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William @William30315221🔁 @realDonaldTrump James Comey literally protected everybody.
Ratcliffe knew this.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁As it has turned out, James Comey lied and leaked and totally protected Hillary Clinton. He was the best thing that ever happened to her!
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁Wow, FBI confirms report that James Comey drafted letter exonerating Crooked Hillary Clinton long before investigation was complete. Many..
M Oli @mom2gbd🔁 .@TGowdySC vows to go after James Comey on his FAKE investigation into crooked @HillaryClinton
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁...people not interviewed, including Clinton herself. Comey stated under oath that he didn't do this-obviously a fix? Where is Justice Dept?
peacock @elaynebcool15🔁'I don’t have to sit here': Highlights from Sessions' testimony
Jody Girl MAGA🇺🇸👠 @Jodyturcotte1🔁Hillary Clinton took $145M from Russians to sell out the U.S. uranium supply to America’s enemies.FBI , Comey knew!
Jonh Fischer @FischerJonh🔁
⚜️Donna Noble ⚜️ @DonnaNoble10th🔁Wiretapped - no proof
Comey meeting - no proof
Fraudulent votes - no proof
Paid taxes - no proof
No Russia deals - no proof

Joseph Rogers @NorthsideRasta🔁. unloads AM twitter fusillade: NFL; Comey & Hillary; lying Dems? Why? Doesn’t like the news today. Wants to change story.
(((Str8Grandmother)) @Str8Grandmother🔁Sarah Sanders says White House would "welcome any action" from DOJ against Comey, basically signaling OK for prosecuting him.
Laureen Davis @LaureenDavis68🔁. Curtain Call Time for Consigliere Comey of Clinton Cartel
Orange Fed Pen Rompers
Coming Soon 4 Entire Gang

Mary Marineau @MaryKatherine70🔁 Watch Sessions go speechless for 10 seconds when asked to explain James Comey firing via @shareblue
Elyne @nilota1🔁 Do you think James Comey protected Hillary Clinton?
an eye and a voice @EXTR4N3OUS🔁I’m tired of hearing about it already. Comey. Clinton. Russia collusion. Uranium One. Deep State.
It’s all a bunch of BULLSHIT!
Powerglobal @powerglobalus🔁 All Americans need the o pportunity to understand what this article describes. Copy & share to Politicians & Media
Diane @Dialmond🔁Jeff Sessions testifies on Comey, Russia investigation at Senate hearing -- live blog via the App
Melissa Jo Peltier @MelissaJPeltier🔁Sessions' wielding of executive privilege today was extremely tenuous, given conversations with Trump re: Comey get right to obstruction. /1
margaret zaleski @seaplane17🔁Trump cant even keep up with his lies. He said he fired Comey for being unfair to Clinton, now says he fired him for protecting Clinton.
mike sax @mikesaxny2🔁3/ Lynch RECUSED herself from the Clinton probe and put Comey in charge—so he HAD to make a statement. Now Sessions says THAT got him fired?
Kim Bales @bales0123🔁@grandmaresist @Impeach_D_Trump Nope. It will be Clintons, Obama, Mueller, Comey, plus more who are indicted.
PKM @pmnurse007🔁The Only Way To Restore Faith In Our Justice System Is To See Justice Served To Those Who Have Broken Our Laws.

Bloomberg Politics @bpolitics🔁Sessions says he won’t answer questions about his discussions with Trump about Comey’s firing
3DawgKnight @dawg_knight🔁I agree with Senator Grassley: "Conclusion first, fact-gathering second -- that's no way to run an investigation,"
Michael @hudsonside🔁So, I got was we have lyin' lyin' Loretta Lynch and lyin Jim Comey. All declined to discuss their conversations with Obama.
Matt @mabneyforreal🔁 Lawyer files to have ex-FBI chief James Comey disbarred after Clinton scandal - Washington Times
Lordozz® @Lordozz🔁Mueller and Comey established the Russian Uranium Ratline. McCabe used his Awan Pak ISI spy ring to add drugs to UR shipments. 231 days ago
Gloria @itsmommy🔁Ludicrous. Whatever one thinks of Comey, the polling suggests his announcement ten days out may have cost Clinton the election.
Danielle @DanielleBloeme🔁 Watch Sessions go speechless for 10 seconds when asked to explain James Comey firing via @shareblue
boolim @wachinunow🔁Hillary Clinton received 145 million from Russia for uranium one

