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Cowboys #⃣0⃣ @DoIt4Zero🔁 When the Cowboys see Aaron Rodgers..
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁A big salute to Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who will BENCH players who disrespect our Flag."Stand for Anthem or sit for game!"
Cowboys Marcus Mosher @Marcus_Mosher🔁Film Room: Terrance Williams doesn't fit with Dak Prescott, but Brice Butler does:
Cowboys Marcus Mosher @Marcus_Mosher🔁Season grades for the #Cowboys. Some positives. Some negatives. Check it out:
Adam McKay @GhostPanther🔁Hope Cowboys players know that if they take a knee & Jones benches them they will win in court because that's not remotely Constitutional.
Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafolo🔁Cowboys are releasing CB Nolan Carroll, source says. He's been out with a concussion. Jourdan Lewis has stepped up.
FalconNator HD @TAZZMANN24🔁"They should do what's right, they should kneel in San Francisco." — on the Dallas Cowboys players
Bill Quarks @BillQuarks🔁“The No. 1 thing I have to do is run the Dallas Cowboys,” Jerry Jones said during an interview with .
ςᗩυᑕ૯ @Sizzauce🔁Cowboys Fan And Had This Guys Mins Set 🙃
Mida Milligan @MMidaM🔁. kicked off Take Your Parents to Lunch Day with a special visit from , thanks to .
Zone Reads @ZoneReads🔁Cowboys team meeting. Reports of angry players. Hmmm. This is a surprise only to Jerry Jones, who shoved players into untenable situation.
FREEDAEDAE @Lowkeyrespected🔁New Super Bowl odds, via :

Patriots 9-2
Packers 5-1
Chiefs 13-2
Eagles 10-1
Seahawks 10-1
Falcons 12-1
Steelers 12-1
Cowboys 20-1

CowboysNation Bot @RTCowboysNation🔁Predicting the Dallas Cowboys remaining schedule after a 2-3...
mojave rattler @PennyHicks13🔁The NFL would not allow the Cowboys to wear a patch in honor of these men. Just let that sink in

