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Marshall Cohen @MarshallCohen🔁BREAKING: Peter Strzok, the FBI agent accused by GOP of having "treasonous" anti-Trump bias, supported re-opening the Clinton email investigation in fall 2016 and helped write the letter (signed by Comey) that was released days before the election.
Jennifer Holderness @Headcheese69🔁President Trump to FBI director Jim Comey (Jan 2017): “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty."

President Trump to acting FBI director Andy McCabe (May 2017): Who did you vote for?

President Trump to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (Dec 2017): Are you “on my team?"

John Fugelsang @JohnFugelsang🔁Fired Yates
Fired Comey.
Tried to fire Mueller.
Tried to fire Sessions.
Forced out McCabe.
Trying to oust Rosenstein.
Y'know. Like an innocent guy.

Sebastian Gorka DrG @SebGorka🔁House Intell. decides to release the Memo and this happens.

Definitely putting it on my Resume.

Getting too hot for you ??

Wellzy @Wellzy4🔁He fired Comey for investigating Russian interference during 2016 election

For all we know, he may not of even been investigating Trump at that time (even though he was)

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's fake

Sabrina K @KahlerSabrina🔁Hey, ! Just wanted to share a poem I found:

Roses are Red,
vIoletS are blue.
they’re goiNg to jail,
and so arE you.

xoXo tick Tock

-the american people

LCronin @lcronin11🔁Reminder that ’s excuse for Donald Trump’s request for loyalty from Comey was that Trump was “new at this.” What’s the excuse for doing it again with McCabe and again with Rosenstein?
David 🇺🇸 🏳️‍🌈💙 @davidpsdem🔁Part 1: FBI Agent Peter Strzok co-wrote draft Comey-Clinton letter.

CNN obtained emails show controversial FBI Agent co-wrote the draft letter that Clinton blames for losing the Election.

Joshua Ford @jfo_in_dc🔁BREAKING: Peter Strzok, the FBI agent accused by GOP of having "treasonous" anti-Trump bias, supported re-opening the Clinton email investigation in fall 2016 and helped write the letter (signed by Comey) that was released days before the election.
I#MAGA1DAY@A⏰ @chicwillow🔁 Comey’s original Clinton memo released, cites possible violations
Babushka女士 @pepesgrandma🔁BOMBSHELL: Newly Release Strzok Text Messages Suggest "Behind the Scenes" Collusion between Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Jim Comey and Robert Mueller
C.Matt @chris_mattern🔁A desperate man fires Sally Yates. A desperate man fires James Comey. A desperate man is mad when Jeff Sessions recuses himself. A desperate man forces Andrew McCabe to retire. A desperate man wanted to fire Mueller. A desperate man wants to fire Rosenstein. He is guilty.
Jake from state farm @my2bits4u🔁This was just plain stupid. How much of our tax money was wasted on the Clinton email probe? Publicly reopening it right before the election was destructive and likely a Hatch Act violation.

Controversial FBI agent co-wrote Comey draft

Alexander Golden @immortal_sea🔁So...
-Yates: Fired for not being loyal
-Comey: Fired after refusing loyalty pledge
-McCabe: Forced out after questioning about his political loyalties
-Rosenstein: Questioned about Trump team loyalty
-Flynn: Forced out b/c FELONIES but Trump would rehire b/c "he's loyal"
Gerardus T. Hauwert @Hauwertsr🔁Did you know?

Per : Rod Rosenstein’s wife is Lisa Barsmooian; An attorney who represented the Clinton Foundation, R obert Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Obama, Bill Clinton, AND Hillary’s Lawyer!!!

Chris Wood @woodce80🔁“...a coming report from the DOJ's inspector general alleges McCabe abused his role in the FBI's investigations into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state and the Trump campaign's ties to Russia.”
Wasn’t he advising Comey?
Wendy Vogt @Socaloverrated🔁Huh, that come out quick... See my earlier report on this. FBI agent Strzok co-wrote initial draft of Comey letter reopening Clinton email probe, report says
ED ANSER @crookedgop🔁Reupping a few older articles in midst of discussion of blackmail and hacks:

June 2017: "Trump is running America like a crime boss"

Sept 2016: "Be afraid: Trump may have bought the Fourth Estate"

Clive Boyce @cliveboyce77🔁Peter Strzok — the FBI agent who sent a text message that the GOP insists is proof he wanted to undermine Trump & help Hillary Clinton — actually co-wrote the Comey letter that *re-opened* the HRC email probe.

So, uhh.. yea, that talking point is dead.

