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Crew batistuta @batis783🔁Found a Transponder Snail!
Get an inside look at the flashiest crew around! #TreCru
re diddy 👑 @TruthBeyondYou🔁 Imagine thinking Shy Glizzy’s verse on Crew was unnecessary.
Crew Azizi Othman @AziziOthmanMY🔁J.Crew is shutting down one of its most popular stores
CrewCrewCrewCrew give me winter album info @elizasclarkes🔁 filming crew: okay chanyeol now act like you're dizzy and disoriented
Crew Manoj Pallai @manojpallai🔁businessinsider: J.Crew is shutting down one of its most popular stores
Crew мєяѕαℓ @bhairavsaikumar🔁 Houseful Nit Shows Even in Thursday
Real Victory for a Good Film
Congrats to#Kodiveeran Crew
Crew Wolf of High Street @DerekWeltdotcom🔁 Here's my statement from the Attorney General's Office regarding the Columbus Crew. #SaveTheCrew
mireille @mireillebrigit🔁 Everybody in crew towers wants to wish happy birthday to Robert Kubica! #F1
Crew Ahmed Narysh @AhmedNarysh🔁 J.Crew is shutting down one of its most popular stores
Hioma2.0 @VinylScratch02🔁 Two's a crew, Three's a proud nunber whenever i'm accompanied with two lovely latinas!
Crew mathijs mulder @mathijs351🔁 Far Cry 5, The Crew 2, And One More Ubisoft Game Delayed
Crew William @Willyprincy🔁Found a Transponder Snail!
Get an inside look at the flashiest crew around! #TreCru
Crew Masi 576 @Masi576🔁Found a Transponder Snail!
Get an inside look at the flashiest crew around! #TreCru
Crew Austin @AustinMaxwell_🔁 When u on AUX duty and u checking to see if the crew feeling it
Shawn Mendes @ShawnMendes🔁Also! @imjmichaels i love u so much! Thank you for absolutely slaying it on stage every night and for being so nice! You and the crew. X
Noah Schnapp @noah_schnapp🔁So excited for and the entire cast, crew, the Duffer brothers for our best drama series nomination. Thank you
Stephanie Beatriz @iamstephbeatz🔁Thank you all for loving this character so much. Thank you for being an incredible boss. Thank you for 99 episodes w ith an incredible cast and crew. IM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL
Ben Dawson @BenDawson372🔁 Statement from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Columbus Crew
Roadie @wandertravelgo🔁This classic "Blue Marble" photograph of the Earth was taken 45 years ago today, on December 7, 1972, by the crew of Apollo 17.
REY IS JEDI QUEEN ❤️ @zachmaster014🔁Thank you from the bottom of my heart for acknowleging the cast and crew of LEGO Batman for all of their hard work. As a fellow midwesterner I love Detroit. Hope to shoot there soon....
Angelique @angelbaabyy🔁 Still haven't fell out of love with Crew by Goldlink . Might be my favorite song of 2017
Tim @SacredwhiteOwl🔁Thank you, however I am getting better updates via text message than from the flight crew. Little frustrating jet blu e...flying shouldn’t be stressful. DELAYED: JetBlue Flt#0952 Dec 07 @ 02:59 PM MCO-BOS. New estimated departure time is 04:30 PM.
john crandley @johncrandley1🔁Absolutely outstanding acting from the cast & crew ! By far the best drama & needs more recognition!
Pita Pit Miramichi @PitaPitontheChi🔁Thanks Hannah and crew for the great lunch on way to SSIDE for big tilt
Tony @TonyEqualsTony_🔁The southern tip of Italy is visible in this image taken by the Expedition 49 crew aboard the ISS
L.A. @Curly69Lou🔁 thank you forever for the support as your support act on your AUS + NZ shows! You’re an amazing human, and your band, crew and fans are so awesome! Won’t forget it.🎶😘 📷
Midwestern Energy @AcMidwestern🔁Have a generator that needs servcing? Need load testing?
Need onsight rewinding?
Contact us? Generator repair we have the crew will travel
nick rharbi @broke_crew🔁For some it might just be a cat. But to others it’s a friend, a loved one, a companion. The has a motto, “To Protect and to Serve”, and our officers have been displaying that in many ways during the &
Amanda Creger @amandacreger🔁Modoers doing what they do best: working hard for others. Proud of my crew. @MadHousers #DoGood
Miquel Stubbs @MiquelAlann🔁Ohio AG Mike DeWine statement: "Should ownership of the Columbus Crew initiate a move of the team without complying with Ohio law, I am prepared to take the necessary legal action under this law to protect the interests of the State of Ohio..."
Mr.Massey @Mr_MasseyTime🔁I hope you don't catch no feelings
For your bitch who fucked the crew
The classic male @richieday85🔁In 15 minutes, Kevin Macdonald's gold-hunting claustrophobic sub-thriller Black Sea. A British/Russian crew fall out below deck on the hunt for a ship filled with gold at 9pm.
#SaveTheCrew @Mafia_Guido🔁. is prepared to take “necessary legal action” to keep the from leaving town.
Devon Parsons [TeEm] @Dev_Chillz🔁@warkeygamingtv @FlyRts @DNR_CREW Mine is lame. 3D Dominator
Noely @YaThinkN🔁Just a reminder not to miss this next on ABC next Tuesday night. Know so many survivors, families & abuse supporters who helped to make this story. Brilliant work by Chrissie Foster & the crew at .
Ramiro Reyes @RamiroR101815🔁Some heroes don't wear capes! A WASD crew rescued a mama duck and her 10 babies from a storm water drain. Firefighters rescue kittens from trees and WASD looks out for our fine feathered friends -
Kim @kim_aarnseth🔁Picking up items or commanding crew to pick them up for you.
More advanced commands will require an expert crew-member to execute.
DestelloRTs @DestelloRTs🔁3V3 SND 1ND