James comey exonerated crimes

Mueller delivered sale

Knight2017 @Knight201701🔁 POTUS regularly implies that he has recordings of the press (and, notably, Comey). None produced.
Pragmatist 🇺🇸 @lauracgilleslil🔁 Says ‘Totally Protected’ , Calls Out DOJ as New Confirm ‘Obvious FIX’ (Video) -
Jorga Stevens @JorgaStevens🔁Today is Trump's worst lying attempts ever. Changes story (again) bout firing Comey, claims has "proof" of other's lie when proof is he lied
T Alogin @ThisIsALogin🔁6. Exec privilege likely doesn't apply! Trump has talked publicly about his decision-making process in firing Comey
❤ #ProLife #DefundPP @amarcherrunge1🔁. obsessed with firing of James Comey. Why? She one of the 15 who APPROVED the corrupt/bribery Russian uranium deal?
Mike K @MK1937_7🔁You can't write the letter exonerating until you've interviewed every witness, James Comey! 🎯
Sandy Keller @mousymama🔁 Trump says Comey 'totally protected' Clinton, swipes at DOJ as new documents confirm claim
😱I😍BannonSO WHAT @Fiddledeedee01I🔁Andrew McCabe, Robert Mueller, James Comey, and Rod Rosenstein all knew Russia was committing crimes w/nuclear dealings but said nothing. 🤔
Vanessa The Goddess @rightgoddess🔁Newly released FBI records confirm that Comey drafted statement on Clinton case two months before interviewing her.
Richard Jones @hcpgolfer27🔁 Jim Comey violated all the rules and the integrity of the FBI to protect Obama and Hillary.
Charles Klump @Cklumpsr🔁 Radio: FBI Releases #Comey Emails
wrs1260 @wrs1260🔁To be clear, Comey testified twice before Congress and willfully omitted that the FBI investigated Russia bribing the Clinton Foundation
JR @jsr235🔁Sounds like Mueller's got Obstruction on Trump in spades. Sessions is citin' "executive privilege" while castin' shade on Comey.
🇷🇺Facebook Bot @_word_on_a_wing🔁 Confirmed: Comey Began Drafting Statement Exonerating Hillary Clinton Two Months Before Announcement
SimplyRED:USA #MAGA @TruVoice30🔁Don't Forget These Loose Ends:

✔️Voter fraud
✔️Imran Awan
✔️James Comey
✔️Las Vegas shooting
✔️Loretta Lynch tarmac

AZLD20Dems @AZLD20Dems🔁2/ Sessions just raised executive privilege BY PROXY for ALL questions on Comey deliberations. That's illegal. He MUST be found in contempt.
❤ #ProLife #DefundPP @amarcherrunge1🔁. We have all the info we need why Comey was fired. He lied lied lied. We witnessed it on LIVE TV. Case closed.

Marine Vet in TX @yutzydavid🔁SCANDAL OF THE DECADE !!McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, Crooked Hillary, Eric Holder, Obama ALL INVOLVED in RUSSIA/Uranium One SCANDAL!!
trob @trobinson131🔁Someone explain to me if timeline matters & Comey exonerated Hillary 2 months prior to statement then why isn’t he charged with obstructing justice or tainting investigation?
TLDowns @tdowns11🔁New documents show , conspired to protect Hillary.

Also, and Foundation may have violated RICO.

Cllr Shepzy @tshep42🔁Or he found out that Comey's phone was hot-miked during all his conversations w/him. And now he knows what was in the classified memos.
A Netkrazed Patriot @netkrazed🔁The Deep State corruption continues to be exposed

Comey was in it to protect Hillary

It’s time for some people to start getting locked up.

Kayla @Psych_2016🔁I have an extremely credible source about Obama’s birth certificate
*Reveals nothing*

I have tapes of Comey
*Reveals nothing*

I have proof

Stay @ home ninja. @davalley🔁AG Sessions "I don't think the significance of the ERROR that Comey made on the Clinton matter is fully understood"!
Luke Folb @lukefolb🔁Comey is still going to come back to fuck you up.
Glenn Bluemel @networktechsusa🔁Trump thanked a room full of Russians in the White House face to face while he impugned "Nut job"
FBI Director James Comey 🇺🇸
Deb Oconnel @debocon9🔁BREAKING—The Great White, Trey Gowdy Vows to go after James Comey for his Questionable/Fake Investigation of Crooked Hillary Clinton......
SP33D_STORM @SP33D_STORM🔁BOOM..McCabe,Mueller,Rosenstein,Comey,Crooked Hillary,Obama ALL involved in propaganda
Mark LoPresti @marklopresti🔁DEEP STATE SWAMP: Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Are Linked to Clinton Uranium One Deal - MOST CORRUPT OFFICIALS EVER!


Sherwin Newman @sherwinnewman🔁JUST IN: FBI confirms Comey drafted statement to use at end of Clinton investigation months before interviewing her
PEDRO @realPEDRO6🔁 #Comey will be called to LIE again?
The Real Me @Barbzzzzzz🔁RT if you can't WAIT for Trump to supply "proof". 🙄🤔
Are these the same "tapes" he had on Comey?

AB Ro⚰️inson @robgo84🔁 No, I do not think today went well for Jeff Sessions.

Matt @mabneyforreal🔁 insisted no 'special' rules in Clinton probe - while drafting 'exoneration statement'
Barracuda @ASerignese🔁 want 2see AG Sessions go after criminals including BHO, HCR & Comey & bring them to justice not just review
Amelia Grant @AmeliaG500🔁Dem reactions

Comey exonerating Hillary investigation: Meh

Obama Era Russia collusion: Meh

Melania wearing sunglasses: OMG A DOUBLE!

Cherie Roberts @ColCherRoberts🔁Also, if Comey was involved in the Russian Uranium $$ and other "Pay for Play activities cover up that will be separa te investigation too.


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