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Dani Sipes @DaniSipes🔁 Colin Jost and Michael Che right now: #SNL
mark g gevaart @mgevaart🔁SNL’s Colin Jost: “Let me say, it’s a thrill to be alive at a time when ‘PORN STAR BLACKMAILS PRESIDENT’ is the fourth biggest story of the week.”
mía yeun @ImActuallyMia🔁I’m surprise y’all didn’t claim Colin Jost💀
Colin Jost Kevin Crossman @KevinCrossman🔁 All that hair gel couldn’t stick it to Colin Jost alter ego Alfalfa
Teri Hart 🇺🇸 @theterehart🔁Colin Jost: "That's what NBC asked us to say by the way, 'S-hole' although the president can say 'shithole.' Oops." 😂😂😂😂

(((jenn976))) @jenn976🔁Colin Jost on SNL Weekend Update ripped Trump for racism right before MLK holiday and wondered what Trump would say before Passover. I don't know what Trump will say, but I do know Jews on Passover say "Thank you, God, for delivering us from that sh--hole, Egypt."
Kevin Crossman @KevinCrossman🔁 What is Colin Jost saying? I can't hear past his misplaced hair strand. #SNL
Kevin Crossman @KevinCrossman🔁 Can't imagine how upset Colin Jost is about that stray strand of hair. #SNL
Kathleen Smith @KikkiPlanet🔁Colin Jost’s hair is so on point tonight that I can ALMOST see what @Lesdoggg sees in him. #snl
asaprockylovesemily @nicxck🔁colin jost and michael che on weekend update tonight is 🔥🔥🔥
Your Girl Jackie @sister72🔁 “There’s at least one Storm Trump will pay for.” Colin Jost #SNL
Victoria Denault @BooksbyVictoria🔁I ask the question and then BOOM Colin Jost is in the opening monologue. It's like I'm magical right now. Everything is coming up Milhouse!!!
Jessie Spencer @boog3rsugar🔁@TheDopeSpot2 (Hip-hop Blog): Colin Jost and Michael Che - Weekend Update on Fire and Fury (SNL Skit)
Dani Sipes @DaniSipes🔁 “He says ‘No Collusion’ like some dumbass frat guy says ‘No Homo.’”

-Colin Jost


Countess Rose Perry @VinoCaPisco🔁“At least there’s *one* storm Trump (@realDonaldTrump) *will* pay for.”-Colin Jost @nbcsnl #SNL
Victoria Denault @BooksbyVictoria🔁Why doesn't Colin Jost do more than just Weekend Update on SNL? This is a question that plagues me more than it should.
blu girl 🤦🏾‍♀️ @blugirl718🔁"What a thrill to live in a time where 'Porn star blackmails President' is like the 4th biggest story of the week. At this rate, a year from now, we're going to see the headline 'Trump found next to dead hooker' right next to the Crossword puzzle." ~Colin Jost


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