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Wm Hogsten @hoggiesan🔁 .@Judgenap breaks down the vote in Congress today on the controversial surveillance program
Andy Slavitt @ASlavitt🔁BREAKING NEWS ON CHIP: CBO now says if Congress extends CHIP for 10 years instead of 5, it will not cost the governme nt ANYTHING.

It will save $6 billion AND keep 9 million low income kids covered.

Congress decides within 9 days.

This is not widely known but needs to be.

Congress clinicalnursing @clinicalmeeting🔁@sarah_searz Avail the opportunity to speak at World Congress on #Clinical #Nursing at Zurich Switzerland
Congress Ajay Shreemal @ShreemalAjay🔁Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi warmly welcomes Mr Nana Patole, Ex-MP from BJP, to the Congress family.
Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano🔁I AM ANGRY AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

It’s been over 100 days since the Congress decided to IGNORE the fate of 9 milli on low income kids.

must be part of ANY budget agreement. Or no agreement.

States are almost out of money.

Shut down kids, shut down the government.

Ben Rhodes @brhodes🔁It should remain horrifying to realize that Republicans in Congress would rather attack someone for revealing Putin's interference in our election than investigate - or even understand - Putin's efforts to undermine American democracy.
Brad Blankenheim ⚽ @bradlo27🔁Republican leadership in Congress won't hold a vote to fund CHIP, a health insurance program that helps 9 million children, including 1.3 million in California. Funding for this program expired over 100 days ago & time is running out.

This matters.
These kids matter.

Chuck @c_kimmerle🔁OPINION: : Congress plotting to cut a hole in the Fourth Amendment, again (via )
Dragon Jo ☮ @J0ann3🔁 Republicans have four convicted criminals running for Congress in 2018.
Robert Johnson @robertjohnson11🔁BREAKING NEWS ON CHIP: CBO now says if Congress extends CHIP for 10 years instead of 5, it will not cost the government ANYTHING.

It will save $6 billion AND keep 9 million low income kids covered.

Congress decides within 9 days.

This is not widely known but needs to be.

ashok sopori @ASHOK_15791🔁During Congress rule, 2011 to 2013 alone saw a record number of 25,000 Wahabis coming to India & conducting seminars in various parts of Nation. Wahhabism spreading in India like Ebola virus. Western UP, Kerala, Bengal, Assam are Prime Examples. asap now.
#HonorFlag_Stand @honorflag_stand🔁Many legal charges now against DJ Trump:
1. Obstruction of Justice >2X
2. Revisionist gov't statements
3. Abuse of E xecutive Power
4. Refusal to provide required assistance to Puerto Rico
5. Diversions & lying to Congress/FBI
- And some type of Russian Collusion is very possible!
PARVATHI NATHAN @PARVATHINP🔁BJP rules 70% of this country directly or indirectly but it always stayed humble but look at the rouge congress claming to ban RSS & BJP. Does Siddaramaiah think people of state are not watching his moves. I am RSS
Girish R @girishrb4u🔁BJP has always stood with this country unlike congress will looted & sold this country to Italian
mafia. Your dreams about banning BJP & RSS is a joke Sidda. Forget about you, Your
generations cannot ban us.
Barbara Gallagher @Barbw6kids🔁Russian meddling in our elections is a clear and present danger. Fact. Unbelievably no one taking action to prevent harm. Whatever you think of possible Trump involvement all must demand that White House and Congress act to strengthen our electoral systems against the threat-NOW
Kunal Gupta 🌹 @djkgamc🔁RETWEET: We have less than 24 hours to tell Congress to support a crucial amendment to that would stop the U.S. gove rnment’s unconstitutional spying of all Americans without a warrant. Take action:
(context: )
Bunny Wheeler @bunny_wheeler🔁Instead of rushing to wreck our country with a mass amnesty with DACA, why doesn't the GOP congress start impeaching judges?
Taylor @taylureee🔁 Let's get with it, Congress. It's time to #SaveCHIP & protect children's health!
GR @DaMadHooker🔁Shame on Congress for equating Nationalist RSS with Jihadi Group PFI

Former SC Judge infact said it was RSS factor which made the country Safe.