Brad Chury @mrmoo2012🔁@therealezway @SenSanders Mueller special counsel was brought on because Trump fired Comey, right?
Crystal Salapatas @csalapatas🔁Meet the EX - WHITEWATER prosecutor
Who's memo led to Fire Comey!!!
How close was he with.the Clintons

Amy 0311 Mom @Amyloukingery🔁 of William and Mary Taps Alum James to Teach Ethical -
Jenna @jenna92821🔁The story is focusing on Trump asking Rosenstein if he's on his team. Far worse (tho thats horrible/corroborates Comey) is: "Trump wanted to know where the special counsel's Russia investigation was heading." Subject of investig cant be briefed on it.

SJW_lickmytears @trump_troll_16🔁Retweeted James Comey (@FiredFBIBoss):

"Our fired assistant director can confirm that the FISA memo is totally false" - FBI

🇺🇸No On DACA🇺🇸 @autumnrainwater🔁DEEP STATE IN DEEP PANIC as FBI challenges accuracy of GOP’s surveillance memo COMEY THREATENS McCABE WARNS SLEEPER CELLS
Connie Taylor @ConnieT75679370🔁 shown to Director , resulted in “retiring”
The Inspector General report resulted in
(should result in him being jailed)
and also result in the removal of


Only Nominally Cis @Ravan_A🔁 @renato_mariotti @Comey Did the WH leak this as a way to get Rosenstein out of the way?
Lisa St. Aubyn @AubynLisa🔁FBI agent Strzok who sent texts mocking Trump also drafted the letter re-opening Clinton email probe that Comey sent, stalling Clinton’s momentum and potentially costing her the election - so much for the narrative that Strzok was out to get Trump
david mckenzie @dmcken22🔁Well- if you had been illegally monitoring the Republican campaign based off of a dossier you knew had been purchased by the DNC and it became clear there was a decent chance he might win- wouldn’t you hedge a little?
James Madison @Bill_Huff🔁In a big court win for JW & News Foundation, a U.S. District Judge ruled the FBI must turn over former FBI Director Comey’s memos allegedly detailing convos he had with President Trump (which Comey leaked to the press) for the court to review.
SNOWMAN🌊 @sam_says_2🔁It’s telling that from Comey to Rosenstein, Trump has asked our intelligence officials for their loyalty. Not their loyalty to this nation & our constitution but rather their loyalty in regards to himself.
christina shell @etina42🔁So, says he’ll “100%” release the Nunes memo. Is there anyway u can also release ur 2016 tax returns that have been under audit since:

Spicer was Press Sec.
Flynn was NSA
Preibus was COS
Comey was FBI Dir.
45% approval rating
Eric’s son was a fetus


kapalabhati @kapalabhati1🔁Trump in 1992. Sounds like the guy described by Comey. Trump has always been obsessed with loyalty & revenge when he doesn't get it
Deplorable me @crzymom110🔁 #ReleaseTheMemo
It’ll prove that Kamala & Comey are dead wrong.
donna @donnaharmon28🔁🚨TODAY'S DEEP STATE LEAK💦 🐀Strzok Helped 🐀Comey Write Initial Draft to Reopen 💩👿Hillary Clinton Email Probe..💥All premeditated by to protect NYPD had already Winners laptop!

Perhaps we'll see Rod Rosenstein outed in this MEMO!

The crap that went on during Comey & Loretta Lynch administrations is coming to a Twitter Sceen near you soon!

Only Nominally Cis @Ravan_A🔁 @an_e_la @renato_mariotti @Comey You are right. See my reply.
Les Carpenter @midcarp🔁1/ This is huge news--it's the same pattern of behavior that Trump engaged in with . At this point, there can be little question that Rosenstein will be a witness for Mueller. It's hard to see how he can continue to oversee the Mueller investigation.
Daisy's can opener @NLTCNY🔁Right and we new it without
Only Nominally Cis @Ravan_A🔁At the rate Trump is going, all he'll have to do is to keep demanding loyalty and it'll make everyone recuse themselves. Who knew treasoning was so easy!

(sarcasm font enabled)

