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Felix Gonzalez @Felixgon09🔁 The ump hit Willson Contreras with the right hook 😂😂😂

Vincent Samperio @VinceSamperio🔁Cubs fans won’t say anything about Contreras bat-flipping a single.
Noel Contreras @contreras_209🔁 The Splash Brothers are locked in. 🌊
Matt Martin @MattMartin52🔁 Northwestern State brought the nails and Adrian Contreras brought the hammer!!!!
Cubs Talk @NBCSCubs🔁Willson Contreras' bat-flip on a single >> Schwarber's HR batflip
Carrie Muskat @CarrieMuskat🔁#Cubs lineup: Zobrist 2B Schwarber LF Bryant 3B Rizzo 1B Contreras C Jay CF Russell SS Heyward RF Hendricks P. There are some changes
ruth @contreras_ruth🔁So mad my friends convinced me to make a tinder.. also mad that I’ve been sitting here on it for the passed hour
Bodegas @Chad_Contreras🔁it's been over a decade since Rams football has been enjoyable. I've been waiting for this. Proud of this team
Santamoniker @Santamoniker🔁#Cubs Game 4 Happ RF Bryant 3B Rizzo 1B Contreras C Schwarber LF Almora CF Russell SS Baez 2B Arrieta P. 1 game at a time. Everyone but Q
Noel Contreras @contreras_209🔁@tigers stop wasting my time with this struggling team that can’t make it to the playoffs
Lesbo Lari⚢ @contreras_lari🔁NEVER Trust A Girl That Doesn’t Give You Her Snap Password Js🌚
Cole @CrumbDaddy🔁“8 Pieces of Modern Technology That Science Fiction Predicted…Or Invented” by Arielle Contreras
Meredith Plomann @MerdyWorld79🔁 Maddon says Contreras should be fine for tomorrow
Gooby @GoobyCooper🔁they can both sit on #Contreras
Max G. @MistaMaxG🔁@almaw1 @jayxpatron @LADodgersHQ Yeah, Sore... like Contreras’s shoulder
CubsHQ @ChicagoCubsHQ🔁Maddon says Contreras should be fine for tomorrow
VIP JORGE® @JorgeLiveFromLA🔁 Cubs fans won’t say anything about Contreras bat-flipping a single.
Adrian A. @Adrian_m115🔁@CubsJoeMadd we need to go all out tomorrow Almora KB Rizzo Russell Contreras Baez Happ Schwarber Arrietta. @NBCSCubs @Cubs book it .
Angelo Di Carlo @angdicarlowndu🔁Maddon says Contreras is OK.
Eleni Victoria @ev9199🔁I'm being told by sources inside the Cubs organization that Wilson Contreras is fine. He just wanted to join the fans in leaving early.
Lesbo Lari⚢ @contreras_lari🔁I Was So Happy 🚮
ExposedCubsFans @BlindCubsTakes🔁@tylerstein26 Contreras was 1-3 and Bryant was 2-4... I’m confused
Craig Goldstein @cdgoldstein🔁man that Darvish slider to Contreras in the sixth. I am giggling.
Lets Go Dodgers @DodgersGang🔁@DodgersNation Baez and Contreras not phasing Puig with their taunts and mocks
Vic Perez @VicDaViper🔁*Puig bat-flips a near homer*
Cub fans: "What a disrespectful idiot."
*Contreras bat-flips a single*
Cub fans: "What a baller omg amazing!"
John W. @jirw79🔁Cubs fan here, didn’t like what Schwarber or Contreras did with their bats in 1st inning. Dodgers/Puig in their head s. Unfortunately
#StartMitch @Jayhawki23🔁My lineup tomorrow vs Wood:
Almora (8)
Bryant (5)
Rizzo (3)
Contreras (2)
Schwarber (7)
Happ or Zobrist (9)
Russell (6)
Baez (4)
Arrieta (1)
Santamoniker @Santamoniker🔁#Cubs Remember how studly Contreras was b4 injury? Never returned this year. We can look forward to another year growth. Happ Bryant Baez
Alex Contreras @contreras_alex8🔁“stop nutting so fast”

