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Confederate SportsDay Mavs @dmn_mavericks🔁Unfiltered Charles Barkley dishes on Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott ... and Confederate statues
Confederate POLITICO New Jersey @politiconj🔁Confederate flag assemblyman recorded making crude comments about opponent
ConfederateConfederateConfederateConfederate Joanne Oliver @SdxHCVhefBQACi2🔁 Compare these snapshots of Confederate memorials in the South from 1900, 1920, 1940 and 1960.
flourish🌼 @DaisyDadzie🔁So this girl actually wore a jacket to school with the confederate flag on it...
Fix it Black Jesus! 😩
ConfederateConfederate ✨blaine✨ @beaumontmaurus🔁Shelving it sounds like the right move but HBO is still terrible.
Confederate SlimShady(nasty) @kidcovfefe🔁 kewl history fact: confederate supporters were the OG flag burners.
Fox News @FoxNews🔁. on renaming schools named after Confederate generals: Dallas should be more considered about the education of our students
Adam Best @adamcbest🔁Ed Gillespie supports Confederate statues in state where Heather Heyer died standing up to white supremacists rallyin g for racist monuments.
Texas Tribune @TexasTribune🔁House Speaker Joe Straus is calling for the removal of an "inaccurate" Confederate plaque at the Capitol.
Glocktopus @JacobxAmburgey🔁A guy just came into the store with a goddamn confederate flag tattooed on his fucking forehead. This is not a joke.
Wesley D Smith @ChandlersDad13🔁Unfiltered Charles Barkley dishes on Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott ... and Confederate statues via
Tom 🔌 @TomQWood🔁Defending wrestlers wearing the confederate flag yet being very sensitive at British fans calling each other nonces
Michael McGough @MichaelMcGough3🔁Except

The English Civil War
Irish Confederate Wars
Scottish Civil War
Huguenot Wars in France
The Schmalkaldic Wars
Thirty Years War...

