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Confederate NYT National News @NYTNational🔁Removal of Confederate monuments evokes family histories dating back to slavery.
alex medina @mrmedina🔁The Mayor of New Orleans explains why he took down the Confederate monuments.


Confederate KATC TV3 @KATCTV3🔁Alabama governor signs protections for Confederate, other monuments
Jassy♉️ @EvenMoreSweet🔁 I seen that dumb confederate flag so I had to take it 🖕🏾
AJ+ @ajplus🔁Listen to the mayor of New Orleans explain why those Confederate statues needed to come down.
Graham Linehan @Glinner🔁Every Confederate statue is a participation trophy.
TruthSeeker @EngagedPatriot🔁 Confederate flag causes violence and hatred but Islam doesn't...#progressives
Coretta Scott Key @CorettaScottKey🔁Alabama gov signs law protecting Confederate monuments, school names, more to preserve 'good and the bad' of history
Carolina Leinwand @CaraFlamenca🔁 Bryan Stevenson explains how it feels to grow up black amid Confederate monuments
Toby D'Anna @tobydanna🔁New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu destroyed all justifications for having Confederate monuments in his city.
Bonita Applebum. @NoDaysOff_16🔁The Confederates didn't fight for America: 's stunning speech pointing toward truth & reconciliation.
cob @akita_c🔁 Every Confederate statue is a participation trophy.
Lecia4Trump2020 @LeciaCathy🔁 🚨GOY ALERT🚨
Confederate Monument Removal Poll
Richmond VA
Lee-Davis-Jackson-Stuar t

NephilimHunter ☠️ @PatrickLMcCoy4🔁💥one damn sad day folks..👉🏼With Confederate flags gone, Civil War museum will clo se
Claricia Quinn @ClariciaQ🔁#GA Dist 2 Commissioner Dee Clemmons orders Museum 2 remove Confederate flags from museum & gift shop, “in an effort not 2 offend anyone.”
Salsa Verde @Im_RandomRoss🔁Why are some people getting butt hurt over Confederate monuments lol
Joseph Goodman @JoeGoodmanJr🔁My column this morning: Confederate monuments offend, but in Alabama there is something much worse.
Dan Pritchard @DanoKubb🔁With Confederate flags gone, Civil War museum will close Civil War..what Civil War ?
Christine @luvauntyruth🔁 I hope the next Confederate monument to be removed is Jefferson Sessions.
Julie Scelfo @JulieScelfo🔁A Mississippi Confederate resurrects the threat of lynching to protect monuments that celebrate white supremacy.
America Doomed @m_siff🔁 so slick with the technicalities
Ron @luskwater🔁 .@MayorLandrieu put poetry back in public life with his eloquent speech on Confederate monuments
Mo Partisan Rangers @MPR2016🔁The removal of confederate monuments is the equivalent of the 1930 Nazi book burning. Without history nothing but mere subjects of the state
d @DylanMillerrr🔁What in the name of john deer tractor tobacco chewing confederate flag flying yeehaw is going on here
Danilo Gentili @gentledanilo🔁A Cop Flew A Confederate Flag At A Trump Rally; Does He Deserve To Be Punished? =>
Jan Hughes @alekseevaligiy3🔁"The Confederacy was on the wrong side of history and humanity."

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu bids Confederate monuments good riddance:

Tizthalife @tkl277iztha1🔁Miss. legislators are getting sued for saying people removing the Confederate monuments should be lynched
Big Wiggle @StevenW99451879🔁I live in Tennessee and I was just told there's a group coming here to support what's Confederate monuments their racist but BLM is love??
Rachel Kelso @wigglewarily🔁Yesterday we went for a walk & saw 3 cats, lots of dogs, a swastika carved into a sidewalk & a biker with a Confederate flag on his jacket.
Sir Farts-a-Lot™ @NopeNotThisTime🔁@Chipload @ajc Only Conservative shitheads like yourself care what party Confederate racists belonged to in the 1860s.
MSU ALUM @Groovy_Ky🔁Confederate museum in Henry County was asked to remove its flags, so it will just shut down instead
shiba leti @letiwolfxx🔁POLL: Should Richmond remove its Confederate monuments? - breelandwalker: greenekangaroo: butch-telkhine:...
Nicholas A Ballasy @NicholasBallasy🔁With Confederate flags gone, Civil War museum will close
Gary Swergold @gs314🔁As Statues Fall, the Specter of the Noose Rises, via @nytimes
But according to SCOTUS & the DT admin, racism is over
CarolineHamilton @RiskAlert🔁Removal of Confederate monuments evokes family histories dating back to slavery.
Sharon @angeld34s🔁@JustAlly @deray They were selling confederate flag in gift shop and displaying as equal with USA flag
Candace Livers @CandaceLivers🔁Mitch Landrieu’s Speech on the Removal of Confederate Monuments in New Orleans, via @nytimes
SHNV @DevilHorseCSA🔁"Daughters" Say No To The Confederate Statue | WCJB TV-20
Gale Jones Carson @GaleJonesCarson🔁Mayor Jim Strickland: Memphis Situation Different from New Orleans on Confederate Statues
This is a Rebellion @feanor1138🔁Opinion | Mitch Landrieu’s Speech on the Removal of Confederate Monuments in New Orleans
Cynthia Ann Williams @CynthiaAnnWilli🔁New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's speech on removing confederate monuments is righteous.
Anne Murray @valentina6xeo🔁Rep. Karl Oliver says Louisiana lawmakers should be "lynched" for removal of confederate monuments. Time to put this into context.
Liberia Zanger @ZangerLiberia🔁Mississippi Lawmaker Karl Oliver posted on Facebook leaders who support the removal of Confederate monuments “Should be lynched”
Pedagogy & Am Lit St @PedagogyAmLitSt🔁Help me help others better understand Confederate monuments: Introducing
Ryan Blushke @ryanblushke9🔁My final word on the Confederate statue issue and Confederate remembrance... using someone else's words.

I hope you all have a good day!

Kwame @silentmarc718🔁An effort not to offend anyone
Cynical Spunkferret @namtien92🔁I mean it's a confederate museum. It would be weird if they didn't have any of the various confederate flags😕
Catherine Welch @CWELCHFL🔁Tune in to 90.7 WMFE on Friday at 9 a.m. to hear talk with about local history of confederate monuments.
Rick Shaftan @Shaftan🔁The Henry County BOC has a 4-2 "Republican" majority. This is why we lose. #DestroyTheRINO @DumpMSM🔁Poll asking if confederate monuments should be removed #FreeSpeech #Trump #MAGA
End Homelessness @MDHA2🔁 Mitch Landrieu’s Speech on the Removal of Confederate Monuments in New Orleans, via @nytimes
⚜👌🏻 @wastingsmith🔁 Let's skew this poll:
Tim Shepherd @MRicJames🔁@MrJonCryer Have you heard of a country known as the Confederate States of America? Mr. Sessions seems to have a certain affinity for it.
FACTSRSTUBBORN @FactsRStubborn7🔁George Soros agent of the crown hates America and desires to replace "The Supreme Judge of the World". Soros,...
FACTSRSTUBBORN @FactsRStubborn7🔁George Soros agent of the crown hates America and desires to replace "The Supreme Judge of the World". Soros,...
RDieter Comm @RDieterComm🔁Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans inspiring speech on urgency of removing Confederate monuments-youtube video worth watching.


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