Fort Wash Cannon @Drakefrompg🔁 player cont: "Jerry told us to trust in him on this sit'n. Now I don't know what 2 believe.That whole kneel b4 t/ anthem was trash"
✨CRIS✨ @La_Aventurera🔁Imagine Jerry Jones demanding the respect women as strongly as he demands respect for the flag
Fort Wash Cannon @Drakefrompg🔁 player to me on J. Jones mandate to stand: "I've never heard this tone from Jerry, ever. Goes against everything he told us in Arz"
ConnieL @conniejimjoe🔁This is Jerry Jones. He is owner of Dallas Cowboys and Trump’s buddy. He is forbidding players from kneeling. Apparently only strippers r ok
☨ s8n 𖤐 @deaftones🔁Film Room: Terrance Williams doesn't fit with Dak Prescott, but Brice Butler does:
Skip Bayless_ebooks @bayless_ebooks🔁I will tweet tonight during the Cowboys' or the Patriots'.
Gylbert Coker @GylbertCoker🔁Cowboys have a team meeting about Jerry Jones' anthem edict
FREEDAEDAE @Lowkeyrespected🔁 Cowboys LB Sean Lee going through some individual drills in practice this morning. Moving well.
SonofRekhav @Yonadav7🔁ESPN's Wilbon Compares Jerry Jones to Slave Owner Over NFL Protests | Fox News Insider
dailyNFLfantasy @dailyNFLfantasy🔁No assault charges for Cowboys LB Damien Wilson: Cowboys linebacker Damien Wilson was arrested on July 4 after an…
Michelle Shaver @Shaver4Bama🔁 Jerry Jones finally got it!
Linda Halstram @lindahalstram🔁As a life long Dallas Cowboys fan, I am calling on Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott, Dez Bryant and others. To in San Francisco!
moneybunnyalice @moneybunnyalice🔁 ESPN I like to know why Jemele Hill was not fired after she asked Dallas Cowboys to boycott on Twitter
carmic @carmic14🔁Jerry Jones just admitted that President Trump forced his hand on anthem protest stance | @CowboysNFLNews🔁Predicting the Dallas Cowboys remaining schedule after a 2-3... #Cowboys #CowboysNation
Ivesmaria @michelangelo153🔁All other NFL owners should follow Cowboys Jerry Jones ultimatum to players! STAND 4 National Anthem. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
REESE @CeoReese_ML🔁Cowboys got a bye this week. That’s too much time for them to come up with a BS compromise for Jerry.
Koko rag @rag_koko🔁ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" host Michael Wilbon compared Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to a slaveowner. Wow.
justin @BackwordsE🔁I hate to sound like a dick but this chick on Cowboys Break is terrible.
Music Lovers Radio @MusicLoverRadio🔁Source: Cowboys meet about Jones, anthem: Source: Cowboys meet about Jones, anthem
Kevin Brizendine @BrizdineKevin🔁 Labor union files complaint over Jerry Jones' anthem policy for the Dallas Cowboys.
Ravens 3-2 💜🐐🔥 @LorHass410🔁I got love for my trump supporters but y'all are the most delusional ppl I've ever seen, worst than cowboys, Steelers, gsw fans its sad ....
Marissa Corbit @greendayz33🔁The had a team meeting today to discuss the anthem issue & air out their frustrations, sources say. In the wake of Jerry’s comments
Mark Affil @TherealAffil🔁Dallas Cowboys 2016 Season Highlights HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!?!?! lead b #sport #highlights #sportsclips #football
b-koots @haKuta_matata_🔁@XXL @diddy @NFL Hah he's worth 1 Billion... the Cowboys are worth over 4.5B. Maybe start with a team Puffy and try to build from there
IG: @Haitian_Parade @Haitian_Parade🔁I will gladly never watch another cowboys game if any player is benched for protesting. From a life long fan. @dallascowboys
Lance @SkillShoe222🔁Source: Cowboys meet about Jerry Jones, anthem
RNB Cincy 100.3 @RNBCincy🔁NAACP Scolds Dallas Cowboys Owner For Threat To Punish Players Who Protest Anthem
Karla Bailey Cooper @RootsdocKarla🔁...and leadership steps by The Dallas Cowboys, players, owner, and full organization @dallascowboys
kenneth. @ThisPolishKid🔁Nolan Carroll out. Jourdan Lewis up. Marquez White in?? I say words about stuff.

Read full story here:

Brendan Walker @BWalkerNFL🔁 Cowboys are releasing CB Nolan Carroll, source says. He's been out with a concussion. Jourdan Lewis has stepped up.
0003 @aubdon_orlando🔁 The #Cowboys gave Nolan Carroll $4MM in guaranteed cash to sign. 5 weeks in, he's been cut:
Cleveland Sports Fan @ClevelandToWin🔁Will ALL of the Dallas #Cowboys cower to Jerry Jones' threat? Don't bet on it. #JerryJones
AJ Cohen @AJthss🔁 Dak Prescott's Alleged Girlfriend Could Be a Cowboys Curse

Alan Pierson @AlanPierson🔁Celebrate by listening to his queer appropriation of Ted Nugent's Snakeskin Cowboys on @Studio360show. at 12'34":
StewieD @StuartDietzmann🔁I'd bet the Cowboys cutting Carroll is odd for that Bayless guy, since he said what he had said before Lewis put him in check.


Gerry Fraley @gfraley🔁Jerry Jones' inaction on domestic violence, from @KSherringtonDMN.
Paul English @toknobbit🔁Time to abandon the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe the whole NFL.
Tony @WhiteMlgo🔁Report: Cowboys LB Damien Wilson cleared of aggravated assault charges after July 4th tailgating incident – Dallas News (blog) …
Rashad Ganter @GANTsaid🔁Report: Cowboys held team meeting over Jerry Jones' anthem stance
Schoollluminati @Schoollluminati🔁Rev. Jesse Jackson said he is calling Jerry Jones today to express his disappointment in the Cowboys owner: "I don’t think it is right for the owners to threaten the players. We’re all fighting to be free people and make choices."


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