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Comey peoplestrusttoronto @peoplestrustTOR🔁James Comey Visits The New York Times
Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff🔁Deadline to turn over any tapes of Comey conversations to House Intel – if they exist – is Friday. Time is running out for WH to comply.
ComeyComey Joe Goodman @FlunckyJoe🔁 @kevincorke with an update. We have #Trump and #Comey but no tapes @FoxNews
Comey oUTHOUSE CRAPPER @suddenlygarmo🔁 Last month I was reeling that Comey is 6'8. That's over. I'm now consumed with this. Consumed
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁...whether there are "tapes" or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings.
David Corn @DavidCornDC🔁Trump: Obama wiretapped me.
Trump: I may have secretly recorded Comey.
Trump: The real problem is fake news.
Trump Supporter @coco211939🔁 REPORT: Acting FBI Director McCabe ‘The Key’ Behind Mueller and Comey Scheme Against POTUS
Jean-Luc's Owner @PatrickDodds3🔁@OCMel1 @CBSNews Comey made Comey speak the truth. Indeed, he was looking forward to hearing Trump's supposed tapes.
Carlos A. Rodríguez @CarlosARodrgue7🔁Pres. Trump: "I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings" of conversations with former FBI Director Comey.
Deplorable Me2 @plmyers🔁What had Comey said that worried him to the point he was compelled in the middle of the night to leak Must have been incriminating to Comey
NYSTweets @nystweets🔁Dying cause @JamesBrienComey trolling @realDonaldTrump. Keep it coming Comey!
AntiZombieTrumpForce @Hippyhappyness7🔁Psst, the tweet about the tapes came after Comey was already fired. So it can't have influenced any investigation. Time, how does it work?!
mike hurley @MhurleyMike🔁Thanks for clarifying, Newt.

And I don't think Comey is easily rattled. Sessions, yes. Comey, no.

American Infidel🕆✡ @speedin88🔁Fun fact... James Comey was the prosecutor Martha Stewart. He lets Hillary slide 😡
Sam Fogelgaren @SamFogelgaren🔁 Trump: Obama wiretapped me.
Trump: I may have secretly recorded Comey.
Trump: The real problem is fake news.
Paul @claycreate🔁.: "If there was an investigation that's going on right now, the investigation should be James Comey."
Jim Poole @Jep4577🔁 Does this include Comey?
Jason Snyder @SnydyMan🔁This evening's Twitter brain-trust is adorably arguing that Trump trying to influence Comey to tell the truth could obstruct justice.
TRUMP trumps Hate @1stevedoerr1🔁Yes, "tell the truth about our conversation, might be tapes!" would nefariously influence Comey into telling the truth. Well thought out.
Joey Watts @thejoeywatts🔁Trump: I have tapes. Scared?
Comey: You win. Here's my time-stamped notes.
Trump: I was bluffing.
Comey: Oh.
Trump: You weren't?
Comey: ...
Moms🌷Love🌷Trump! @moms4trump2017🔁👇💜👇💜👇💜👇💜👇💜👇💜👇💜

Here's PROOF ~ Comey told Sen Grassley all along
that DJT NOT under inve stigation

#MAGA Vet @PoisonousFog🔁Trump left possibility of tapes of his conversations with Comey to bluff Comey into telling the truth.

Our President knows what he's doing.

Mitch Nickolds @MichNickolds🔁Trump Doesn’t Have Recordings of Conversations With Comey, Source Says I sure hope those tapes get leaked!
JC2020 @JC20204🔁Jim Jordan Pissed That James Comey Lied To America About Hillary Clinton... via @YouTube
JustBrenda @Purrcival🔁@jaketapper There were several reasons to fire Comey. That was only one of them. @POTUS was completely within his constitutional authority.
Leslie @biddergalore🔁 BREAKING: TABLES TURN - New Obstruction Lawsuit Against James Comey.
M.A.G.A......!!! @MAGA2020too🔁W.T.F........goood newssss from PJ boy Comey.....
David Weiss @DavidWe18019162🔁They Should Be Demanding An Investigation On Loretta Lynch & FBI director James Comey.
Andrea Watson @3Panda3🔁Gregg Jarrett: Will Mueller & Comey use a false case of obstruction to trigger impeachment? Fox News
Matt Bartlett @matt_bart🔁Trump could have revealed there's no Comey tape at any time. But he waited until the moment health care disaster hits. That's no coincidence
Inez4885 @spark___y🔁 Trump's tape bluff got Comey to admit he told Trump 3x he wasn't under investigation.

That's why, you idiots.

KSS160 @kss160🔁SPOTTED: Former FBI Director James Comey entering The New York Times' office today shortly after 6pm est.
FreshPurple @freshpurple2🔁James Comey Broke With the pressure on details, motivation — to describe the polls will be how to evidence of emails weren’t
Dyan Jae @dyanjae🔁 He fell right into Trump's trap.

Trump KNEW Comey had leaked. So he got Comey to admit it.

