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Comey Josh @joshuag5732🔁 Deputy AG confirms that decision to fire Comey came from Trump, not him
Comey Susana Huerta @bellasusannah09🔁 Comey to testify that Trump tried to influence him: report
Comey Peter Nimmo @PeterNimmo1🔁 Comey to testify that Trump tried to influence him: report
Comey Ed Stebe @EdStebe🔁 NYT: Trump told Russians firing 'nut job' Comey eased pressure on probe
Comey are you kidding @JohnDiGiovanni6🔁 Donald Trump has committed the exact offense that forced Richard Nixon to resign
Comey Lila RB @birthdaypalin🔁 Rosenstein spoke with Sessions last year about replacing Comey
Comey Stuart Murch @stewchainz🔁 Trump's approval ratings down 3 points since he fired Comey.
Comey Andrea Catling @MommyC2010🔁 Comey to testify that Trump tried to influence him: report
Comey L Latimer @ourBooksLuvUs🔁 Comey, Unsettled by Trump, Is Said to Have Wanted Him Kept at a Distance
Comey The New York Times @nytimes🔁What President Trump told Russian officials about firing James Comey
Peter Daou @peterdaou🔁REMEMBER THESE TIMES: You are living through the biggest political scandal in American history. Watergate pales.
#TrumpRussia #Comey
Amanda Carpenter @amandacarpenter🔁Think about this: Trump gave the Russians the straight story about Comey's firing but not us Americans.
harleygrl @harleygrl3465🔁

Make No Mist ake Comey Is And Has Always
Been A Deep State Operative By Exposure And His Own Knowledge..

Norman Firebaugh @FirebaughNorman🔁We need to see the Comey memo via @responseaction
Lynn Blodgett @blodgett_lynn🔁Pence claims he was out of the loop on Flynn, Comey, Rosenstein. They didn't even tell him about Margarita Mondays in the Lincoln Library.
Vox Populi @TomIrwin2🔁Fox is now carrying "unnamed source" water for NYT. FNC - "one report claiming the president trash-talked James Come y" Real news?
Vichy Trump du Putin @BrettaApplebaum🔁 Trump on Comey: “a real nut job”
Joe @goulcher🔁. calling Comey a Nut Job is nutty. But firing Comey to obstruct the Russia investigation is a FEDERAL CRIME.
Dbleekjour @Dbleekjour2🔁The badge of honor for being a true American these days comes with a nickname from Donald Trump

So congrats to James "the nut job" Comey

Veronica Rozier @NicaRozier🔁 If only Mueller had evidence that Trump fired to Comey to obstruct the Russia investigation!
alabama worley @MimiVonPeach🔁Trump heading for foreign trip as news breaks that WH lawyers are looking at impeachment procedures & Comey is testifying publicly. Perfect.
Lincoln Kerney @linckerney🔁Trump was right again; Comey must have been a total "nut job" to have perjured himself by releasing that memo.
Steven Lindenberg @drspl5🔁 Director Comey will go down in history as a hero. Donald Trump as the biggest traitor America has ever produced #ComeyDay
ͲիΞ ֍ ЅΚΞРͲιϹ @th3sk3ptic🔁"...the president trashed [a patriotic American] to two representatives of a regime hostile to the United States."

David Ferrante @Pestpoliceohio🔁@foxnewspolitics I think I'm going to stop following Fake Fox News. And by the way, COMEY is a nut job! He's weak and indecisive. BuBye!
jack mccoy @jckmccy🔁Quick! Let's scream about Trump calling Comey a nut job so that no one notices Anthony Weiner just pled guilty to sexting an underage girl!
Kate McKinney @kitkatmckey🔁 @TrueFactsStated Rosensteins memo was pretty thin and Comey wouldn't starve in private sector after this all pans out
Lee Ackerson @LeeAckerson🔁We have to wait nearly a month to hear Comey speak-this is 100% Senator Burr's fault-he's obstructing justice-yet again.

Cathy Oden @cathryneoden🔁 👉🏼Trump Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation, via @nytime s
Junior Vincent @JuniorVincent11🔁My View on Comey: He Obstructed Justice by Letting Hillary Skate. You or I Wld Have Ended up in Prison....Maybe Even Been Tried For Treason
Gillian Will @MyGillianWill🔁Trump Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation
castinidze👌 @castinidze1🔁GOP talked impeachment in a media stunt to get publicity!

He's a proven media glory hound!

Bev Murdock @mimiandpoppyx2🔁And Comey let Clinton off, Comey reopened for Clinton case right before election, and he turned the other way over th e tarmac meeting.
Ghost Dansing @ghostdansing🔁 👉🏼👉🏼James Comey to Testify in Public Senate Hearing About Russia Inquiry, via @nyti mes
Jennifer Lockhart @iffer23🔁It's now clear that Trump intended to obstruct the FBI investigation by firing Comey. How is it possible that he still has party support?
Black Panther @SammyScott_🔁Senators: Comey to testify publicly before intelligence panel
(((MarkRMatthews))) @MarkRMatthews🔁#TCOT Mona Charen: Trump's Escape From Comey Mess
WrongAgain @wrongestwrong🔁B/c Rosenstein could be at risk of obstructing justice. He knew BEFORE his memo-which was used to mislead public-that Trump was firing Comey
Kevindogluver @Kevindogluver🔁Nixon wasnt impeached. Trump could fire Comey and tell world he fired the bum to stop the investigation. Name 1 fed s tatue he broke. NONE
Ravi Kukkapalli @rkukkapalli1🔁

“made the right decision” in firing James Comey and it had “nothing to do with Russia."

