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Congress Ashutosh singh @ashuontwt🔁 #Visual: Gujarat Congress MLA Ramsinh Parmar submitted his resignation to Assembly Speaker.
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁The 115th Congress -- hereby known as the Trump Congress -- will live in infamy.
Rachel Maddow MSNBC @maddow🔁"How Congress Could Overrule Trump’s Ban On Transgender Service Members"

Naresh Jain @ncjain50🔁 #Watch | Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi reacts to Nitish Kumar's alliance with BJP.
Andy Slavitt @ASlavitt🔁BREAKING: CBO Score is out! Premiums will be 20% higher in EVERY year 2018-2026 under Senate Freedom bill.

Conservative Hippie @JayFratt🔁 testifying before Congress this morning

mo @ramchandani2000🔁Three Congress Lawmakers Quit In Gujarat, Join BJP via @SatyaVijayi
Dave Meyer @papadave239🔁Here's something you don't hear every day: I'm proud of Congress for holding Putin accountable and checking Trump's worst instincts. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
🕉️ Giri 🇮🇳 @SirGiridhar🔁Dear slaves of Congress, never ever include such words like 'United, Serious, good, work' with Congress in one sentence.
Jackie Picon @jpicon4🔁Why can't Congress make a healthcare bill that will actually help people and affordable to low income and poor not ju st for the rich.
ThreeMonkeys AndMe @We3forDemocracy🔁Big Pharma donated almost $16 million to Congress in 2016. Campaign finance reform is essential in the fight for universal healthcare.
Shashwat Jha @shazwat🔁 Strong response by Congress on why Microsoft should not retire MS Paint
Balaji @balajiworld🔁@Satvahana Oomen Chandi and Gujarat Congress CMs have imposed Prohibition too.
libi kavanah @libikavanah🔁Republicans fail to pass a 'skinny' Obamacare repeal bill
Susan C Turlington @SusanCTurlingt1🔁Awesome Solution. Swamp dweller McCain get Obamacare to treat brain cancer only brain cell. for Congress
abcul @abcunlimited1🔁Declassified: How Nehru betrayed Netaji (according to Bose's nephew)


Article dt 29-01-2016

Christopher T Varley @cvarley1734🔁btw, this is the point in the calendar at which GOP Congress had said both Obamacare repeal/replace and tax reform would be signed into law
OOL @olcsa1986🔁@SpeakerRyan let's move to tax reform so we can accomplish nothing. More lies but to surrender the Senate, Congress 2018. @RoKeT_gal
Ram kumar sarswat @Ramkumarsarswa3🔁@JMehta65 @OfficeOfRG is bjp done all those work which was done by congress in past then how bjp is party with diffrence
Ken Roberts @KenRoberts112🔁This vote is a perfect example of vested interests controlling congress. These interests do not represent the America n people.
American Patriot @holt999🔁Goodbye! Time to vote in a real congress!
Phil Osopha @Philosopha1🔁The Health Care Freedom Act:
-Was written over lunch
-Will be voted on in the dead of night
-Will be the end of the GOP majority in congress
Bajrang Yadav @Yadavbajrang🔁Dreaming Big- India is free of Congress over 132 years now hope our child wil never fight 2 free India from Congress JAI HIND @ashokepandit
Bob Suydam @BobSuydam🔁Now is time to #DoYourJob and work together congress.
David Himmel @Himmelink🔁Cookie, the Cat who Bit Me & Congress, the Sect that Hates Us
bendodge @bendodge🔁Remove 's exemption for Congress so they must buy insurance the same way we do. Then they'll be motivated.
Grace heather @Graceheathertc🔁Congress Reaches Deal to Avert Shutdown of Veterans’ Health Choice Program
John Niland @johnnyscrapnyc🔁Putin throws a fit when he discovers the US Congress will hold him accountable for invading sovereign countries.
Deplorable Cool @hjim_ws🔁 NOW is the time to Trump Congress. PLEASE, issue EO to remove the ObamaCare exemption for Congress. Let Them live as True Americans.
Maximus Decimus @gregnortong🔁John McCain complained about the GOP Congress getting nothing done; then he proceeded to help get nothing done.
Anne Rose @AnneRose713🔁We can't impeach. Congress can. This is more ammunition for if/when they get off their asses & do it.
Thomas W. Bock @bock_tw🔁JW believes that it is time for ALL of Congress's Obamacare exemptions to finally END. Check out JW's report here:
Narendra K Varma @narendravarma49🔁 One more Gujarat Congress MLA Ramsinh Parmar (Thasra) resigns. Total goes to six. @IndianExpress
Lisa Cullen O'Donogh @lmcod🔁Trump’s nominee to lead DOJ criminal division, Benczkowski, has disclosed to Congress he previously rep’ed Alfa Bank
Iyer @IyerSpeaks🔁Mr Rahul Gandhi- The speed at which MLAs are fleeing from Congress in Gujarat is "greater than escape velocity of Jupiter"
Sherman Jackson @WisePuertoRican🔁Congress Defies Trump on Russia -
Agrim Trust @AgrimTrust🔁Ramsinh Parmar, another Gujarat Congress MLA, resigns, taking the number of legislators who quit to six

