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Mel ❤️ @iLive4_Myself🔁 Oak Felder recreating the production of @ddlovato Sorry Not Sorry. #lifemusictech #CodeMedia
Casey Newton @CaseyNewton🔁“I think they should get back to baby pictures” — YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on what Facebook should be doing today #CodeMedia
Magic Leap @magicleap🔁Our CEO will be talking tech and the future of entertainment at this afternoon. Tune in at 3:40 p.m. PT. twitter.com
gucci & prada @sorrynotsomo🔁 Oak Felder recreating the production of @ddlovato Sorry Not Sorry. #lifemusictech #CodeMedia
Recode @Recode🔁The media landscape is a jungle and no one is safe. put together some never before seen footage of media animals bat twitter.com tling it out in their natural habitat.
Peace.Love.Jonas @julier954🔁Songwriter/producer Oak Felder is currently live-editing a Demi Lovato song for the crowd. Gives a shout out to app.
The Audienci Group @audiencigrp🔁Read The Audienci Group Daily tech roundup: paper.li #codemedia #linux
Augie Ray @augieray🔁I like but hate what happens to it during its conference: A parade of CEOs giving PR platitudes about how their br twitter.com and is good, isn't what people think, and solves all the world's problems. is more like than a news site this week.
Don Steele @donsteele🔁@SUBPAC the meditation at #CodeMedia yesterday was fantastic thanks again.
Ty Walker @TyWalkerMusic🔁This is how music producer Oak Felder () crafted Demi Lovato’s () hit song ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’
Sarah Schultz @smschultz48🔁Too good @CollegeHumor #MediaBattlefield #Recode #CodeMedia twitter.com
Keri Ewart @KeriEwart🔁The new literacy... Coding Literacy twitter.com
Christine Miller @CMillerTime86🔁Why is 's at ? attendees: tell and to stand with Sandra & move !
Darkened Dragon @DarkenedDragon🔁Our CEO will be talking tech and the future of entertainment at this afternoon. Tune in at 3:40 p.m. PT.
Dan Ucko @plugintodan🔁Spinmaster Campbell Brown: "This is not us stepping back from news, this is us changing our relationship with publish twitter.com ers."
Peter Kafka @pkafka🔁Hollywood studios’ push to get new movies into home theaters sooner after their theatrical release is losing steam, a twitter.com casualty of Walt Disney’s deal to buy most of 21st Century Fox Asked Disney's Kevin Mayer about this yesterday at
Todd Smith @toddpr🔁Turner CEO John Martin tells "the government is clueless" talking /$TWX merger 🤜🔥🤛
Melissa Mahoney @mhmahoney🔁 Janice Min is my new idol. Smart, powerful and incredibly candid. #CodeMedia
Tommy_Ussery @tommy_ussery🔁News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2017 paper.li #codemedia


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