Rahul Gandhi woos Hindus with his fake Hindutva and his CM brands Hindus Terrorists for Muslim votes

PARVATHI NATHAN @PARVATHINP🔁Congress slaves don’t come to the rescue of victims of natural calamities it’s the RSS that reaches out to these victims. I am proud of Sangh & I am proud of RSS
4agreements @melanie_malan🔁.-

You’re a traitor. And corrupt as hell. We demand you resign from Congress immediately.


Jean-Paul d'Aoust @MainsdeDieu🔁Virtually every law being passed in Congress today, has been paid for by large corporations. If we want a true democracy,get big money out of our political system. It's time to overturn Citizens United which allows unlimited and undisclosed spending to buy U.S. elections(thread
McCoy: Patriot @jrmag01🔁More than 30 Republicans are leaving their current roles in Congress after 2018, opening their seats. Here are some of the resignations & retirements that you need to know about
C.T.Ravi @CTRavi_BJP🔁While CONgress gifted a corrupt dynasty that ruined India, & have given two prime ministers Sri Atal Bihari Vajpay ee & Sri Narendra Modi who have transformed the Nation. if serving the Nation is an "Act of Terror".
larry w. reed @Lpr1944W🔁Congress investigates, DOJ orders probe of ‘serious misconduct’ of govt agency that bungled Bundy trial
Seeking Truth @Seeking08240058🔁Obama in A NUT SHELL — the Demon from Hell .

His own words —
He didn’t care about making congress sit and make it real . He just did the easiest thing .
He gets to boast he did somebody when really he kicked the COWARD CAN 101

মানৱ ডেকা/MANAB DEKA @manabdeka🔁@INCIndia Gradually congress became party of ex
Ken Finch @finchPDX🔁@Patztense Whew! I thought for a moment he was going to announce he was running for Congress.
Vidya Nand Mishra @VidyaNandMishr8🔁@vidyarthee Congress must take ecological protection as an important agenda and should begin from the Kosi basin management
Rick Wheeler @RfWheels3015🔁Duh... And we cannot get anyone in Congress to pull the Orbis/Steele invoices paid by FBI for the FIFA corruption investigation because NOBODY wants to admit it was cross-charged and started much earlier than is being reported on either side of the aisle.
Ajay K. Pandey 🇮🇳 @ajaykumar2697🔁Forget about Banning RSS & BJP. Congress cannot even reach half the strength in man power which BJP & RSS has. You want to ban us yes come on
Lady Patriot @FLMomNYGirl🔁Rep. Darrell Issa To Retire, Adding To Record GOP Exodus From Congress
Ann @Somberstarfish🔁Republicans in California dropping like flies! Help me make next!
Just Me @LMPadge2🔁This is one of the most revealing tweets of White House dysfunction and President's putting personal interests above nation's. Just yesterday WH warned Congress not to limit intel authorities this way.
Louise @lawvn965🔁Uh, you mean I could have just enforced the current laws on the books (as I promised during my campaign) and that I had the authority to end DACA without Congress to solve our Nations immigration problems? Ooops.
Mert @r26862🔁“The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court should let the Congress know if it was misled” re FISA warrant based on Steele dossier — to me just now. The House Judiciary Committee Chair also stated he has serious concerns re conduct of agents at top during ‘16
PARVATHI NATHAN @PARVATHINP🔁Unlike Congress which looted & indulged in anti-national activity BJP & RSS is nationalistic Mr Siddaramaiah. We live on ideologies unlike slaves of Congress. Ban us if you can
jack @vladilenakuu2al🔁Samsung will launch its Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress in February
Right Wing Christian Apologetic Science Attacker @Lamhfada🔁If Trump's extreme confusion about this law and how it was used helps to finally bring an end to unfettered mass domestic surveillance - by unintentionally boosting the bipartisan NSA reform bill pending before Congress - I can live with that.
Dr Sarang Bani @drsarangbani🔁Why does think that it can only prosper by dividing India by caste, religion or region? Is there something about a united India that does not favor the Congress Party?
Charmin7508 @charmin75081🔁 Watch President Deals go to work on Congress:
Tyler G. James @tygjam🔁If Congress extends CHIP for 10 years, it would cost taxpayers nothing. $0.00

Can we count on Congress for a no-brainer?

No excuses. None.

Amy D @randombutton🔁Sisters and Brothers,

If you want to build a national movement to hold health insurance companies accountable, tell Congress our Medicare/Medicaid, & win ,
let us seize this day together.

