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Cousins Erin Fowler @EFowls🔁Gave my cousins a quick tour of their favorite store, Target! Had to take a picture with Bullseye!!
Cousins Riff @laserapp🔁 Glad to see my fighting skills are getting proper recognition. @boogiecousins #cousins
Cousins Christina Disselkamp @xdmagahunk🔁 Vote for the @FedEx Air Player of the Week!

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Brady. Brees. Cousins.

Cousins mother @ferbidn_🔁 me this Thanksgiving when my cousins try and Give Me Shit for being vegan
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Cousins did not think he deserved a flagrant 2 for this elbow on Russell Westbrook.
Cousins Kirk Cousins @KirkCousins8🔁Glad to see my fighting skills are getting proper recognition. @boogiecousins #cousins
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Rough couple of days for Cousins.
Fuck Riddim @Nickparodi111🔁@DjFuckTheCops What about my 2 year old cousins birthday party?
salmaa @sabdullee🔁Black people can't relate, our cousins are our best/first friends and half of them aint even really related to us
łana m. @alanamlwilliams🔁i️ miss my cousins they the realest people i️ know :/
ryliel8ly @rimara12🔁 What kinda cousins you got? My cousins are my bestfriends😂
banAna @_amr42🔁Your older cousins seem like they a century older than you when you're young....then you grow up and realize ya'll only 3 years apart 💀😭
Myra @MyRa_______🔁 Cousins are either gang or snakes, no in between
Yarrick Photograwuff @Yarrickwulf🔁Well I was feeling more optimistic then suddenly my parents slam me with last min news that "Oh we're going to invite all the Family that you really don't know at all for Thanksgiving this year! Won't that be GREAT???" ...No. It was just supposed to be us not us and 3rd cousins
Chris ツ @AllThingsFluffy🔁Royal cousins of from ?⚡️ “Two corgis stole the show at The Crown's new season premiere 👑”

Rachel Diaz @TheRachelDiaz🔁 in the kitchen Thanksgiving night hearing your cousins say they about to step out real quick
Becky Renzoni @oh_heyitsbecky🔁Me talking about Kyle and Corey’s pizza: “Ew look at that uncooked sausage!”
Corey: “I’ll give you uncooked sausage!”
Me because we’re cousins:
Dani @daniellebacon_🔁My 14 y/o cousins gf posted a pic of her hickey on VSCO and I’m not ok
SAUCE GRAINE @yxngyvng🔁Bitches got all these "friends" and "sis" until it's their birthday weekend... Now you in the kitchen with your family and little cousins cutting cake
vivian @viv4L🔁son: why is my cousins name jack
me: because your aunt loved the titanic
son: what about me
me: you wouldnt understand, jonas brothers the 3d concert experience
Kate @strawberriek8🔁If we get to 200 followers by the end of today I will tease what our 1k giveaway will include!

Get your mums, your dogs, your cousins next door neighbour, get them all to follow us!

gel🌻 @gel_lorraine🔁I love my cousins cause even when our parents aren’t getting along with eachother, we don’t treat each other different. Their beef ain’t our beef. We closer than anything 🙌🏾
Crystal. ✨ @_ImOnlyCSE🔁 Everybody’s cousins are their age and all of mine are 30s-50s😐
the other @theother777🔁 #Bush, #Kerry & #Hefner: Odd Cousins (2004)


Christian - ExMicrobe @ExMicrobe🔁@TommyTownz @SullyPwnz well now that i think about it my cousins are aliens.
u bum @liluzihoe🔁 Damn I never knew demarcus cousins & Kirk cousins were brothers
Gary Carnegie @artymn021🔁@GovMikeHuckabee Happy Thanksgiving to our American cousins!!!
Veyonce'😈 @Veyonce12🔁 when my fav cousins pull up on thanksgivings
Eddy Diesel @EddyitsLit🔁Lol her cousins follow me so I'm sure she'll end up seeing it. Like I said YA NO ME IMPORTA 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
taz; {#KYUNSTERDAY♡} @KING_DAW0N🔁me and my cousins : Ight y’all we’ll be back we goin to the store
little cousin : can I come
brigitte jay @jaybrigitte🔁41 % Republicans are willing to vote for a child molester means, they are probably f*cking their own cousins!
allipatten☀️ @allipatten🔁Remus’s cousins his age are making him look bad. They’re both over achievers😂 Moony Boy is milking being a baby while he can❤️
FREE GATES @BitchImJammin🔁I miss the holidays when I was younger it’d be the entire family from cousins to aunties all under one roof laughing, listening to stories, stealing food from the kitchen and you could just feel the love , now holidays just ain’t the same everyone out doin they own thing
j. @jaddenn__🔁for the first time in life i’m actually happy i’m babysitting my cousins
meas @selenameas_🔁 The fakest ppl in your family is YOUR COUSINS‼️ period 👌🏿
lala☻ @risotonero🔁My cousins came over from the u.s 😢 mila told me a joke and it took me like 5mins to get it bc she was telling it in english lmao
TheGrinch. @Money_Bri14🔁@_TellMeWhyy_ Don’t speak on my cousins mf.
Ashméré @l0vemyiaa🔁 So anybody talking about my cousins can get that work. Period!
Lexi @aaa_woody🔁@_Paddy_White_ Maybe cousins. Or twins!
Big Ty @Ty_stay_flexxin🔁 Can the Redskins win a SB with Kirk Cousins?
dev @dev6789998212🔁I walk in to my cousins house and my juhjuh goes "oh are you getting married?!" Like uh no?
Michael Manalansan @MYCKICEY🔁Ladies, tired of your cousins showing up to holiday gatherings with they lil boyfriends or whatever?

Look no further. Hire me and I will win your family over with contagious charisma, unfathomable class, and a versatile sense of humor.
DM for bookings.
(Serious Inquiries Only)

Cheese Sandwich @EQG_Cheese🔁"Why do you keep mentioning my cousins?"
stormtrooper @jjj987🔁@NFL @FedEx Kirk Cousins
Mia Ashline @miahoeee🔁 when you at thanksgiving and you hear your fav cousins say they bout to go to the “gas station”
DMc🍋 @McEllen30🔁I pray to god washington makes the mistake of letting cousins walk this offseason
HeadAss 🤦🏽‍♂️ @5EnoughA🔁I know my cousins hate me
Big Ty @Ty_stay_flexxin🔁 Chris Cooley on Cousins: "He’s had a HUGE step forward. This is his best year by far. It’s not even close."
Lil Yatamo @sailor_armani🔁@MarkDice Mark Dice look like he fucks his cousins and tongue kisses hus dogs
💥 @osceazy🔁 Me & my cousins about to be high asf on Thursday before we eat good
.. @aishxj🔁maaateee my cousins moved from Burco in 2005 we used to say haday diidana futada bisbaas ugu rid aalll the time ahahaaha


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