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Cristiano Criss y Mariaaa @christian77mark🔁 Winning on & off the pitch @Cristiano 🐐
CristianoCristiano Yayél alejandro R @RomeroGabriel_🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo’s Champions League final highlights
CristianoCristiano J⚽ta J⚽ta M⚽rel⚽s @jota_verdolaga🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo’s mom has the same number of Champions League of Barcelona.. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
CristianoCristiano dipdip🐓 @elevenslay🔁 👑 King of the Bicycle Kick 🚲

🤔 Who did it better?

🔁 RT - @Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Mohamad Fareez @fareez_2001🔁 Cristiano with his son and girlfriend.
Cristiano The Guy @TheRealisticGuy🔁 Cristiano knew what would happen to Mo Salah and yet he didn't warn him about Ramos #UCLfinal
Cristiano ABDO @ABDOEGYPT9090🔁@Cristiano @Nike The First..
CristianoCristiano luisreyes69 @Luis_reyes189🔁 🤔 Who did it better?

🔁 RT - @GarethBale11

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| 🇩🇿 DJAZAIRIA 🇩🇿 | @Chanez213🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating with his Family ❤️
Cristiano Ronny @PortistaIDN🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo knows the pain of being forced off injured in a final. #UCLFinal
Cristiano khalid awatty @KhalidAwatty🔁 🇪🇬😢

Great sportsmanship by @Cristiano Ronaldo🙌🏻

Get well soon, @MoSalah!

Cristiano JuanFernando @Aguilaaar_F🔁 How many, Cristiano? ✋
Cristiano Killua ⚡️☠️🔮 @Fonzi_4🔁 Could Ronaldo really be moving on from Real Madrid?
CristianoCristiano Kibungei yego @Kibungz_z🔁 Which goal was better?

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Cristiano #kingofbadmouth @samphilips59🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo now has the same amount of UEFA Champions League trophies as FC Barcelona.
Cristiano LoRD EnDTiME jESUS @Brown__Douglas🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo now has the same amount of European Cup Titles as Liverpool. 😳
Cristiano نواف الحارثي🇸🇦🇸🇦 @b_ew99🔁 Believe It Done. #JustDoIt
#Nike #NikeFootball #NikeSoccer
Cristiano misael chavez 🏆 @misaelchavezal1🔁 Five Champions League titles: @Cristiano is a giant in Europe.
Paul Burton @PaulBurton_15🔁 Cristiano: "I can't say right now that I will be at Real Madrid next season."


Abubakar Sadiq Lawal @Abuzay89🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating with his Family ❤️
Cristiano Aringga Nauval S @arnggns🔁 The Champions League is Cristiano Ronaldo’s competition... everyone else is just playing in it. 🤩
Cristiano FIFA World Cup 🏆 @FIFAWorldCup🔁🇪🇬😢

Great sportsmanship by @Cristiano Ronaldo🙌🏻

Get well soon, @MoSalah!

Cristiano B/R Football @brfootball🔁A @Cristiano shot in training led to a cameraman needing stitches, so Ronaldo apologised and gifted him his jacket 👏
Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo @Cristiano🔁Believe It Done. #JustDoIt
#Nike #NikeFootball #NikeSoccer
Play boi @nazeer_Ado🔁Cristiano is about to have as many Champions League trophies as Barcelona have in their whole career 👀🔥🐐
Nathan Muembia @Nmuembia97🔁Sergio Ramos 32 years old

Cristiano 33 years old

Benzema 30 years old

Marcelo 30 years old

Luka Modric 32 years old

Keylor Navas 31 years old

Real Madrid should start thinking about the future if they don’t wanna decline like AC Milan or Inter Milan

BUXTON DANIEL NII DJABA💫😂😂 @niidjaba🔁Más Copas de Europa:
0️⃣7️⃣ AC Milan
0️⃣5️⃣ Barcelona, Bayern, Liverpool y CRISTIANO RONALDO
🇵🇹🇧🇷 @IconicCristiano🔁Messis favourite part of the UCL Final was when Cristiano didn’t perform as good so they put up as their avi LOOOOOL what a weird fan base the man has the same amount of CLs as their club, they’re absolutely shameless
Nikoli @nikolas237🔁Cristiano Ronaldo has the most Champions League:

Home goals
Away goals
Group stage goals
Quarter-final goals
Semi-final goals
Final goals
And the player with the most CL trophies


. @HARDNARD901🔁Cristiano Ronaldo's record in the Champions League is unrivaled.

He believes that warrants a new name for the competition...

Jennate @twohexrts🔁The CRISTIANO LEAGUE
Saudah💞 @saudah_u🔁Let’s settle this, who did it better?

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Diana @dianaloyolaa🔁Cristiano: “Who was the top scorer once again?

The Champions League should change and be called the CR7 Champions League.

I have won five and I am the goalscorer again, so I cannot be sad." [Marca]

Abz ✨ @OfficialAbz1🔁🇪🇺 European Cups Wins:

🇵🇹 : 5 🏆

🇪🇸 : 5 🏆

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 : 5 🏆

🇩🇪 : 5 🏆

🇳🇱 : 4 🏆

🇮🇹 : 3 🏆

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 : 3 🏆

🇮🇹 : 2 🏆

らららランボ @RaRaRaRambo217🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo admits maaaaybe his timing was a bit off with his post-game comments:

onb @On2eb🔁Cristiano with tears in his eyes: "I will talk about my future in the coming days. It's been wonderful to have played for Real Madrid." []
Cristian Omar Castro Berrelleza @CristianO_CB97🔁Miami Marlins, Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies, San Francisco Giants, Washington Nationals, Minnesota Twins, Pit tsburgh Pirates, Los Angeles Angels, Arizona D-backs, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox y Baltimore Orioles.
Laille Isaks @LailleIsaks2🔁Work of the *BBC*

Cristiano Ronaldo took the team from group stages to quarter finals

Benzema did it for Semi final

Bale did it in the finals.

