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Colts Colts Stuff @ColtsStuffNFL🔁Officially Licensed Indianapolis Colts NFL Hands High Fleece Hoodie Glll S NWT -
Colts Stourbridge RFC @StourbridgeRFC🔁#Blog updated with news on the start of the Colts XV's season
Colts Colts Stuff @ColtsStuffNFL🔁Mens Indianapolis Colts Critical Victory V Sweatpants XL - NFL Team Apparel -
Colts Colts Stuff @ColtsStuffNFL🔁Officially Licensed Indianapolis Colts NFL Hands High Fleece Hoodie Glll S NWT -
ColtsColts Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁 RT this tweet & I'll put Mario on any picture you want

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Colts Zesty NFL Cardinals @zesty_cardinals🔁Arizona Cardinals @ Indianapolis Colts - The Good, the bad, the ugly
Colts Yung Coach Sam @StankFreakNasty🔁@KenCarman @SportsBoyTony wait Ken is arguing Browns have it better than Colts because of front office? LOL
Colts Mr. Ⓜ️ARS 💦📊🙏🏾 @Fernandoses_🔁 We've made it official with @RobertMathis98.

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Colts Yung Coach Sam @StankFreakNasty🔁@KenCarman @SportsBoyTony hey dummy who do u think ruined the Colts roster?
Colts Will Cunningham @squilliam234🔁 First career start. First career interception.

Welcome to the @NFL, @MalikHooker24!

Colts NFL @NFL🔁.@Colts rookie @MalikHooker24 with the PICK! #AZvsIND #Colts
Colts Indianapolis Colts @Colts🔁First career start. First career interception.

Welcome to the @NFL, @MalikHooker24!

Colts Indianapolis Colts @Colts🔁We've made it official with @RobertMathis98.

Meet our new Pass Rush Consultant:

