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Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren🔁The hack is a nightmare. I introduced the FREE Act to give consumers back control of their data. Congress should pa ss it ASAP.
Rosa (Maggie O.) @mayflowergal1🔁Women are 51% of the population, but only 20% of Congress. Love seeing trending today. More women should run for office!
AMA @AmerMedicalAssn🔁To : Graham-Cassidy would result in millions losing coverage, destabilize insurance markets, decrease access to affor dable care.
Walter Shaub @waltshaub🔁I hope *somebody* tweets: "Many people say Sec'y Price was right to criticize Congress using private jets in 2009. Now he uses them? Sad!"
NIKO, I'm with Trump @NikoTheFarmer🔁What a surprise.. The whole of Congress, Senate & Media are neglecting to apologize over their Condemnation of
Dustin @dustin_temple10🔁@Kansei13Kansei @malkabethwendy I don't expect anything to be optimal from our government. I have zero faith in Congress.
Wayne @iacct4u20072🔁@jaketapper Now the congress in 6 months came up with 3 jive time bills that were useless and embarrassing and should be ashamed of yourselv
Swachh Politics @SwachhPolitics🔁Congress trolled for seeking credit for Sardar Sarovar Dam
-via @inshorts
Lee Drake @BLeeDrake🔁@TopherSpiro Unrelated, but text RESIST to 50409 to get a fax sent to your Senators & Representatives in Congress if call volume is heavy
K.C.McAndrews @c_mcandrews🔁The closed-door interview has become the new norm, in which the public is denied insight into an investigation.
Ravi Sharma @Ravi1geet🔁 | WATCH: Congress leader & former I&B minister Manish Tewari uses worst form of abusive language on social media
iconewskorea @iconewskorea🔁 You say that as though conservatives in Congress aren't dangerous radicals.
Anna Mitchell @qutaldy🔁U have to go back 164 yrs...before the Civil War to find a Congress that has accomplished less...null & void.

Kara Bell @karue86🔁Everyone will be screwed one way or another with this bill, unless you are a member of congress, senate or the Presid ent himself
🚂🇺🇸PamT🙏✝️ @PamT817716🔁 DAMN CROOK👉Prosecutors: @SenatorMenendez Tried to Hide Free Flights, Hotel Stay -
Cari @ BSD @NotCarlotta🔁Believe me, I'm tired of tweeting about health care, and if the GOP Congress would just stop trying to kill me, I'd return to movies and TV.
Dyann @Dyann057🔁NOTICE: The ONLY people complaining about are in Congress. NOT MDs, not AARP, not hospitals, not insurance cos, not patients
MalloryAnn @ShaMarMon3🔁I just sent a #SoundOff to my Reps in Congress about #SaveEPA. Would you hit this link and do it too?
Missy Norman @MisNorm98🔁 #ProtectOurCare Stop Graham-Cassidy! Call Congress now!
Angelina Thompson @eangelina64🔁@BenSasse A surprising number of US Congress people put party before country every vote
J.Grace.H @sincerely_rican🔁 "Please! Don't kill my child!" -Liam Neeson movie/a call we have to make to Congress every 6 weeks
Karen @KarenKarenebc🔁Congress must vote by Sept 30 to stop funding , which poisons, dismembers, and starves to death over 320,000 children a year.
Melissa Milzman @MMilzman🔁It says russian billionaire. Not russian government. Distraction from democrats Pakistani spy ring in congress
Annie Wachtel @Vinylpoodle🔁 There are a lot of deplorable Vichy Republicans in Congress, but I think Chaffetz is the worst.
OA753621 @oa753621🔁 Tweet at me if you’re calling Congress to tell them you oppose Graham-Cassidy. I’m gonna share your stories.
💐🎶Michele🎶💐 @ShellyBksf🔁 There are a lot of deplorable Vichy Republicans in Congress, but I think Chaffetz is the worst.
FlipTheGOP @ProblemPanacea🔁#Alabama Strange is in congress now, silent while deep state targets @potus, a vote for Strange IS a vote for corruption vote @MooreSenate
Mariano R. Loo @mrloor🔁DACA sedition dreamer not equalize for even American dreams us constitution all equal before the laws not congress r ecovery
Margaret Hiatt @politeperson123🔁Graham-Cassidy could sow "chaos" throughout health system, NBC News reports. Look at this quote:

Aliza✌🎸 @Aliza_777🔁Please don’t use scripts, Congress responds to your own words. You don’t need many: just a clear ask for what you want your official to do.
(((Drumpf Foe))) ❄ @dawgfansteve64🔁 I mean, okay, but so is lying under oath to Congress and yet here you fucking are, Jeff.
Mothrasomuchlove @Jeanjeannie20🔁No, he couldn't. I don't think Trump can write. He has no idea how health insurance works, or how Congress works.
Andrea Shea King @RadioPatriot🔁Within a month of coming to DC, your congress critters are compromised by the intelligence community. No dirt, no seat on good committees.
Michael @By_the_PPL🔁The president on the one hand complains about the Republican Congress but on the other hand campaigns for the incumbents #verysad
Frank Cordie @FrankJCordie🔁What is his opinion if Congress just approves a decrease in the corporate tax rate for now and does a bigger overhau l later?
Lynne4America @lynnekayy🔁TY 4 believing in my right to self-defense.
Let's get congress behind us to make
the law in all 50 states!

