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Robert @RlevanRobert🔁 Comey literally protected: Clinton, Huma, Weiner, Rice Lynch & DWS..
Preet Bharara @PreetBharara🔁Team "outlined why Comey would make an unsuitable witness, calling him prone to exaggeration." Maybe Trump lawyers c harge by unit of irony.
Michael S. Schmidt @nytmike🔁EXCLUSIVE: Mueller has letter Trump wanted to send Comey that WH counsel blocked Trump from sending. w/@maggieNYT
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over...and so much more. A rigged system!
Kayla Lindley @krazykowgirlntx🔁JUDICIAL WATCH: Comey cover-up in Hillary email case confirmed, FBI still trying to conceal its past corruption!
michelle summers @mickeysummers2🔁The only good news today is slow-to-anger, married-to-Mother, Pence is engulfed in obstruction of justice now too!

Sam @Samstandsproud🔁Comey knew he was dirty of Hillary and knew it would come out. They chose Mueller as Special Counsel to flip his friend Comey for clemency.
Robert Thomas @rthomas937🔁🚨WOWWWW: Judicial Watch has Judge force FBI to Cough up Hilly emails BUT & Rex Tilllerson are BLOCKING for Crooked H.

Wendy Carey 🏳️‍🌈 @WendyCarey2🔁Crucial new detail: Trump gave 1st letter on Comey to Sessions/Rosenstein *before* Rosenstein cover story written:

DONNA SHIPMAN @POESHIP🔁So when Pence went on TV to say Comey was fired because of Rosenstein's memo, he knew the story wasn't true.
Barbara Wellen @barbara_wellen🔁Comey swore under oath that he made his Hillary decision AFTER he interviewed her. We now know he committed perjury!
Donna Peabody @peabody_donna🔁The early exoneration of Clinton by former FBI director Comey is rigged and a grand jury should investigate Clinton.
lori kennedy @lorikennedy2🔁 Pence was in the Oval for key meetings on May 8 as Trump read his letter draft
jeff @jefcra🔁 Sessions DOJ should bring Comey up on corruption and obstruction-of-justice charges. #MAGA
🙏FAITH IN TRUMP🇺🇸 @inittowinit007🔁James Comey testified he hadn’t made up his mind on Hillary Clinton when he clearly did. When will justice be served?
Maureen Milliken @MMilliken47🔁When firing Comey, Trump's White House put out a lengthy letter saying it was essentially because Comey was too tough on Clinton.
Azure Blew @AzureBlew🔁 So Pence knowingly lied when he said Comey was fired because of the Clinton investigation
Left Leaning Mama @gailwmcdonald🔁 Turns out Trump did fire James Comey for "cause." The "cause" was that Trump is guilty. @realDonaldTrump
Conservative @StndStrng🔁Comey began drafting 'exoneration statement' before interviewing Clinton, senators say via
HeWhoUsesAll140 @youwildman🔁Kerry-Mueller-Comey hid bushclinton in CIAcoke4crack4prisons
Now ring runs heroin & opioids 4ODs 4organs.
chinghiz mamedov @chinghizm🔁One other attendee of the W.H. meeting where sr. officials reviewed the Trump-Miller Comey letter? Mike Pence.

shadygrady @GWhiteheart🔁James Comey lost everything, which allowed Hillary Clinton to run for President.

⚠️Ratcliffe KNEW Comey was going to exonerate her


Texas Blue Dot @tx_blue_dot🔁Interesting point -- Pence received draft letter with true rationale for Comey firing. He could be a witness too. (h/t )
domenic @daclepor🔁JW's WeeklyUpdate LIVE re: 's sham probe & JW's new lawsuit on cover-ups!
HoldThemAccountable @WendyKrause5🔁Maybe you should be afraid of this rather then bragging about what you didn't really have a hand in
IT'S RACE DAY! @MikeJorgensen5🔁I guess it's time to dust this video off. Apparently drafted ’s exoneration statement before interviewing key witnesses" ~
ptysalypimienta @ptysalypimienta🔁 Do you think James Comey was trying to help Hillary by covering up her email scandal?