Aaron Bacon @aaronbacon3🔁@MikeAndMike Colts don't fire Pagano #tofarTuesday
Chuck @ColtChuck🔁@MikeAndMike chuck pagino will turn the colts around and win coach of the year.
Curt Hansen @Hansen_Curt🔁@MikeAndMike when Andrew Luck returns in the colts win all the rest of their games. #toofartuesday
Tom Prose @tprose74🔁@MikeAndMike Colts will win the Super Bowl this year #toofartuesday
Cambria Knutson @cammiebuckeye33🔁@MikeAndMike Colts get the #1 pick & trade it for ALL THE OFFENSIVE LINEMEN #ProtectLuck
Erin Vincent @ekilbrid🔁@colts Will go winless this season and take a quarterback with the first draft pick #toofartuesday
Shawn Miller @shawnpmiller🔁@mikeandmike the Colts got the better end of the trade for Brissett #TooFarTuesday
John Wynn @MojoWynn🔁@MikeAndMike #toofartuesday The Colts and Jags will have more wins the the Giants.
Ryne Foster @CoachFosterBGSU🔁@MikeAndMike Andrew Luck will return in week 6 and lead the Colts back to the Playoffs and the MVP
Aaron Christian @THEbigbaby11🔁@MikeAndMike Andrew Luck comes back week 6 and the Colts finish 8-8 #TooFarTuesday
Klay Kuban @klaykuban🔁@MikeAndMike the colts win a game. #TooFarTuesday
Travis Ponto @travis_ponto🔁Jacoby Brissett will lead the Colts to a AFC South title. @MikeAndMike #tofartuesday
sterling @doylesteadham🔁@MikeAndMike @Espngreeny @espngolic #TooFarTuesday Andrew Luck will return after week 4 and the Colts will make the playoffs!
Gemail @gemailgemail374🔁@Colts Another loss this weekend against winless Cleveland is expected. But Colts has to find way to win just play like men.
Jeremy Hadley @JermzHadley🔁@MikeAndMike Colts finish with worst record in league, Luck doesn't play a single snap...
BeHereCleveland @BeHere_Clev🔁 The #Browns are currently a 1.5 point favorite over the #Colts Which fan base would you rather be as of today?
ShipeSportsTalk @ShipeSportsTalk🔁Who's going to win the AFC South? #Titans #Jaguars #colts #Texans #afcsouth #afc #nfl
Jess Hooker @TheJessExpo🔁@jaygravesreport @StuckandGunner Colts fans are already gone! Bailing since the Rams loss. The most fair weather fans in the NFL.
CBS4 Indy @CBS4Indy🔁#Colts rule Andrew Luck out of Week 3's game against the Cleveland Browns #CBS4Morning
Wargel @IrishRockne🔁The Colts sit luck for the year, go 1-15 and get kings ransom for #1 pick=rebuild #toofartuesday
Scott Lim @ScottLim5🔁@MikeAndMike Jim Harbaugh gives the Colts the best opportunity to win. At quarterback or coach. @Espngreeny @espngolic #toofartuesday
Mr. Snyder @CHSSnyder🔁The Colts will lose 13 games. #toofartuesday
CC Boys Soccer @CCBoysSoccer🔁What Day Is it? .... It's GAME DAY Colts take on at 3:45 lowther field followed by the JV at 5:30 😈🐎
Dunc @clubjade🔁Updated with deleted Hamill tweet. Is Vikings vs. Bears a more exciting matchup than Colts vs. Titans?
Seth Slabaugh @SethSlabaughTSP🔁Doyel: Are the Indianapolis Colts loathsome or likable? via @thestarpress
Mon{tae} 🐊😎 @TrueDreamer_21🔁Colts gave Quincy Wilson the start and he had an early flash play. Was aggressive in closing and it caused a drop. Great speed.
Joel Vanags @JoelVanags🔁Colts have some winners in that locker room - but they have some divas, too. Here: I'll show scenes and name names.
William Battle @battle216🔁@KenCarman @SportsBoyTony the colts are the Browns but with a franchise QB.Who have they drafted since the Luck draft?Ineptitude @ it's best
Jeffrey Siliko @uxcle🔁@KenCarman I disagree. Colts I'd take that franchise everyday and twice on Sunday. Hate to agree with Lima but he's right. 😎👍🏼🏈
HuddersfieldTown SZN @im_matt5🔁@Colts Awesome
Cardinals Buzztap @azcardsbuzztap🔁cardswire​.usatoday​.com >> QB Carson Palmer and his play vs. Colts pass rush
Game Theory @GameTheoryNet🔁 The #Browns are currently a 1.5 point favorite over the #Colts Which fan base would you rather be as of today?
Allen Ulrich @79Saints🔁Colts are 0-2 for the 4th straight season as well. There are a lot of bad football teams in the NFL, and unfortunatel y we're one of them
Scott Morrow @scottmorrow73🔁 OHL hands Barrie Colts blue liner Tyler Tucker a 6-game suspension for hit in exhibition game against Owen Sound.
Touchdown Trophy @TrophyTouchdown🔁Baltimore Colts Hall of Fame History, Colts Hall of Famers and Baltimore Football History - Photo History
Levi Hill @Levihill🔁And I will pick the colts
Matty Lovatt @MattyLovattWS🔁Don't wanna be caught resting on our laurels and the we are taking Gornal Colts at the weekend very seriously! Good, fit and young side.
Colts Buzztap @coltsbuzztap🔁espn​.com >> Donte Moncrief needs to show more fight for Colts -- and his next payday
Touchdown Wire @TheNFLWire🔁QB Carson Palmer and his play vs. Colts pass rush
24/7 FinTech @11MediaNow🔁Indianapolis Colts vs. Arizona Cardinals Free NFL Football Picks and Predictions 9/17/17
Jeff Frydlewicz @jfreedo🔁Joke. Kizer amd hogan wilk force throws amd throw picks in the red zone. Dont have throw out of bounds mantra. Colts d is good.
Andrew Bard @Myradshoes🔁.@EvCoRadio @Babchik what's the rosh hashana special at browns/colts? How about some Jacoby Brisket
The Ken Carman Show @KenCarmanShow🔁The #Browns are currently a 1.5 point favorite over the #Colts Which fan base would you rather be as of today?
GasFace @Pnub73🔁Colts, Bengals, and Jets... Browns win next three games.#TooFarTuesday #MikeAndMike
Paul smudge Smith @smudge1986_🔁Fixture change:
Saturday 23rd Sept - no fixture
Saturday 30th Sept- home to
Saturday 7th Oct - home to Ludlow Colts 🏆
Colts aggbot @Colts_Headlines🔁Grading the Indianapolis Colts loss to the Cardinals - Yardbarker
CSBanter @csbanterPFB🔁5-11 or 4-12 would probably have #Jets picking in same position as last year. Only hope is a trade up with Colts should Indy slot higher
PatriotsXLI @PatriotXLIX🔁#Browns favored over #colts via @ProFootballTalk
DerekB @Rektheripper🔁@MikeAndMike @Colts will finish with the 1st pick in the draft, pick Rosen, trade Luck to the @AZCardinals. #tofartuesday
nathan coleman @_NathanColeman🔁★Get ur Tickets (via eBay)→ 2 COLTS vs 49ERS Tickets, Lower Level Section 102, Row 13, Manning retirement $375.00…
LG @lesgold36🔁@TheRealDisco @Giants Colts, bengals, Jets, Bills, Cards
Terry Litka @lit7baseball🔁 GM Chris Ballard has a high bar for players he intends to re-sign. Donte Moncrief has work to do to reach it.
Sports In Ohio @SportsInOhio1🔁Congrats! ! You're going to see the Colts take on the Browns this Sunday! Send us a DM so we can get some info!
Terry Litka @lit7baseball🔁 Blown away by the response to my story on the winners and divas in the Colts locker room. Thank you so much.
mark barbetta @mbarbetta🔁 I'm honestly getting a little sick and tired of the Luck saga, I feel like we're being lied to and misled by the team. $$$$ - more
Joseph Robert Teifer @SupremeCmdrJoe🔁Worst Net points 2 weeks in..
Colts -40
Jets -34
Gints -30
Bears -28
👏 not last and closer to third worst!
Wha wha! J e t s jets jets jets
✪Wild Child✪ @WildChildSODMG🔁Cardinals vs Colts | @NFL Week 2 Game Highlights
Nicholas @NPHerron🔁Here's ' Week 2 Bottom 5:


Niki Lynn @NikiLynn6454🔁@MikeAndMike @Colts will tank and take Sam Darnold, USC to back up Luck #TooFarTuesday #DiehardColtsFan
Stuck and Gunner @StuckandGunner🔁 The Colts are simply turnin' away their fan base by continuin' to lie about Luck's status!
Mary Anderson @mary461438🔁check out (via @visitIndy)
quoteallthethings @quoteallthethin🔁Indianapolis Colts Logo in Glove Figurine
DK Still the BJ @onedocrock🔁At the halfway mark of this NFL season Bears, Bengals, Browns, Jets, 49ers all with 0 wins and Colts with just one.
Footy Prophet @FootyProphet🔁Colts Notes: Claremont reached their 5th straight Colts GF with a win over the Royals. via
Phil Genskow @pgenskow🔁#Browns are favored over the #Colts Sunday. When was the last time this happened? Better yet happen on the road? #NFL #CLEvsIND
jawed ⛵️ @SheWentToJared4🔁"Let's go rookie hooker"
Aρollo @APOLLO_X_🔁You forgot to add the colts...


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