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Colts Brittney Miles @itssbrittbritt🔁 Great photo from the Steelers 2005 Divisional Round Game against the Colts. #Steelers
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁 This video is very powerful
#KirbyStarAllies #NintendoSwitch
Ben Easters @beneasters11🔁 A letter to 18.


Justin Flaten @jdflaten🔁@TheHerd @ColinCowherd The colts being on this list...
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁 coach Frank Reich says QB Andrew Luck has begun throwing a football. He’s optimistic Luck will cut it loose at some point during the offseason... and it’s clear this is going in the right direction.
Field Yates @FieldYates🔁The NFL draft is one month from tonight. As things currently stand:
* Most overall picks: Packers (12)
* Fewest pick s: Eagles, Giants, Jets, Lions, Titans (6)
* The Browns & Colts combine to have 10 of the first 67 picks
* The Bills have an NFL-best 6 Top 100 selections
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Colts’ GM Chris Ballard said on “The Adam Schefter Podcast” that starting April 9, QB Andrew Luck will go through off -season workouts with Indianapolis:

Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁At Notre Dame pro day where Colts GM Chris Ballard and OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo are both here to watch OL Quenton Nelson and Mike McGlinchey. Ballard standing with AD Jack Swarbrick while watching players run the 40.
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁Both GM Chris Ballard and new offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo on hand at Notre Dame’s pro day, per , presumably to get another look at Irish guard Quenton Nelson.
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁You have to think at least 3 teams in the top 6 are still thinking QB (CLE, NYJ, DEN). That likely leaves with one of these three: Barkley, Chubb or Nelson. If Chubb is gone, Nelson could be the interior OL help Andrew Luck's needed for six years.
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁 RB Christine Michel is back w/ Colts. Injury last June kept him out all season. He’ll get another shot this year.
IndyStar Sports @IndyStarSports🔁What are the #Colts thinking ahead of the draft? @HolderStephen tried to find out.
Ryan Stottlemyer @stottle4375🔁11u Irvine Dbacks 1 (Batting: #17 Cole Hidalgo)
11u Irvine Colts 19 (Pitching: #22 Logan Honikel)
Top of 5th, 0 O ut, No one on

Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁Nah, It was taken by British soldiers in Africa but it's actually from the Hidden Mist Village. This is the executioner's blade of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and can regenerate using the blood of its enemies. Don't trip, I'm gonna take it off your hands for you
Chad Wright @ChadEWright🔁If the Cowboys cut Dez Bryant, the should 1,000% go after him. He’s 29, a big bodied receiver the Colts haven’t had in forever, and the cap space to afford him. Don’t even argue with me on this. Colts should be interested if he’s cut.
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁Nah, It was taken by British soldiers in Africa but it's actually one of the eight Legendary Weapons of Elibe. Some say whoever wields this Axe will die a violent death. Don't trip, I'm gonna take it off your hands for you
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁Nah, It was taken by British soldiers in Africa but it's actually from Hyrule. Originally crafted by the goddess Hylia herself. Only a true hero that is pure of heart and strong of body is capable of wielding the sacred blade. Don't trip, I'm gonna take it off your hands for you.
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁Nah, It was taken by British soldiers in Africa but it's actually from Gaia. A sword far heavier than any sword has rights to be, yet a true 1st Class will wield it with ease. Don't trip, I'm gonna take it off your hands for you.
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁Nah, It was taken by British soldiers in Africa but it's actually from Archanea, wielded by the legendary heroes Marth, Chrom and Lucina. Forged from the fang of the Divine Dragon Naga, it's known as the Blade of Light. Don't trip, I'm gonna take it off your hands for you.
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁Nah, It was taken by British soldiers in Africa but it's actually the weapon used by Bionis in its war with Mechonis. It's a powerful energy blade that can manipulate the ether around it. Don't trip, I'm gonna take it off your hands for you.
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁You see, that was taken from Africa, but it belonged to the Keyblade Masters. Imma take it off your hands for ya.
#DFAELLSBURY @bdd4life🔁@NathanRGaines @BlueJacketsNHL Nah only colts. Browns and blue jackets fans would
JOEL @jojoman104🔁The colts earned a victory in game 2 behind a brilliant start from Bryan Camelo who only allowed 2 hits while striking out 10 to pick up his 2nd victory on the mound. James Tyminski led the offensive attack with a triple and 3 RBI
chris david @chrisda96806195🔁Colin shut the hell up. You have zero credibility about any sports topics after I just saw your NFL rankings and you have the Colts at 6thWTF. How much head is Andrew Luck giving you? He hasn’t thrown a football in two years. Good thing your contract is guaranteed.
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁My takeaways after talking with Frank Reich at the League Meetings:

-Very aggressive coming
-Reich scouting 2018 QBs?

Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁The latest on Andrew Luck:

-What Luck is currently focusing on
-His expected workload during the offseason program

Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁Some tidbits from sitting down with Chris Ballard:

-FWIW, Andrew Luck is still not throwing an actual NFL football
- went after some big name free agent
-Deeper personnel look

Josh Harris @SrJharris🔁Frank Reich and Chris Ballard give the latest updates on Andrew Luck's shoulder rehab:

"He’s go tten to the point where he is actually throwing smaller footballs.”
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁10 takeaways from Frank Reich at the League Meetings:

-Very aggressive coming
-Reich scouting 2018 QBs?

Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁 clarifying the Luck ‘throwing a football’ info.

Luck is throwing a football, just not a normal NFL-size football.

Maybe a vortex? Loved throwing those things and making 'em whistle back in the day.

Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁We heard from Chris Ballard and Jim Irsay yesterday. Now, it's Frank Reich's turn.

has 🔟 takeaways from breakfast with the new Colts head coach. ⬇️

Tim Stuart @colts_rock🔁In the last 18 years, the IS team at Beck's has grown from 3 people to 23, the company has more than tripled in sales, and Tim is still wearing the same shirt!

Tim Stuart, Dawn Lockwood, and Gavin Rulon keep our IS systems running smoothly. Thanks team!

Jason Harvey @UHaveNoSources🔁Im curious what you see that says he is not appreciated? Also, this seems weird coming from a Colts fan
Joe Cook @joecook37🔁Can the Bucs or Colts support two fantasy TE1s? History says it's very unlikely. More on that in #16 - plus 34 other things I learned when compiling initial 2018 projections
Colts/Depression Man @OsweilerMVP🔁Reich was downright giddy when asked about Luck’s fit in the Colts’ new O:
EJ @LyonsIsland7🔁When I posted the video of running his 40 at the Proday I asked you to time it! It’s because some scouts were saying high 4.5! This SS/LB runs 4.3!
first round difference maker @klp39519🔁From a reliable source: Indianapolis Colts scouts visiting Gainesville Thursday re: Antonio Callaway. Colts have three 2nd-rd picks and are considering taking Callaway that high despite numerous troubles at UF.
Patrick @empeypp🔁You’re one of them. Peyton left because he had major neck surgery and missed an entire year allowing the colts to get the #1 pick. Apples to oranges
Cate Waters @CateThe14th🔁 Actions have consequences, and there were a bunch after McDaniels chose to spurn the Colts.
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁Stick to sports! Stop talking politics! Stop disrespecting the flag! Let's all stop yelling and do like these Colts:
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁What if I told you the guy who got screwed the most by Josh McDaniels’ abrupt decision to bail on the Colts is actually against the “Josh McDaniels Rule?” Well, it’s true.
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁This makes perfect sense. And I'm not just saying that because I wrote it 3 months ago.

OK, yes I am.

Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁 ICYMI: Colts declined two recent trade offers for QB Jacoby Brissett, per source. He's theirs:
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁In full disclosure, I stopped caring about these incremental Andrew Luck updates long ago. But it’s my job so here you go. Everyone is still adamant that he’s on track, which is all that matters:
Luke 🍞man Shomo @LukeShoMeMo🔁We started the Wild Wild Country Cult Netflix documentary... thought I said it was a Colts documentary. There was mu ch confusion.
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁Among the many interesting topics covered by the ’ Frank Reich today was his stance on playing agrressive, i.e. going for it on fourth down, which he will be very willing to do as head coach:
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁If you like reading about the Colts, click this link and my wonderful stories will magically appear in your inbox:
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁You’ll never guess who was actually opposed to the so-called Josh McDaniels rule. I was stunned by this.
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁There's also a mystery player who is pretty high on the Colts' draft board. I haven't been able to identify him, but I laid out the situation in there.
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁@KirbyGCIsEpic @dailydedede ProsafiaGaming, apparently.
Zac✌🏽 @newc88🔁Here's what I've learned about the Colts' draft plans from the NFL's owners meetings. Trading back, QB scenarios and more, right here:
NewEraHats @NewEraSportHats🔁Factory Direct Pricing 15%OFF Coupon Code "Factory15" Free Shipping Indianapolis Colts NFL Snapback Hats - Price: $38 .00
Heather Lloyd @TheBlueMare🔁As a pediatric nurse, Meredith is hoping to combine her passions for performing and inspiring kids - as a cheerleade r.

“I really feel like they're such a well rounded group of girls and I really want to be a part of that."

torstar_diff @torstar_diff🔁Pence leaves 49ers-Colts game after players take a knee during anthem | Toronto Star
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁@SomeKirbyFan @Air_Blenderr @fr0gio Well then...


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