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#CriticalRole Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁 The content we live for! GNOMESS YEAAAHH #CriticalRole
#CriticalRole Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁 There are no words for how much I love these nerds. #CriticalRole
arsequeef @ArseQueef🔁...Where's Vax? #CriticalRole
#CriticalRole ✴ Lady Death Bird ✴ @emmiewithacape🔁 Worked on this lovely lady a little more! #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart
Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁 ...Where's Vax? #CriticalRole
#CriticalRole#CriticalRole#CriticalRole#CriticalRole ✴ Lady Death Bird ✴ @emmiewithacape🔁 So fun.
Well at least up to the point where Matt calls up the Ring girl . . .
Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁 Accurate description of me watching last night's #CriticalRole :
#CriticalRole#CriticalRole#CriticalRole#CriticalRole Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁 Doodled this a few episodes ago and it’s become relevant again, meh #criticalrole
#CriticalRole Thomas Brin @BrinMataujall🔁 "I'll gently rise and I'll softly call
Good night and joy be with you all" #CriticalRole
#CriticalRole Geek & Sundry @GeekandSundry🔁What's that saying? A picture's worth a thousand saving throws? #CriticalRole
Liam O'Brien @VoiceOfOBrien🔁Good game. Love my family. Love you Critters. Signing off for a while. #CriticalRole
noodle boy @kkamabr🔁Hunters.
I wanted to draw Vex in a ball gown and then I stuck Percy in a big ass crow skull for fun
Rebecca Peterson @landofmetaphors🔁NO ONE HAD BETTER GET ANGRY AT MATT ABOUT THIS, YOU KNOW HE ALREADY FEELS TERRIBLE. #CriticalRole #Episode102
Thomas Brin @BrinMataujall🔁Doodle batch post is up! AHHH So whe n will next week be here?
John O'Brien @UncleOok🔁I may be emotionally & physically exhausted but I feel... hopeful?
And I'm inspired by Matt's DMing & the players' play.
Heather @TehRedCoat🔁Me: *weeping as quietly as possible in cubicle*
Muggle coworker: Are... you okay?
Me: Sad part of my book. *sobsob* #criticalrole #Spoilers
Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁Mood: legitimately magnificent storytelling and five hours of all-caps texting with .
leny marie @coffeefuncakes🔁Haven't seen the latest episode yet. And I am afraid to watch it. #CriticalRole
Tobias 🇵🇷 🏳️‍🌈 @TobilTop🔁 Vecna attempts to counterspell the plane shift. Scanlan counterspells the counterspell. #CriticalRole
Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁So I fell asleep at the just after the break on and this morning my feed is just screaming...
What did I miss???
Inja Y Ddraig @InjaMorgan🔁gentle reminder that not everyone is caught up with the episodes! 😣😕 #CriticalRol e
Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁 "no taryon is on the floor weeping, holding his necklace" MY BOY #CriticalRole
Kathryn @YouGrock🔁When you're dead in the morning because late night streaming. #CriticalRole #worthit
John O'Brien @UncleOok🔁so hypothetically, if you got a chance to build a new level 17 character to bring in this final arc, what's your choice?
Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁I wanted to do something to celebrate ep100 of Critical Role (even if late) To many, many more!
Willow 🌵 @Anna31415Pierce🔁Returned to an in-progress caption file to find this unintentional snapshot of the show in a nutshell!
🏳️‍🌈Cha Sand✨ @Cha_C_San🔁I used the power of the @ProjectDerailed summaries and now I'm watching the fight from last night. Wooooooow. #CriticalRole


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