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Corey Clement Mason Friestman® @friestman🔁 Eagles RB Corey Clement is a rebel #PHIvsDAL
Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁Corey Clement into the end zone!

#Eagles will go for two. #FlyEaglesFly

Dorian Ford @DorianFord10🔁 Corey Clement into the end zone!

#Eagles will go for two. #FlyEaglesFly

Fausto @yaweyyyyyyyyyy🔁 Corey Clement into the end zone!

#Eagles will go for two. #FlyEaglesFly

Geoff Mosher @GeoffMosherNFL🔁Corey Clement now has 7 touchdowns this year (four rush, three receiving). Leads the team. Amazing, for an undrafted free agent.
Reuben Frank @RoobNBCS🔁Corey Clement has 10 touches this year in the red zone.

He's scored 7 touchdowns.

Sixers fan Jason @SixersAreFuture🔁Corey Clement on losing Jake Elliott:

“Next man up...we believed, we Trusted The Process s/o to for saying that”

British Eagles @BritishEagles🔁Jay Ajayi's go gets the TV remote for Corey Clement even if he's further away from it than him. Blount make's sure he has a cushion under his outstretched feet while Barner's giving him a full body massage. The running back committee.
iPhillySports @iPhillySports🔁Eagles Rookie Report: Derek Barnett disruptive, Corey Clement scores yet again
Drew Comments @sjs856🔁 If you’re from Jersey it’s no way you can hate on Corey Clement man, no way
Keenan Yøung @young_keenan🔁 Corey Clement has 10 touches this year in the red zone.

He's scored 7 touchdowns.

Christian @Hungry_For_More🔁Corey Clement Clutch
Best redzone TD% in NFL

7 TDs on 10 touches in redzone 💥💥💥
(includes 2 point conversion, minimum 10 touches)


Kerri Stine @kerrrri_stinnne🔁Can you believe Glassboro, NJ’s Corey Clement grew up a Cowboys fan?!

“That is in the past. This week is all that matters”

“We’re going to try to bring something special back to Philly. We gotta handle this”

Max Bonnes @mbonnes24🔁 Think Corey Clement sends Donnel Pumphrey get well cards?
Wotshaking @wotshaking🔁Alfred Morris, Corey Clement and More Fantasy Reaction from Eagles vs. Cowboys
ZEUS⚡️ @GodFatherZen🔁After scoring 30 straight points in 2nd half on Road in Dallas Eagles RB Corey Clement says he believes the can do anything!!!
SitorStartFantasyApp @SitOrStartApp🔁Corey Clement Maintains His Backfield Role #sitorstart #FantasyFootball
Shane Chapman @Flow_Chapman🔁 Corey Clement is going to replace the Rocky statue!
Khy'Tari Wiggins @GrandG_K🔁 All Corey Clement does is score touchdowns. #Eagles
Theodore Rdesinski @Thel00secann0n🔁Dare I point out that Glassboro NJ’s Corey Clement was a fan growing up?! Oh well I’ll forgive him after that TD


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