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Conor Lamb xxmmxx @NoOn45182348🔁 This is the moment Conor Lamb won.
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁As a Vice Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, I can confirm we added Devin Nunes district to o ur target list. Why? Two reasons:

-Nunes writes bad memos
-Dem historic performance is better in Nunes district than Conor Lamb district.

A blue wave is coming.

Jon Favreau @jonfavs🔁Conor Lamb campaigned:
1. For universal health care
2. Against Trump’s tax cut
3. For expanded background checks
4 . For stronger unions
5. Against cuts to Social Security
6. For a woman’s right to choose
7. For medical marijuana

“Conservative Democrat.” Ok. Cool.

Conor Lamb Modern Orwell ⌛️ @Fglobalism1984🔁 BREAKING: Paul Ryan’s PAC Elected Democrat Conor Lamb
Jon Cooper 🇺🇸 @joncoopertweets🔁BREAKING: It’s official — Democrat Conor Lamb has won the Pennsylvania special election!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

Petunia Clemons @PetuniaPolitics🔁There are 118 House seats that are more Democratic than the one Conor Lamb won in Pennsylvania last night.

That means, theoretically, 118 seats are in play this fall.

With 118 seats, we could impeach Donald Trump.

Remember this every day. This is how we take our country back.

Butch Adams @ButchButchadams🔁As usual, distills the point to its essence: Conor Lamb won in a PA district that was gerrymandered specifically so no Democrat could ever win. He won in a district so blatantly gerrymandered a court ordered it abolished, such that PA18 won't even exist come November.
ω๏๏∂y @CurrentSocials🔁 Showbiz Democrats See a ‘Deluge’ of Midterm Candidates Courting for Cash: Conor…
Trump 2020 @TheWiza69972979🔁Lamb Won Appealing To The Bitter Clingers Most Democrats Despise via @dailycaller
Lois Murray @ezrateach🔁 Lamb's Win Points to GOP Losing 60 House Seats, Senate Control #Newsmax via @Newsmax_Media
dan torre @9newdog🔁@SpeakerRyan BREAKING: Paul Ryan’s PAC Elected Democrat Conor Lamb:
Linda Aukschun @Sisal13🔁Who Is Conor Lamb, Apparent Winner Of The Pennsylvania Special Election?
Michael DeNardo @mikiedee🔁Why is Conor Lamb in PA18 adopting Second Amendment, TAX CUTS & Saving Steel Country Jobs? Because Trump's agenda is working. Admit it Democrats "It's TRUMP'S Economic Policies Stupid" that help the people. !
Dianne @bndsnoopy61🔁Conor Lamb’s Win in Gerrymandered District Shows That Dark Money Won’t Save the GOP via
Deplorable NRA Fanbot! @Hi_Rise2012🔁
Mr. Ryan, can you confirm or deny this news article from Blunt Force Truth stating that you used funds from your PAC to support Democrat Lamb in the PA election?

Francis Monteleone @MonteleoneUSA1🔁

FACT: PAUL R YAN'S GOP-PAC Sent Out Flyers Trying To Convince How Conservative Connor Lamb Is. Explanations Are Being Asked For...

iMissBarack&Michelle🆗 @bettyb00p00🔁Conor Lamb campaigned:
1. For universal health care
2. Against Trump’s tax cut
3. For expanded background checks
4. For stronger unions
5. Against cuts to Social Security
6. For a woman’s right to choose
7. For medical marijuana

“Conservative Democrat.” Ok. Cool.

fdtate @fdtate🔁Samantha Bee on Conor Lamb's victory: "I'm really enjoying this radical new Democratic strategy called trying"
Nathan Stone @nes_nathan🔁I'm not sure though that they can. has a habit of saying that the hard left is the Democrat base now--religious zeal ots.