Tim Thornton @burntfort🔁Some Virginia State Police troopers concealed their uniform name strips at Confederate rally, leading to questions
Historical Marker db @HMdbEditors🔁Our Confederate Soldiers
Edro-Mojo @edromojo🔁COPS: Driver rams pickup into Ole Miss' Confederate statue - 'on accident' - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
DesertRat @sheepdogAZ🔁@Ghost_OfMandela @th3v0t4ry To Kill? Were there black confederate battalions? Yes or no?
Wanda Roberts @0XPTVB7lm2hr0Yg🔁Trump Warns Removing Confederate Statues Could Be Slippery Slope To Eliminating Racism Entirely
Sharon Hundley @sdh7779🔁Push for Robert Smalls monument includes adding context to Confederate symbols at Statehouse via
Eddie Baughman @devinethund🔁@skropf47 @postandcourier Put his statue up. Do not add or detract from confederate statues.
kernewek mew @ichrismahoney🔁 "Nobody has owned up but I still have it here if anyone wants their flag back."
NewswireAtlanCape @NewswireAcape🔁 Should confederate statues be removed?
Elis Guðmundsdóttir @MaveriksRegime🔁The truth behind most of the Confederate monuments being torn down tells an even larger story than you'd realize — explains.
Virginia Flaggers @thevaflaggers🔁Contact: (512) 463-1000
Press of AC @ThePressofAC🔁WATCH: Should confederate statues be removed?
Global Events Today @globalevent2day🔁Trump Jr. and @realDonaldTrump were seen swaying in The Confederate South while Sean Spicer was seen crying behind a nearby nucelar reactor
HAYDN R. SNAPE @HAYDNRSNAPE🔁College Students Face Five Years In Prison For Wearing Masks At Confederate Protest via dailycaller
Daphne Stagg @DKStagg🔁Have you heard about the graves of confederate-revolutionary war soldiers dug up and destroyed at a graveyard in Georgia?
Didn't think so
EV @Eviethekid🔁Charles Barkley: Worrying about stupid Confederate statues is waste of time. Would rather better the black community
BeaveronStoria @BeaveronStoria🔁Washington National Cathedral to Remove Windows Honoring Confederate Generals via @sojourners
Don Lovett @DonWLovett🔁The Charlottesville city fathers have been trying to foster racial foment, and it looks like they have succeeded.
John D Stone @jdstone🔁"College Students Face Five Years In Prison For Wearing Masks At Confederate Protest"
Hedy Salazar @queeniema52🔁You hosted a luncheon with African leaders? hahahahahaha....did you bring out the Lee statues and the confederate f lag too?
Leslie Davis @FarmerGirl1967🔁Confederate History Censorship Battle Reaches Another Texas Town via @ConstitutionNat
Jennifer Emily @byjenemily🔁Robert E. Lee statue should be in a museum, Dallas Confederate monument's task force says via
Highland Book Cavern @Quizman3🔁Academy on the James: The #Confederate Naval School. #Military #History. #amreading via @eBay_UK
schuyler kropf @skropf47🔁Push for Robert Smalls monument includes adding context to Confederate symbols at Statehouse via @postandcourier
St Rage @hkwitzen🔁Have NAT'L GUARD-MILITARY THERE-IS a LAW U Know-very Specific-making CONFEDERATE VETS-Dead OR NOT-Equal 2 U.S. Soldiers-ROUT ANTIFA-LIBS😠🇺🇸🎯
☭ War Damn Socialism @trappedintheATL🔁 We all talking about confederate statues, meanwhile a murderer is still staring at us from our $20 bills. #andrewjackson
Roderick @untamedstar6🔁Explain your point how Confederate history should continue to be a stain on amerikkka. Or how the electoral college w as created for such
Michael Klekotka @KlekMichael🔁College Students Face Five Years In Prison For Wearing Masks At Confederate Protest via @dailycaller
TPPAC @TPPAC🔁Straus has joined the Democrats’ history-revising party - Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus sent a letter to...
80gradetweets @billdsimmons🔁Unfiltered Charles Barkley dishes on Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott ... and Confederate statues |
buck jones 🇺🇸 @cliffhangernlv🔁 College Students Face Five Years In Prison For Wearing Masks At Confederate Protest via @dailycaller
GOP Stupidity @GOPstupidity🔁@whatsnormalnow Most of the confederate statues were erected to counter civil rights in the 20th century
rachael @rachaelohan🔁the american diner l was in had incredible food but it had a confederate flag up so im under a moral dilemma about how much I like it
Laura Marklin @LauraMarklin🔁City hopes fencing stops disrobing of Confederate statues via @dailyprogress
Princess Serwaah✨ @mymywilkins🔁 if you in ANYWAY rep the confederate flag please DO NOT associate your self with me.
Sparttan @bred_for_war🔁Protesters lock eyes with a lone guy holding a Confederate flag and a megaphone in front of the new Little Caesars Arena downtown Detroit.
Tim Smith @tcsmith312🔁NC opens debate on moving Confederate monuments
m. coleman @Georgiaborn1🔁@RealOakland @EdgeofSports @willcain Cain worships the southern swasticka, the confederate flag
Bryan Doyle @Bryan700🔁Headlines, Confederate History Censorship Battle Reaches Another Texas Town.
peppermint snatch @modernburrito🔁the Greek system should be abolished just like confederate statues let's keep moving forward not back in time
🏴‍☠️ @postredpill🔁I always like to think its the closest we have to an Irish Monarchy flag. This is hanging in my room:
The Bastard @bastardcomedy🔁Hear my important words on the removal of Confederate statues!
Lauren Sera @LaurenSera🔁Just saw a guy with a confederate flag and and American flag on his truck. Um no. That makes no sense.
Ron Perry @RonPerry3631🔁This has reached a silly place. Removing history doesn't change history. It hides it, leaving whispers and rumors.
Circa @Circa🔁Charlottesville officials are trying to stop people from removing the tarps covering Confederate statues
P Licorish @licorishp🔁It worked for the KKK so hopefully it'll work for "progressive" Fascists as well
Anna-Grace Galloway @AnnaGrace808🔁New SC statue proposed, but fight over Confederate monuments will go on
🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸 @Lucky5713🔁OOPS: 'Antifa' Protesters Vandalized Peace Monument They Thought Was a Confederate Statue
🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸 @Lucky5713🔁The Veterans Administration has released a statement after a Confederate statue in Columbus was vandalized
Jim Prues @jimprues🔁Episode 124: JERRY WEIGHS IN ON THE CONFEDERATE STATUE DEBATE: via @YouTube
Jim Prues @jimprues🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Episode 124: JERRY WEIGHS IN ON THE CONFEDERATE STATUE DEBATE
The Daily Star @thedailystar🔁Disrespect; @HartwickCollege dorm rules; poem; Armerding; Confederate statues, UV tech; shelter regs; columnists
The Bastard @bastardcomedy🔁The Bastard - Confederate Statue Removal: via @YouTube
☆ミ @sadistjh🔁This white girl that I thought was cute wore a hoodie with the confederate flag um I’m gonna pass!
Southern White Man @whitemalevoter🔁if you are considering punching a racist or a confederate flag lover to comabat them.... try something different. see


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