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Confederate Dan Werner @fusillyjerry🔁 'Game of Thrones' creators to next tackle civil war in alternative America
Sailor Awe@college @AweIness🔁hamilton fans when they put a queerbaity character in that confederate show:
😇 @__arobb🔁 @iamlaurenp Underground gets cancelled and this Confederate show gets to happen?
Confederate Jimmy K Frost @DoesItSoEasley🔁 But Netflix already made a documentary about the American prison system #Confederate
Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff🔁HBO's official announcement for new series CONFEDERATE (from creators), set in an alternate USA, prior to a 3rd Civi l War.
HBO PR @HBOPR🔁.@HBO announces drama series CONFEDERATE, created by @GameOfThrones creators/showrunners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss:
Spicey Bushes. @thewayoftheid🔁"Have you ever thought what life would be like if the South had won?"
*looks at all the Confederate flags north of the Mason-Dixon*
mkambui @mkambui🔁Guys before you start, don't compare The Man in The High Castle to Confederate. It's not even close to the same thing for a bunch of reasons
Tracy w/o an E @Tracy_Keonne🔁 remind me to stay off the internet the day when Ed Sheeran cameos as a slave trader in CONFEDERATE.
your weed mom @mintyfreshkid🔁if hbo is really going to make a godawful show about confederate slaves in an alt-2017 let me save you the trouble here is what happens
mzee26 @mzee26🔁Taking down Confederate flag at fire house won't be simple via @theblaze
Francisco Sanchez @franksan🔁Dear your plans for "Confederate" is ill advised! NOTHING makes such "art" palatable for those whose ancestors suffered under slavery!
punkassbookjockey📖 @dancingkelsey🔁 How alternate is the history if Confederate flags still fly atop state buildings across the south?
Nappylocs @nocombnobrush🔁 Can we please not have a TV show called Confederate where the premise is "what if the south had won?" ?!?!?!?!
Chadwick's lashes @exrecluse🔁Pitch all your ideas with the base confidence that they are made better by not giving more airtime to confederate Civil War/nazi successes.
Nappylocs @nocombnobrush🔁 "Confederate...takes place in an alternative which slavery is legal" - Yeah, how
Nyarlathotep @Terminus_Verge🔁It's natural, they say, to wonder "what if." Have we considered the work will be done to illustrate the pitfalls of confederate victory.
Eric Mrozek @EricMMrozek🔁Agreed. With that said, they missed out on one important factor: How did it happen? #Confederate
ZootopiaCity🦊🐰 @ZootopiaCity🔁@JoyAnnReid Zombies. Just....zombies. Confederate zombies. Evil, undead, Confederate---

No, wait, that's just NASCAR fans.

La Triste🗽 @MudBound🔁 What if slavery in America never ended? The #GameOfThrones showrunners will ask that question next
Kaitlin Granville @cuppykait🔁Guy at drive thru
"Hey! What's that? I like tattoos, we have one in the same spot!"
Showed me a heart wrapped in a confederate flag 😒😪
Old Corvus @freak5646🔁Not all #traitors are Confederates, but all confederates and Confederate sympathizers are #traitors.
Stupid Sexy Flanders @seenseanbean🔁Have you ever heard of that film Confederate States of America? Never bothered to watch it due to that same premise.
Olivia Collette @Olivia_Collette🔁What If Th South Won-Greenlit
What If Nazis Won-Greenlit
What abt Women Slaves -Greenlit
What If Harriet Tu- nah fam
VITO @woodsboroCA🔁The fact the Game of Thrones showrunners think is a great idea sheds a light on why Game of Thrones is the way it is.
Sass D. Brat @Sassdabrat🔁Real conversations about #race, #equity, #inclusion and #diversity need to happen. #HBO's #GOT show runners should stand down #Confederate
Alieu @ahleeyou🔁@CRSTLBALL Confederate apparently
Dan Seitz @theta1138🔁 JULY 19, 2020:

"And now, HBO presents ... CONFEDERATE"

