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Noe alar @Calebkole135🔁 #BrunoMars and #CardiB hit the #GRAMMYs  stage. Peep Bruno Mars and crew KICK game! #OFFWHITE
Shonny Wonny 🏳️‍🌈 @SpaldingsWife_🔁 "Shy Glizzy's verse on Crew sucked"
Little Negro Boy @Melaninneal🔁 ME Listening to Crew
Crew MOOR'E➕➕ @2_live_crew_c3🔁 Jefe has arrived @ShyGlizzy #GRAMMYs
CrewCrewCrew KissMyBot @JAP5617🔁 7. Pete, Lisa, Jim, Trisha, Dave, Mike, Andy and Jim.... Quite the crew.


Crew Levi @LeviLjohnson🔁 Proud of our #ProBowl crew
Crew Edson @chuy_okura🔁 Excited to bring this crew to TV #mayansmc
CrewCrew Irene Rodriguez @once_lovestwice🔁 Momo always get in contact with her sister and old dance crew friends when she's in Japan 😆
Crew Michael Beschloss @BeschlossDC🔁Challenger Space Shuttle crew perished after launch from Cape Canaveral this morning 1986: #NASA
SmithsonianAirSpace @airandspace🔁Remembering the crew of Challenger STS 51-L. Today in 1986: the launch of STS-51-L ended in tragedy when Challenger a nd crew were lost 73 seconds after liftoff. Crew of STS-51-L: Ellison Onizuka, Mike Smith, Christa McAuliffe, Dick Scobee, Greg Jarvis, Ron McNair & Judith Resnik.
NASA History Office @NASAhistory🔁At 6:31pm Eastern Time January 27, 1967 a fire broke out in the Apollo Command Module during a ground test, killing the Apollo 1 crew: Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee.

DEBBIE @dreamerwitha🔁Remembering the crew of the space shuttle Challenger, which exploded shortly after lifting off on this day in 1986.
Darren Gauthier ⚜️ @darrengauthier🔁Lifetime achievement awards for Neil Diamond, NOLA’s own The Meters, Tina Turner and The Wrecking Crew’s Hal Blaine. I know this because the announcer mentioned it coming back from commercials.
Annie Dineen @anniedineen🔁A+ award show social justice execution: talking , cut to clapping hands with her daughter, cue & a whole crew of talented bad-ass women. Flawless.
Emoni @Emonsterx33🔁 "CREW" will be sang and rapped for decades. Period. Thats all that matters.
jordiee @jordiechantal🔁Win or lose, GoldLink's Grammy nomination for "Crew" was just a super special moment....especially for the DMV
Ladydot @dlady44🔁@Porsha4real Yes you did, but please let go of kandi and her vendictive crew, it's something very sick and weird going on with them
Reese @MoneyMakers_Ent🔁As the most talented artists and entertainers in the world black people need to come to the realization that we won’t get the recognition we truly deserve until we create our own ceremonies that we value just as much as we do these awards given out by the mayo crew.
Han @augustusstyles_🔁 GoldLink deserves a Grammy for Crew, let’s be real
Nikki Wolfe @Nikki704🔁Beautiful tribute by Eric Church and crew
Mike Doocy @MikeDoocyFox4🔁This was the crew at Super Bowl 30..22 years ago tonight.
At 10, reflects on that day and why the Cowboys have stru ggled so much since. 10pm/
Ann Schach @StampinSchach🔁The Stamp Review Crew: Sale-A-Bration Edition
nah i heard u be stealing shit @trillmacktee🔁 sorry, but Crew should have won
PolarBearGaming @HazardBelieve🔁Yep 😀 i hit 43 subs hope i get 100 by the end of this year!
Child @SupremeChild_🔁the 2k community is so fucked up , this is aj he has a disibility , he plays 2k with one hand , he was playing with a friend from his crew and his friend got mad cause he wasnt holding defense correctly , they started arguin and he said ill break yo other hand which made him cry
Tone Bee @TeeliciousB🔁Kesha always reminded me of a rocked out version of Black Ink Crew Donna
Connor Hughes @Hugh_Crew🔁 There’s a glock in my boot
My team made divisonals. Yours been on the couch. @ChldishRicardo🔁 Crew is still a CLASSIC CULTURAL record.
❄️MaxPowers @Kurt4Skers🔁We definitely need to hold the press accountable, especially the OWH crew. I don’t think that Sam meant to come off a s negative though, but I appreciate you watching out.
Crúzinho🤧 @ovodop🔁Love Galore was robbed. Crew was robbed. Uzi was robbed. Flower Boy will be robbed. SZA was robbed. Travis Scott was robbed. Brent Faiyaz was robbed. Shy Glizzy was robbed. GoldLink was robbed.
เก่งมากลูกแม่! @iahtiam_🔁It says a lot about someone with how they treat ppl behind the scenes. waiters, staff, crew etc. Jiyong has always been known for his kindness despite his status & how he treats everyone with the same amount of respect no matter who you are. I’ll always love him the most for that
Legendary RTs [4.9K] @Legendary_RTs🔁I Just entered $50 Crypto Giveaway! Enter today | |
Bill Werde @bwerde🔁A+ award show social justice execution: talking , cut to clapping hands with her daughter, cue & a whole crew of t alented bad-ass women. Flawless.
Jae @xBaby_Jaee🔁 Crew deserves an honorary Grammy.
Bertram Stroud @strdbertram🔁Sunday Funday
( With my Jay-Z inspired vibe )
Chillin at w/ and crew…
RetweetDNR @RETWEETDNR🔁Smh. . . Have more time in the hill than anybody else, with an ar. Give me a sub, and a actually chance.
Crúzinho🤧 @ovodop🔁i’m absolutely tired of y’all saying GoldLink should’ve left Shy Glizzy off “Crew” like no. His part is what gets me hype, he brings balance to the song
RenaBena✨ @ultrabrownie🔁 But to be completely honest, the hook on “Crew” deserves a Grammy just for existing.
K R @damaman0012🔁You should always comply with orders from a flight crew. Sarcasm doesn’t translate here. Federal offense. Learned your lesson I hope.
Lanipillar 🐛 Level 113 @Tunechi_Le_Ajee🔁Even tho Crew didn’t win Goldlink, Shy and Brent received a eternal W from the area

Let’s be honest

Crew shitted on that Kendrick song

ㅈㅗㅈㄱㅏㅌㄴㅔ @sammcha🔁Bruno Mars and crew hit the stage with OFF WHITE AJ1, OFF WHITE Presto, and Sean Wotherspoon x Air Max 97/1 (via )
thamfbrat.💗 @daaythadoll🔁i kick shit by myself and still be cool🤷🏽‍♀️ never really needed a crew .. ya feel me ?
LILATHAACEDGOD @allohhhh🔁Yea shy glizzy slick killed the overall vibe Crew had. But I still rap his part hard as hell. 😭
Big Weasel @gray_dewayne🔁 Check out my interview from @Gridiron_Crew when you get the chance
Brad Miller @sslobalt🔁@wil_trapp is the USMNT Captain tonight?! So awesome! Way to rep Ohio and the Crew!
yesenia @Yesen1aaLawley🔁the maze runner :the death cure is the best movie ever. you can’t argue with that . you did so amazing! the cast an d crew were also so amazing ❤️☺️!!!
melissa 💗 @siemprewjiaer🔁180128 Hbdc dance crew DreamRunnerz築夢街舞隊posts about Jackson:
"Just to inform everyone, Wang Jia Er couldn't be present today, so we used a photo as replacement"
Lu Han is holding a phone with a pic from Jackson's Keep Running recording.
There is HBDC recording today.


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