first off, not my fault your pussy feel like heaven bitch. now cuddle up with tell me everything is gonna be ok

janell @janelllorozco🔁I missed most of the game, wth happened to Contreras?
Old Man Ryoji @oldmanryoji🔁@1juan_contreras @MarcusMacCowan @Juice_MMA Haha this is true
Mike Murray @murph861997🔁 Addison Russell best bat flip in the game, am I right?! >Contreras>Puig?
Saint Nicholas🎅🏼 @contreras_nic🔁Crush this year! I hope you have a couple huge losses. Thats right. Wrestling is about being mentally tough. Come back strong. Lets see it.
Old Man Ryoji @oldmanryoji🔁@MarcusMacCowan @1juan_contreras @Juice_MMA Probably
MacMally🍀 @MarcusMacCowan🔁@1juan_contreras @oldmanryoji @Juice_MMA right dude, ive just learned to sit back and enjoy the ride 😂😂
Patrick Betts @Pat_Betts20🔁 Cracks me up when Cubs fans bitch about Puig. They have two of the biggest pimp jobs in the league:

Contreras and Baez

Old Man Ryoji @oldmanryoji🔁Some delusional Paulie fanboy wishing for a red panty night. Fighting that bum gains McGregor nothing. Money sure but the guy is a has been
#TeamContreras @1juan_contreras🔁@MarcusMacCowan @oldmanryoji @Juice_MMA I think I enjoy the fallout more than the rumor. Ppl lose their $&#+ over this lol 😂
MacMally🍀 @MarcusMacCowan🔁@oldmanryoji @1juan_contreras @Juice_MMA it was Malignaggi right? 🤦‍♂️😂😂
Old Man Ryoji @oldmanryoji🔁@MarcusMacCowan @1juan_contreras @Juice_MMA Look at the original source of the rumor.
Come on man...
Mark Warschauer @markwarschauer🔁@molly_knight More than Rizzo, Bryant, Contreras, and Baez combined!!
MacMally🍀 @MarcusMacCowan🔁@oldmanryoji @1juan_contreras @Juice_MMA oh has it been debunked? i hope its a rumor
#TeamContreras @1juan_contreras🔁@MarcusMacCowan @oldmanryoji @Juice_MMA Ryoji sitting in the dark with a long samurai sword waiting to strike 😂
Old Man Ryoji @oldmanryoji🔁@MarcusMacCowan @1juan_contreras @Juice_MMA It's just that bullshit
MacMally🍀 @MarcusMacCowan🔁@1juan_contreras @Juice_MMA even if he makes only 5 extra million, most ppl would take that. lol
Old Man Ryoji @oldmanryoji🔁@MarcusMacCowan @1juan_contreras @Juice_MMA U guys still stalking about that bullshit rumor.
Nate Goettsch @Nate_Goettsch🔁This day in 2005: close out ALCS with 4th straight complete game.
Game 2 Buehrle
Game 3 Garland
Game 4 García
Game 5 Contreras
kate wylie @wonderwylie🔁Deleted my tweet. Then regretted it. I stand by the fact that Contreras shouldn't be bunting. And why is Hendricks hitting?
MacMally🍀 @MarcusMacCowan🔁@oldmanryoji @1juan_contreras @Juice_MMA yess Ryoji??? lmao
#TeamContreras @1juan_contreras🔁He found a winning formula and should milk it as much as he can, I rather see a fight vs Cucuy or Diaz but he’s gonna do what gets more $$$
Ryan Kasting @RKast14🔁Exactly! Shwarber is a DH. Plain and simple. Contreras has a cannon at least but makes what would be routine plays at catcher look difficult
Jen Smith @mamabearsmitty🔁@DanGreen23 You're kidding, right? Almora, Baez, Bryant, Contreras, Happ, Russell, and Schwarber are 25y.o. or younger


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