Yours in struggle,

Marya Shakil @maryashakil🔁. keeps accusing us () of being anti-Hindu. But, we simply ignore and keep working for the people: , Congress, tells on |
IamUSAProudRU @IamUSAProudru🔁.: "I'm going to wait to see what the final DACA proposal looks like, but if it does not include a wall - a real wall, not a see-through wall - expect a political revolt from the base."
deplorable 2020👓 @MyInfoLaura1🔁FUSION GPS refused to say whether its client (Hillary Clinton) communicated with or directed dossier author Steele about anti- Russia contacts. Will Congress call in Hillary Clinton and her campaign leadership to testify?
mt Ramos @bessella08🔁Today is a National Call-In Day to & the investigation. Tell Members of Congress they will be held accountable for ANY aid- either by action OR inaction- they lend to obstruction of Mueller's investigation! Call (202) 224-3121
lucifer @squaneenge🔁Republicans who won't be coming back to Congress after 2018 midterm elections

The lunatics are leaving in unpreced ented numbers. Does sanity have a valid chance to entrench itself into our political system?

🇺🇸Patriots 4 impeachment🇺🇸 @Rubygirl123456🔁Yesterday, professional journalists praised Donald Trump for remembering the names of members of congress who were *sitting around a table with name placards in front of them*
Janice @equinimity54🔁Bill or no bill...Politicians in Congress cannot be trusted to follow thru on border security I.e. THE WALL no matte r what else WE compromise on.
Bharat Sanghvi ☕चायवाला☕ @rajamaka🔁 has gifted this nation dynamic leaders & today’s PM along with ji is one such example. RSS is nationalist unlike Congress which sold this country.
Nancy @anniebearwolf🔁Actually, Mr. President, the courts are the only branch of government currently working as it should. The GOP Congress certainly isn’t. And there’s nothing more “broken and unfair” than an executive branch without a good chief executive.
SANJANA @SanjanaSurvivor🔁SC questions Hindu prayer in Kendriya Vidyalaya Does SC question prayers in convent school ? What about this bible quotes on Congress Govt of Mizoram's office website Pidis
Girish R @girishrb4u🔁 Congress Party Is Anti Hindus.


Retweet If You Agree

Ginger Dowling @gingerdowling42🔁 RT if you stand by #Dreamers. Congress should end the games and pass the #DreamActNow!
Cladzy @cladzy🔁 Republicans have *four* convicted criminals running for Congress in ‘18
Joyce E. Scott @JoyceEScott1🔁Thanks GOD for those in Congress who actually STAND FOR THE CONSTITUTION!

Project 100 @proj100women🔁This is what happens when women have a voice in Congress. Thank you and for declaring .
Feli Sdova @therealF3LiZ🔁 Republicans have 4 convicted criminals running for Congress in 2018 via @HuffPostPol
r2no @r2no2🔁Anyone in Congress who supports ending the Trump-Russia probe is simply doing Donald Trump's bidding - and siding with Vladimir Putin over the vital interests of protecting American democracy. Take action and help stop these treasonous efforts today!
Rayanne Stemmler @rstemmler24🔁S. 140 by passed the House and Senate yesterday. A bill to amend the White Mountain Apache Tribe Water Rights Quantification Act of 2010 to clarify the use of amounts in the WMAT Settlement Fund. 🏛️
Sarah Packard @Taydolf_Switler🔁To do what? Shill for Putin and call white supremacist violence in Charlottesville a “total hoax”?

No thanks. Enjoy your final year in Congress.

Teddy Dale @DaleBarco🔁. is working toward solutions to fix flawed immigration policy &laws. has kicked this can down the road & is the reason we have & mess. providing strong uniting leadership absent in Congress instead of party politics.
Dilip @dlpmshr🔁Visuals of Shabrimala Yatra with Presi

ex. Corporator

Amit Naik , Nilesh Shetty

MumCong Film union GenSec

Social Media In-Charge Mumbai Congress

Big John @jhnbabich🔁I took an oath to protect & defend the Constitution. I take that oath seriously & will continue to fight for liberty in the 115th Congress.
Marcie @_strate🔁, we the people will elect a fresh crop of citizens dedicated to truth, justice & equality FOR ALL.

Republicans in Congress have abdicated their responsibility to act as a safeguard for democracy. They've got to go.

, Democracy Strikes Back.


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