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Cowboys paige @leggiolove🔁 That face you make when the Cowboys can't blame you for not making the playoffs anymore
NFL on ESPN @ESPNNFL🔁Recap of the Cowboys-Eagles first half:

PHI - Turnover on downs
DAL -Turnover on downs

Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁The will activate rookie CB Sidney Jones and he will play vs. the , sources say. A reward for the second-rounder's h ard work returning from a torn Achilles in April.
Tommy Davis @KnubDaddy🔁 Cowboys-Eagles like Beavis & Butt-Head right now. "We're never gonna score."
ESPN @espn🔁On this date 50 years ago, the Packers defeated the Cowboys in the “Ice Bowl”, the coldest game in NFL history, -13 d egrees with a -48 wind chill.
The Rainman @RainmanPicks🔁3-0 SWEEP so far here for Sundays card with 2 more pending.

Chicago Bulls +7 💰
Bradley +1 💰
Cowboys -3💰
Broncos - 4 pending
Raiders +7 pending

All we do is WIN!

✭Michael Campbell✭ @Dallasfanindc🔁Jason Garrett has and continues to be the Dallas Cowboys team problem for 11 years running the offense
cody schwiker @schwiker15🔁 The highlight of today’s Eagles-Cowboys game.
Steven Mullenax @StevenMullenax🔁 Dallas Cowboys: A bittersweet ending to the 2017 season
Saul @SportingSaul🔁Cowboys bore the Eagles into submission 6-0 in fitting end to this bizarre season.
Heather Shafer @oursfan7619🔁At least you weren’t there....with a cowboys fan...I’ve never been so cold in my life- my thighs and ass have still n ot defrosted
Steven Mullenax @StevenMullenax🔁 Dallas Cowboys: What is wrong with kicker Dan Bailey?
SportsDayDFW @SportsDayDFW🔁 Why you will remember 2017 as the Cowboys' disaster season

Strong thoughts from @TimCowlishaw

elissa. @ElissaEmberton🔁2017 crushes:

Vito Puppleone
blueberry bagels
Tom Petty @ Red Rocks Amphitheater
long hikes
K odak Portra 400
Roy Moore losing
not the guy who stole my car
dive bar bluegrass
winning at Mario Kart
Casey’s pizza

Jill Haymaker @JillLHaymaker🔁Colorado Golden Sunrise, book 8 in the Peakview series is now available at Can Kelly find a second chance at love in the Colorado Rockies?
Aenea$ @J_T_eezy🔁 I kno it doesn't rly matter but everyone pls put some respect on the cowboys name for shutting out the best team in the NFC
SportsDay Cowboys @dmn_cowboys🔁Why you will remember 2017 as the Cowboys' disaster season

Strong thoughts from @TimCowlishaw

markbristow22 @Markbristow22🔁I don’t think the Cowboys won today. They Unlost.
george thiessen @bandsquid🔁@ronflatter @cnnbrk I was not looking past the cowboys in 1960. I will have to look up the others.
danny phantom @sammmersss🔁Biggest disappointment in the NFL this year
richie wells @therich0330🔁 @bhorn55 @dmn_cowboys Hell, it may be coming from the visiting Owner's Box
Wade Wych @Wadey_Padey🔁 A fitting final play for the Eagles and Cowboys game.
SB @Cowboys_49🔁@JoeyIckes I dont think they agree with your assessment
The Landry Hat @LandryHat🔁Dallas Cowboys: What is wrong with kicker Dan Bailey?
Alex Harrison @ByAlexHarrison🔁Actually the Cowboys do...
Daniel J Keller @therealdanieljk🔁 BREAKING: Cowboys Dez Bryant has been hired to drop the ball on New Year’s Eve in Times Square.
Garrett Hale @g_hale8🔁If Chuck Pagano got fired then there is no reason why Jason Garrett should still remain employed with the Dallas Cowboys...
Jose AltuMvPe @Jacob_Berger22🔁Did DeMarcus Lawrence think at all today about the possibility of this being his last game with the Cowboys? "Hell no. ... I already know what my situation is...I already know how the Cowboys feel about me and they know how I feel about the organization."
♊Ev🏹 @Ev_WithTheArrow🔁 "I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan, I don't know who the Browns are"

- LeBron James, Ohio's greatest athlete

Isaiah Washington @amazing__isaiah🔁@Waffel113 I was wondering why the cowboys played Dak at all. Or at least pulled him early
richie wells @therich0330🔁 "Dallas Sucks" chant coming through loud and clear on Fox broadcast of Cowboys-Eagles. Stay classy Philadelphia.
SB @Cowboys_49🔁You see that and that is your opinion.. you dont think they would be happy with front 4 of Charlton, Lawrence, Collin s and Irving. Im sure they believe Jaylon is starting for them at MLB
CrownJay @AntonioJay89🔁The Cast is now set for the State of The Cowboys Mega Podcast

If you guys could give me the dates your available from Jan 14 - Feb 3 so we can all be open one day to do this.

