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Rone Sewell™ @nike_rone🔁 "YOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" - #Preds Craig Smith, maybe?
Craig Hoffman @CraigHoffman🔁AUDIO: on Alex Smith's fit in DC and why he thinks Smith is a better fit for Jay Gruden than Kirk Cousins. Plus, why Doug's REALLY impressed with Jay.
Thomas Willis @TomAWillis🔁5-2 #Preds. Craig Smith with a laser after Erik Karlsson turns the puck over again. #OTTvsNSH
Mahir Pamukcu @mapamukcu🔁 "YOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" - #Preds Craig Smith, maybe?
Adam Vingan @AdamVingan🔁Viktor Arvidsson's nine shots are tied for second-most by a Predators player this season. Craig Smith had 11 (!!!) on Dec. 29.
Maphusuphusu @phetoleLEBEA🔁 Religion is the refuge of the morally weak and the intellectually lazy.

Craig Smith

Leyla @leylalovescats🔁Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOOOVE Roger Craig Smith, but I feel like portrayed Sonic the best 💙 His voice is extremel y fitting 😊
armchair anthroposop @longtonelongton🔁If physicists need more education in philosophy, philosophers, especially philosophers of time, need more education i n contemporary physics.
(W. L. Craig & Q. Smith, Introduction in "Einstein, relativity and Absolute Simultaneity", Routledge, 2008)
Janet Hawkins @marshin05🔁Odeen Tufto is the 12th frosh in 's Div. 1 era to reach 30 pts in his 1st season & 1st since Landon Smith in 2014-15.

Others were: Sam Anas, Matthew Peca, Brandon Wong, Bryan Leitch, David Marshall, Mat Craig, Chris White, Brian Herbert, Matt Erhart & Neil Breen

alecia. @LOVERGIRLLECI🔁Training Day- Denzel Was A Crooked Cop

Hancock- Will Smith Was A Superhero

Friday- Craig Was Just A Nigga That Got Fired

The Best Man- That Entire Cast Was Successful Black People

Y’all Only Focus Films That Cast Black People As Slaves Because Y’all Love Being Victims

David Blackwell @rugbymad🔁Arvidsson scores twice, Predators beat Senators 5-2: NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Viktor Arvidsson scored twice to reach 2 0 goals this season, and the Nashville Predators beat the Ottawa Senators 5-2 on Monday night.Roman Josi, Ryan Ellis and Craig Smith also…
Cj Dew @dewthedewby🔁Many reports expect Miami's Craig Kuligowski to be named 's D-line coach. He was at Mizzou for 15 years turning marginal recruits into NFL 1st & 2nd rounders: Kony Ealy, Charles Harris, Shane Ray, Aldon Smith, Ziggy Hood, Markus Golden...
Jackson Taylor @JT9Design🔁 and Craig Smith at prom! Let’s make it happen for her
Torey "Chopz" Lee @chopz_lee🔁 win it 5-2 over the in Nashville.

: Jean-Gabriel Pageau (8), Max McCormick (2)
: Roman Josi (10), Viktor Arvidsson (19, 20), Ryan Ellis (4), Craig Smith (18)

Lieutenantmathis26 @danielmathis26🔁 and Craig Smith at prom! Let’s make it happen for her
Tayhlor Stephenson @TayMerryn🔁 During a prerecorded video segment, Craig Smith said that his favorite candy is Spree. Who the hell likes Spree?
🚨SiriusXM NHL Network🏒 @SiriusXMNHL🔁 win it 5-2 over the in Nashville.

: Jean-Gabriel Pageau (8), Max McCormick (2)
: Roman Josi (10), Viktor Arvidsson (19, 20), Ryan Ellis (4), Craig Smith (18)

Lieutenantmathis26 @danielmathis26🔁What if Craig Smith is scratched for a game, you see this on Twitter. Next thing you hear is a knock at your door an d it Craig Smith asking you to watch the game with you, and he ask you to prom on the jumbotron


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