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Confederacy Shaun King @ShaunKing🔁Where Donald Trump goes ALL THE WAY in on his support of white supremacy and the Confederacy.

It's happening.

Daniel Hardy @Daniel23hardy🔁 We're stuck with the biggest monument to Confederacy -- the electoral college. We don't need others.
Dan Pfeiffer @danpfeiffer🔁Any White House staff resign today? Or did they all show up this morning to work for a guy who thinks the confederacy is getting a bad rap?
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁Beauty??? You are a full-on confederacy apologist at this point. How can you be the commander in chief and revere lit eral treason?
Truthfully Speaking @BoomJustsayin🔁 Removing monuments is not really about the Confederacy or slavery.

The ultimate goal is to destroy the Constitution.

Neo-JacobitefromNY @Duginist_waifu🔁A semantic thing, but the confederacy didn't merely seek to preserve slavery. They aimed to expand it.
george @StenhouseGeorge🔁 Fuck confederacy and anyone who supports it
Tigress Lilly @TigressLilly1🔁Some Digging Up are Ancestors to Black Families Owned Slaves! Of Blacks FOUGHT FOR CONFEDERACY! Not Every Black Owned by Whites!
Michael Hocks @Michael4139🔁While clearing out everything that symbolizes slavery. Let's not forget the Democratic Party. They started the Confed eracy and the KKK.
Neekee Hunt 🇺🇸 @Neekee_Hunt2🔁He's trying to expand debate from the Confederacy to Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Wilson and even TR. Don't take the bait. Focus on 45.
Jackie BonnerFarnham @JackieFarnham🔁Serena of SONG: the future is now, and the future is not one of the white supremacist confederacy
Lance J Konover @Helixtwice🔁I don't know if it can be said enough
The confederacy was a treasonous organization & no one who participated should be remember positively
stacker of wheat @martinkrzywy🔁Great article that puts the lie to the idea of monolithic support for the Confederacy in the Civil War South
James El @DredPirateJames🔁Beauty??? You are a full-on confederacy apologist at this point. How can you be the commander in chief and revere literal treason?
🇷🎆🇳🎆🇹 @_RaeTheMartian_🔁Would you say he's trying to... gin up support from racist Trump supporters by bringing up the Confederacy?
DJ @YungAtienzo🔁Where Donald Trump goes ALL THE WAY in on his support of white supremacy and the Confederacy.

It's happening.

Marg in Wonderland @Sticcibunns69🔁 Montana?

Ah yes. Montana. The mint julep scented Antebellum heart of the Confederacy.

Leo()()()() @Dodgers_Leo🔁Monuments stand for legacy. This is the real legacy of the Confederacy: cemeteries full of US troops who fought to preserve this nation.
Amy Marvin @amymarvin🔁Reminder:
This month, the Trump administration slammed the base of the Statue of Liberty, and defended the statues of the Confederacy.
Wayward @Adamo55f🔁Want a history lesson, Democrats?
Which party fought for the Confederacy?
Which party founded the KKK?

stardust @ofthestardust🔁Current fight over Confederate legacy began 24 yrs ago, when new Sen. Moseley Braun took on Jesse Helms
David @DPlantySkeptic🔁What? History is in books, and if you care to read it before tweeting nonsense, the confederacy fought for SLAVERY. No monuments necessary.
God Bless Our USA! @GodBlessOurUSA🔁#Confederacy #civilwarstatues should be replaced with symbol of what prompted the end of #slavery --the #Cross of #Jesus #MAGA #POTUS #Trump
Evangelist Anita F. @OYEPBreakinNews🔁Stop comparing the Confederacy to Nazis and Hitler - Not the same thing!: via @YouTube
MadameHardy @mme_hardy🔁Thread. The Jefferson Davis Highways were a well-organized propaganda effort by the Daughters of the Confederacy. W hite women.
Jeane Milligan @hawkrabbit🔁@realDonaldTrump You should study facts more.The Confederacy was always about white supremacy, and so are the monuments dedicated to it.
NoSePuedeCreer1 @NoSePuedeCreer1🔁Also note: statues to confederacy were mostly erected in 20s & 30s during resurgence of racism that saw Trump's father in KKK.
EricFive @KingEric55🔁Are those obsessed with history, heritage and legacy of the Confederacy in favor of reparations for those negatively impacted by that legacy
On SabbitiKal @ATXNupe🔁@thehill Montana was part of Confederacy? I must've slept that in American history.
Joe S @JosephS2424🔁Really?? The confederacy is a dark mark on our history. We should not celebrate those who fought for slavery and to d estroy the USA
Top Brazilian @vm66top🔁Compare: ISIS-slavery, intolerance, killing U.S troops. The Confederacy-slavery, intolerance, killing U.S troops.
Victor DiEleanora @vcdiel🔁@WalshFreedom If it glorifies murdering Americans
Such as Confederacy and Third Reich
Super Mario 🇺🇸👍🏼 @MrSuperItalian🔁62% of Americans agree with Trump: statues honoring Confederacy should remain in place as historical symbols.

This needs endless retweets!

The Fake Santa Claus @zumikiss🔁Making the federal government so small you can drown it in a bathtub = state's rights = Confederacy = slavery. Duh.
Coach T @CoachTolliver26🔁I want them 2 stay up. so people r reminded of what the Confederacy was all about.people need 2 b truthful about it
Diane @dianez123🔁 9. We do not need to let the Confederacy continue to hold us hostage. We can do better.
stackjo @stackjo🔁@TIME It would be the same if there were statues of Osama Bin Laden or the 9/11 hijackers. The Confederacy took up arms against the USA
Larry Jamad @larryjamad🔁 Do you know how racist you have to be to be raised in New York City and still support the Confederacy
Scott McMorrow @scottmcmorrow🔁Yep, that about sums up the confederacy.
Mata Hari @Socratic1🔁A group called the United Daughters of the Confederacy saw an opportunity to memorialize their version of history with the dawn of autos.
Mike Chiaburu @mikerelay🔁The United Daughters of the Confederacy sounds like such a nice group group but this is the poison they spread. (whol e thread is great)
gremory 🦎 mosity @nefaeryous🔁lmao at ppl who think AZ doesn't have any connection to the bloody history of the confederacy
Taconic @TaconicST🔁@OhioTrent Doubtful, since they aren't monuments to the confederacy.
Morgantownie(ish) @WVMorgantown🔁It isn't. And I'm not spending an hour listening to apologia for the Confederacy. If I want that, I can listen to Tru mp.
LA @grissom_45🔁What could be better? Vacationing, playing golf, dreaming about your next campaign rally & tweeting about preserving the Confederacy.
Connor @ConnorAPhillips🔁Robert condemned the idea of making monuments to the confederacy. #JustSaying
Jesi @_JessicaArianne🔁The confederacy was against America! They wanted to break away! Why should we honor those who didn't want to be in o ur country?!


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