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Yuvraj Joshi @yuvrajjoshi🔁.@LambdaLegal’s @SharonMcGowanDC:

What do you do to fight unfit #TrumpJudges nominees?

Here’s what:


#CourtsMatter Julie Vanderlee @julianavdlee🔁 #courtsmatter Dunkin NOT Duncan donuts at #SCOTUS #stopFarr #StopDuncan
#CourtsMatter I Love Horses @_ihearthorses🔁Unicorn
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#horse #horselegging #CourtsMatter #horsecups #RememberTheAlamo
Courtney Mattison @CourtMattison🔁#CourtsMatter?

Thanks, guys

Alliance for Justice @AFJustice🔁.: We will not allow the bigoted beliefs of two men to unwind the progress of millions who came before them, or the m twitter.com illions who will come after.
Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈 @cmclymer🔁As a transgender citizen and military veteran, I am heartbroken that any parent in this country should have to defend twitter.com the worthiness of her child's humanity on the steps of the Supreme Court. Stop this brazen nomination.

PFAW @peoplefor🔁“We will not allow the bigotry of two men to overcome the rights of millions of people.”


Moms Love Trump🇺🇸 @moms4trump2018🔁@NAACP_LDF @ToddACox Someone forgot to tell you ---> We're in charge. Get over it you Butt-Hurts WE WON ~ #CourtsMatter
Alliance for Justice @AFJustice🔁Fair courts are a vital part of our democracy. We're so happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with so many amazing grou twitter.com ps fighting to protect them.
おとななこども @Is_Purple🔁.: “We will not stand silent as Kyle Duncan derides our neighbors.”
Nonprofit Quarterly @npquarterly🔁 Hot take from leader Carole Levine on 's impact on labor and nonprofits - via twitter.com
Rica Fredrickson @FredricksonRA🔁 - and the Trump admin is stacking the courts against women, LGBTQ people, and people of color -Kate Ryan, NARAL
CourtScribes @courtscribes1🔁At CourtScribes our wide range of services include Interpreters! Call Now 833-SCRIBES
Donna Burgher @BurgherDonna🔁 .@RepJoeKennedy LIVE on why we must #StopDuncan and work for fair and balanced courts:
#CourtsMatter pscp.tv
America Votes @AmericaVotes🔁Nominees including Thomas Farr who have advocated for voter suppression are dangerous for the nation’s democracy and twitter.com must not be confirmed.
Stephen Asbel @StephenAsbelLaw🔁The latest The Stephen Asbel Daily! paper.li Thanks to @jraizen @MariSchaefer #doj #courtsmatter
TLCQ10 @TLC10q🔁#IL03 #courtsmatter
This is concerning twitter.com
Tony Stark 2018 💥 @1IronMan2018🔁. and . spoke out today about 2 Trump court nominees that must not be approved.

Senators: We cannot allow judges wh twitter.com o suppress voting & fight against human rights to be appointed to our courts.

Sharon_McGowan @SharonMcGowanDC🔁.’s :

What do you do to fight unfit nominees?

Here’s what:

(((Sam Kestu))) @Sam6869🔁“The reason why I have an optimistic view is because I know overtime we will win.”

Hannah V. Hastings @HVHastings🔁The Senate just confirmed President Trump's 29th judicial nominee. By 3/6/2010 only 18 of President Obama's judicial twitter.com nominees had been confirmed.
Seth Rosen @sethmrosen🔁Watch on why our lives depend on stopping unfair, unqualified, biased judges.
Sandra Fluke @SandraFluke🔁Trump's judicial noms include:
Kyle Duncan: Lead counsel in Hobby Lobby
Thomas Farr: Defended attempts to disenfranch twitter.com ise black voters
Matthew Kacsmaryk: Attacked laws requiring access to birth control

Demand Senators reject bigoted judges

The Leadership Conference @civilrightsorg🔁This is what fighting for justice and standing up for fair courts looks like. We won't stop speaking out until Kyle D twitter.com uncan and Thomas Farr are defeated.


MJBPGH @mjbpgh🔁Another example of why . I'm not confident that Trump's nominees to the federal judiciary would have the knowledge/ twitter.com experience to do this.
Ames Simmons @ames_simmons🔁Glad to represent @ today’s rally to & at steps of the Supreme Court w/ These nominees to the twitter.com federal bench have done so much to harm NC
Nancy L Madden @NancyLMadden🔁 We're calling for the withdraw of Gordon Giampietro's judicial nomination! bit.ly #CourtsMatter #TrumpJudges
Ames Simmons @ames_simmons🔁Kyle Duncan “has demeaned our families and children,” says ’s Harper Jean Tobin
Human Rights Campaign @HRC🔁.’s Legal Director Sarah Warbelow joined numerous civil rights groups, including and , at the Supreme Court t twitter.com oday to oppose Trump’s judicial nominee Thomas Farr.
NWLC @nwlc🔁.: “Federal courts are critically important in women’s lives” — Duncan and Farr are the wrong choice for women. twitter.com
Courtney Mattison @CourtMattison🔁Every time you ignore , a puppy becomes homeless.

Think of the puppies. Pay attention to Courtney.

Katie Johnson @kjon🔁Every time you ignore , a puppy becomes homeless.

Think of the puppies. Pay attention to Courtney. twitter.com

sgarcata @sarojhg🔁.: “The Trump administration wants to tip the scales of justice and take us backwards.”
Alliance for Justice @AFJustice🔁Trump’s judicial nominees have worked day in and day out to undermine the rights of people, says ’s Diallo Brooks Sto twitter.com pDuncan
PFAW @peoplefor🔁POWERFUL speech by Nicola, who is a mother of a transgender son and spoke about how she can’t believe that someone l twitter.com ike Kyle Duncan who is anti-LGBTQ is up for a judicial nomination.


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