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Colts Zesty NFL Ind Colts @zesty_colts🔁Irsay Family To Create Memorial Scholarship In Honor Of Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁 This gif kills me. Death is literally gushing towards you and you really gon do a whole 3-point turn 😩
Colts Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁 First posing in front of a burnt Anakin on Mustafar, and now THIS?!?
Clayton Requet @clayrequet🔁 We start our countdown of the Top 5 Runs of 2017 with @T_Yeldon's 58-yard touchdown against the Colts.
TheDeplorable1 @barlow42180🔁 Funeral to be held today for Colts player killed by illegal immigrant
Colts UK Colts Fans @UKColtsFans🔁 Terps forever! 2018 World Champs forever! Head coach for the Indianapolis Colts! Congrats!
Colts Lora Ormsbee @lno09281978🔁 Since you guys got jokes!
Colts Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁 YOU KNOW THE DRILL TWITTER
Colts Indianapolis Colts @Colts🔁It's official Colts fans!

Frank Reich is your new head coach:

Colts Indianapolis Colts @Colts🔁Since you guys got jokes!
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Breaking: Frank Reich has agreed to a five-year deal to become the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. (first reported by NFL Network, confirmed by ).
. breeezy b @LewisV_03🔁 RIP Big Dawg You Definitely Will Be Missed By Many!🙏? ?
Football Newz @Football___Newz🔁Colts and Vikings Joining a Coaching Movement That Will Change the NFL
Jared Colf @jmac6783🔁Best of luck to Frank Reich as head coach of the .

Trust us, he knows a thing or two about comebacks.

Nancy 🐬⬆4ever🇺🇸 @FingalNancy🔁Colts’ owner Jim Irsay announced a $25,000 gift to establish the Edwin Jackson Memorial Scholarship, in honor of the Colts’ LB who lost his life Feb. 4 in a traffic accident. Scholarship will be awarded annually to a qualified student applicant.
Football Newz @Football___Newz🔁Big honors for two Colts Neck HS alums: Navy football captain, Rutgers postgrad scholar - Asbury Park Press
Robert Ellis @therealgsu12🔁Rise on wings like eagles... our EFAA brother, friend & teammate soared to the greatest of heights.
Deva McLean, M.A. @devamclean🔁Colts and Vikings Joining a Coaching Movement That Will Change the NFL - Bleacher Report
Shea Goodpaster @SheaGoodpaster🔁Frank Reich was with me at the end of my tenure with the Colts. He has a creative offensive mind. He’s a great communicator and a high quality person. The Colts are in great hands.
Andre Fick @UnFickWittable🔁Lookin’ good Coach! Gonna miss working with you. Wish it didn’t have to end but it was an unbelievable two years! Can’t thank you enough!

Indy, you got a great one!

Jamie Bopp @Coach_Bopp🔁On behalf of all 410 members of the Indiana High School Athletic Association, congratulations to Head Coach Frank Reich and welcome back to Indiana!
zakharie @zakharie_🔁I really really love the hire of Frank Reich for the Colts. I’m a Vikings fan but I like this hire for Indianapolis. I didn’t think Caldwell was a good hire back in the day, I didn’t think Pagano was an exciting hire.

I Like Reich™️

Report Eyes @reporteyes1🔁New post (Colts add Nick Sirianni as offensive coordinator) has been published on ReportEyes -
Bill McCleery @BillMcCleery01🔁See! A subscription to the print Indianapolis Star can come in very handy. It's not as believable to hold up your laptop.
Bart McDaniel @faulk_d_colts🔁So Trump wants to defund public broadcasting, after he has already taken tax write-offs away from teachers. I'm beginning to think that he likes uneducated Americans, because they are more likely to support his ignorance.
Brightmezie Ekwoanya @Brightmezie9🔁So disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed linebacker Edwin Jackson. This is just one of many such preventable tragedies. We must get the Dems to get tough on the Border, and with illegal immigration, FAST!
Justin Todd @toddjd49🔁Colts hiring Chargers WR coach Nick Sirianni as their offensive coordinator, reports
Jeremy Ray Wright @nonstop_awesome🔁Just saw the official news of Frank Reich to the and I think this could be similar to when you hear the story of the guy who got engaged but for some reason wedding didn’t happen, he marries someone else and they’re celebrating 30 years happy...Blessing in disguise
Bart McDaniel @faulk_d_colts🔁Using 15 pt. salary cap, pick your all-time Celtics team. I went Bird, Garnett, Horford, Rondo, Ainge.
Craig andryski @Craigandryski3🔁Heartfelt thoughts from Chuck Pagano and Chris Ballard on Edwin Jackson today. Great job by the Colts Organization supporting one of their own & his family throughout this horrible tragedy. RIP Poundcake, you'll always be a Colt.
john hamelers @iheartcaravans🔁@FieldYates BREAKING NEWS!!!! Chargers WR coach Nick Sirianni changes course on Colts OC position to sign as Robert Kraft's personal driver
Rob Quinn @RobQuinn619🔁 Marv Levy gives stamp of approval for new Colts HC Frank Reich: 'I think he's got it'
Federico Mosconi @FedericoMosconi🔁Before Frank Reich was the head coach and a Super Bowl champ, he led the biggest comeback in 😯
E-Colts @e_colts🔁[RTV6] - Colts will establish memorial scholarship for Edwin Jackson - Indianapolis, IN - ... napolis Colts Foundati on, P.O. Box 535000, Indianapolis, IN 46253. EDWIN JACKSON |  Presid ...
This is LP @ThisisEther🔁Edwin Jackson was honored in a Celebration Of Life service today in Atlanta. 💙

Chuck Pagano and Chris Ballard were in attendance and shared their memories of 53:

NFL England @NflEngland🔁The Irsay family has created a memorial scholarship in honor of Edwin Jackson.