Andrew Bromley @AndrewB179🔁Let me get this straight:
- Comey's a lifelong Republican
- Mueller's a lifelong Republican
- McCabe voted in a Republican primary
- and Strzok backed re-opening the Clinton email investigation in Oct 2016?
We're all supposed to think this is the anti-Trump FBI?
peter.bryan @ChoctawVillain🔁NOTHING BUT THE FACTS
From asking Comey to lay off investigating Flynn to firing Comey to asking for loyalty from Rod Rosenstein, the very man who oversees the Mueller investigation, if Trump can't be charged with obstruction of justice, nobody in this country can or ever will be
Jilly Illg @JillyIllg🔁NEWS: FBI Agent Peter Strzok, attacked by Trump for “treason” over his texts, also did something that roiled the Clinton campaign: He wrote the first draft of the Comey letter reopening Clinton probe. Story via and me
Pbeyes @spw5260🔁3/ That makes Rosenstein a potentially critical witness, for two reasons. First, it shows that Trump engaged in the same behavior even after he knew he was under investigation for obstruction of justice and viewed analysis showing that his actions towards Comey were problematic.
Jimmy Covington @jimmycovington🔁Did you go to the same school as Nancy? You can only read once it’s a bill. No one with a reasonable IQ believes Come y! Why do you? Please don’t answer that.
DEPLORABLE CLAUDIA @claudiascompan1🔁@PubliusCulper @Debradelai @GenFlynn @Comey They are both dirty cops.
Leigh Nofp @LeighLike1234🔁Trump 10/2016 describing former Pres Clinton talking w AG Lynch as an attempt to illegally influence an investigation.

Trump knew he was committing the crime of obstruction when he leaned on Sessions, McCabe, Comey & Rosenstein. Trump is openly corrupt

Abigail Adams Rocks @bigworldview🔁JW Prez : The FBI is not above the law and the American people expect full accountability. We still want Andrew McCabe’s texts & we want a full investigation of the outrageous anti-Trump FBI abuses under Obama & under McCabe’s mentor James Comey.

Ketosis Jones @ketosis66🔁Trump to COMEY: I need loyalty.
Trump to McCABE: Who did you vote for?
Trump to ROSENSTEIN: Are you on my team?
(WH denies first two, no comment yet on third.)

Sean Bergin @seanbergintalk🔁House Intell. decides to release the Memo and this happens.

Definitely putting it on my Resume.

Getting too hot for you ??

CBB @CCDNQSA🔁The FISA court issued a surveillance warrant based on FAKE garbage from The Scum McCabe, Comey, Roenstein, Szrock, Paige, Wiseman under the direction of Obama. : Predict: exonerated !
mr. pov @themrpov🔁So is finally getting on board of what conservative radio and TV programs like have been talking about for ages. CNN, has always been sitting on the truth, is trying to prepare their audience for things to come.

Amy Perreault @pixiequeen888🔁What do you mean? You didn’t get a copy of my charitable donations for tax year 2017? I mailed it the other night. W eird.

‘He’s not even taking a salary’.....and other lies the sheep parrot.

Please, tell me more. It’s so compelling.

Kristen Huckabee @mzkris18🔁First, he came for Comey, & they didn’t speak out b/c they were Trump apologists

Then, he came for McCabe, & they didn’t speak out b/c they were Trump apologists

Next, he’ll come for Rosestein & they won’t speak out b/c they’re Trump apologists

Last, he’ll come for Mueller...

Milkman1 @prayforsanity2🔁Trump to Comey: Let Flynn go.

Trump to Russians: Firing Nut Job Comey took great pressure off me.

Trump to McCabe: Who’d you vote for?

Trump to Rosenstein: Are you on my team?

Mueller to Trump: You have the right to remain silent!

Chele @MicheleDiane8🔁And chafetz was up his... they tortured Comey. I want to ask all blaming Comey - what are his degrees in?
Meg Ulmes @calatayud7🔁I've said repeatedly the FBI can't look in agents' hearts. What it can do is punish those who misuse FBI property—Strzok was so punished—and check their work for the influence of bias. This is just more proof Strzok was willing to do what was asked of him.
Theresa Siconolfi @theresa2u2🔁Fired Yates
Fired Comey.
Tried to fire Mueller.
Tried to fire Sessions.
Forced out McCabe.
Trying to oust Rosenstein.
Y'know. Like an innocent guy.

兵頭海彦 Umihiko Hyodo @KatonaFa🔁Trump demanded a loyalty pledge from Comey & fired Comey when he didn't get it.

Trump to McCabe: Who’d you vote for? Not Trump. Mccabe? Gone

Trump to Rosenstein: Are you on my team?

1992 Trump sounds like a criminal obsessed with loyalty & revenge:

Erik @Erik_H526🔁Please watch, subscribe, follow
& share everywhere!!

Toni Howard @tonihowardsexx1🔁James Comey, who Trump claims to have been "biased" against him, released a letter written by Peter Strzok, who Trump claims to have been biased against him, which led to Trump winning the election. Makes perfect sense, if you live in upside-down world!
Just.Jon @JonJusth🔁SOOO, the FBI agent trump claims was biased against him and part of the deep state was responsible for draft of letter Comey sent to congress regarding Weiner's emails. There goes that talking point.
Janis Owens @goober65🔁FBI agent Strzok co-wrote initial draft of Comey letter reopening Clinton email probe, report says via


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