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Carmen Diaz @DrCarmenDiaz๐Ÿ”I'm here too!!!! @IamCassandraEsq #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ” The subject of tonightโ€™s #CourtSnoop
@EnA_blog @DrCarmenDiaz
@GSDNumberOneFan @biodun_bakare
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”I was following 's reporting and as disgusted as I was I wasn't really surprised by these revelations. Filling up st twitter.com at sheets with numbers, filling up jails with bodies, feeding the bottom line... That's what it is about.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq Yes. Definitely saw those #CourtSnoop
Court Snoop @CourtSnoop๐Ÿ”What happened to
Kathleen Dawn West ?
A full-time wife/mom on FB.
Called herself an exhibitionist on other Social M twitter.com edia.
Charged $$ for adult picture subscription.
Found dead outside her home.
Next 1/30/2018
7pm EST
Carmen Diaz @DrCarmenDiaz๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @biodun_bakare See ya next week
Same tweet time
Same tweet channel
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”Great chat. See you all next week ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ #Court twitter.com Snoop
Celebrity Case Law @CelebCaseLaw๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq VERY STRANGE STORY!
But perfect for #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq Will do ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”NEXT WEEKโ€™S
Kathleen Dawn West
The Alabama housewife found murdered outside of her homeโ€ฆ
lived double life
Are you guys familiar with story?
ScoringMoney @ScoringMoney๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq YEEEESS!
Lets do it!
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq I am not but I will check it out ASAP to be ready for next week. #CourtSnoop
Carmen Diaz @DrCarmenDiaz๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq OH YES!
was hoping that would be a #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @ezewriter Just followed him ๐Ÿ˜ #CourtSnoop
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”So many questions unanswered..
We could talk about this moreโ€ฆ
which means weโ€™ll continue investigating crime in Balti twitter.com more
Real News Networkโ€™s will join us for that

Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @DrCarmenDiaz @biodun_bakare That would be amazing! #CourtSnoop
ScoringMoney @ScoringMoney๐Ÿ”@EnA_blog @IamCassandraEsq @biodun_bakare Even if you didnโ€™t know law, you knew she didnโ€™t have the evidence needed.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”Police officers themselves fear coming forward against another officer and when they are accused of something they wo twitter.com uld never talk to one of their "brothers" without a rep. or lawyer but somehow civilians are supposed to trust them.
Carmen Diaz @DrCarmenDiaz๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @EnA_blog @biodun_bakare I read the article on she and her husband.
I didn't think they were going to make it.
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”Yes. It was too fast.
And look at what happened to the city.
Look at what it did to Mosby and her family.
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”Itโ€™s difficult to ask someone to testify and thereโ€™s really no way to convince them they will be protected against w twitter.com hat they perceive as the โ€œpolice brotherhood.โ€

Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”She definitely rushed into it to appease the public. We have seen civilians be convicted on little to no evidence but twitter.com the rules and standards are different when it comes to law enforcement. You have to have a lot more on your side to have a chance. They did not.
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”In that case, most people felt overcharged.
I think she felt a lot of pressure from the public. And of the course BPD twitter.com wasnโ€™t very forthcoming.

Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@DrCarmenDiaz @IamCassandraEsq @biodun_bakare Exactly! #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”In 's case, I followed the trials and one of the big problems is what is asked of the jury in order to convict. Wha twitter.com t would a reasonable officer do? Who knows? Defining "reasonable officer" is very subjective.
Carmen Diaz @DrCarmenDiaz๐Ÿ”@EnA_blog @IamCassandraEsq @biodun_bakare I would be afraid for my family and my life.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”Absolutely! Even just coming forward. Will they be believed? And who would they complain to if the offender is an off twitter.com icer?
Carmen Diaz @DrCarmenDiaz๐Ÿ”I would never testify against police. Never.
And I have more resources than the average person.
biodun bakare @biodun_bakare๐Ÿ”I believe people should be more forthcoming with vital information that can lead to conviction. community policing. e twitter.com very one must be involved. without the help of the community, Police are helpless.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”I am not familiar with Baltimore but that sounds like the perfect setting to kill someone without being seen. And if twitter.com you are seen by someone it might be by someone who would not necessarily want to come forward for many reasons.
biodun bakare @biodun_bakare๐Ÿ”maybe suicide was being used in the satirical sense. you don't go to an area like that without back up or radio. twitter.com
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @biodun_bakare @GSDNumberOneFan Way too many questions... #CourtSnoop #SeanSuiter
biodun bakare @biodun_bakare๐Ÿ”People have to come up with information to help the prosecution. State attorney must do a thorough job before going twitter.com to court. otherwise, it turns out that the evidence is insufficient to prove the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. like it happened in Gray"s case.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @biodun_bakare @GSDNumberOneFan I don't see it, either. #CourtSnoop
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”Det. Sean Suiter was shot in Harlem Park:
vacant lot, surrounded by abandoned homes,
No cameras.
Anyone familiar w twitter.com ith that area of Baltimore?

Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@biodun_bakare @IamCassandraEsq @GSDNumberOneFan Definitely not impossible, especially if the whole thing was planned. #CourtSnoop
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”I think it would be quite a feat to shoot yourself 3 times - and in the head.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”Thank you! The "bad apple" theory is an easy way out of a conversation that is long overdue and that could literally twitter.com save lives.
biodun bakare @biodun_bakare๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @EnA_blog @GSDNumberOneFan unusual but not impossible. is that why they want it ruled suicidal? #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”When CNN did that piece with officers talking anonymously they all said the same thing: they were letting things go twitter.com and they felt their bosses did not have their back. This is a bad recipe for public safety.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq Again, I agree. There is nothing that points to suicide in this case... #CourtSnoop
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”Thank you
Baltimore did lead the countries in murders per capita last year
MANY still not solved.
Why is that?
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”When those reports are released, a lot of people are shocked or act shocked but what is really being done to change t twitter.com hings? It is so much easier to talk about "bad apples" when, to me, they are fruits of a poisonous trees.
biodun bakare @biodun_bakare๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @EnA_blog Go to some parts of New Jersey or Chicago. You will see similar crime evolving.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @GSDNumberOneFan Agreed! It definitely sounds fishy. #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”The DOJ released reports on several police departments across the country over the years and found very similar tende twitter.com ncies and practices. It might be worse in Baltimore but it is not an isolated case.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”I really believe this a problem in most cities with with departments that have policies that include incentives, quot twitter.com a, and promote all these "tough on crimes" rhetoric. They have to justify the way they conduct business.
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”There was a request for the Feds to take over. They declined.
Thenโ€ฆ.someone in PD tried to say suicide.
They realize twitter.com d how foolish that was.

Carmen Diaz @DrCarmenDiaz๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @EnA_blog DEFINITELY BALTIMORE.
NYC during Guiliani days. Maybe Chicago. But Baltimore is another crime world.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq @GSDNumberOneFan It's a bummer, I cannot see the tweet you are responding to ๐Ÿ˜• #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”I remember seeing another one where one of the officers made sure his colleague would be the one "finding" the little twitter.com bag coming out of the young man's wallet...
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”VERY.
And I believe it wasnโ€™t his โ€œregularโ€ partner.
And he didnโ€™t run to help him - but stayed separated.
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ” Video of Baltimore police
and thereโ€™s more
#CourtSnoop twitter.com
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ” Det. #SeanSuiter partner
did not have a radio
so he called in on his cellphone
No description.
Cassandra Centeno, Esq. @IamCassandraEsq๐Ÿ”Baltimore Detective
separated from parter
suspicious activity
shot with his own gun - 3 times
No DNA, no fingerprint twitter.com s
scheduled to testify against corrupt police the next day.

Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq I am but not in great details... #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”@IamCassandraEsq Thank you! Glad I could make it this time ๐Ÿค— #CourtSnoop
Errythang N Anythang @EnA_blog๐Ÿ”ITโ€™S TIME TOโ€ฆ.


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