls me lipbalm hoe 😂) but after try these 3 i just pakai lipbalm sblm keluar rumah 😍
Henny-Penny @reid_conetha🔁Ask people who live in Cuba & Venezuela.
Carol Alfonso @caa1000🔁So... Chinese President can decree to stay in power like Cuba? Go figure!
EmbaCuba-Argelia @EmbaCuba_Argel🔁2/2 is Ours: Therefore, the 1903 Treaty that led to the occupation of a portion of the territory of by the Naval Base in Guantanamo is illegal and void. That's why we say:
Ron Glass @RonGlass11🔁so is leaving Twitter.. i'd re-tweet her post myself but i've been blocked by her for nine months now.. of course she's back to blaming the Russians.. maybe its time for Lynn to take a trip to Cuba.. we got plenty of room at Gitmo for Satanic Pedophiles!
EmbaCuba-Argelia @EmbaCuba_Argel🔁1/1 is Ours: According to the Cuban Constitution, "the Republic of repudiates and considers illegal and null treaties, pacts or concessions concluded in conditions of inequality that ignore or diminish its sovereignty and territorial integrity".
C. G. Estabrook @cgalliher🔁Cuba is commemorating the 123rd anniversary of the start of the Cuban War of Independence, along with its emblematic leader, national hero Jose Marti.

Luke Dawson 🇬🇧 @Dawstopper🔁They’re not made to be used... I wouldn’t care if they were cheap empty shellls, as long as other powers believe we h ave them. It’s the deterrent that works, so you could say they’ve been very effective since 1945.

Why do you think the USSR left Cuba in 1962?

Heir ☯ @itsjustjordaann🔁Then why tf is she even using it if she came from Cuba no excuses idc
Fabiano Gasparini @ElGanspo🔁16 oz. salmuera-rubbed bone-in rib-eye . “Boniato bravas" and grilled broccolini. Cuba Libre steak sauce
Mangumites @mangumites🔁My family left Cuba because it was an oppressive government. Castro enslaved and killed my relatives. The extreme left accuses of being a fascist. One thing they ignore is to look at themselves because they are the fascist. The guilty always points the finger.
Dave O'Grady @daveGildedALM🔁When you hear @IbeyiOfficial in your local cafe, #Cuba #Paris #Dingle #Ringsend > music travels @XLRECORDINGS


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