Ronbos @ronbosjd🔁This bill was an abomination & its defeat is a victory for every family that was put in jeopardy by Trump, Pence, & Republicans in Congress.
michael calo 🇺🇸 @out7out🔁 Congress, you better pass a good healthcare bill for the President to sign. Because if not, 2018 will be a slaughter.
Michelle Moore @Moore9Moore🔁Now signed bill to limit power on lifting sanctions against ! Intent on provoking a war.
SD64 @SusanDa08697425🔁RETWEET if you think Debbie Wasserman-Schultz should testify before Congress over her IT staffer scandal.
NothingBurger @FedUpXGOPer🔁 Funny how Congress won't be stampeded by a president with approval ratings under 40%. Trump's unpopularity catches up with him.
Jennifer Hake🇺🇸 @jlhakee🔁Mr Pres you know what 2 do...FIRST THING tomorrow morning sign an Executive Order that Congress has 2 use OCare immediately
Dr.Ajay Chaturvedi @AjayAanya🔁In Gujarat, Congress MLAs are resigning by the minute. I am sure Rahul Gandhi knew about this too but chose not to do anything, yet again!
N @neelu_8🔁KNOW THEM BY THEIR ACTIONS: Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders voted against Russia sanctions. ONLY TWO SENATORS TO DO SO.
Laura Butler @LauraButler6🔁Please sign an EO rescinding the Obamacare exemption of Congress immediately. Make them live under the laws they pass.
Mac A. @AndersMack🔁Putin vows retaliation re sanctions bill, accuses Congress of insolence.

INSOLENCE? They don't work for you, bitch.

Conservative Sam @MoreFox4all🔁Let US not forget that the DEMs single handedly forced O-CARE on We the People!
Remove them & RINOs from Congress!
It will #MAGA
West Wing Reports @WestWingReport🔁Kremlin move comes as Russia sanctions bill (also sanctions Iran-N.Korea) goes to President's desk. It's veto-proof in Congress
Edward G Toomey @77Maritimer🔁So SAD,...OUR Congress has FAILED US.
They are unable to resolve OUR Healthcare.
Wait for OUR next elections to rid them..Cheers to US.
carrie walker @carriewalker77🔁Congress may have a change in the cost of healthcare soon, and it may b more in line with corporate costs emp pay- dems/socialists/RINOS 💰💰
Anne Rose @AnneRose713🔁Now Buddy Carter and Blake Farenthold - they deserve to be censured (for advocating violence against fellow members of Congress).
Ashutosh singh @ashuontwt🔁 Gujarat Congress MLA Ramsinh Parmar submits his resignation to Assembly Speaker.
Kathleen @Kathlee54882926🔁 should rescind the "friends and cronies" obamacare deal for congress and senate. Let them feel the way "the forgotten" do!
AMERICANS FIRST🗽 @darlenewise39🔁 John McCain is the poster boy of why we need term limits in Congress. #SkinnyRepeal
विक्रमादित्य @fluffpuffs🔁"Or to fight for my People against the foreign king?"- asked Shivaji

Hindus in Congress must deliberate now and quit the Mlecchas side

Mimi @mimi_saulino🔁 EXEMPT


END The Exemption For Congress

And Watch Them
Repeal It

Rajesh Shenoy @rajeshshenoy63🔁Ahmed Patel, Sonia Gandhi's political secy & fixer, could himself be in a fix with his RS seat in real danger as Guj Congress MLAs defect
Penn State YDS 🌹 @YDS_PSU🔁 New sanctions from Congress predictably lead to increasing tension with Russia
Amit hindu @amit0360🔁India is not a secular country. Congress fooled us for last 70 yrs. In case of muslims matters, they use their islami c sharia rulings.
AnotherRunner @AnotherRunner1🔁 EXEMPT KILLS The Skinny Repeal

END The Exemption For Congress

And Watch Them Repeal It

Mike Kelleher @mikekelleher111🔁It's been 8 long years since Congress last increased the minimum wage. American workers deserve a pay raise. My latest for ⬇️
raghavendra @hejibraghavendr🔁Exclusive clip of
Congress MLAs resigning from Gujarat assembly enmass & shocked reaction of

John C Meer Jr @JmeerjrBfloNy🔁@SenJohnMcCain Thank you for standing tall last night. The American people deserve the best from the representatives in congress.


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