PS4 & XB1


Starts 8:00pm EST

Sign up:


Environment Guru @environmentguru🔁PLS Survey Crew Chief: NC-Charlotte, PLS Survey Crew Chief An ENR top 100 Civil Engineering…
Erminton @nickyotron🔁Yes indeed! Excited to welcome you both (and the crew) to Anfield first thing tomorrow morning. A little early for ???
Jennie McTinselface @Jennie_Agent99🔁Fires have hit San Diego. Right now fallbrook area. Lilac fire. Has grown 150 acres in an hour, gusts up to 88mph. A ll of North county is getting smoke. are you okay? My CA crew? LA? Are you all okay? Someone please check with catalishus?
Robert J.E. Simpson @avalard🔁Fun fact: most of the crew on THE LOVE WITCH (with a few exceptions) hated what we were shooting and did not even see the movie after it was done.
Mat Guy @MatGuy5🔁45 years ago today, the crew of Apollo 17 took this famous 'Blue Marble' portrait of Earth.

They were about 18,000 miles away from home, headed towards the moon.

Take a moment today to remember that we all live here.

The1andonlyAsiaBaby @kryz_sexiiNysia🔁Why did "black ink crew New York " make the 1st episode about dutchess?
Bebarce El-Tayib @bebarce🔁Tonight: Phantom returns, on a train straight outta Doskvol. Plus, a new crew member reveals herself...

Norm @NIHAustin🔁Rendering of what a new MLS soccer stadium in Austin could look like and where it would be placed (possibly):
Gina S. @DocGinaS🔁Logan County Road crew digs out a beaver dam to let water drain from a pond in Auburn near where hunters found a skull Tuesday. Five researchers from the UT body farm are assisting in looking for more bones.
Tim @russelltim151🔁Voters, of ALL RACES should be voting Doug Jones in Alabama! Get to them polls! Let's show them Alabama is not a state of Satan worshippers, like Roy & his crew!
Janet Murphy Price @janetlmprice🔁@iammoshow We ❤️ you @iammoshow ! (And your whole crew)
Darren James McLeod @Darren_James🔁Really?... hadn’t heard that. (Please my first tweet for reference and to detect sarcasm.) So why was the crew member running late?
: ) @yuforic🔁Atlas Road Crew: via @YouTube
cvntcrvsher @DTHCR_666🔁Words cannot describe how amazing this last tour was for us. We seriously cannot thank and enough for bringing us along and giving us this opportunity. Massive thank you to all of the Crew as well. You’re the real MVP’s.
mia @taesmia🔁How the fuck was jongin meant to bow back when he didn’t even see jin bow?? It didn’t even see him bow so I don’t kn ow why y’all are so loud... I bet y’all think seokjin was heartbroken over this insignificant event when in reality he probably doesn’t even care about it.
cliff smith @cliffcsmith🔁The interment of Pearl Harbor & crew members Harry Hohstadt & Clark Simmons at their final resting place at the USS Utah Sunset Memorial.
paprika** @J0YIWY🔁 i love my fuckingg crew of bad bitch
Boogie @naima🔁 2 years ago doing Fa La La with the crew. Gearing up to do again this weekend. …
305 Pirate ☮💜☠ @305Pirate🔁Welcome abord to the newest member of me crew! Author Julie Jewels thanks for the follow! ☮️️️️
Cristian Covarrubias @shmoplife100🔁"Crew" is officially #1 on Urban Radio.

Thanks to every single dj, fan, PD, and the team for making this possible.

lunatic, that's me. @Page__Me🔁 Look at this crew, 88-89 baby!
Kristin Schab '04 @ycpkristin🔁York College Road Crew members spent the afternoon inviting students to attend the 2018 tour!
Cyndi-rella 💖 @CreatedByCyndi🔁Chasing that Negative Low Tide earlier this week w some of my IG crew ✨

Camera: Sony… @conju_re🔁J.Crew is shutting down one of its most popular stores in a grim sign for the company's future
Club Over Country Capo @MetroCapo🔁This further supports my theory that the Crew move to Cincy.
1) MLS passes over Cincy for expansion
2) San Antonio t hreatens lawsuit
3) Ohio threatens lawsuit
4) Precourt sells to Cincy group for 10% above expansion fee
Kim Wannop @KimWannop🔁Congrats to my amazing writers and our entire cast and crew. Also Ted Cohen​ for his nomination for "Judge"-- Gary's Dad episode. WGA Awards: Top TV Noms Include ‘Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘The Americans’, ‘Veep’, ‘GLOW’ via
Royally_Petite @RoyallyPetite🔁The Princess Royal, who is Commodore-in-Chief of also spent time meeting members of the crew.
Marine ➰ @marrinna14🔁On the wrap of production for Season 3A,a hearty word of thanks to our amazing cast, crew and everyone else involved with Shadowhunters. Can't wait for the fans to see it!
Glen Delaney @IrateJabberwock🔁Granu needs cash fast, or she's out on her ass. The grog-guzzling troll resorts to crime, becoming the unlikely leader of a criminal crew intent on robbing the most powerful company in the cavern city. It's get rich or turn to stone trying!


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