E.B. Black @writerblack🔁They did that already. You aren't paying attention are you? Because Trump claimed he fired Comey for going after Clin ton.
Karen ❄ @mrswhit9🔁Never forget McMasters said he never left trump Russia meeting. So he heard trump's mocking about firing Comey and s till defended him on tv
Catherine @CatBienvenu🔁 .@realDonaldTrump calling Comey a nut job is like the pot calling the kettle black.
God bless America @marcella4401🔁@mabry4849 Along with Comey, Podesta and the rest of the Demoncrat Party!
Liveoak @Quercuslive🔁"Donald Trump has called Kim Jong Un of North Korea a 'smart cookie' and called James Comey a 'nut job'."
Deplorable foxy @KalalBarry🔁Fricking CNN is doing a Nut Job talking about Comey..
Nastyelaine @ElaineDeyoe🔁To be clear, HR McMaster, a decorated 3-star general, sat in the Oval as Trump called James Comey "a nut job," to the Russians.
adam seven @a7_FIN_SWE🔁Kushner pushed for Comey firing after stories broke about his sister in China and that the FBI probe was expanding to financial dealings
TWOCANPLAY @twocanplay_l🔁America elected Trump to make us great again, not all this leaking, Russia, Comey, Impeachment bullsh*t. Democrats, you WILL pay in 2018.
T. Beaumont @Zebrafarm2000🔁WATCH: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell makes no comment after Robert Mueller appointed special counsel by DOJ
Eddy G ⚾️ @eddygchitown🔁Just pointed out on that blaming Comey for the cloud over Trump is like blaming a meteorologist for a tornado.
Bonzai @bonzaiblog🔁I knew it! Trump fired Comey so he could more freely ally with Russia to save the American people, thus saving the world.
Donald Aper @donald_aper🔁Do U read what U tweet? Comey testifies in an open hearing, + U don't think we cons are capable of listening? He is N OT an unnamed source!
Esther Lee @EstherYuHsiLee🔁At what pt do I tell man hovering over my seat at hotel bar &explaining Comey to me
a)Plz go away
b)I work in the news bizness, thx
c)See A
Mark Newman @MarkNYC64🔁Everything about shit bag @realDonaldTrump is hypocritical. Calling Comey a "nut job" is just the latest. This dipshit is unhinged!
MerCel Capital @darylmox🔁BREAKING: Russian FM refutes claims that he discussed 's dismissal with
Prophecies and Event @DeyaniraRoman49🔁Comey agrees to testify before Congress after being fired
Harvey J Kaye @harveyjkaye🔁👉🏼👉🏼James Comey to Testify in Public Senate Hearing About Russia Inquiry, via @nyti mes
Cardinal ACK! @megapotamus🔁@JaredBeck Comey is the Clintons' fixer since Whitewater. He buried Frank Rich and Sandy Berger. What's another dozen felonies?
imwithsix @Sixkiller1835🔁@axios @mikeallen Comey ass is cooked !!
Peter Nimmo @PeterNimmo1🔁 The Comey news keeps coming: 'Former FBI head well liked at bagel shop'
ItMatters! @atinyblue🔁And ... Comey will be testifying at the Senate Intelligence Committee ... so 45 better get his orange suit sized.
Nanobytes @WatzBotz🔁He may of tried to make it not look like it, but Comey kept Hillary out of jail. They are corrupt,and so is FOX news, so is Bush and Cheney.
Rob McLaughlin @Ramjr_4ESBoard🔁 History lesson Comey knows well : The Clintons will have you killed with no remorse and no regrets . 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫☠💉🗡🔪🔨
SSDeplorable @SSDeplorable🔁James Comey found Hillary's emails on Anthony Weiner's computer
Since then Comey's been a Nut Job
Maybe from the naked Hillary pic he found
#HadMoreVotes 📎 @HRCisMyPOTUS🔁

Putin hearing Trump calling Comey a Nut Job to his top guys in the Oval Office? sweet candy. Secrets & slurs.

Tezale Hall @TerrificTboyz97🔁James Comey will testify publicly before the Senate intel committee, leaders announced
Fun River Rat @SATIRNC🔁⭐️🚨BREAKING⭐️🚨 Of course will testify PUBLICLY. He LOVES media attention! .... the 📽️🐕

Coralie Oliveira @CoralieOliveir2🔁 Boy, Comey sure seemed to despise @realDonaldTrump. Comey's arrogance is astonishing.
Steve @Steve_HarrisNZ🔁 Comey is 6'8" ?? Ok then - i.e. James and the Giant Impeach
Michael Grigelevich @m_grigelevich🔁 Local angle: Former FBI head James Comey well liked at bagel shop - Westport News
Roy Tindle @RoyTindle🔁Ex-FBI chief Comey to testify to Senate panel in public session via @Reuters
Lloyd @ldpyes🔁NYT story makes it sound like Trump fired Comey, invited the Russians to celebrate he'd killed the investigation. seems so deeply corrupt
Adam Tuhy 🇺🇸🍔🍻 @atuhy🔁Comey denied any FBI investigations had been obstructed under oath.


How is this not the biggest story in the country right now?

Debbie Cash @DebbieC35106726🔁 Because they and Comey know who killed him. Comey & FBI covered it up.
American Work Ethic @PJKirk9🔁 Comey Deserved to Be fired:
Vincent Van @Commiekrusher🔁This video will save - if it goes viral! Please help him & force MSM to respond!



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