Retweet to spread poll.

joseph femoyer @JosephUg30🔁@BobSMueller FBI refuses 2 coop w JW FOIA requests 4 HRC emails,docs.obama lynch holder comey,holdovers did some job tarnishing both FBI,DOJ
Itsnowornever @itsnowornvr51🔁James Comey to accuse Trump of wanting to shut down an investigation is like OJ Simpson accusing somebody of attempted murder.
Ms Smith @bsmit913🔁After new Comey-Clinton claim, Judiciary aide says expect GOP call for 2nd special counsel to be renewed
Lynette Doc Bryant @VoteDocBryant🔁 'Lot of Explaining to Do': @jasoninthehouse Says Comey May Have Perjured Himself @foxandfriends
Deborah Brewer @Debbie92083🔁 This loser has lied under oath more than once. But here's the latest scandal.
Lynn #MAGA 🇺🇸 @lynmacjay🔁 EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Brass Says Comey Struck Insider Immunity Deal With Mueller To Avoid Criminal Charges
Stormy Patriot @stormypatriot22🔁Not sure what bother me more about Comey's Hillary investigation,the sham "investigation," or the exoneration before the sham investigation.
Michael F. Leake @madmrgone🔁Comey told me his decision on Hillary Clinton came AFTER her FBI interview - contradictory to transcripts now under review. We need answers.
Allison @slatehill🔁Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller, who was sent to fire James Comey, abruptly resigns amid scandal via
Dave @getreal1234🔁. slams 'rigged system' over claim Comey 'exonerated' Clinton before probe ended | Fox News
John @goodinohio🔁James Comey is a criminal and if we had a real Congress, a special prosecutor would be appointed to investigate his cover ups and crimes.
EversoelusiveZephy @evrsoelusv🔁 Pence 💥lied💥about Rosenstein memo as reason for Comey firing. He knew real reason & covered for Trump.

But awesome. Russia? Take a damn victory lap. This was pretty wicked.

Ed @eda4461🔁 Decided the Fate of 2 Months Before Investigation Was Over. The Hadn't Even Interviewed Hillary & 17 Witnesses yet.
Op @itzazoouno🔁Breaking: Trump’s longtime aide Keith Schiller, who delivered Comey firing letter, tells people he has decided to leave WH -
Adam Casey @adamccasey🔁Curious timeline:
Wed—Trump calls Grassley to talk 'ethanol'
Thurs—Grassley raises Qs about Comey-Clinton
Fri—Trump tweets Grassley news
harry livingston @harryliv🔁Comey is a liar and the Russia Trump collusion/Russia DNC hack were both lies. And this mess is about to blow up in the Democrats face!😂
one voice, one vote @john_monka🔁⚠️James Comey made ALL of his statements (some under oath) specifically so Hillary Clinton could run for President.


#TrueTrumpGirl! @minnamyself🔁Telling the truth about Comey. should order DOJ to start over on Clinton email investigations.
Give Me Liberty @First_SeekTruth🔁Comey Decision NOT To Recommend Charges On Hillary Came After July Interview-Memo Exonerated Her in Spring!
Bella @4truthhealing🔁James Comey has been protecting the Clinton Crime Family from prosecution since the 1990's.
See this article from 1996.
Anthony W. Broussard @awbroussard05🔁Hillary Investigation Was a TOTAL FRAUD !! New, blinding Evidence should put FMR FBI Director James behind bars for the rest of life!
Mary @mknpitbullmom🔁Jay Sekulow: New Revelations Show Comey Committed Frau In Clinton Probe and Had the Nerve To Testify Under Oath!
CK @grannygethealth🔁Appears Drafted the Conclusion in Probe Prior to Interviewing 16 Key Witnesses! So much corruption.
Myra D. Sirois @MyraDSirois1🔁Mueller Has Early Draft of Trump Letter Giving Reasons for Firing Comey -
⭐Blondie Sparkles💋 @dancindiva214🔁We literally got James Comey testifying under oath that trying to shut down a criminal investigation is indeed obstruction of justice.
DC @rnavapp166🔁@HillaryClinton You are a scum, Comey planning not file charges before investigation. Thank goodness you are not president.
nitz @nitzter🔁 Mueller might be removed due to his close relationship with Comey, who perjured himself to protect Hillary, reports say.
Mitch 🏳️‍🌈 @NotABlindTrust🔁Trump aide who delivered Comey termination letter plans to leave White House: report
Susan Giampaola @nanasue12345🔁Comey and clintons seem to have a long history in this tangled web of corruption, collusion.
version 01 @lucindajonesV01🔁. should order DOJ to arrest, perpwalk, try and convict Comey for obstruction – Essential Mueller know that he's next.
Steve Marsh @SteveBTI🔁GOP senators: Comey drafted statement clearing Clinton before her interview - Yeah, No Crime no Time via @politico
🐼 SGreene 🇺🇸 @GigiLs88🔁Our ENTIRE American Justice System was compromised by Comey & corruption

GOD SAVE US they .

Boston Herald @bostonherald🔁Cohen: Revelations show prez was right to fire Comey
Ted Servis @tedservis🔁Team "outlined why Comey would make an unsuitable witness, calling him prone to exaggeration." Maybe Trump lawyers charge by unit of irony.
Tim O. Nowland @ONowland🔁Trump lawyers give Mueller arguments for Trump, against Comey
gsportsjunkie @gsportsjunkie🔁 Video: Chaffetz says Comey may have perjured himself.
#FridayFeeling #Comey


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