Johanna Sanders @JohSanders🔁Ex-Obama ethics lawyer: Trump threatening Comey with non-existent tapes was "witness intimidation"
Robin Roller Thixton @THEgirlscruggs🔁 Also, I wouldn't be shocked if we find out later there were tapes and they only proved Comey was telling the truth.
Cheryl kim @Mamapearl2🔁It is preposterous for the Commander in Chief, with his access to world-class intelligence, to say he has "no idea" if Comey tapes exist.
Emmy @ehedie_3939🔁Juliette Kayyem: Trump lying abt Comey tapes is natl security issue. All know he lies & bluffs. That weakens our position w allies & enemies
Karen @frespirit01🔁This is true. Comey lied about the timing and motive for his leak. It's pretty obvious why, when you put together all the pieces.
colleen caggiano @cococagg70🔁Schiff: Would Comey have opened a counter-intel investigation on a presidential campaign "on mere hunch?"

Fmr. DHS Sec. Johnson: "No."

DeplorablePatriot @DonnaL12🔁Senator Grassley lays it out clearly that Comey must be arrested & thrown in jail for his "cowardly-obstruction" of justice-w/Schumer-Schiff
Robin Horton @Horton47Robin🔁EDIT: That time trump created a LIE about recordings of FBI Director Comey & then denies knowing anything about the LIE he himself created.🍊
Ninette Olearain @Nntt26🔁DOJ & FBI are doing a disservice to American people by withholding Comey memos, writes for
Swather @DebiDkruse🔁Comey admitted he leaked! Why is he not being charged? That's 10 yrs in jail. Why is he not being charged?
Apachified @Apachified🔁@meburch7 Because they're CORRUPT. That's why Trump fired Comey.
DeplorableTx#MAGA @RickAndKim30yrs🔁 Who's that visiting the New York Times today? Sure looks like James Comey to me ...
Cyril Delaperriere @CDelaperriere🔁 If he didn't make a recording of Comey why did he talk about a recording? Did he make it and destroy it? Who knows.
America Matters!🇺🇸 @Collette_AZ🔁Duped in your own game! 💘 it!
Present ur memos Comey!
Gingrich: Trump Wanted to ‘Rattle’ Comey – No ‘Tapes’ Exist

Rachel Lasesjes @RLasesjes🔁We Know For Sure Leaked ILLEGALLY

If There Is An Investigation Going On

▶️It Should Be

Chris King @cking4977🔁Actually I thought it was a great got-cha suggesting tapes, he didn't say he had them which he doesn't just like comey doesn't have notes
Agenda Of Evil @AgendaOfEvil🔁#New President Trump vs FBI Director Comey
SSDeplorable @SSDeplorable🔁
1 Trump sent a tweet: Comey better not leak bc of possible TAPE
2 Comey leaked
3 Under oath Comey: I leaked
4 Trump: What tapes?
Sandie MacNeil 🌍🌱 @sjmn777🔁Trump on Twitter: ‘I did not make, and do not have’ recorded conversations with Comey (via )
🙈🙉🙊ssedloff🙈🙉🙊 @ssedloffthomas🔁you just said that to keep Comey from talking, further obstructing justice. I hate everything that you stand for.
Channel 1 America @channel1america🔁CBSNEWS reports Ending weeks of speculation, Pres. Trump says he does "not have" tapes of Comey conversations:… …
Chris @Nikkittanikki🔁Is anyone shocked by this BREAKING NEWS? Does anyone fail to see how it tends to show Trump tried to silence Comey?
Susie @Susie98034071🔁 @thehill Comey was already telling the truth. Trump's the liar-in-chief and Dershowitz is his lap dog.
4th branch, Govern.. @RobinRWSauls🔁No; he was threatening Comey-so Comey had recorded their meetings!
AMurray @Vetteil🔁Comey hadn't testified. Once he did, it's now public. Prior to that, it was Executive Branch property. Legislative couldn't touch it. -VJ
Spring Garrett @Rumpelsilkskin🔁Why did Donald Trump pretend to have tapes on Comey? For the same reason he does everything: to get us all to pay attention to him.
Patriot @Michael32Gman🔁Wrong. This tactic forced Comey into honest testimony which he surely had planned to be totally different. It was bri lliant. He never lied.
Beth Breslauer @babreslauer🔁Ari Melber on Trump's Comey tapes gambit: "Trump is a national version of Candy Crush, wasting our time whether we like it or not"
Dale Haynes @WandaHaynes🔁 Now that he knows there are no tapes, Comey can go back to lying again.
Karen @frespirit01🔁 BREAKING : TABLES TURN – New Obstruction Lawsuit Against James Comey – TruthFeed
Lisa Cabello @Bee30758370🔁 James Comey Visits The New York Times
Dawn Sweeney @DawnSwe12515208🔁EXCLUSIVE - Ousted FBI director James Comey visits the via
Tam is Pissed @ GOP @tamsets🔁. How do you feel about Newt Gingrich calling you a Liar 🤷🏼‍♀️

Darlene @dhr2580🔁@realDonaldTrump Yup. It's dead just like your wiretapping bs story and Comey tape story. Well straight lies.
Vicky Beal @sakimasse🔁So Trump wanted intel officials to say in public what Comey had told him in private. I know, where’s the fainting couch?
Momma Bear @mommabear405🔁Comey was a political hack. New York Attorney originally appointed by Bill Clinton then appointed by Obama Comey was a criminal


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