Help us keep his legacy alive:

Fox Sports 1550 @FoxSports1550🔁Funeral Today For Colts Player Killed By Drunk Driver
Chris not Topher @Funntastic🔁I see a lot of @Colts fans changing their headers today
Bart McDaniel @faulk_d_colts🔁I was raised in a Republican home. As I learned about gerrymandering, corruption, glass ceilings, racism etc. I knew I didn’t fit with the right. I browsed some GOP pages today & was disgusted. Conspiracies, lies, racists, all still fuming about Hillary & Obama.
✈️NewJackCity JETS✈️ @Joe_Rossi777🔁Former Colts’ Pro Bowl CB Vontae Davis, released over a medical issue in November and a free agent now, has been cleared from his core injury surgery done late in season, per source. Teams expected to have interest prior to free agency.
BIM Glayvorkia @Glayvorkia🔁I don’t understand. plz explain why US Citizens can be murdered by an Illegal & it’s treated as if the player the illegal murdered was a Republican so & all controlled media choose to IGNORE THIS CRIME!
torstar_diff @torstar_diff🔁Pence leaves 49ers-Colts game after players take a knee during anthem | Toronto Star
Juslisun @Juslisun2DaMsg🔁Smart move by the Colts. Frank Reich will be an outstanding head coach. Frank’s a football lifer. He’s bright, dedicated, an excellent teacher, and a wonderful communicator. He’ll treat everyone in the organization with respect.
brian borneman @borneman5🔁Pats got spanked no excuses! Will not act like Rams 🐑 fans or colts for that matter
Brian @Bugiadakid🔁Shitty thing to do.. Colts are better off.. who knows the future for Josh.. given deflate gate I would've been hesitant to pursue Josh from the beginning
Chris not Topher @Funntastic🔁Why do I bleed blue? Reason #41 all class at all times!! Donate to the legacy! or by mailing to: Edwin Jackson Memorial Scholarship, c/o Indianapolis Colts Foundation, P.O. Box 535000, Indianapolis, IN 46253.
Elias Martinez @EliasF_Martinez🔁Total Wins since 2000

Patriots – 241
Steelers - 203
Colts – 192
Packers – 190
Eagles – 185
Ravens – 181
Seahawks – 175
Broncos – 174
Saints – 165
Giants – 159
Falcons – 156
Cowboys - 151
Vikings – 151
Panthers – 150
Titans – 144
Chargers – 143
Chiefs - 141
Bears - 140
Jets - 140

philomena @knezevich_philo🔁 We are among NFL's least-needy teams

📝 Early Bird -

T_Ruli_21 @t_ruli_21🔁@jpruli12 @thecheckdown @Colts @NFLhistory And of course you remember where we watched it?
Claudia Mason @mason217🔁You think I forgot the early 2000’s??

You think I forgot pumping in artificial crowd noise?

You think I forgot that Ogre Peyton Manning?

You think I forgot that 21-3 AFC championship game?

You think I forgot 4th and 2?

Nah. I remember.

FUCK THE COLTS. McDaniels is back.

Jennifer Rogers @Jennife27893017🔁SOB was mediforical for a player who disrespected the country. Who did he call a rapist, and they were not a rapist? The tax plan is not for the rich.
Re @Re66724617🔁And now coaching the Qb who orchestrated the second largest comeback in playoffs history!
Punk Colts @punk_colts🔁I really should get around to playing A Hat in Time.
Cincinnati Veterans @CVHockeyClub🔁Get your tickets to these special games this weekend! And yeah, we count Family Day Monday as the weekend 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Kingston Canadians Night:
Sunday vs Kitchener:

TJ Cataldo @CoachCataldoDHS🔁Colts Basketball Senior night is tomorrow vs Shelby County. JV game at 6:00 and Varsity game at 7:30. Please arrive by 7:00 to celebrate our Seniors: #32 Luke Askins, #2 Dalton Kelly #30 Jack Michels, #33 Travis Seibert, #5 Kevin Sullivan and #22 Sam Weining.
Colts News Germany @ColtsNewsGER🔁Per hire 36-year old Nick Sirianni as offensive coordinator.

-Spent last two seasons as Chargers WRs Coach
-Worked with Reich in SD '13-'15
-3x DIII National Champ. at Mount Union (WR)
-Is not Ryan Gosling

YFA @YFArwilson🔁I wonder if would have made this statement in this player (taken) ?
Northumberland Rugby @RFUNorth🔁 Houghton A combination of senior and colts are looking for a Home game this Saturday 17/02/18. Contact Der ek 07956 512080
PatriotsFansMeet @patriotsfnsmeet🔁#Patriots
New England Patriots: The history behind the rivalry with the Colts - Musket Fire...
Bucky Newell @BuckyNewell🔁Mourners moved to tears as Wesley Jackson, Jr. plays one final song for his 26 year old son, . Linebacker was killed by a drunk driver in Indiana on Feb. 4.
alan potter @coltsfan2000🔁Frank Reich is our man . A lot of players and coaches speaking highly of him. which is exciting me for this coming season
Beñardo @BernardoDM14🔁 Source: the Colts are hiring Chargers WR coach Nick Sirianni to be their offensive coordinator.
Gina Schuster @witchycoltsfan🔁Really excited to have Nick joining the !! Welcome to and the ! Looks like is making smart, quality additions to ou r coaching staff. Let's go !!


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