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Habib Manoor @habib_manoor🔁 Afraid of heights? Watch how this man travels on the streets of Havana, Cuba
China Xinhua News @XHNews🔁Afraid of heights? Watch how this man travels on the streets of Havana, Cuba
Cuba Mauro L @aji_mauro🔁 De terror esta foto...

Putin #Rusia ⚠️ Castro #Cuba

Horrifying picture...

Kat 😍 @cuba_mixer🔁 My cause of death is gonna be because @BTS_twt came to America #bts #AMAs #BTSxJimmyKimmel
Clay Travis @ClayTravis🔁Guys, believing police aren’t modern day slave catchers and that America is better than Cuba is racist. Just FYI.
The Wall Street Journal @WSJ🔁The exodus from Venezuela is roughly twice the number who fled Cuba in the two decades after the revolution there
Nicole Fabricant @nikifab77🔁@SujathaTF @thenation Great piece, my friend! Just had a chance to read it! I miss Cuba already.
لاله شجاعیان @lalehsh1414🔁Out tomorrow: 'Your mind is in prison' - new report into government repression in

Contact for an embargoed copy

Cubanos en Crisis @cubanos_crisis🔁Same with Cuba and I dont see any international ong or EU claiming freedom for oppositors or free elections to castr os who by the way are the same behind Venezuela's problem
(((El Isleño))) @ElIsleno954🔁Remembering the victims of in : The 37 victims of the '13 de Marzo' tugboat massacre - by
marvin rushing @MarvinrMarvin🔁 BUSTED: RINO Senator Jeff Flake Caught Praising Zimbabwe Dictator Robert Mugabe In His Senior Thesis
Madelyn de Winter @madelyndewinter🔁This is incredibly sad.

Family of Barb Johnston, 54, warns Canadian travellers to have an emergency plan.

"Be prep ared and get out as quick as possible if you get sick...Don't wait."

rita @ohrxta🔁 I'll be in Cuba, but ALL Chicago folks make sure you slide to lil bro event! It will be bussin✍🏾? ?
zach @fuckbikes🔁He only follows Cuba Gooding Jr
Russell Upsumgrub @RussellUpsmgrub🔁 Kaepernick, born in Milwaukee, once tried to tell a Havana-born journalist why Cuba was better than the USA.
Larry Wilbur @larrywilbur71🔁 They complain about Russian Bots spreading fake news on social media. What country sponsors this bot? Cuba perhaps? I couldn't see an actual human spreading such a boldface lie.
Concerned American @raulperez911🔁You should be honored to be an American! Please move to N Korea,Russia,China,Africa,Venezuela,Cuba,Iraq,Iran!God Bles s America!
Steve Saban @Steve_Saban🔁@CNN Ok...the US is restricting travel to Cuba but allowing the Kremlin financial control over Venezuela.

How does this help the US?

Mike @m78fire🔁@UrbanArtPhoto @TorontoStar You should move to Cuba they still trying to build socialisms over there
Noé Smith @MahomieSmith🔁 Well, that'll be lovely.


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