John Dukes @JohnDukesJokez🔁@loisbeckett Theres was a movie on Netflix called confederate states of America. It had a similar concept with the South winning.
c. morris 🌻✨ @claymorris_🔁People react to HBO’s new series "Confederate," set in a fictional U.S. where the South seceded from the Union.
Kids 4K TV @ChuyenKy🔁'Game of Thrones' creators Benioff, Weiss map out new series 'Confederate': via @YouTube
Kay-D MusiQ @KayDMusiQ🔁'Game of Thrones' showrunners give us the series about slavery no one asked for
Vanity Fair's HWD @HWD🔁Game of Thrones showrunners announce unexpected follow-up
Madalyn Jones @MadalynJ05🔁I love, love HBO. Some of the best content to watch is there... but ? hard pass. How's this concept more appealing than, say:
Dr. Chanda 🇧🇧 @IBJIYONGI🔁"It's not whips and plantations. It's not far from what really exists today in many ways". so modern Confederate fantasy would be better?
LH Moore @ElleHM🔁The fandom for the new show is gonna be Tragic. Can you imagine how much harmful imagery they're gonna produce?
candice misandrist @candicetobin🔁Like even if Confederate is critical of current day racism, do we need another series about the suffering of POC, written by white men?
Gray in the stars @greymirrors🔁#HBO can throw all that #confederate money into #Underground spin off with harriet tubman centered civil war/spy
TechieGamers @TechieGamersLLC🔁HBO Announces New Alternate Timeline Civil War Drama 'Confederate' From 'Game Of Thrones' Creatives -
Ebbie @CocoaGoddess🔁's is about to have people 'ironically' wearing confederate flags for fandom purposes. It's gonna be like 'hail Hydra'.
Elfie 💜SD Gaslamp @ElfGrove🔁 Dear White Male Dude Bros "Critics" and "industry insiders" perhaps fall back and listen to PoC about Confederate.
Ribbs @ItsRibbs🔁HBO's official announcement for new series CONFEDERATE (from creators), set in an alternate USA, prior to a 3rd Civil War.
riseUPwoman @riseUPwoman🔁"It's not whips and plantations. It's not far from what really exists today in many ways". so modern Confederate fant asy would be better?
WSportsFan. 🏀 @CalWSportsFan🔁Handmaid's Tale was written by a woman. Confederate is written by white men who panned the camera so they could rape Sansa.
Old Corvus @freak5646🔁CONFEDERATE is another example of white people thinking black people have it so good now we wouldn't find a show like this triggering.
Startuphangar Oz @StartuphangarOz🔁//" target="_blank"> "
ListInEurope @ListInEurope🔁startuphangar 'Game of Thrones' showrunners give us the series about slavery no one asked for
cooooop @cooperfoyt🔁 OK so you don't like our Confederate show idea. How 'bout an alternative history where... Muhammad Ali was white?
Minerva Abikhalil @mino_AK🔁Game of Thrones creators announce Confederate, a series in which the South won the Civil War:
Ribbs @ItsRibbs🔁. announces drama series CONFEDERATE, created by creators/showrunners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss:
gabby @essthetic🔁so me being me, i text him and said "is this a confederate flag?" he opened the message and then unfriended me. (righ t: after i got added-
iamtrendbot @iamtrendbot🔁 Game of Thrones showrunners reveal their next epic HBO series
James Harbeck @sesquiotic🔁Confederate, Man in the High Castle, whatever -- alt histories where genocide wins are boring. Genocide has already won, like, a lot.
grace @Graceannnee🔁@Lexie_Johnson18 @SamderdSanders the confederate flags....
Buck50 @Buck50RedHook🔁The creators of game of thrones are making a new show called Confederate, the concept is a world where slavery never ended, Idecided to make
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁Desertion was so high among the Confederate Army that someone actually pitched this plan to try to get people to fight a slaveholders' war
Hannah @HannahSueWho🔁The "Game Of Thrones" team is making a show about slavery and people have some feelings
Friendof YourMoms @FriendofYourMom🔁If the southern states had succeeded, they would have abolished slavery. The premise is flawed @HBO


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