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Communist Party world politcal news @worldpolit🔁China's Communist Party sets stage for Xi to remain in power
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: China's ruling Communist Party proposes removing a limit of two consecutive terms for president and vice president.
Dreamlicker @CreamyDreamlick🔁TFW someone defending Chinese Communist Party tells me to “get out of that ivory tower”
Prudencio Sosa Jr. @Israelifreedom🔁 China’s communist party pushes to abolish presidential term limits
China Xinhua News @XHNews🔁The Communist Party of China Central Committee proposed to remove the expression that the President and Vice-Presiden t of the People's Republic of China "shall serve no more than two consecutive terms" from the country's Constitution
AFP news agency @AFP🔁#BREAKING China Communist Party proposes removing presidential term limits: Xinhua
Fabiola González O. @Lady_Fabi🔁 BREAKING: China's ruling Communist Party proposes removing a limit of two consecutive terms for president and vice president.
Gerelee.P @gerelbaatar_p🔁"By contrast, Xi's predecessor Hu Jintao was pushed out of his political roles and stripped of influence once Xi came to power."

Ron Pandullo @RonPandullo🔁A necktie party?
Also after the Communist revolution, the Comrade Michael Moore useful idiots were the first to be executed.
Vikky Mehra @VikkyMehra2🔁China Communist Party calls for removal of term limits so Xi Jinping can remain President after 2023. There is no thin red line between Dictatorship and Communism, they always go together.
信菊斎業縁 @gouen_gouen🔁 Xi’s the one: China’s Communist Party sets president up for multigenerational reign
gerico, PRES TRUMP @violin002🔁Just another Mouthpiece for the communist party. Just like the Las Vegas shooting this shooting is riddled with unexplainable facts. We are watching a movie
Baked Indiana @basketofjenn🔁SOCIALISM KILLS...
Father Ndoc Suma was celebrating Mass, on Dec. 8, 1946, when arrested by the secret police of the Albanian regime, ruled by the Communist Party. While in prison, he suffered a paralyzing injury. He died on April 22, 1958.
Joshi Sensei @Larjoshi🔁BREAKING: China's Communist Party has proposed removing term limits for their President, and allowing President Xi Jinping to serve indefinitely.

This will soon be America if we continue to allow Trump and the GOP to have their way. Trump Jr. could be President until 2057

Renee @peanuts152🔁Chinese communist party may remove term limits for President Xi to rule indefinitely. THIS is my concern about Trump. This can happen here!
YOUR VOTE COUNTS @TUOMEHTETOV🔁The Chinese Communist Party's leadership calls for the removal of presidential term limits, opening the door for China's most powerful leader in decades, Xi Jinping, to remain in office beyond 2023
Henry Higgins @HenryHigginsJr🔁 Communist Party proposal would eliminate the constitutional cap on presidential terms via @WSJ
YOUR VOTE COUNTS @TUOMEHTETOV🔁The Communist Party of China Central Committee proposed to remove the expression that the President and Vice-President of the People's Republic of China "shall serve no more than two consecutive terms" from the country's Constitution
Andrew Adams @andrewadms🔁 :








shashikant @shashikantk4🔁China’s Communist Party is calling for the removal of presidential term limits.
Means they are setting stage for Xi to stay in office indefinitely.
So now they are trying to legalise ‘Dictatorship’!!
This’s real face of Communism…in guise of DEMOCRACY they practice DICTATORSHIP
🇬🇭 @totabola1🔁“The idea is, if you want to argue with a woman, then you don’t argue based on her political argument, you immediately say she’s not married or has free sex.”​ ​ speaks to CPI(ML)'s

bebing @nebing🔁China's Communist Party proposes removing term limits for Dictator Xi Jinping, allowing him to serve indefinitely.

Why don't the leftists who love socialism and communism so much move to China, where there are no elections and now the dictator will be in charge until he dies?

Dan Sidorick @bulat666🔁“We’re CIOs From Alabama!”
Christopher Jerome MURPHY @Christo17365986🔁China’s Communist Party proposes change to constitution to end term limits and allow President Xi Jinping to serve indefinitely as head of state.
kitcheuk @KitKitcheuk🔁"He can dismiss anyone. He can jail anyone. He can make a lot of new laws. He has much greater power than Vladimir Putin" - China clears way for Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely via
Adrian Delgado @Politicianist🔁The communist party of china is not “communist” anymore than North Korea is democratic.
ZappingNews EN @zappingnews_EN🔁Chinese President Xi Jinping launches a bid to extend his stay at the head of the Asian giant : The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has put on the table today the possibility of eliminating the limit of two consecutive mandates that t
Adrian Sharp @adysharp86🔁The combination of this and the joint meeting being held with the Communist Party shows that under Jeremy’s inspiring leadership we are reaching out to the right sort of people.
DeplorableTeta @celesteholsinge🔁Eric Holder loved his guns
California Democrats Diane Feinstein Communist Party Remove NRA
Impolite Sirius @impolite_sirius🔁 #BREAKING China Communist Party proposes removing presidential term limits: Xinhua
Rahul Anand @Rahul_saffron🔁welcome to the new Chinese order - From autocracy to absolute dictatorship !
> matter of great concern , China is a a bsolutely closed and mysterious country headed by a dictator in 21st century
> dangerous for peace