Russputin @Kierkegaard30🔁@Giants__Pro @kelvinbenjamins Cowboys are pussies
adahlongxx @adahlongxx🔁Brady finishes the season unscathed..

Trey 염소 @FraGoaT🔁 Eagles are gonna get baptized by my cowboys
Jonathan @jdifilippo1102🔁Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys for winning a game and securing the job for Jason Garrett next season. Great 6-0 win today against second-stringers you jerkoffs.
The Landry Hat @LandryHat🔁Dallas Cowboys: A bittersweet ending to the 2017 season
CorrectBae News @CorrectBae_News🔁Would the Cowboys have made playoffs if Ezekiel Elliott played all 16 games?
Lonnie Luna II @LLunaTrexing🔁Shouts out to the real MVPs — Cowboys fans braving this weather all the way through to the end, despite the lack of playoff implications. Y’all are the best.
Joseph Terrell @Jaznuker🔁@BobbyBeltTX Cowboys have 10 picks. Can go get someone if they want.
Jodeci888 @jodeci888🔁@TheAngryJoker25 : How about them Cowboys?!?!?
1/09/94🖤🤘🏾💕 @FIDELFENDI__🔁It’s funny to think that, as epically bizarre and strenuous as this Cowboys season was, it’s going to go down in the record book as 9-7 with a 5-1 division record, with no playoffs. Pretty fitting, honestly.
✭DALLAS CHOKEBOYS✭ @HoustonCowboy88🔁DeMarcus Lawrence on last four years with : Tough. Made me from a boy to a man. I appreciate the opportunity. I know I’m not going anywhere.
Carlos Elizondo @Charlyelden🔁Another great showing by the Cowboys defense/ST, and another game of ZERO offense and terrible play calling. Like I said, Rod Marinelli should stay and Linehan needs to go.
Drew Davison @drewdavison🔁Ezekiel Elliott became the first 100-yard rusher vs. the Eagles this season, but fell short of his 1,000-yard goal.
✭DALLAS CHOKEBOYS✭ @HoustonCowboy88🔁 #Cowboys LB Anthony Hitchens also expressed desire to return to organization, but acknowledged business side of game.
Zak Tarvin @YungJack_Zak🔁. reiterated his plan to play w again next year, adding he wouldn’t do so if ‘we didn’t have the right kind of guys in this locker room. We have the right kind of guys.’
Anthony Alba @gpanthonya🔁Recap of the Cowboys-Eagles first half:

PHI - Turnover on downs
DAL -Turnover on downs

Joe Simons @joesimonssays🔁 normally talkative owner keeps thoughts on 9-7 to himself for the moment. I'm sure that will keep Jason Garrett's coaching staff nervous.
heem @TheFierceDeity_🔁Cowboys hung 6 on the Eagles' practice squad and Dak finished the season with his 8th game throwing for less than 200 yds.

Future is bright tho.

X Genesis @XavierUchiha_🔁All of these conference match ups slick competitive today except for the cowboys and eagles. That game was boring as hell.
Jeff Cavanaugh @JC1053🔁@normanaire @fishsports @gavindawson @MrChrisArnold Bosa went 3rd and Cowboys picked 4th. You could have Jalen Ramsey though.
TWIsM @LLCoolFernie🔁@yingyangsamurai @Lions Hahaha nah man. That's a horrible thing to wish on anyone, except the Cowboys lol
Denver Broncos UK @UKBroncosUK🔁 I take that back....beating the Cowboys lmfao
January 18th @TheImprint_🔁The Eagles lost to the cowboys ? 😩😭
Jezsterr @jezsterr🔁@DRuzzell I’m a cowboys fan man I understand. My qb can’t even throw to dez Bryant when he’s in single coverwge
Marty Mar @SubRacer92🔁 laugh if u want, this is the first time since 2005-2009 that the Cowboys have put together consecutive winning seasons.
Philip Prince @godfatherPrince🔁Cowboys SUCK!!!! 2018 hurry up
Ed Bark @unclebarkycom🔁Belated takeaways from Cowboys' 1st string beating Eagles' 2nd string 6-0. Let's hope Bailey's still injured because otherwise what's up with that kicking? Dez again held to puny stats & Zeke doesn't get his 1,000. Bell tolls for Bell. And no, this is NOT one to build on.


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