Michael Barone: Democrats can take the House, if they just pick Conor Lamb over Hillary Clinton

bengal @EnglundBob🔁On Wednesday morning, the RNC and its supporters reversed course and seized on a false talking point that Lamb’s victory was unusual because he was “pro-life” and basically ran as a Republican.
Thomas Hayward @ThomasH12364261🔁 Trump says Conor Lamb won because he is “Like Trump”.
I highly doubt that Conor Lamb pays $130000 for sex
Bridget Ball Shaw @BridgetBallSha1🔁 It’s official. Conor Lamb (D) won the election and Steve Kornacki (MSNBC) won the night. Hope they both got some sleep @MSNBC
Priya @10leslie🔁Oregon Democrat to : “If you’re in a district like Conor Lamb’s ... you have to make a clear statement about your support—or lack thereof—of the current leader of the Democratic Party"
James beauparlant @Jamesbeauparla2🔁Trump breaks silence on Pennsylvania election, praises Conor Lamb for being “like Trump”:
Danny Neyman @danneyman057🔁Oh,I see.They can’t believe that a Democrat won. Trump &@GOP didn’t want a recount & checks on the voting machine when it was a known fact Russia had their Thumb on the scale for Trump. Now all of the sudden machines not right? SORE LOOSER? Shame on you🤥
Beverly Atherton @BeverlyAtherto4🔁 MEANWHILE, the men of Fox News are only saying Conor Lamb won because he's so fuckin' hot. Really.
Michael Sidoric @avfolk🔁Conor Lamb opposed tax law. He won.

Voters have seen their paychecks. They know GOP gave them a raw deal where most of the tax benefits go to corporate shareholders. Dems have a better deal.

Many voters feel hoodwinked by . They will not be fooled twice.

Lorenzo @Mile_Marker_0🔁Trump’s day so far:

-Conor Lamb won, 20-point Dem swing
-Ben Carson lied, he bought $31K table
-Stone told Nunberg he met w/Assange
-Hearing date set in Stormy Daniels trial
-Rand Paul opposes Pompeo & Haspel
-Millions protesting for gun reform on

Red State Blue State @TheRedBluePod🔁Do wins for Jones, Lamb point to centrism's return?
🇨🇦NurseRatchet @NurseRatchetM6K🔁I love this. Conor Lamb opposed the GOP tax cut, ACA repeal, is pro choice and pro union, but Fox’s fake news is to make him a Republican
Patrice Devine @Patricemdevine🔁Conor Lamb attended the University of Pennsylvania, worked as a prosecutor in the Marine Corps, served as an assistant U.S. attorney in Pittsburgh, and now, will likely be Pennsylvania's newest congressman.
Joan @JaneDoeCountry🔁 WHY didn't Conor Lamb run on the Pelosi.Schumer agenda?


Higher Heights PAC @HigherHeightPAC🔁Democrats can win back Congress by supporting and electing women like Higher Heights endorsed candidate :
Raj🗽Balasubramanian @Solutioneer72🔁'Labor Delivered This Win': Democrat Conor Lamb Prevails in District Trump Won by 20 - via
T Simms @simms3710🔁After the success story of Conor Lamb, it's clear progressives have two choices:

1. We can be puritanical and continue to watch Republicans wreck the country.

2. We can run candidates who match their districts, compete everywhere and shift America left.

Dan Rixon @DanRixon36🔁UniParty At Work – Paul Ryan SuperPac Campaigned to Elect Democrat Conor Lamb…
Ali @CMBMummy🔁This year, for the first time, I am sending small ($25) contributions all around the country to people like Conor Lamb, Randy Bryce, Beto O'Rourke, David Ermold, Amy McGrath, etc. I do not believe I am alone.
Lesley M @LayonMcDuff🔁Democrat Conor Lamb made history after winning a special House election in a deep red Pennsylvania district that was considered a Trump stronghold.

Here’s what you should know about him:

Carol Bailey @CarolBa88945394🔁Today Pennsylvania has 100000 Foreigners registered to vote

Illegals Voters 100,000
Conor Lamb 113,813 votes
Rick Saccone 113,186 votes

So what does this suggest?

BikerDoc @bikerdoc54🔁Good morning 2 every 1 except Paul Ryan & his Super PAC.