*Division of labour*
*BBC* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Roco @lau_180682🔁 Did Cristiano Ronaldo actually congratulate Gareth Bale for his goals? Or just worry that his star was being pissed on?
Aey @Superioraey🔁Real Madrid 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Milan 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Bayren munich 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Liverpool 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Barcelona 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Will Silva @WilliamSilva978🔁Most goals scored in the 2017/18 Champions League:

⚪️ Cristiano Ronaldo (15)
🔴 Mohamed Salah (10)
🔴 Roberto Firmino (10)
🔴 Sadio Mané (10)

The only four in double figures.

fballROCKS @MADfballista🔁Cristiano was asked about the future, Bale offered it. Either way, they don't need to BS us. The effect would be the same now or later. AND we all know Cris won't BS us. He was right to held it back until the season ended. Although, he did hint at it already so, we saw it coming.
#HalaMadrid #UCLfinal #RMALIV #ChampionsLeagueFinal
CATALINA RIGOU @CatalinaRigou🔁Cristiano Ronaldo has opened the door to a lucrative summer transfer by commenting “it has been great being at Real M adrid” moments after helping the team to victory in the Champions League final over Liverpool.

Victoria @VicBnzz🔁Cristiano Ronaldo

Three English Premier League titles

Two Spanish League titles

Five UEFA Champions League titles

European Championship

Five World Player of the Year awards

566 goals in 752 games

Lord Sixers @SixtusPE🔁Now let’s settle this, who is your World’s Best?

RT for Cristiano Ronaldo
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Dago 🥑 @YourFriendDago🔁@Cristiano has the same amount of Champions Leagues are Barca 👀
Austin E. Ogbolu @houstziliouz🔁 Real Madrid's president isn't concerned with Cristiano Ronaldo's comments:

A S Olaitan @AbdullahiSamsu3🔁A shot in training led to a cameraman needing stitches, so Ronaldo apologised and gifted him his jacket 👏
Ran Dheer☕ @engineerdhir🔁Who did it better?

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Ramy @Ramyy_ak🔁Sergio Ramos: Cristiano needs to clarify what he meant today. He always wants to feel loved and he’s very important for us whether he scores or not. I don’t think he wants to leave, who wants to leave heaven? There won’t be a better place than Real Madrid for him.
dipdip🐓 @elevenslay🔁😢 goes off with a shoulder injury.

🤔 The first person to console him?

👏 Ronaldo. Respect.

Jewel Eni @Jeweleni_diva🔁Cristiano Ronaldo has finished Champions League top-scorer in six consecutive seasons:

2012/13: 12 goals
2013/14: 17 goals
2014/15: 10 goals
2015/16: 16 goals
2016/17: 12 goals
2017/18: 15 goals

Seven in total. 🤩

God's child @Colleencrmn🔁 My take? Cristiano just playing around in order to get the payrise to Neymar salary as he wanted
QUEEN V. @mizveey🔁"The Champions League should be called the CR7 Champions League"

Big words from .

He believes he's the king of Europe's elite competition after winning it 5 times 👑


Andre Philadelpho @andrephiladelph🔁@Jackshat2 @RealCandaceO @Cristiano @TigerWoods Who cares?
Mohamad Fareez @fareez_2001🔁Cristiano Ronaldo:

At 31: Won the Champions league and Ballon d'or

At 32: Won Back-to-back CL and Back-to-back Ballon d'or

At 33: "Scored in 12 consecutive CL games and Won the CL for a record 3rd time in a row

A serial winner and a legend in my books.

Play boi @nazeer_Ado🔁Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more Champions League final goals than any other player (4), with the Portuguese scoring in a record three different finals in the competition (since 1992-93 - 2008, 2014 and 2017).
Yaasir @YaasirKhan🔁Imagine your wife leaving you for a man with a much larger penis.

Then when he screws her, you stand by the side of the bed cheering him on. When he cums you celebrate.

Welcome to Man United fans’ relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo...

FUTURIST @shobi31🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo will have nightmares about that Gareth Bale goal
dipdip🐓 @elevenslay🔁🏆 2007/08 🔴
🏆 2013/14 ⚪️
🏆 2015/16 ⚪️
🏆 2016/17 ⚪️
🏆 2017/18 ⚪️

Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Champions League for the FIFTH time in his career 😳

Jedi @sorefunmi🔁UCL 2014 🏆 MOTM 🥇 Di Maria
UCL 2016 🏆 MOTM 🥇 Sergio Ramos
UCL 2017 🏆 MOTM 🥇 Cristiano Ronaldo
UCL 2018 🏆 MOTM 🥇 Gareth Bale

Thanks to these Players for their Magical Performances in Finals.

Diana @dianaloyolaa🔁 Zidane: “Cristiano needs to stay yes or yes.”
CHAMP13NS 🏆💙🙏 @Matteus_Crvg7🔁🏆 2008
🏆 2014
🏆 2016
🏆 2017
🏆 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo wins his 5⃣th CHAMPIONS LEAGUE title and is one short of the European Cup record holder, Gento, with 6! 😎🖐📸

Soma Sadi Abdoul @abdoul_sadi🔁@realmadrid @Cristiano Greatest
Olú.! @seunbrainiac🔁Goals Cristiano Ronaldo has scored for Real Madrid: 450.

Goals Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino & Sadio Mane have scored for Liverpool, Roma, Fiorentina, Chelsea, Basel, El Mokawloon, Hoffenheim, Figueirense, Southampton, RB Salzburg, Metz, Egypt, Brazil & Senegal: 385.


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