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#CriticalRole Micah Camp @DailyPasta🔁Beach Episode! So fun~! #CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart
#CriticalRole Jane Gray @lashak43🔁 Finally got the courage to show some art, so heres everyone's favorite Barbarian! #criticalrole
#CriticalRole#CriticalRole AnaMay @weasleygeek🔁 The shirt is starting to get ominous. #criticalrole
#CriticalRole R.A.N @Aqqir🔁 the Ultimate Betrayal #CriticalRole
#CriticalRole Scarlet Moth @ThatScarletMoth🔁 9-1-1???? I just witnessed a murder???? #CriticalRole
#CriticalRole camolatte 張熊猫 @thecamolatte🔁 HAAA I WAS RIGHT!!!! IM AN ORACLE!!! #CriticalRole
#CriticalRole Joshua Coupe @Skippy454🔁My only thought when Grog said he wanted to make a sand castle. @WillingBlam #Criticalrole
Parvo @sonoparvo🔁 "Johann Trickfoot, random tasker at your service." #CriticalRole
#CriticalRole Lynie @zelenedraconis🔁 A part of #CriticalRole Ep 69 really, really hit home during this... challenging time for me.
#CriticalRole Scarlet Moth @ThatScarletMoth🔁 Is it Friday yet? Yeah it is. One year jump. Let's go.
#CriticalRole Kramer Fry @KramerFry🔁 Does Critical Role's fan art gallery accept photos? Dungeon Master prom was the best! #criticalrole
#CriticalRole Samuel Varner @samuel_varner🔁 this is @TheVulcanSalute cat mace from the Liam episode #CriticalRole
#CriticalRole Tlou2 @najwagamer🔁 One year later... #Criticalrole
Alpha @JoinTeamAlpha🔁#CriticalRole
We all know what @samriegel's next shirt is gonna be:
#CriticalRole Sam Riegel @samriegel🔁One year later... #Criticalrole
Matthew Mercer @matthewmercer🔁Tonight's #CriticalRole starts in about an hour! We return from the Time Jump! Let's see what's transpired! Join us!
Rasa Nebula @uneasypea🔁The previews from this weekend shoot look so good!
Rasa Nebula @uneasypea🔁"The Student Has Become the (Dungeon) Master"
After that Q&A , I just wanted to say
Thank you for being you. :)
D&D Retweets @dnd_retweets🔁 Elven Rider Armee is finished #criticalrole #miniatures #crafting #dnd #critters #CR
Rasa Nebula @uneasypea🔁Painted a Vex tonight to see where my skill were at. Not bad for not painting for 3 years.
Julia @LadyAhiru🔁Elven Rider Armee is finished #criticalrole #miniatures #crafting #dnd #critters #CR
Jessy Fox @FreesideKing🔁Sam just skated in by the seat of his pants and is wearing a shirt that will chill your soul...
Viktor Engholm @Viktormon🔁This episode has been so Good and Nice so far 💕💕 #CriticalRole
Queen Turd @GoddessQueenRed🔁Reactions from .

Jake S. @EkajTheOrc🔁May have just started back up my Twitter just to post that gif. Also may have binged #Criticalrole in under 2 months to watch live tonight.
Jake S. @EkajTheOrc🔁Reactions from .

(((Luna★{VALOR}))) @LunaSafire🔁I just finished episode 64 of #CriticalRole and I was just. Crying. So hard. @orionacaba @matthewmercer @CriticalRole
Kitten Poker @kitten_poker🔁#KittenCatchesUp on #CriticalRole ...... the giant flagon is back.... does that mean Scanlan is back?
Claire Hart @UfTVzysGvNGQFU2🔁 I didn't know I needed this. #Criticalrole
Rammaru @Pyrkon! @dearHadrian🔁Consider this: Sun Tree as a person aka the coolest dude on the block (that's all 's fault)
Chris Kindell @chaotrix100🔁@VoiceOfOBrien What was it that Tary gave Vax to fuck with Grog? I'm dying to know!!! #Criticalrole
R.A.N @Aqqir🔁 "can i control water and levitate the urine?" " know what? yes. i will let you control urine" #criticalrole
icjaker @icjaker🔁I absolutely cannot wait for some fan art of the beach/stealing the armor with dogs scene in the latest #Criticalrole #criticalrolefanart
Paul Morris @TheCBAddict🔁@LadyAhiru Oh you poor poor lady never forget @samriegel is a massive #troll #Criticalrole
Mysza @roguemouse🔁My fav thing of the entire ep was @VoiceOfOBrien muttering "Tribbles" under his breath :3
#CriticalRole (ep.95) #itsthelittlethings #birbson
Mysza @roguemouse🔁I loved my 1st live #CriticalRole (no tweeting tho much squee in FB msgs), but dunno if I will make this a regular thing. What is sleep O_O
Paul Morris @TheCBAddict🔁@El_Maxo_Braxo @matthewmercer @Marisha_Ray #MatthewMcConatree #Criticalrole alright alright alright
Sally Jones @oy8GfYUfD7WmKtA🔁 "You want a proper tour of DEEZ NUTS!?" #CriticalRole
Bella Sutherland @PvohwA5ntkcNZZU🔁 Today I met @MaryEMcGlynn and thanks to that, I need to catch-up on #CriticalRole (also #DiceCameraAction)
Jonesy @drunken_pilot🔁i love that Tary and Vex are basically roommates, i need to hear abt their wacky shared-house adventures #criticalrole


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