It seems Mr. Ryan & his Super PAC thought it prudent 2 help elect Conor Lamb.

Mr. Ryan U R either with or U R against

I've long felt U R a RINO & your actions R proving me correct.

loading... @WhisperingMissy🔁 .@HouseGOP
BREAKING: Paul Ryan’s PAC Elected Democrat Conor Lamb:
Matt Arnold @1stFreeMatt🔁As the Democrats find candidates who fit their districts, it will be hard for them to get anti-gun activists in Congress.

Barbara Pierce Quinn @BQuinn8594🔁DO NOT allow the victory of Conor Lamb in the Special Election to convince you that your vote isn't needed in the Midterm Elections in order for the to sweep the country.

Let the slim margin of victory convince you that EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

Cities Burn @WhenCitiesBurn🔁After spending millions to make Lamb out to be a "Super Liberal," Trump & his drooling idiots are saying he ran...
Kenneth Johnson @picean79🔁Conor Lamb won 172 precincts won by Trump in ‘16.

Rick Saccone won zero precincts won by Clinton in ‘16.

Not my president @Monk13711🔁In last 24 hours we’ve seen:
Conor Lamb win a deep red district
Our youth declare war on Trump, GOP & NRA
And the WH fall into deeper chaos
As Repubs do whatever Russia says.
It’s not a blue wave that’s coming
It’s not a tsunami
It’s a mega-tsunami. 🌊
Paul McFreid @I_Am_Here_Still🔁Don't you just love how hasn't tweeted a single word about Conor Lamb's awesome win?? It's probably because this embarrassing loss for the GOP can largely be laid at Trump's feet.

Guess what, Donald: YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!! 🌊🌊🌊

Teresa @Baby1985Sweet🔁Conor Lamb Wins Pennsylvania House Seat, Giving Democrats a Map for Trump Country
Michael Zee @SapereAude99🔁Congrats to Conor Lamb. A Blue Tidal Wave is rising that will wash away the Trump/GOP swamp.
DerekHooper @DerekHooper🔁BREAKING: Trump says Conor Lamb won because he is “Like Trump”.

The only way he is “like Trump” is that he also lives on Earth! He’s different in every other way possible!

AsperGirl, Under Attack by LW Trolls @AsperGirl🔁The DCCC has been making phone calls since Conor Lamb's victory to persuade potential recruits to consider jumping into tough contests, a source with the group told The Daily Beast.

Mars Bars @MarsBars6116🔁In today's : Republicans’ official explanation of their apparent loss in Pennsylvania’s special election was this: Democrat Conor Lamb only succeeded because he ran “as a Republican".
Cajun_Sheen @cajun_Sheen🔁

The will be THE o pportunity to put America back on the right track. We won in 2016 with but that was just the beginning.
Secure our future, our FREEDOM, by VOTING patriots into every office!

President Trump #45 @DavidDCarpenter🔁WOW IF TRUE - UniParty At Work – Paul Ryan SuperPac Campaigned to Elect Democrat Conor Lamb… | The Last Refuge
Melanie L Stone @Stone1ML🔁"I'm really enjoying this radical new Democratic strategy called 'trying,'" Samantha Bee said. Our late-night roundup:
Desert Dweller @citizensjd🔁While I'm far left of Conor Lamb, there is a lesson for the numbskull Nina Turner - Susan Sarandon wing of the Dem Party. When up against a racist, serial lying existential threat to America like Trump, you do not f*ck around with puritanical politics.
cs warren @cswarren70🔁Speaker Ryan lied abt why Conor Lamb won. Lamb did not run as conservative unless u call supporting Roe vs Wade,supp orting certain aspects of gun control,supporting ACA....Is that the new Conservative???Is that how out of touch u are? oh & he disagreed w/ tax cuts 2 wealthy&corp
Steve Jackson Network @VIPMediaEvent🔁Conor Lamb Wins Pennsylvania House Seat, Giving Democrats a Map for Trump Country


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