Butler @AidanSB🔁BREAKING: it's official. Xinhua confirmed the Chinese Communist Party has proposed to remove the expression that the president and vice-president shall serve no more than two consecutive terms from the constitution.
SINN_Z @sinn_z🔁Clearing the way for President Xi Jinping to stay in power, perhaps indefinitely, China’s Communist Party proposed changing the nation’s Constitution to abolish a two-term limit on the presidency
Mathias McCauley @MccauleyMathias🔁Russia and China both provide for this type of nonsense...Communist Party proposal would eliminate the constitutional cap on presidential terms via
Michael @Welshdellb0y🔁 Labour battle: Former communist fights for top role in Corbyn's party -

Yeah. Former.

LRL @Aztecsdsf🔁China's Communist Party has just proposed amending their constitution to allow President Xi Jinping to serve indefinite terms.

Why won't I be surprised if President Trump refuses to criticize this move?

Because this is likely his dream as well.

Catalin Caranfil @CatalinCaranfil🔁I thought Communist Party was trending because so many accounts called the California Democrats a communist party. (Their lack of nuance showing how much they radicalized.)

But no, Xi Jinping is to become the next Mao and stay in power indefinitely.

Dennis Futoryan @dfutoryan🔁China's Communist Party proposed eliminating a two-term constitutional cap on presidential terms, solidifying...
Adam Majkowski @Adam_Majk🔁Communist party leader is an oxy moron. If you have leaders, you are not communists. China is capitalist and repressi ve of it's people. I see no communism.
William Yang @wmyang🔁 China’s Communist Party proposes moves that could allow Xi Jinping to stay in power for many years to come
Arnie @Dalane27🔁 You actually do take orders from Putin by virtue of the fact you're a member of the communist party called democrats . Learn the difference between assault rifles and non-assault rifles you dolt.
Michael Alexnder @MichaelAlexnde1🔁China's Communist Party will likely remove term limits for their President/Dictator Xi Jinping, allowing him to serve indefinitely.

Since majority of Democrats & all of Bernie supporters believe in Communism, I'm sure they'd love to do this for President Trump too!

peter redis @predis🔁All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”
- Mao Tze Tung, Nov 6, 1938
Baked Indiana @basketofjenn🔁SOCIALISM PERSECUTES...
After the Communist Party grabbed China in 1949, authorities ordered Shanghainese Bishop Pin-Mei "Ignatius" Kung to sever ties with the Vatican and to set up a national church.
He refused, was arrested and imprisoned -- for 30 years.
Save Cow @ravikanama🔁When amendments are made for 1 can be safely assumed, trouble is brewing up in the region. Where is the l iberal media from India to USA.

Andrè 3crày @Mannigy🔁I was gonna say.. ending the term limits for a president seemed suspicious but then I remembered China's leading part y is the communist party
AsianPV @AsianPV🔁Are activists denying that self-determination is linked to independence? What are they determining? To join the commu nist party?
US & World News @Criticalanglez🔁China’s ruling Communist Party has proposed scrapping term limits for the country’s president, appearing to lay the groundwork for party leader Xi Jinping to rule beyond 2023. @ibuzzercast🔁Xi Jinping, China's most powerful leader for decades, could stay in office indefinitely after the Communist Party c alled for the removal of presidential term limits.
David A. Plymyer @dplymyer🔁Who would have guessed that a "conservative" leaning media outlet like Fox News ostensibly is would become our versio n of Pravda, the former house organ of the Soviet communist party. Quite a flip.
ForeignPolicyTypes @ForeignPolicyT🔁Not surprising at all. Beyond solidifying Xi’s own power, this reflects elite belief that rough times are ahead for China, and demonstrates a lack of confidence within the CCP to manage a downturn.
ChinaNews @ChinaInsiders🔁 NEW POST – Translation: Communist Party's Proposals for Amending the P.R.C. Constitution (2018)
hennabeard😵 @dashcamRed🔁@Josephthabang83 @spectatorindex Already it's dictatorship of the communist party right from the time of Mao. This guy is just officiating


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