Cinnanun @notcreative388🔁Here's the problem: when Mueller inevitably delivers a recommendation to impeach, Congress will find a reason to avoid it.

Then we riot.

Mimi @Mimi38760907🔁Results:
11,446 ppl voted stating Congress has lost the most respect in the last year! I believe that's u! MSM was a close 2nd!
Margret W. @GManfan64🔁GOP Congress-

When looking for jobs in 2019 u should look in Russia, Iran & N Korea cuz those are the only 3 countries you helped.


Ravinder Kaushik @rohtakites🔁With Gujarat polls around the corner, Modi's countdown to 2019 Lok Sabha elections begins via
Rose✨💫🌟⚡️ @MamaRose2017🔁I actually thought Lindsey Graham was alright. Shows how little I still know. Shoving HC down Congress while Texas & Florida are in shambles
Wayne @iacct4u20072🔁@jaketapper Isn't it funny that congress had 7 years to come up with an alternative to Obamacare and the first time out was a farce.
Lunar Sea @lunar_sea🔁@DisTrumpia congress needs to be subject to the same coverage. No more special treatment for traitors to American ideals
Paul Appleton @paul_appleton🔁 Congress must act on #SESTA to make sure what happened to Desiree Robinson doesn't happen again.
Kat @kitkat9301🔁As long as congress and Washington and the White House still leech off taxpayers for Luxury healthcare, your empty pr omises mean nada
lynn h @lmh3072🔁You still don't get that members of Congress are not your employees they are a separate, CO-EQUAL branch of governme nt...a check & a balance
Paul A. Gutierrez @PGutierrez630🔁Trump has made more deals with Pelosi & Schumer than he has with the GOP Congress & Senate! He's swiveling back to his Democrat roots! HaHa!
✨Ang✨ @BlueEyesLady1🔁There is a constitutional crisis. And the media is ignoring it. And so is Congress. But is on it.
trob @trobinson131🔁 🚨Gulianni: @POTUS doesn't need Congress to start Building The Wall


Lock Him Up! @comrade_orange🔁And, again, USA: Trump & Price are deliberately not doing the jobs of POTUS & HHS Secretary. Tell Congress to & .
Jerry @Jerry_Day28🔁 Hope Rand Paul will stand strong. No mandates, no insurance bailouts & no Congress subsidies-Full repeal
Self D Guru @SelfDGuru1🔁Liberal Democrat Running for Congress Caught Driving Stolen Van, Resisting Arrest - Blames Cops
A. F. Litt @A_F_Litt🔁Our public lands and waters are in the crosshairs and every second counts. ACT: tell Congress to save our parks!
Nikesh @nikurao111🔁Congress VP Rahul Gandhi arrives in Ahmedabad, all set to launch INC's Gujarat Campaign at the Sabarmati riverfront today.
Brittany Van @_lilblasian_🔁Congratulations Brittany Van!Thanks for representing us at the Congress of Future Science & Technology Leaders in Boston!
Oodie @squishieg🔁ALERT: All who have (or had) med problems (aka pre-existing conditions) or are (or might become) : LAST CHANCE TO CALL CONGRESS!
Modi's Feed @modis_feed🔁 @dhume Not taking action against anti-national elements and Congress for scams and corruption; Sonia should be in jail
Matt Leeds @Mleeds2048🔁"Mueller is building a very strong that he can then bring to Congress and recommend impeachment." on the Special Counsel.
Brian Sparrow @sparroni🔁To be fair: R's in Congress had been braying "Repeal & Replace" for 7 years. He, like many Americans, assumed they'd been working on it.
The Stranger @TheStranger🔁My question, can someone named "muffy" ever really be full of terrors? Judge for yourselves:
Esi Hutchful @esi_hutchful🔁Despite recent gains, 2.5M CA adults under age 65 lacked health covg in 2016. We can do better, but not if Congress passes .
tatere.🌹 @tatere🔁This is a massive humanitarian crisis for 3.5 million American citizens & should be the only thing on Congress' agenda starting immediately
Sarah Sweet @SarahSw64100156🔁 It's a shame Congress isn't bound by the ethical standards found in the Hippocratic Oath.
Freddy Meatball @FMeatball🔁If California secedes, wouldn't the Democrats never elect another President? Never control Congress? I think I like the idea.
Christy Kanen @Peabots13🔁And to think that Trump rescinding simply to get congress to approve his racist wall is sick!
Little_crow @Crowinjun🔁The ADL told congress to push the "anti-white supremacy" resolution, Jew Schumer pushed for DACA amnesty. Understand who runs USA now? 🤥
LAW145 @law145🔁USA: Tom Price cannot ethically be HHS Secretary, and wants to endanger the health of millions of Americans. Tell Congress to .
Ronald @beaujack53🔁Tom Price took over $41,950 in petty cash from his campaign account when in Congress-THAT'S ILLEGAL.

Barbara Wintch @barblact🔁@VP @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Will congress have the same plan? Oh, yeah, they have exemption. POS
Lori King @1loriking🔁This story from May is newly relevant. Deripaska offered to testify before Congress in exchange for immunity.
Nunya Business @Fuksoks🔁It's time for the taxpayers to stop funding health insurance for Congress. They are a bunch of rich fucks who can aff ord to pay.
Glen Risdon @grisdon3911🔁 "@DarrellIssa said he would vote no on the DREAM Act." Help us vote him out of office!
Minka K @Minka_k4🔁Andy Kim for Congress!
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